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Bestial Desire

by DraeneiLove


◊ Chapter 1

A Strange eyes peered down from a high cliff, focused on a small dot on the beach. A feral grin crossed a pale-blue face as taloned hands gripped the edge, black wings spreading and fanning in the brutal sun.

Long days, but long rests. The life of a Daeva is hectic, but Askira learned fast how to take advantage of any break she got. Walking down the sun-kissed beach, she began stretching, preparing for a quick jog along the sands. While today was technically for relaxation, a good assassin kept herself in good physical condition, after all. Her silver-white bikini stretched over her body, pressing against chocolate-coloured skin. Her hefty chest squashed together as she warmed her arms up over her legs, displaying full cleavage. She leaned forward, reaching down to touch her toes, her bikini-bottoms nestled between two full, firm buttcheeks that were barely concealed under a tiny short-skirt – the current fashion.

With a wave of her hand, she conjured a long bottle of pure water. Wrapping thick, white-painted lips around it she took a hefty drink. Her lips matched her hair, shoulder-length white strands, some held up in a ponytail, but most left free to frame her face. The entire effect made her look like dark coffee with a cream top, her white lips striking – some thinking she looked cheap with it, some merely enjoying the idea of what those lips could do. Sighing, her stretches complete, she set out on a jog along the long bay, just enjoying the alone time.

The figure on the beach was on the move, but moving by foot. Weight shifting, the blue-skinned figure dropped from the cliff, black wings catching the wind and drifting silently and speedily to the jogging figure.

Frowning as the sun vanished behind a cloud, Askira turned, eyes widening as instead of sky she saw spread black wings, their ragged feathers gliding down to her, a blue, robed figure landing before her delicately with a malicious grin. Her face framed with dark blue-green hair, lips a dark red, her figure imposing compared to the Elyos – her Asmodian heritage making her bigger all around. Her fingertips glinted white in the sun, sharp bony claws covering her fingers. Her feet, flatter and smaller than the normal foot, had similar talons – one even seeming to act as a pointed heel.

Dressed in a bikini, in a secluded spot, Askira had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and nothing to do. She stood, glaring defiantly at the Asmodian, arms folded over her chest, one quickly tugging her skirt down over her thong, covering up her modesty. “Ugh, one of you disgusting beasts, spoiling a good day!” she huffed, hoping to annoy the woman, and make her inevitable demise fast. The Asmodian was dressed as a spellcaster, probably a sorceress daeva – making her very, very dangerous indeed.

“Oooh, it's my lucky day,” the blue woman purred, tilting her head from side to side, licking her lips as she eyed the coffee-coloured Elyos up and down lasciviously, eyes spending plenty of time lingering on her full ass, her delicate pink tongue flicking over her upper lip. “Exotic little thing, aren't you? Just what I needed for relief, a little Elyos bitch to pleasure me,” she smirked, one of her hands rubbing at her crotch.

Gasping in alarm, Askira shook her head, face flushing ever so slightly – the strange action flustering her. Realising that she'd been staring, thinking something was even more amiss than it seemed, she yanked her eyes up to stare the Asmodian in the face. “Stop being so disgusting! Like any proud Elyos maiden would want to pleasure a... a freak like you!” yelling, Askira stamped her foot, eyes occasionally flicking down to stare at the blue woman, so wantonly rubbing herself.

The Asmodian laughed gently as she saw Askira's eyes widen, saw her gasp and recoil a little in surprise. Her hand wrapped around the swelling bulge, gripping it and fondling it while staring at the ebony-skinned girl. “Ah, didn't take you long to spot it. Like my big dick? I bet you do. I've yet to meet an Elyos 'maiden' who could refuse a thick Asmodian cock. Careful now, I think you're dribbling,” winking, she slowly slid her hand into her underwear, tugging it down slowly.

Askira shook her head quickly, a hand reflexively checking her mouth for drool – finding none, much to the amusement of the Asmodian woman in front of her. “Cut it out, you perverted beast! Look at you, staring at me like... Like I'm some common wench! You're like a dog trying to hump someone's leg! You're-oh goodness!” Turning around sharply, facing away and covering her eyes, she looked to the sky as the Asmodian woman had pulled out her long, thick shaft, stroking it slowly, the hardening meatpole slowly twitching and swelling.

“Mmm, what's the matter? Not seen a real cock before? Just wait until it gets hard, I bet you'll be begging to suck me off,” laughing, the sorceress kept stroking her growing shaft, hand running in a slow, smooth motion from tip to the base, pausing by a pair of heavy balls that stretched her sack. Her eyes hungrily examined the Elyos woman from behind, the full hourglass figure helping her get hard all the faster, thick bubble-butt beneath a narrow waist, topped off with two full breasts straining against a white bikini.

Peeking discreetly over her shoulder, eyes widening in shock at the now erect member being so casually pumped behind of her, Askira folded her arms, pointedly not looking at it, pointedly not trying to thick of it's length, or how hot and hard the veiny member looked. She also tried to ignore her own swelling member, tucked away under her skirt, kept snug in a small leather codpiece that was feeling many, many sizes too small right now.

“You know, I think I prefer the view from behind. That's a gorgeous ass you've got there, I can't wait to slam my dick hilt-deep in it. Or hear you beg for my friends to ride it,” the Asmodian reached forward, a hand grabbing one of the soft, pillowy asscheeks firmly and squeezing roughly, sharp fingertips pressing in ever-so-slightly.

Yelping, the ebony Elyos turned around, looking about to yell before pausing, mouth hanging open at the sight of the powerful, feral-featured woman looking so calm and casual as she stroked her engorged cock before her. Struggling to get eye contact, the Elyos pointed a delicately-painted fingernail forward, “Like any real woman would beg for something so depraved, so disgusting. Goodness, I think I can smell that foul thing from here! Don't you even bathe? I suppose not! Fitting for such a filthy, freakish animal! I bet you long to try and rut with a real woman, instead of your own freakish people. Sitting there, dreaming of a real Elyos woman, stroking your huge, har-... y-your hideous co-.. organ!”

“You're drooling again,” the Asmodian snickered.

Half reaching up to her mouth, Askira stopped just before she got there. The Asmodian woman burst out laughing, grinning ferally. “Mmm, we Asmodians ride for hours at a time, fucking ferociously with our gorgeous women,” smirking, the sorceress started to mock thrust into her hand, hips pushing forward into it as she stroked herself, “leaving them full of hot seed. Of course, Elyos women we just fuck like the cock-whores they are, not before listening to you beg pathetically to be taken by a real dick, of course. You should hear your people plead for me and my friends to take a turn savaging them, or their whining to try and suck us down.”

Not noticing her nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her bikini, or her now panting breath was causing her chest to rise and fall heavily, Askira yanked her eyes off the sight of the blue woman thrusting her thick cock through her own hand, covering her eyes with her face. “Pure filth. I'm not surprised you're always thinking of such depravity. You probably have kids just to keep warm in that hell-hole you call 'home'. Breeding like rats, and now saying such horrible things about our fair wome-”

Once again she was cut off as the Asmodian moved forward quickly, a clawed hand raking nimbly over her skirt, claws tearing the fabric away – revealing the bulging leather codpiece, the leather pouch looking ready to burst open. Yelping, Askira tried to cover her crotch, blushing furiously as the sorceress began to chide her once again. “Hah! The little slut is packing! Looks cramped in there. Aroused, 'maiden'? Thinking about my friends and I passing you around, riding you like the little slut you are, leaving you full of a hot load?”

As she spoke, the sorceress stepped forward, hands leaving her cock which bounced around with each step, hanging out from her like a flagpole. With a single, swift movement she used a claw to cut away the leather band holding Askira's thong in place, eliciting a yelp from her. Desperately trying to cover her rock-solid, smaller by an inch-or-two throbbing cock, precum streaking down the length to her smooth, hairless balls. Turning away, the ebony woman blushed furiously.

The bigger Asmodian quickly pressed herself against the Elyos' back, causing her to flinch – but not struggle or run. A surprisingly gentle clawed hand reached around, brushing away the hands covering the ebony shaft, gripping it and starting to softly stroke it. “What a cute cock you've got, 'maiden', such a pretty brown colour,” the Asmodian's own throbbed heavily between the firm, plump asscheeks, resting between them like meat between two buns.

Askira sighed happily, before yelping, struggling ever so slightly and giving up – the Asmodian wasn't letting go. Her head turned up, she looked to the sky, trying to ignore the other woman wrapped around her, feeling over her body so casually. “Y-you're sick! You're using some Asmodian magic on me, aren't you! Making my body react like this. Just some pathetic beast trying to bury it's disgusting huge cock in anything you can find!”

Her face aside Askira's white hair, the Asmodian had begun to thrust gently between the Elyos' cheeks, one clawed hand holding her hips firmly, pulling the ebony woman against her while the other stroked her cock gently. “Maybe you're right. That's such a delicious cock, and you're clearly such a high classed maiden. Perhaps I should be begging you for just a taste? Please, miss, let me suck on that hot cock,” her voice pouring with deference, the Asmodian meekly moaned into Askira's ear.

Caught off-guard, Askira nodded, frowning and looking at the Asmodian, “A much more fitting attitude for such a disgusting beast! Like I'd let you suck my off, freak – you can start by licking my feet clean, then we'll just see if you're any good with that filthy tongue of yours.” Grinning, finally things going more her way, Askira leaned back, grinding her asscheeks against the Asmodian, sliding up and down against the hot rod throbbing against her back.

Laughing came from over her ear, a firm hand smacking her hip, causing Askira to yelp, a hand leaping to her mouth as she realises she's just as good as admitted how aroused she is. “Maybe I'll reward you if you turn out to be a good little bitch, but I can feel how you want me in you, Elyos,” the sorceress purrs, adjusting her position so her hefty cock slides between Askira's chocolate thighs, starting to mock thrust back and forth between them. “Just enjoy it, you clearly want to.”

“This trickery is despicable! Your foul magics are making me think like a whore!” Askira whimpered, her thighs gently wrapping around the shaft, femcum from her dribbling pussy adding slight lubrication as her thighs are softly fucked, her cock stroked. She lets out a soft moan, whimpering afterwards and leaning her weight against the larger woman,

“I'm no witch, Elyos, I'm just showing you how to enjoy yourself. I think you've got all kinds of dirty ideas flitting through your head, girl, such depraved thoughts just aching to get out. Don't you want to let go of your stuffy nature, hrmm? Don't you want to be fucked by a big, powerful dick that could last hours...” the Asmodian purred the last few words, leaning so her breath was hot against Askira's ear. “Relax, drop to your knees, and suck on a proper cock...”

Convinced she was being controlled, Askira reluctantly dropped down to the ground, turned to face the bigger woman, parted her white-painted lips and prepared herself...



◊ Chapter 2

The smell was the first thing that struck her, her lips hovering before the throbbing glans. The thick veined member that was dangling so expectantly before her lips seemed to have the scent of sweat rolling off it in waves, the musky odor of a cock kept for too long in tight undergarments. Shooting a nervous glance up at the blue woman, Askira leaned forward, delicate pink tongue hanging out slightly as her full white lips wrapped around the head, slowly sucking until they met in a kiss-like manner right at the cumslit.

“Don't be shy, little Elyos,” the sorceress purred, “You've got a long, long way to go.” Laughing softly, she reached down, gripping pure-white hair and pushing forwards forcefully easing her way into Askira's mouth. Hesitant for the moment, Askira shuddered as the sweaty, hot cockmeat pushed into her, rolling over her tongue. The guilty sensation of enjoyment burned in her head, burning in the back of her mind to just give in, to let all the fears and concerns of the war and the world melt away.

Reaching up, the Elyos wrapped her hand around the thick base of the sorceress' shaft, pumping it gently as she slowly began to suck down on the thick dickmeat, her mouth pushed open wide around it as the bulging cumvein rolled over her tongue. She let her tongue curl around it, rubbing back and forth, spreading her warm saliva against it. Easing back, she sucked on the sweaty Asmodian dick firmly, her cheeks curving in as she slowly slid back to just the head, lips wrapped tight against it.

Guilty thrills rolled up and down her back, a nervous, intense arousal building up in her stomach, her body flushed with lust – pussy dripping down her balls, cock hard and ready, breathing coming hot and heavy through her nose causing her chest to heave with each breath, drool filling her mouth. Her mind reluctantly followed her body's example more and more, gaze regularly flicking up to the confident, masterful gaze of the woman holding her hair. She could feel her resistance breaking, the quiet voice in her head now yelling for her to submit, to simply forget responsibility.

Purring at the gentle suction on her shaft, hips rocking back and forward ever so slightly, the Asmodian smirked down at the Elyos, hands stroking her hair soothingly as she pushed her thick blue cock in further, moaning at the feel of tight, velvet lips so firm against her sensitive shaft. The tongue pressed against her cock, lapping back and forth, pinned beneath the girthy fuckrod was sending chills down her spine.

“You've done this before, I think, little pussy. You're going to be doing it every day, cleaning my dick off after I've fucked, maybe even being so lucky as to taste some Asmodian pussy nectar. My friends will want a turn, too, of course. An entire camp of thick dick for you to suck on, or be fucked by. Every moment of your waking hours will be filled with large, hard Asmodian cock for you to service, and I assure you, not a day will go by when you're not being passed from person to person, sliding off one cock onto the next, or being taken in every hole like the fuckmeat you are. Your only concern should be my pleasure and amusement, followed by that of my friends,” the Asmodian spoke between pants and shivers, occasionally flicking her tongue over her lips as the Elyos worked her cock harder and faster into her mouth.

“Of course, you'll be fed. You'll be fed a lot. Thick wads of protein-rich potent spunk will be your diet, fuckmeat. You'll be sucking enough of it out of us, or licking it off our dicks after we're done making glorious love to one of our women. That dark skin of yours, hrmm, you'd make a glorious cum-rag, I think. After emptying myself in one of our gorgeous women I could use your face to clean my balls of any spunk that has dribbled.” Grinning ferally, her hands held tight around the Elyos' head, prepared for a moment before slamming her shaft forward roughly, pushing herself into the ebony-skinned woman's throat.

By this point the shouting voice in Askira's head had become a deafening roar, her senses flooded with the sensation of thick cock pounding her throat, the scent of sweaty, raw sex rolling from this Asmodian's thighs, the taste of pre oozing over her tongue, the sound of her lips slurping and sucking on the big, meaty dick currently burying itself in her tight throat. She could feel herself gagging and choking on it, her throat stretch around it, pushing her neck out as it slid into her.

She was outside of all this, however, her brain felt shrouded in bliss, her spirit to fight drowned out by the images of rough, sweaty sex. Lust ruled her body, poured fire into her veins, caused her cunt to ache with need. She would do anything to hold onto this feeling, this rush of pure wanton desire causing her to ache so badly for pleasure it hurt. She could feel her Elyos pride fall away, replaced with shame, a feeling of devalued worth, and a feeling of security. She knew for her, if she didn't resist, the war was over.

In it's place would be these feral, bestial creatures, hungry with desire and burning with need. Their powerful bodies and thick, large dicks all hungry for her. She would be fucked, again and again, treated like dirt as she did so – but she found herself craving it. Her body was burning with desire at the moment – perhaps she enjoyed it. Perhaps she wanted this. Her cunt tingled every time she thought of serving these creatures, of being their bitch.

All reservation, all doubt melted away. In it's place came a sense of worth at being worthless. A sense of safety while knowing she would be serving the enemy. A sense of purpose at being nothing more than an amusement. All greater concern faded away as her mind changed. She concerned herself with what would be important – the pleasure of her masters and mistresses. All this occurred in the bat of an eyelid, her soul giving itself over to full submission, her mind content to surrender, following the course her body plotted out the moment the Asmodian began to flirt.

The Asmodian's eyes widened as she say the previously tentative movements of the Elyos sucking on her fuckrod change into a hungry, eager slurp. Full, white lips slid down her shaft, engulfing her cock to the thick hilt, the Elyos' mouth stretched against it as she tried to suck on it while her throat was stuffed with powerful, hot Asmodian cockmeat. The gagging had caused thick saliva to fill her mouth, syrupy fluid trickling past her lips, rolling down in thick strands to dangle off her chin or the large blue ballsack, stretched by it's weighty contents.

Askira could feel her head swim as she began to suffocate, her body twitching and writhing in protest, survival trying to take over and force her to pull away. She felt the clawed hands of the woman buried in her throat grip her head, pinning her there, a purr coming from her as her throat squeezed and pressed, trying to force the fat fuckpole out. Strong hips ground the shaft against her face, causing it to twist and shift inside her, her nose pressed into the sweaty skin above the Asmodian's crotch.

The moment she was released, Askira slid back off the shaft, thick lines of syrupy drool dangling off it at various points, stretching out to breaking point before dripping down onto her dark skin, or onto the sandy ground. Her chin was coated in thick dribble, most of splatting down onto her full, heavy tits. Falling back onto her elbows, the Elyos slid her legs out from under her, sat back in a relaxed pose, legs spread, chocolate-coloured shaft jutting up from her crotch obscenely, small lines of white running down it as pre oozed from her.

The Asmodian moved forward, standing over Askira's waist, lines of dribble falling off her cock, dripping onto tender titflesh or a lean, muscled waist, some splatting onto the delicate features of the Elyos' face. An eyebrow perked in surprise as the Elyos reached between her own legs, fingers pressing against her pussy, wet, slick noises floating up as she firmly rubbed her cunt, staring hungrily up at the thick Asmodian cock hovering over her.

“Please miss, more!”



◊ Chapter 3

Reaching down with clawed hands, the Asmodian woman roughly cut away Askira's bikini, freeing the two large ebony tits, dark-chocolate covered nipples hard, rising and falling with each heavy, panted breath. With surprising care, the sorceress reached down to knead and squeeze the Elyos' fuckjugs, only the occasional pinprick of a claw causing her to twitch. “Good, fat tits, too,” she purred, “What a delightful little piece of fuckmeat you are.”

Rising up and moving between Askira's legs, the blue woman was pleased to find the Elyos' legs were already spread wide for her, thighs soaked in femcum. Reaching down to hold up Askira's heavy pair of balls, the sorceress rubbed the thick end of her throbbing dick against the moist outer folds of the Elyos' seeping cunt. “Mmm, so wet, fuckmeat. Typical Elyos bitch – all snobbery and snootiness until they get a real dick between their thighs. Beg!”

Askira groaned, almost physically aching to be stretched around the cock pressing against her outer folds, the sense of lightning crackling up her spine in pure, wanton need. The delay was unbearable, her tongue tripping over itself in it's haste to plead. “P-please fuck me! You're so right, I need it so badly, I want to be a fucktoy for you and your friends forever, ridden like a bitch non-stop, satisfying your ever base need. I'm so hot for your huge fuckrod, c-can't you feel it?” Shuddering, the Elyos ground herself against the cockhead, feeling her outer-lips part slightly around it.

Pulling her cock back a little, the Asmodian was pleased to see two small sticky strands as cuntjuice stuck to her shaft, breaking and dripping away. With a grin, she slid down a little further, while raising a hand and snapping her fingers – two magical chains wrapping around the Elyos' ankles and dragging her up, keeping her legs spread. With her back against the floor, ass off the ground, and legs high in the air the Askira could only feel the thick, bulbous head of throbbing Asmodian cock pressing against her asshole.

The ebony woman let out a moan as the Asmodian roughly thrust into her asshole, stretching the tight rosebud wide apart as it forced it's way inside, the hot sphincter gripping almost painfully tight on the sorceress' hard lovepole. Forcing inch after pulsing inch inside, she grinned ferociously as the Elyos groaned with each motion, a mixture of pleasure and pain wrestling on her face. The sorceress could see tears welling up in her eyes as the Elyos took more and more rock-hard Asmodian dick into her tight rear, and feel the firm clench of her hot asshole grip against her shaft. “Keep begging, little slut,” she purred.

Already gasping for air between strained moans, Askira dug her nails into the sandy beach and tried to relax a little, letting her mind retreat further into the pleasure of being so degraded and so used. She felt pleasure build inside her as she told herself again and again that she was simply a walking set of holes, a fucktoy for these savage people. Her own mind eased her in to her new lifestyle, her imagination conjuring images of brutal orgies with her at the center, ridden again and again like a bitch in heat.

Parting her thick white lips to let out a shuddering moan, she panted out, “G-go deeper, miss. Please! I want y-you to fuck me, your fr-friends to fuck me, y-your pets to fuck me. A-any desire you have, I'll satisfy. I want it. I need it!” she cried, gasping hard as the Asmodian brutally thrust into her, burying her throbbing fuckrod to the hilt. Askira could feel herself tighten, could feel her body object to the savage invasion, but feel the confusion of euphoria washing through her, pure pleasure flowing out from the violation. Her eyelids fluttered as a moan shook her, submissive urges taking over.

Using the long, smooth legs currently raised past her shoulders as leverage, the Asmodian began to mercilessly fuck the tight hole, letting out a throaty purr as her throbbing dickmeat is squeezed by hot, velvety flesh. Each impact of pelvis on firm ebony ass created a resounding smack noise, punctuating the brutal rhythm, the blue woman feeling elation at the sight of the Elyos slut under her, seeing her so easily pleasured, reveling in the fact that this snooty slut was so quick to submit at the sight of her thick dick.

A wave of pleasure crashed over Askira as the ruthless fucking never stopped, reach rough clap of flesh on flesh making her body tingle. All she could see was the determined face of the Asmodian stretching out her asshole and her own hefty tits jiggling, her own cockmeat staring down at her between them. White flecks already dotted her dark skin from her pre-cum, soon washed away as a thick rope of white goo jetted from her cumslit, splatting on her chest and face.

The Asmodian laughed, not even pausing with her rough thrusting – perhaps even growing rougher as she leaned in more, her heavy ballsack smacking roughly on Askira's back. “Pathetic little Elyos. You call that a cumload? Perhaps it'll get bigger on the all-protein diet you'll be getting in Asmodae. Nothing but thick, potent Asmodian spunk poured into you non-stop,” she smirked, licking her lips. “If you're lucky, you might get to suck some of it out of our women. That'd be a rare treat, however.”

Askira purred, licking her thick, white lips clean of her own spunk, reaching up to massage the splatter of spooge on her chest over her tits, letting the off-white goo leave trails over her bouncing fuckudders. The Asmodian leaned in even more, her own blue chest bouncing and jiggling over Askira's face, sweat glistening off her body as she rode the Elyos' tight asshole, now loosened around the thick, iron-hard shaft that seemed to throb harder every second.

With a long, loud moan the Asmodian crammed every inch of her girthy cock into the ebony woman, teeth bared as she let out a growly purr. Askira felt the hot blast of fluid pump into her asshole, followed by another, and another, filling her steadily with thick, warm fluid. She could feel it seep out of her, running down between her asscheeks and onto her back. Her eyes closed, she let out a long moan, pleasure tingling all over her.

Panting and licking her lips, the sorceress grinned, rolling her hips so her dickmeat ground inside the Elyos' asshole, enjoying the feeling of her own warm spunk slide over her shaft and out of the ruined asshole of the ebony assassin. Catching her breath, holding onto the Elyos woman's legs firmly, she panted out a single word of power. Both of their forms blurred, and were bathed in light.

All Askira saw was a flash, then felt cold creep over her body. She saw strange blurred blue over her and white on the ground. Shivering, she looked around as the world came into focus. Asmodians surrounded her, coming out of tents, mostly women but some men. All of them laughed and grinned at her, walking up to her. The reassuring feeling of thick cock in her ass caused her to look up at the sorceress in surprise.

Another one, Natali?” one of the Asmodian women said. A huge, hulking female carrying a similarly sized polearm. From her angle on the frost-coated ground, Askira could see up her short-skirt, and bore witness to possibly the biggest cock she'd ever seen not on something with four legs.

“I know, I know, but this one is already so well behaved,” the sorceress, 'Natali', said while pulling out. Askira gasped as she felt cold air around her sphincter, her gaping asshole still trickling thick spunk. “Want a turn? I get her mouth, mind. I need cleaning off,” she smirked, moving around the prone Elyos.

“Mmm, good stock, I see. Brown skin? Exotic. I like it. And a cock of her own, too,” the warrior-woman said, her hands squeezing Askira's body as she looked her over, with a thoughtful look on her face. “I'll give her a go, sure. It's been what, a few hours since I fucked one of these whores? These balls don't empty themselves!”

Laying on the cold snow, Askira spread her legs wide, pleased with the thought of her new exsistance...