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Defending Astranaar

by Pedigree


◊ Chapter 1

Istarra shifted from foot to foot nervously, the leather straps of her green barkmail armour creaking. She was one of the dozen newly trained night elven warriors who were lined up in front of the Astranaar inn, standing at attention. She was a bit slender even for a night elf, only 6'2" tall, with light greenish coloured skin and darker green hair pulled back into a ponytail. Two vertical slashes of tattooing ran down her pretty face, in straight lines from her hairline down to her cheeks, the tattoos giving her what she hoped was a fiercer look.

Rhenelle surveyed the trainees lined up before her thoughtfully. She was a full-fledged night elf sentinel, with purple skin and hair. Her black, grey, and purple armour was shined to a bright gleam, and she twirled her three-bladed moonglaive in one hand as she looked each one of them in the eyes in turn. Istarra felt a flush spreading to her cheeks when the accomplished sentinel met her eyes, but she swallowed down the discomfort and lifted her chin a touch defiantly. The corner of Rhenelle's mouth quirked up just a touch at the spirit in Istarra's eyes, but she merely continued on down the line without comment.

Finally, Rhenelle spoke up, ending the tense silence. "Your basic training is nearing its end," Rhenelle informed them. "Some of you, those who show the most aptitude, will go on to more advanced training. Perhaps some day you will join the ranks of the sentinels, like me. But only if you prove yourself to be the very best of the best. To that end, today we will be having a tournament. A competition to see which of you will truly shine in your chosen paths as warriors and protectors of Darnassus. Whether you join the elite ranks of the sentinels or not, your people have a dire need of your skills. We are grateful to you for your decision to learn the skills of the warrior, and to put that training to use in fending off the many threats to our lands."

To be a sentinel...respected and admired by all, the epitome of what a night elven warrior strove to become. Istarra felt a thrill go through her at the prospect of being able to prove herself worthy to continue down that path. Looking down the line of the other trainees though, she bit her lip. How many were to be chosen? She wasn't sure that she could defeat all of the others, particularly the twins down on the end. She had sparred with them on occasion during her training, and the tall, strong, blue-skinned and purple-haired elves were a force to be reckoned with. They were particularly dangerous when they fought together, but even one-on-one, Istarra wasn't sure she could beat them. Still, perhaps she could do well enough against the others to earn Rhenelle's approval.

"Fight until first blood, submission, or until one of you is incapacitated," Rhenelle continued. "We have a priestess on hand to heal your wounds." The sentinel gestured with one hand to the inn behind them, and Istarra looked back over her shoulder to see a robed, white-haired night elf standing patiently on the ramp, hands folded in front of herself.

The priestess smiled slightly, inclining her head to the trainees. "Do try not to hurt yourselves too badly," the priestess admonished in a soft, teasing sort of tone. Istarra smiled at the joke, finding it helped to reduce the tension in the air at least a little bit. A couple of the other trainees chuckled as they turned back to face Rhenelle.

"Good. The first match I wish to see is you," Rhenelle said, pointing directly at Istarra. Istarra's smile faded, her stomach clenching in apprehension. "And you, Jani," Rhenelle indicated one of the twins down on the end.

Istarra groaned softly, muttering to herself, "So much for making a good first impression." She stepped forward to where the sentinel indicated, facing off against the twin. Istarra tightened the straps on her wooden buckler, hefting it on her left forearm defensively. With her right hand, she drew her elunite shortsword, keen-edged, light but durable. Settling into a ready stance, Istarra blinked at her opponent's choice of weapons. The taller night elf reached back onto her back and unslung two sleek one-handed war axes. Jani, like her twin, stood half a head taller than Istarra, her purple hair hanging freely down to her shoulders.

"Begin," Rhenelle said, and just like that, Jani was on the offensive. Both axes whirling, Jani charged at Istarra with a yell. Metal clanged on metal, Istarra parried one axe with her sword while the other axe glanced off of her wooden shield with a thunk.

Istarra backpedalled, completely on the defensive, blocking and dodging a furious volley of attacks. She didn't get a chance to swing, unable to find an opening under the fierce barrage of attacks. Jani was so strong! Istarra was feeling the jolt of each blocked strike all the way up her shield arm, her weapon hand starting to go a bit numb from the vibrations of the two weapons colliding.

Finally, Jani's fury ebbed somewhat, the attacks slowing. Both warriors were breathing heavily by this point, and Jani backed off a couple of paces, gathering herself for the next assault. This was Istarra's chance to turn the tables, but she was weary, herself. She glanced over at Rhenelle briefly, seeing the sentinel stoicly observing, arms folded across her chest. Rhenelle's expression was faintly disapproving at the break in the action. Istarra steeled herself, determined to prove herself worthy to continue in her training.

"For Elune!" Istarra cried out, lunging forward with her shortsword. Jani was surprised by the sudden attack, and axes were not the most defensive of weapons. Jani dropped the axe in her left hand, twisting so that the shortsword skimmed by her left side. Jani then grabbed hold of the wrist holding the sword and pulled, hauling Istarra forward, off-balance. The two elves collided, Jani's second axe dropping to the ground as she wrapped her right arm around the back of Istarra's neck and squeezed.

Istarra was completely taken aback by the change in tactics, and found her face being pressed into Jani's sweaty cleavage. She clung to her sword, struggling to bring it about to cut Jani, anywhere. If she could draw first blood, she could still win this. But now that they were grappling, Istarra's speed was little use to her. Jani was clearly at the advantage in strength, and the grip on Istarra's wrist seemed inescapable.

Istarra finally released her sword, the weapon falling and embedding itself point-first in the ground. She let out a muffled protest, her face buried between Jani's slick breasts, tasting the salty perspiration as she struggled to breathe. "Submit to me!" Jani urged her. Istarra refused, struggling all the more, and felt Jani's arm flex in an even tighter squeeze. Spots were starting to dance before her eyes, Jani was smothering her in the improvised hold. Istarra swung the edge of her buckler into Jani's side, trying to loosen up the hold. She received a swift knee to the gut for her efforts, further driving the air from her lungs. Istarra flailed her buckler weakly one more time, before her arm fell limp to her side. As consciousness slipped from her, she vaguely felt Jani grabbing a fistful of her hair and rubbing her face in even deeper.

When she awoke, the first thing she saw was the priestess' face, bending over her. Istarra was flat on her back on the ground. She groaned, bringing a hand up to rub at her face. She could still smell and taste Jani's perspiration, her face damp with it. The priestess looked up and nodded to Rhenelle. "Get up...Istarra, was it?" Rhenelle addressed her. Istarra nodded, slowly sitting up. "Good. Istarra, then. I want to see you fight Aris next."

It took a moment for that to sink in, Istarra still getting her bearings. She looked over at her next opponent, who was already standing out in the combat area, an axe in each hand. Aris was the other twin that Istarra had been dreading to fight. "As you wish," she mumbled to Rhenelle, clambering to her feet and heading over to pick up her shortsword from where it still stuck in the ground.


◊ Chapter 2

The fight against Aris was over a lot quicker, Istarra still being a bit woozy and tired from her first match. Aris defeated her handily, managing to score first blood with a slash that cut through the barkmail to dig into Istarra's thigh. After brief attention from the priestess, Istarra was informed that she was to fight again immediately, against another one of the trainees. She was given no time to recover after each fight, aside from a quick healing of her wounds, and after wearing herself out fighting the twins first, she lost every one of her other matches, too. Yet still, Rhenelle kept putting her right back into the fight.

The day wore on with defeat after defeat. Istarra didn't voice a word of complaint, trying her best to win each one but at a large disadvantage with the way Rhenelle kept throwing her back into the next fight. Eventually, Istarra had fought, and lost, against every one of the other combatants. Rhenelle relented at that point, moving on to matches that didn't involve Istarra, for the rest of the day. Istarra collapsed and sat leaning against the wall of the inn, nursing her aching muscles while the others continued to compete.

She had blown her chance, she knew that. It was hardly fair, but she hadn't even won a single fight.

Rhenelle clapped her hands once, drawing everyone's attention to her. "You are all a credit to Darnassus," she informed them. "You have fought well today. Go now and rest, and I will inform you of who will be selected for the advanced training in the morning. Dismissed."

The trainees began to file into the inn to head to their rooms, some of the more successful ones like the twins grinning confidently while others looked uncertain about their chances in the selection process. Istarra sighed, having done the worst out of any of the trainees, she knew. She struggled to her feet, stifling a groan. The priestess' healing had repaired the worst of the damage, but she remained stiff and sore from the beating she had received.

"Istarra." Rhenelle's voice made her pause after she was halfway up the ramp into the inn. "I would speak with you." Istarra turned slowly, her trepidation rising. Was she about to be punished for her poor performance? Istarra merely nodded, walking down the ramp and over to where Rhenelle stood out in the area where the trainees had fought.

Rhenelle looked her over thoughtfully, and again Istarra's chin raised stubbornly. She had done her best, she would accept whatever she had coming to her. "Remove your armour and weapons," Rhenelle ordered her. Istarra blinked at the command, but nodded again, dropping her buckler and shortsword to the ground. She wondered what the Sentinel was going to do to her, but she still obeyed without question, beginning to unstrap and peel off her barkscale armour.

As she did so, Rhenelle nodded approvingly. "You fought hard today. You lost, time and again. Yet you did not once submit, nor protest at the way that I selected the matches. You endured."

Istarra looked up from her armour uncertainly. She had removed her barkscale top, and was clad only in a green bra beneath. She was bent over, her leggings halfway down her legs, a matching pair of green cotton panties clinging to her hips. Both undergarments were noticeably damp with perspiration from the day's fighting, and her light green skin glistened, showing off every curve. She gave Rhenelle a puzzled look, stepping fully out of her leggings. This wasn't the kind of talk that Istarra had been expecting.

"You showed the willingness to do as you are told, and a stamina that rather impressed me, Istarra," Rhenelle said, and to Istarra's surprise, the sentinel began to strip out of her own polished plate armour, setting down her moonglaive and each piece of her armour carefully on the ground. "And so, I would like to consider you for a...special assignment. But before I can do so, I need to assess your skills personally. No armour, no weapons, we will wrestle. I will see how useful you are for what I have in mind for you."

Rhenelle apparently wore no bra beneath the leather and plate, the armour being custom made to fit and support her body. Istarra tried not to stare at the sentinel's purple breasts, but the jiggling was distracting while Rhenelle continued to undress. Then Rhenelle unstrapped the metal codpiece to her platemail, removing the plate that protected her crotch, and all attempts not to stare were abandoned. Rhenelle was wearing a tiny pair of black panties beneath the armour, but those panties seemed to be having a difficult time containing a truly massive set of male equipment.

Istarra's mouth fell open, taking in the sight of the thick, limp cock and a huge pair of balls that were very clearly outlined by the thin panties. Rhenelle continued to remove the rest of her armour, until she was clad only in the tiny black panties. The sentinel straightened back up, stretching her arms, toned muscles flexing with her movements. Istarra wasn't entirely sure what she was looking at. Rhenelle had all the curves, the breasts, the femininity of a strong female warrior. And yet, she was equipped with a cock that would clearly put any of the male night elves she knew to shame. "What...what" Istarra stammered.

Rhenelle laughed at Istarra's dumbfounded reaction. "I see that I will have to explain. But first, we wrestle. Ready? Go." Istarra raised her hands and crouched down a little, Rhenelle stepping forward to grapple her as soon as she finished talking. The two of them locked together briefly, before Rhenelle twisted, hooked a foot behind Istarra's ankle, and threw her to the ground. Istarra landed on her back with a grunt, and Rhenelle was on top of her, pinning her down by straddling her chest. The sentinel's knees pinned Istarra's shoulders to the ground, and Rhenelle sat on Istarra's upper chest. The entire maneuver was almost effortless. Even if Istarra weren't worn out from all the sparring, she was no match for the experienced sentinel.

In this position though, Istarra was getting a very nice, up close and personal view of the sentinel's bulging crotch. After struggling futilely to escape, she settled down a bit, finding herself staring in awe at the restrained dick. Before her eyes, the bulge in the panties throbbed and began to swell even larger.

"You see, Istarra...we've been experimenting with ways to give our sentinels more of an...edge in the fight to defend our land, our people. Our druids can change their form, become more bestial, literally change into animals. One of our priestesses had the idea to try similar magics on some of our sentinels, giving us Elune's blessing to change our form to improve our abilities. Stronger, more aggressive..." Rhenelle explained, all the while her cock growing, pulsing, straining at the panties. Soon enough, the panties couldn't contain it any more, and the broad purple head of the cock poked up past the waistband. "As you can see, I think it was a tremendous success."

Fully erect now, jutting up out of the little panties, Rhenelle's veiny member was a full foot in length, and quite thick. Istarra was still completely speechless, and as she watched, a pearly glob of precum formed at the tip of the cock and slowly dripped down onto her chin.

Rhenelle chuckled, grabbing the back of Istarra's head and sliding herself forward. The hot, sweaty balls pressed down against Istarra's chin and lips, Rhenelle's rock-hard shaft grinding against her nose. Istarra whimpered, her senses filled with the smell and taste of the aroused sentinel. A heavy, sweaty, musky sort of masculine smell mingled with the feminine in a confusing sort of way. Istarra began to struggle again as Rhenelle simply ground her crotch into the trainee's face.

"This, of course, leads to your...special assignment," Rhenelle continued, a bit breathily. She shifted her hips further forward, leaning back a bit to change the angle. One hand on the back of Istarra's head, her other hand sneaked back and pulled the thin panties to one side so that Istarra's face ended up being buried in between those smooth, purple buttocks. "You see, one of the effects of being improved like this..." she said, wriggling her hips to work Istarra's face deeper into her crack, until her tightly puckered asshole was pressed against the pinned elf's lips. " that our sex drive is sooo much stronger, too. Nngh. Lick me, Istarra. That's an order."

Moaning softly, hoping none of the other trainees were watching, Istarra saw no choice but to comply. Her pink little tongue pressed against Rhenelle's wrinkled anus wetly, making the sentinel shudder with delight. "Ohhh...yes, good!" Rhenelle purred, wiggling herself down against Istarra's tongue and face. The sentinel bounced several times, really rubbing her ass in good, before getting off of the poor trainee's face. She turned herself to face Istarra's feet, perching on hands and knees, with her hands braced on Istarra's shoulders to keep the elf pinned down.

By this point, there was a steady dribble of precum drooling down from Rhenelle's massive dick. "So when I saw the spirit in your eyes, I thought I would put you to the test right away." The sentinel shifted so that her cock loomed over Istarra, and the pinned elf made a protesting sound as that trickle of pre splattered messily across her whole face. "Which you passed with flying colours. I wasn't testing if you would win against your opponents. I was testing how long you would last," she explained.

"And now...let's truly see how long you will last," Rhenelle added in a meaningful tone, placing her fat cockhead against Istarra's lips. "Now, open wide...there's a good soldier," Rhenelle instructed, and then thrust herself vigorously into the elf's mouth when Istarra complied.

"Hrrr! Mmm...nice and tight!" the sentinel exclaimed, bucking her hips forward strongly, filling Istarra's mouth and then wedging the big cock into the night elf's smooth, slender throat. Istarra's throat was forcibly stretched, the outline of the thick cock visible through the noticeable bulge in her neck from stuffing something that large into it. Istarra flailed her arms helplessly, her heels kicking against the ground while she was forcefed the meaty rod.

Rhenelle began to hump her hips, driving her cock in deeper and deeper with each heavy thrust. Soon enough, her balls were slapping down onto Istarra's face, and she was facefucking the elf hard and fast. "Somehow...nnng...I'll work out...just fine!" Rhenelle panted. It didn't take long for the sentinel to reach her climax, and she rammed herself in deep. Istarra made a wet gurgling sort of sound, her arms and legs thrashing. Rhenelle moaned in ecstasy, keeping Istarra pinned down firmly, her cock buried to the hilt. Grinding her hips as she pumped out a massive load down Istarra's throat, she smushed her balls lewdly all over the elf's face while Istarra desperately tried to swallow it all down.

Istarra couldn't handle that much spunk geysering into her, though. She sputtered and coughed,and white goo began to flow out the corners of her mouth, dripping copiously down her cheeks. She coughed again, and cum dribbled out her nose. Finally, Rhenelle's orgasm faded, and only then did she haul her still rigid cock out of Istarra's mouth and throat. Breathing heavily, Rhenelle grinned down at the mess she had made of Istarra, and watched the elf continue to cough and spit up cum down her chin and neck. Rhenelle waited until the coughing subsided, until Istarra seemed to have recovered somewhat, and then laughed.

"Not bad, you did manage to swallow most of it let's give it another go." Rhenelle pushed her cock back into Istarra's sticky mouth and throat, to the sound of the pinned elf's little 'Mmmmph!'

"Oh, come now. This is nothing compared to what you're going to go through on your special assignment..." Rhenelle said, already starting to pump in and out again. "But I think I've already decided that you've got what it takes to endure, perhaps even to excel!"


◊ Chapter 3

"Huh. She's really giving it to her, isn't she?" Aris remarked to her sister. The twins were huddled around the octagonal window in their second-floor room in the inn, clad in soft black bathrobes that came down to mid-thigh on them, leaving most of their long blue legs bare. Their armour and weapons were safely stowed away. The window was set about a foot into the wall, providing a ledge beneath it for them to lean their elbows onto.

Peering down at the ground below, Jani nodded absently, focused on the two intertwined night elves below. "Plucky little thing, that Istarra," she commented. "...and flexible, too," she added, raising an eyebrow as Rhenelle had Istarra on her back, the trainee's legs spread and shoved up until the toes touched the ground above her head.

"Can you imagine, having a thing like that?" Aris asked, cupping her hand and making a stroking motion in the air in front of her crotch.

Jani laughed, watching Rhenelle plow into Istarra's pussy, to the muted sounds of Istarra crying out from the brutal thrusting. "Like _that_ one? Where do I sign up?" Jani joked. She observed the rutting in silence for a little while, shifting her hips a bit. "Light...that has to be the fifth time, all in a row..."

Down below, Rhenelle was grinding her cock in deep, pulling out only an inch or two and slamming back in. Istarra's arms flailed feebly, clawing at the ground, her expression hidden by Rhenelle's body. But the twins could see the white goo spurting out from between the two elves below, spattering the ground heavily.

"Looks like the poor thing overflowed," Aris said, in a bit of a wondering tone. The twins saw Rhenelle lean in closer, perhaps to kiss or whisper something to Istarra, it was hard to tell from their vantage point. Then the sentinel pulled out in a smooth motion, standing and turning to gather up her armour.

Istarra unfolded from the cramped position her body had been folded into, and thick white spunk flowed out of her abused pussy to puddle between her legs, now that Rhenelle's cock was no longer plugging it in. The elf laid there on her back, her chest rising and falling, looking an utter mess of sweat and Rhenelle's cum. Her belly even seemed to be a bit swollen, slowly receding as the goo drained out of her.

"Look at her face!" Jani exclaimed, grinning broadly. She pointed, and Aris could see a bewildered, exhausted sort of bliss on Istarra's face. The twins shared a laugh, while Rhenelle calmly fastened her armour back in place and strolled off towards the building across the street.

Eventually, Istarra gathered her things and limped into the inn, leaving a trail of gooey footprints in her wake. "I've got an idea! Run a hot bath, will you? I'll be right back." Jani urged her sister, and rushed out of their room and down to meet Istarra in the foyer of the inn.

Istarra let out a mortified squeak when she saw Jani appear at the stairway. Istarra had merely collected her armour and weapon into a bundle, clutching them to her chest in an attempt to hurry off to her inn room before anyone could spot her.

"Oh, you're a mess!" Jani said to her, not showing any signs of disapproval for the dripping, naked state that Istarra was in. This reaction made Istarra blink, a little confused. "Your room got reassigned, with all these trainees in town, they needed the space and had some of us double up. You're staying with us tonight. Come on, let's get you cleaned up...we've got a hot bath with your name on it."

"Uh...I..." Istarra stammered, her cheeks flushed at the unexpected encounter. Her eyes dropped to Jani's bare legs for a moment, her flush only deepening. Still, there was nothing she needed more right then, besides a hot bath after a whole day of fighting followed by the endurance marathon of being fucked by Rhenelle. "I...guess..." she replied weakly.

Jani took Istarra by the shoulders and steered the hesitant elf towards the stairs. "Don't worry, we only bite a little," Jani said reassuringly, and soon enough she had led Istarra up into the room she was sharing with Aris. By this point, steam was drifting lazily out of the bathroom. "Aris, we're back!" Jani called out.

Aris appeared in the doorway to the bathroom, to lean against the doorframe. The pose caused her robe to part a little, showing off almost the entirety of her smooth, blue thigh. "We?" she asked curiously, before noticing Istarra standing there. Aris looked back to Jani with a bemused, questioning expression.

Jani grinned proudly back at her sister. "Yes, I was just telling Istarra here, about the reassigned rooms, and how she'd have to stay with us for the night."

"Um. I don't want to impose, I could just..." Istarra began.

Catching on quickly, Aris shook her head. "Oh no, we don't mind one bit. Look, I've even drawn a bath for you. Come, let's get you cleaned up," Aris said, while Jani pushed Istarra into motion.

Istarra wasn't in the mood to argue, after the day she had been through. She let Jani bring her into the small bathroom with the big, clawfoot tub. Aris took the bundle of clothing and armour from Istarra, setting them down on the floor while Jani helped Istarra into the tub.

Istarra sighed happily as she slipped under the surface of the water. "Sweet Elune, but I needed this," she murmured. "Thank you so much!" she said to the twins.

"Seems the least we could do, after the beating we gave you earlier," Jani said with a laugh, picking up a bar of soap in one hand, her other hand slipping into the tub to take hold of Istarra's slender ankle. Jani lifted Istarra's dainty foot up out of the water, soaping it up before setting down the bar and really rubbing it in with both hands.

"You don't have to do th...oooh..." Istarra began to protest, before absolutely melting at the slippery, firm foot massage Jani was giving her. "Gods, that feels divine!" she murmured, leaning her head back against the edge of the tub.

A moment later, Aris' soapy hands appeared at her shoulders, kneading the sore muscles. "Mmm...thank you," she repeated, closing her eyes and enjoying. She certainly hadn't expected to be pampered like this, particularly not by her two fiercest opponents from the competition.

Jani's cleansing massage moved down Istarra's smooth, light green calf, while Aris' hands caressed down her upper arms. "That's just lovely," Istarra said, feeling the aching of her abused body starting to seep out of her into the divinely hot water, wrung out of her by the strong warriors' hands.

When Aris' hands strayed to Istarra's chest, soaping up her breasts, Istarra's eyes cracked open in surprise. Jani's hands were now making their way up her thigh, the rolled up sleeves of the grinning elf's bathrobe dipping into the water. Looking up at Aris, Istarra was treated to a rather impressive view of the twin's luscious cleavage. Aris was at the end of the bathtub, leaning across Istarra's head with both hands atop the elf's breasts. Aris' black bathrobe had almost entirely fallen open in front, leaving the large blue breasts swaying right above Istarra's face.

Istarra was rather stunned by the sight, and by how quickly the wonderful massage had turned into something far more intimate. She just stared up at Aris' chest, taking careful note of the way the rounded breasts jiggled and moved with the elf's intent massage.

At that point, three of Jani's fingers slid up into Istarra's pussy. Istarra gasped in a breath, her mouth opening wide. Aris chose that moment to lower her torso down, muffling Istarra's moan with a mouthful of warm titflesh.

"We've got to make sure you're nice and clean all over, Istarra...and from what we saw from the window, you're going to need a," Jani said, her bicep flexing as she pumped her fingers vigorously several times to make her point.

Aris tweaked Istarra's nipples between thumbs and forefingers, rolling them lightly but insistently. "Now be a good girl and suck," Aris directed Istarra, shimmying her torso to slip her own stiffened nipple between Istarra's lips.

Istarra was simply overwhelmed. She obediently suckled on Aris' perky nipple, continuing to moan at Aris' busy hands on her chest, and Jani's even busier fingers down below. The twins had her where they wanted her, and Istarra wasn't sure that she could find room for complaint in their treatment of her. Especially as she felt her pleasure mounting, her body slowly writhing in the clutches of the beautiful twin elves.

The pleasure crested, and Istarra mewled into Aris' chest, shuddering as her orgasm overtook her. Jani and Aris looked each other in the eyes, looking like a pair of cats that had gotten into the cream as they made Istarra climax. Aris tugged on Istarra's nipples insistently, Jani's fingers curling inside of the elf deliciously, drawing out the pleasure.

"Such a long night we have ahead of us..." Jani purred.


◊ Chapter 4

The air was hot and stale when Istarra awoke. She believed it was morning, but it was dark, and her face was still pressed into the crotch of one of the twins. She had lost track of which one was which throughout the night. Smooth, sweaty thighs were wrapped around her head, and she was having trouble extricating herself.

She got her bearings a bit more, and realized that the air was so stuffy because she was down under the covers of the twins' bed, where they had put her to work pleasuring the both of them over and over again throughout the night, taking turns so that one would recover while the other was being licked. It had seemed an eternity of making the two of them orgasm repeatedly before they had finally drifted off to sleep.

Istarra had fallen asleep where she was, and had awoken several times throughout the night to a wet pussy insistently pushing and grinding against her lips, until she licked the lusty elf to yet another climax to satisfy her. Only then was she able to get back to sleep herself, trying to get some rest.

So now, as she tried to worm her way out from beneath those strong legs, she half expected them to tighten and hold her in place, demanding another performance. But there was just a sleepy shifting of the twin's hips, and Istarra managed to crawl out from under the sheets without waking either of them.

Istarra looked out the window, and groaned at how high the sun was already. It was mid-morning, and she was supposed to meet with Rhenelle to find out about her special assignment first thing today.

Gathering up her armour, she wrinkled her nose at the state of her bra and panties. All of the sparring the day before had led to them being soaked with her sweat, and she didn't like the idea of putting the smelly garments back on. But she was already late for her meeting with Rhenelle, and she didn't think she wanted to make the strict sentinel any more upset than she might already be. She didn't have a change of clothing in the twins' room, so she decided to just hurriedly put on her barkscale armour without wearing anything beneath it. There was a layer of leather for padding beneath the protective green scales, so it wasn't so bad.

Rhenelle was waiting for her on the main floor of the inn dressed in her plate armour, along with the priestess who had tended to her injuries during the tournament in the familiar flowing white robes. There was also another sentinel who Istarra didn't recognize, wearing plate armour to match Rhenelle's.

"You are late," was how Rhenelle greeted Istarra in a disapproving tone, folding her arms across her chest. "And you've kept Raven waiting for you." Rhenelle indicated the other sentinel with a nod.

"I'm sorry! I must have overslept," Istarra said, finding herself distracted by the way Rhenelle's stance and that sleek armour showed off her cleavage. Knowing that Rhenelle was likely not wearing a bra under the platemail brought back images of the post-tourney 'wrestling' that Istarra had been subjected to. Her cheeks colouring, Istarra glanced down at Rhenelle's crotch. The armour must have been cleverly designed in order to hide such a sizeable member; it looked a bit bulky down there, but the stylish curves and lines of the metal concealed Rhenelle's gift well. Istarra wondered if the armour was uncomfortable, if it would be cramped if Rhenelle got excited and that luscious purple cock swelled inside the restrictive plate...

"Yes. I suppose you were put through your paces yesterday," Rhenelle remarked, snapping Istarra out of her thoughts. When Istarra finally pulled her gaze back up, she saw that Rhenelle had a knowing smirk on her face. "So perhaps it is excusable. Still. You are late for your assignment, and so you will have to leave with Raven, here, immediately."

Istarra had been so riveted on Rhenelle that she had taken little notice of the other sentinel, Raven until now. Raven had soft pink skin, in contrast with the hard, toned muscles that she displayed. Her short, wild hair was almost black, though when the light caught it, it had a sheen of deep purple to it. But what really made Istarra's mouth go dry was Raven's intensity.

The way that Raven was looking at Istarra was the way that a predator eyed a morsel of food being dangled in front of it. There was a hunger there, a yearning, that made Istarra uncomfortable. The facial tattooing that Raven had only seemed to emphasize the intensity in her eyes. Raven had dark purple tattoos ringing her eyes, tapering to points on either side. Along with the purple lipstick, it had a very striking effect.

"Er. Right now? still haven't really...ahh, told me what my assignment is," Istarra said uncertainly, looking back to Rhenelle while Raven continued to stare at her.

"You haven't figured it out yet?" Rhenelle asked, leading the way outside the inn and beckoning for Istarra to follow along. She did so, getting goosebumps when Raven fell into step behind her. Istarra could feel Raven's eyes still boring into her.

Rhenelle led the way to a big black nightsaber that was tied in front of the inn, talking as she walked. "I explained to you about how some of our sentinels have been granted with Elune's blessing. I believe I drove that point home many times, in fact," she remarked, stopping next to the nightsaber and grinning wolfishly.

Istarra nodded in agreement, feeling a warm dampness in her nether regions at the reminder of how thoroughly Rhenelle had driven that 'point' into every orifice. Rhenelle motioned for her to mount up, and Istarra swung a leg over the nightsaber's back, settling into the saddle. "You're giving me a nightsaber?" she asked incredulously, glancing briefly back at Raven and noticing that the fierce sentinel had been staring at her backside when she mounted the cat. Istarra wondered if Raven had been checking out her ass when she had been walking in front of her, too.

"Don't be stupid," Raven finally spoke up, stepping up to place a hand on Istarra's back. Istarra gave her a questioning look, then let out a little "oof!" when she got shoved forward so that she was at the very front of the saddle, her chest pushed down atop the beast's broad shoulderblades. Raven's hands then pressed down on Istarra's back while the sentinel mounted the nightsaber as well, settling into the saddle in behind the recruit.

Rhenelle, still standing next to the nightsaber, leaned over to speak into Istarra's ear. "And I also explained to you what this blessing did to our sex drives. You have no idea how horny we get. It can be maddening, without proper means of release," she murmured, pausing to trace her tongue along the lower rim of Istarra's ear. "Now, I have been stationed here, in Astranaar, with plenty of opportunities to...sate myself. Raven...has not been so fortunate. She has been out patrolling the forests for the past month."

Istarra could feel Raven's hands roaming, from her back down to her hips. Exploring across her buttocks and down her upper thighs, squeezing and rubbing. The combination of the wandering hands feeling her up, along with Rhenelle's licking of her ear, had Istarra clinging tightly onto the neck fur of the nightsaber, breathing heavily. Rhenelle continued, "We have discovered that such long deployments are very poor for morale for our...gifted...sentinels. And yet, longer assignments are necessary for military success. So your special assignment is aimed at improving the morale of Raven and her squad while out in the field, to make their mission more bearable."

Rhenelle patted Istarra on the head and straightened up, nodding to Raven. "Wait a minute," Istarra said, as the nightsaber began to lope off. "I just wanted to be a sentinel, not a...not a..."

"Whore?" Raven finished for her in a low, bemused tone. Istarra gave a shocked look back over her shoulder at Raven, and all of the intensity that the pink-skinned elf had shown her suddenly made sense. All of the hot, fervent sex with Rhenelle the day before, that was with one of these gifted elves whose sexual appetites were relatively sated. But Raven...Raven had the same intense sexual needs as Rhenelle, but had been unable to truly relieve her lusts for an entire month.

Already, Raven was pulling at the straps of Istarra's leggings, loosening and undoing them while the nightsaber bore them off towards the bridge leading out of Astranaar. Istarra looked back, and was surprised to see Rhenelle locked in a passionate kiss with the robed priestess outside the inn. So that was who Rhenelle had been taking out her lusts on.

"Well, you'd best get used to the idea," Raven instructed her, the leggings being peeled down over Istarra's backside as they rode into the treeline. The air rushing past felt cool on her bare skin. "You wanted to serve your people, and _this_ is what we need from you. Elune, but it's been so long," Raven muttered, leaning a forearm across the small of her back heavily, keeping Istarra pinned down flat against the nightsaber. Raven's other hand, meanwhile, was fumbling with the straps of her own armour.

The sentinel gave out a relieved sigh, and there was a meaty thud of her freed cock thwacking against Istarra's bare backside. Wet warmth dribbled down onto Istarra's left butt cheek and down into the crack of her ass, making the green-skinned elf gasp. She thought that Raven had poured some lubricant on her, it was so plentiful. But looking back, she saw Raven's huge, pink cock nestled between her green buttocks. And the wetness that she felt was all the precum that was drooling out of the tip of it.

Istarra moaned softly at the sight of it. So much precum! The pink dick was twitching and throbbing needily, and with each jump of the veiny rod, another spurt of pre splattered down warmly onto Istarra's ass. "Wow..." Istarra mumbled. "You really DO need it, don't you, Raven?"

Raven grunted her agreement, leaning forward to press her platemail-clad breasts down against Istarra's back. She had only undone the plate crotchguard, which now hung freely by a couple of straps attached to her hip. "You have NO idea," Raven said, positioning herself with a bit of difficulty. The up and down running motion of the nightsaber was causing her cock to rub all over Istarra's asscrack, still spitting pre the whole time. So when she did manage to get lined up correctly, there was more than enough lubrication for her first thrust.

"Nnnngh!" Istarra groaned into the neck of the nightsaber, feeling the big cock plunge into her tight asshole, forcing the tight muscles to stretch wide.

"Fuuuck, yes!" Raven crowed out. At that point, the nightsaber crested a small hill and charged down the slope on the other side. There was a giddy moment of weightlessness at the top of the hill, before Raven crashed down against Istarra's back and hilted herself entirely in the slender elf's ass. Both of them cried out in delight, Istarra's internal muscles gripping the entirety of Raven's dick like a vice.

"Faster! Go, Nightshade!" Raven urged her mount breathlessly, bucking her hips against the pinned elf. The big cat rumbled a growl of assent, speeding up from its loping jog into a swift sprint. The up and down motion sped up in turn, and Raven began to thrust herself in and out in time with the cat's stride.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Gods! Ohhhh..." Istarra gasped out, unable to do much other than hang onto the cat and take the severe pounding in the ass. Raven's dick felt like it was even longer than Rhenelle's, though perhaps not quite as thick. It felt like her intestines were being bruised, the rigid cock was thrusting so deep inside. And the noise! There was so much precum in and on her ass, that the sentinel's cock was making a lewd squishing sound each time it got buried inside of Istarra's rectum. She felt like she was being crushed between the muscular elf and the big cat, the air being driven out of her each time that Raven would land harder against her back.

It didn't take long at this pace for Raven to scream out ferally and let loose a mighty orgasm deep in Istarra's ass. The sentinel had been needing relief for so long, she didn't have much in the way of staying power. What she lacked in staying power, however, she more than made up for in the sheer size of the load that she spewed out. Her cock swelled, stretching Istarra's ass even wider before the wave of spunk completely flooded the tight passage.

The cat kept sprinting through the trees, leaves and branches whizzing by overhead. Raven's cock kept plunging in and out throughout the lengthy orgasm, both elves hanging on for dear life. Gooey spunk began to spurt out around the edges of Raven's cock, liberally decorating both elves' thighs as well as the saddle they were seated on. Istarra herself didn't orgasm, but she kept grinding her crotch down against the saddle, smearing wetness of her own across the leather saddle along with all the thick jizz.

All of that pent-up lust, all of the frustration of going without sex for a whole month, was being fulfilled in that moment. And when the heady climax eventually tapered off, Raven's mammoth cock remained as hard and ready as steel. The sentinel laughed aloud with joy, a sound that Istarra never would have thought that she'd hear coming from the stolid, serious warrior-elf.

Raven kicked her heels into the flanks of the nightsaber, urging it on. She continued pounding into Istarra's abused asshole, the pace unabated by her first orgasm. Istarra bit into her lower lip and groaned, burying her face in the furry neck of the sprinting nightsaber. " far do we have to....oooohh!! Have to go?" Istarra stammered out, getting absolutely reamed by Raven as she tried to speak. She thought back to how many times Rhenelle had cum the previous day, and wondered if Raven would go for even longer before being satisfied, considering how long she had been deprived.

"Not long..." Raven panted, starting to ram herself into Istarra's bottom with more gusto now that the pleasure was beginning to build again, her muscles flexing in time with the beast's graceful running. "Just...a couple hours or so..." she finished with a big grin, a bead of sweat dripping from her chin down onto the back of Istarra's neck.

All Istarra could do was whimper into the nightsaber's fur. She could tell that she was going to have trouble walking once this ride was over.


◊ Chapter 5

The nightsaber had slowed to a walk by the time they reached their destination, and Raven's thrusting had slowed in kind. Both night elves were dripping with perspiration, and Raven's cum had been liberally splattered all over their legs, having overflowed from Istarra's ass multiple times during the journey. Istarra's legs dangled from the sides of the mount limply, dripping a trail of goo on the forest floor. She had lost her boots somewhere along the way, all the cum that had poured into them making them slip from her feet.

She still clung to the cat's fur with both hands, making little whimpering grunts each time Raven plowed back into her ass. The sentinel hadn't fully pulled out of her once throughout the two-hour ride. The big cock hadn't gone soft through all that time, and Istarra was feeling quite sore in spite of all the copious lubrication.

"And here...we...are!" Raven announced slowly, drawing out the sentence and driving into Istarra's backside with each word. Another eruption of cum blasted deep into the recruit's ass on the last word, Raven moaning hotly and grinding her hips in slow circles to really stretch out that still-snug ass. The cum backed up almost right away, backwashing in a white wave to splash down the elves' legs, cascading off the saddle and onto the ground. Panting happily, Raven stayed hilted in Istarra's ass while her dick pulsed and her balls pumped out their big load.

"Mmmmm...Light, but it'll be good to have you around the camp all the time," Raven said, pulling out of Istarra's ass with a wet "shlorp!" sound so that the sentinel could dismount. They were at the opening of a clearing in the trees, where there were two tents set up, a campfire between them, and a bedroll laid out on the ground near the fire. "I swear, it was driving me crazy not being able to...unnnhh!" Raven grunted as the hilt of a dagger slammed into the back of her head, and the sentinel toppled over onto the ground.

Her attacker seemed to melt out of the shadows of the treeline, a smug smile on her face after the skillful way she had sapped Raven. It was another night elf, this one clad in very form-fitting leather armour. Where Raven was all toned muscle and deadly strength, the newcomer was lush curves. Big breasts, wide hips, a large ass, curvy legs. All of it wrapped snugly in supple brown leather and brown sandals.

"That's what you get for not waiting for me!" the rogue told Raven's prone form, gloating briefly before turning her attention to the nightsaber with Istarra still draped across its back. "Look at the mess you made, Raven. Nightshade's going to need a bath after this," she said, patting the mount's neck. Nightshade rumbled in agreement, bonking its head affectionately against the elf's side. "But oooh, look at what you've brought us!" the elf grinned, grabbing Istarra's head by the ponytail and lifting it to get a look at Istarra's face.

"Wha...? Who're you?" Istarra asked wearily, feeling the cum still oozing out of her abused asshole. She blinked some of the sweat out of her eyes, and saw that the leather-clad elf was green-skinned like herself, her face completely lacking in the facial tattoos that were so common amongst her people. It had a way of making her look young and innocent, or it would have if it weren't for that same needy sort of look that Raven had on her face back in Astranaar.

Once she saw that expression, Istarra glanced downward, fairly sure of what she would find. Sure enough, the leather armour was tight enough that it showed off a thick cock-shaped bulge running down the elf's inner thigh, along with the swollen shape of a hefty pair of balls in the crotch itself.

"You can call me Tryst," the leather-clad elf introduced herself, leaning in close. Istarra blinked more of the stinging sweat from her eyes, getting a very nice view of expansive green cleavage. Tryst had to be at least a DD size, putting Istarra's lithe frame to shame. Distracted by the sight, Istarra was snapped out of her daze by Tryst's tongue licking across her cheek. Confused, Istarra tried to pull away, only to find Tryst's grip on her ponytail to be unyielding. She couldn't get away, and Tryst kept licking in an oddly possessive sort of way.

After that first taste of Istarra's skin, her salty sweat, Tryst seemed unable to help herself. The wet tongue slid slickly all across Istarra's face, her cheeks, her lips. The trainee's mouth opened slightly, surprised at the outright passion in the act. And Tryst took that as an opportunity, moaning needily and slithering her tongue into Istarra's mouth in a deep, intimate kiss.

Meanwhile, Tryst's other hand busied itself with freeing her painfully erect cock from the confines of those tight leather leggings. When it sprang free, Istarra was first struck by the smell. Tryst had evidently been wearing the hot leather all day long, and exerting herself in some way. Because opening the front of those leggings made Istarra's nose twitch with the heady smell of hot cock mixed with leather and cum. Or rather, precum. It smelled like Tryst had made quite the mess of herself inside those leggings throughout the day.

The rogue took a better hold of Istarra's head with both hands now, rather than holding her by the hair. After plunging the depths of the recruit's mouth quite thoroughly with her tongue, she pulled on Istarra's head with both hands, still locked in the deep kiss. Istarra made a muffled yelp, feeling herself being dragged off of the nightsaber's back by the head. She landed on the ground on her hands and knees, with Tryst crouched over to maintain the liplock. Finally, she broke off the kiss, tilting Istarra's head back and very slowly pulling her tongue out. Tryst kept her tongue extended as it cleared her new playmate's lips, her eyes sparkling as she drooled warm saliva down into Istarra's open mouth.

Straightening up, Tryst giggled and wiped some stray saliva from her own chin with the back of one hand, her other hand cradling the back of Istarra's thread. "Ohh, I just had to get a really good don't mind, do you? You're about to get a nice tasting of your own," Tryst said, grinning broadly as she now held Istarra's head at eye level with her dripping crotch.

"I, um. Wow. You're awfully excited," Istarra said a bit numbly to Tryst's messy cock. And it truly was a huge mess. While she could smell the precum before, now her nose was right in front of the source of the heady scent. Tryst's thick cock was jumping and throbbing with arousal, hanging ponderously to point at Istarra's face. Thick was a good description for the meaty shaft. While not quite as long as the other dicks she had recently experienced from the sentinels, at ten inches long it was still a beast of a cock, and significantly thicker than the other elves had been. Big, fat balls were covered in sweat, and achingly full and swollen by the looks of them. Precum had been liberally oozing out inside the leather leggings throughout the day, and continued to leak from the tip before Istarra's eyes, dribbling down onto the ground.

"If you think I'm excited now, just wait until I'm balls-deep!" Tryst said slyly, pinching Istarra's nose shut with one hand. The kneeling elf opened her mouth reflexively to breathe, and then Tryst was cramming that huge, messy fuckpole into her surprised mouth. The flavour struck Istarra immediately. Meaty cock completely coated in salty sweat and precum. Istarra's mouth began salivating heavily at the intense taste, and she received a big spurt of pre directly into her mouth. She wasn't given much time to savour the experience, though. Tryst leaned forward and angled her cock downwards, simply powering her way down into Istarra's throat.

"Ooh...fucking awesome!" Tryst crowed happily, holding the back of Istarra's head firmly so that she could lean her weight into the next downward thrust. Istarra's tight, smooth throat was lewdly stretched around the broad dick, hugging it tightly and showing the unmistakable bulging that conformed to the shape of the big cock. "Do you know how long it's been? Fuck, you're nice and tight...I'm glad Raven was so fixated on that pretty little ass, and left your throat for me to put through its paces," Tryst said, smushing her slimy, sweaty balls into the elf's chin. Holding herself in deep, Tryst started rotating her hips slowly, causing her cock to pry at Istarra's throat from different angles, stretching it out even more.

Istarra started to make gagging sounds, her throat muscles spasming in response to the treatment. "Yes! Fuck, that feel's great!" Tryst announced, not retreating an inch. Her cock was being thoroughly massaged and milked at by the reflexive gagging, and it did not take long before her cock swelled up even more. "!" she panted, grip tightening on the back of Istarra's head.

Istarra mewled in muffled protest, her lungs burning with the need for air. Instead, her throat got blasted by an intense spray of hot, sticky elfcum. Her trembling hands came up to feel at the stretched skin of her throat, and she whimpered as she could feel the thick member pulsing with each long jetting of spunk. The load was so heavy, that it could be actually be faintly heard, a liquid splashing sort of sound spraying down into her stomach.

Tryst was relentless, and hadn't had a decent orgasm in a couple months. She just kept cumming, kept grinding down into Istarra's face. With a groan, Istarra felt her belly distending outwards under the pressure of all that cum filling her stomach, overfilling her stomach. But she managed to contain it all, Tryst's spraying shaft finally ebbing to a trickle. Giggling delightedly, Tryst petted Istarra's head, and pulled her cock partway out, clearing the airway again. Istarra sucked in a desperately needed breath around the cock that was still filling her mouth, making Tryst shiver at the chill air passing over the wet dick. Istarra drooled around the mouthful of meat, her chest rising and falling with her quickened breaths.

"Owww..." Raven complained, rubbing the back of her head as she came to her senses. "Was that really necessary, Tryst? I would've given you your turn, you know."

"Yes, but I needed it so badly, Raven. I was in no mood to wait or negotiate. But I'm just getting started," Tryst said, burying herself to the hilt in Istarra's mouth again, drawing a muffled protest at the airway being stoutly plugged again.

Raven smiled at the sight, and stepped over behind Istarra. "I'm up for another go, too," she said, her own cock stiffening to attention again, even after so many orgasms during the journey. "Here, there's one hole we haven't tried yet," Raven said, sliding her hands over Istarra's hips and forward, to the front of her thighs. Taking hold and lifting, she picked Istarra right up off the ground, with Tryst's help. Tryst's hands shifted to under the arms, lifting Istarra so that the new recruit hung between the other two elves horizontally, arms dangling.

Raven's big cock nudged against Istarra's sopping pussy, getting lined up so that she could plow herself in deep. Istarra cried out around Tryst's cock, feeling her well-lubricated pussy stretch around the huge dick the same way that her ass had been reamed earlier. Tryst pulled out at that point, allowing Istarra to gasp in a quick breath. The very air tasted like cock and balls, sweat and sex. The moment of air didn't last long, before Tryst thrust in deep with a flexing of her legs. Raven eased back out as Tryst crammed herself home.

The two of them started picking up the pace, shoving Istarra forward and back between the two of them in order to really be able to slam into both ends in an alternating rhythym. Both of the cocks had 'the edge' taken off of their oversensitivity by the earlier climaxes, so the elves were able to set up a good, vigorous fucking. The campsite was filled with groans, moans, and wet suctiony sounds.

"Might be pull myself away from the camp...for our patrols, with her here," Tryst panted as she railed Istarra's face enthusiastically.

"Nngh...can always...take her on patrol sometimes..." Raven grunted, her hips thudding against Istarra's ass, her cock spearing the elf's pussy nice and deep. "We'll just...have to take turns, sometimes."

"Nnn...mmm...yes!" Tryst said, giving her hips an extra twist to the side to put more pressure down one side of Istarra's throat, before easing her hips in the opposite direction to give the other side of the throat equal attention. "Lucky for us, Kittana's bathing in the lake," she said, nodding to the bedroll next to the fire, where there was arrayed the pieces of a set of platemail of elven make. But something about the armour was off. It seemed to be the wrong scale for most elves, the armour looked to be of a larger size than one would expect.

"Uhhuh...more for us!" Raven agreed. "Rrgh, yes...more!" she declared, shoving herself in deep and shuddering in the throes of an orgasm. Istarra squealed, the sound getting cut off as Tryst rammed herself home and let loose thick gouts of cum as well, joining in on the orgy of climaxes. This time though, Istarra's belly was full, and no more was going to fit. Both Tryst and Raven pulled most of the way out, spraying just inside Istrra's mouth and pussy in such a quantity that both openings quickly overflowed like waterfalls. Gooey spunk spilled out of the elf's mouth and down her chin, to cascade onto the ground with a wet splattering sound. The mess spraying out of her pussy coated both of her thighs, adding to the growing puddle of white spooge that was collecting below the suspended elf.

Laughing heartily together, Raven and Tryst pulled out of Istarra completely, and simply dropped her into the large puddle of cum with a loud splat. "Looks like we're all going to be needing baths, too..." Raven said, looking at the complete mess they had made.

Tryst dragged her sandaled toes through the puddle of cum, and nudged at the exhausted Istarra's mouth with them. "Well, she'll need a bath, anyways," Tryst said, sliding her big toe into Istarra's mouth. "Once she's clean though, I think I'll put her to work on cleaning _me_ off, with her tongue," she said, smiling as she felt Istarra suckling the spunk from her toe.

"Good luck prying her away from Kittana once she lays eyes on might be in a bit of a wait for that tonguebath," Raven said with a smirk.


◊ Chapter 6

The shock of being dropped into cool water by Raven brought Istarra back to her senses somewhat. She had been slung over the sentinel's shoulder, treated to a view of Raven's toned ass and legs as she was carried down to the shore of the nearby lake. She sputtered and flailed about in the water in an undignified way, trying to get her bearings and get to the surface. Wiping water from her eyes, she was immediately struck by the amount of white cum that was spreading from her body into the water around her.

"Is being recruit from Astranaar, yes?" a thickly accented voice said from behind her. Before Istarra could turn her head, whoever it was grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled the ribbon out of her green hair to release it from the ponytail.

"Yes, and a fun one she is, too. We gave her a test ride already," Raven said with a smirk, walking out deeper into the lake, having stripped out of her plate armour. Istarra got a brief glimpse of Raven's lean back before the sentinel dove forward, submerging completely beneath the water to clean herself off.

"Can be seeing that," the accented voice remarked, and one of the hands tightened in Istarra's cum-stained hair. "Is being very messy." With that, Istarra was shoved face-first back underwater. This was repeated several times, the floundering elf getting dunked and hauled back to the surface.

Coughing and spitting up water after a half-dozen dunkings, Istarra was able to wipe the water from her eyes again, to see Tryst standing at the edge of the lake, trailing her toes through the water. The rogue had stripped out of her leather armour and sandals, and was standing there naked and pouting. Her heavy cock was full and throbbing again, precum dribbling down its veiny length. Her body was beautiful, smooth green curves, large breasts with stiffened nipples. A light sheen of perspiration decorated Tryst's flawless skin, her lower body a mess of cum, precum, and sweat that glistened wetly on her shapely legs and delicate feet. "Well, poo," Tryst said, looking over at Istarra. "No tongue-bath for me, Kittana's got her."

One more time for good measure, Istarra was shoved underwater and held there. "Are being clean enough now," Kittana said, after lifting Istarra up by the hair and turning her around for a better look. Yelping at the pain of being dangled like that, Istarra grabbed for Kittana's wrist with both hands, trying to take some of her weight off of the handful of green hair.

Now that she was facing Kittana, Istarra got a good look at the third 'sentinel'. Kittana was very buxom, her wet, rounded breasts the first thing that Istarra's attention was drawn to. Water was dripping in rivulets down the smooth, dark blue skin, and there were droplets atop each stiffened nipple that hung there for a moment before falling down into the water that was up to her bellybutton. The dripping brought her attention downwards, to a muscular yet slightly rounded midriff. The expanse of deep blue flesh was quite tantalizing.

"Am hoping are not being as fragile as are looking," Kittana said dubiously, her words pulling Istarra's gaze back up. That was when she saw the goatlike horns pushing through Kittana's straight black hair.

"A draenei!" Istarra gasped. That explained the odd accent. "What are you doing here? I thought this was an elven camp..."

"Is being elven camp, yes. But am owing large favour to night elves, so have been helping them out. Am learning much about night elves and how they are fighting," Kittana said, nodding. The draenei had beautifully angled features, her lips a darker blue than the rest of her. Kittana was giving Istarra a skeptically appraising look, particularly eyeing her slender hips. The draenei had to be close to eight feet tall, and was holding Istarra up to eye level to take a really good look at her soaked, naked body.

"Large favour? What kind of large...favour...?" Istarra asked, as she still dangled with her lower legs trailing through the water. Istarra caught a glimpse of movement down below the water at that point, something massive was coming to the surface between the draenei's legs.

"Oh my god..." Istarra mumbled. She had thought the night elves were well endowed. But the cock that was emerging from the water as it hardened and swelled put the others to shame, both in length and in girth. The broad, flat head breached the surface of the water as blood pumped into it with the draenei's growing arousal. Kittana's expression was starting to glaze over with lust as her cock grew and grew, more of the veiny shaft rising up into view as the draenei openly admired the night elf's body. The cock had to be two feet long at least, and as thick as the strong draenei's forearm.

Istarra whimpered at the size of it, kicking her dangling feet uselessly through the water. Kittana only had one thing on her mind at this point, and the draenei turned Istarra around to face away from her again. "Wait a minute!" the night elf gasped out, feeling the heat of the enormous, flat cockhead pressing in between her buttocks and against her ass that was still feeling sore and stretched from the nightsaber ride.

Kittana shifted her grip, both hands sliding under Istarra's arms and curling back to grab onto her shoulders. The change in grip made the night elf's entire body weight rest on the end of the draenei's dick, applying pressure to her abused asshole but still not fitting inside. "Is not being time for waiting," Kittana stated, her hands tightening on the night elf's shoulders. "Have been waiting too long already. Very much too long!"

Istarra was only dimly aware of Raven and Tryst watching her from where they floated in the deeper water, the tops of their breasts peeking above the surface of the water and their hair slicked back wetly. The two of them were making soft commentary to each other about what was going on. Istarra's attention was too focused on what Kittana was trying to do to her.

The draenei pulled down on Istarra's shoulders hard, the strong warrior's arms flexing with the effort. Istarra was actually grateful at this point for how incredibly stretched her ass already was from Raven riding her during the entire journey here. It had at least partially prepared her for what Kittana was doing to her now. It didn't seem possible that such a giant object could be inserted into her slender body, particularly into her ass. And yet, her whole body weight plus the draenei's strength was forcing her ass to stretch even wider, the end of the gargantuan cock beginning to wedge its way past her abused anal ring.

Istarra shrieked loudly, Kittana making a triumphant cry as the entire head slowly pushed into the franticly squirming night elf. "Nnnnf! Are being so tight!" Kittana panted, shoving her hips forward while pulling down on Istarra's shoulders. It was a real effort for the eight foot tall draenei to push deeper, and she was putting her whole body into the effort. Flex, relax. Flex, relax. Each time she pushed, another inch or two would cram into Istarra's ass. She didn't withdraw at all, only shoving deeper, then pausing to gather her strength, then shoving in again.

Impossibly, the draenei was making progress. Istarra screamed with every thrust, feeling like her insides were being rearranged to accomodate the tree trunk of a dick that was shoving into her rectum. Kittana let out a guttural grunt, finally hilting herself entirely into the poor night elf. Hugging Istarra to herself, the draenei pressed her large, wet breasts into the elf's back, all the while the enormous cock throbbed and pulsed within her. Each heavy throb elicited a groan from Istarra, and a squirm at the way the swollen member pushed at her from the inside.

Kittana's arms were wrapped around Istarra's body securely, and she licked up along the green skin of the elf's neck to place her dark blue lips against Istarra's ear. "Am so happy are being here to be helping," she murmured, her lips brushing the sensitive ear, the hot breath washing over it making the elf shudder. Kittana slid her hips back ever so slightly, and then pumped forward strongly. "Are going to be helping very many times!" she promised, giving another good thrust.

Istarra's head tilted back, drool trickling out the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. She wasn't really capable of forming a coherent response, her mouth opening wordlessly with each deep pump of the strong draenei's hips. And the pace only increased after the first few of thrusts. It was still difficult going, with a lot of snug friction, but Kittana powered her way in and out, gradually stretching the elf enough that it became easier to set up a good rhythym.

The blue pelvis thudded against the green buttocks underwater and Istarra cried out, astounded that she was able to take the entire thing up the ass. And it was the entire thing; the wet collision against her back each time that Kittana grunted all the way into her was ample evidence of that.

Kittana shifted her grip once she was easier able to slide in and out, sluicing into the tight anal passage. She pushed Istarra's upper torso away from herself to change the angle, and entwined both hands in the elf's unbound green hair, holding onto it like a set of reins. The pain of the yanking on her hair made Istarra arch her back, even as Kittana pounded into her backside again.

Droplets of water were splashing all over each time their bodies came together, Istarra's bowed out torso making her breasts jut out impressively, even though they were much smaller and perkier than those sported by the three sentinels that she had been assigned to. Her arms flailed, sending more water into the air, when she felt her whole body being lifted by the ever more insistent thrusts.

Though she was lasting longer than Raven and Tryst had before their first orgasms, all that time out on patrol without proper relief had gotten to the big draenei, too. "Rrrgh!" Kittana growled lustily, driving in deep and pulling hard on Istarra's hair. The massive cock swelled with the impending orgasm, and Istarra's eyes bulged at the sensation of being stretched even wider. "Gahhh!" Kittana groaned, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and her body straining, pushing against the hapless elf's backside.

Istarra squeaked and twitched, a literal geyser of warmth erupting deep within her. Spots danced before her eyes, and she felt a wave of pleasure from her own orgasm hitting her in response to Kittana's. She didn't think she could feel any more full than this, more full than having the two foot long shaft buried in her to the very hilt. And yet, she was being filled even more, her belly distending outwards noticeably from the pressure of all that cum.

She simply couldn't contain it all, it wasn't possible. And soon, she felt it pouring out of her, jetting out of her ass around the tightly wedged cock and into the water. Her own juices seeped out of her as well, seemingly insignificant amidst the torrent of draenei spunk. She could feel the water around her legs getting much warmer, and thicker, as Kittana kept cumming like a fountain.

It seemed like ages before it finally subsided. But after Raven's performance on the nightsaber, Istarra wasn't surprised when the giant cock didn't soften one bit after the first orgasm. Still buried deep inside of her rectum, still throbbing with desire, still hungry for more pleasure.

Istarra groaned in resignation, then let out a feeble "Whuf!" as she was dragged out of the water and slammed down onto the sandy shoreline on her stomach, Kittana landing heavily on the elf's back with her cock driving into Istarra's ass hard. Landing directly on Istarra's bulged out belly forced all that cum to shoot out of her ass, spraying out around the draenei's big cock to splatter all over Kittana's stomach, balls, and thighs. The force of the gooey spray made globs of it squirt off of Kittana's body and up into the air, raining down onto the beach and into the water.

The side of her face pressed down onto the beach, Istarra curled her fingers into the sand, moaning as she felt the draenei return to fucking her ass at a feverish pace. A wet slapping sound filled the air from crotch and balls smacking into the prone elf's butt and thighs.

A bit further out in the water, Tryst was helping Raven to wash off the nightsaber and saddle by this point. "It's not fair," she said sulkily, watching over the large cat's back as she rubbed a cloth along its side, wiping at the mixture of dried and fresher cum. "I only got to have her twice. Kittana's going to be at it all afternoon..." Rinsing off her cloth, she grumpily slopped it back onto the mount's back.

Raven only grinned, having had a nice long go at the new recruit. "Probably. Look at her go! I'll bet there's going to be an elf-shaped indentation in the sand, the way she's pounding down like that," Raven said with a laugh, rubbing at the saddle with a cloth of her own. Tryst didn't seem to find it funny though, continuing to grumble while she cleaned the nightsaber, and already beginning to scheme about getting her next turn with the cute little elf.