Recent Activity


by Zalanthe


◊ Chapter 1:  Arathi Anal Adventures

Slipping between piles of crumbling mortared stone, Eliana kept a careful eye out for any signs of disturbance that might mark the presence of another. The ruins of Stromgarde were a dangerous place to be – the Syndicate, that notorious criminal organization that specialized in the kidnapping and sale of slaves and concubines of all races, had a strong presence here, led by the formidable Lady Falconcrest. Additionally, the Witherbark voodoo priestesses, known for their strange rituals and cumthirsty nature, had made portions of the ruined citadel their home as well.

Being one of the beautiful but frail Sin’dorei, Eliana did not immediately look as though she could defend herself against such fearsome opposition. Her haunting green eyes were partially concealed by strands of her lustrous chocolate-colored hair, and her slim, high-breasted figure, rounded hips, and plump rear (for a blood elf) seemed more suited to lounging behind gauzy, multihued curtains in some sweet-scented Silvermoon bordello. The seductive attire she wore, made of the softest and darkest mageweave, only enhanced this odd dichotomy of person and place – it clung to her breasts, belly, rear, and thighs like a second skin, leaving swaths of her creamy flesh enticingly bare. It also served to highlight the thick, semi-hard cock that was trapped against her belly, and the two swollen balls beneath.

It was that bulging member that marked her as more than capable of putting up a fight if necessary. The elf enjoyed wearing this particular outfit specifically because the soft fabric brushed against the sensitive head of her cock each time she moved, keeping her always semi-aroused and ready for anything. The downside, of course, was the lonely days where, despite her best efforts, no prey, willing or unwilling, could be found. As she knelt behind a waist high hunk of stone to ponder her misfortune, a shudder ran through her body as her dick shifted against her belly. She needed to fuck something, and soon!

As if summoned by those very thoughts, a loud cry from behind her echoed off the stone walls, and before Eliana could even blink, she was pushed bodily forward and down onto the stone in front of her. The elf only barely managed to halt her descent with her hands, keeping from smashing her cloth-covered breasts against the rough stone by only a slim margin. Someone much larger had leaped onto her from behind, and before she could even collect her thoughts about that, she felt a hot breath exhaled against her neck, and then a deep but very feminine voice whispering in her ear, “Mmm, just what I was looking for…”

Startled, Eliana bit her lip. She recognized the accent: one of the Draenei… and only one Draenei was known to roam the rolling hills and ruins of the former kingdom of Arathor, fucking anyone that crossed her path: Zaphora!

Eliana gulped and steeled herself, feeling the weight of the Draenei atop her sprawled body. Steel-encased breasts pressed into her back as Zaphora chuckled, and the blood elf could hear the telltale clicks as the Draenei unsnapped her codpiece, discarding it with a soft clank. That weight lifted off of her for a moment, replaced with a single strong hand, and she could hear the similar sounds of the woman removing her breastplate as well.

“So,” the Draenei said, leaning back down, her full, pillowy tits now resting against the blood elf’s back, unimpeded by armor, “did my eyes deceive me, or was that your cock I saw, aching for relief?” As Eliana steadied herself, waiting for an opening, she could feel a shift in weight, and then suddenly a fingertip was tracing its way up the fabric that covered the underside of her member, causing a shudder to run through her body and a strangled gasp to escape her lips. “Mmm,” Zaphora continued in her exotic, throaty voice, “it was. What a wonderful coincidence!” Eliana could barely suppress further outcry at the delicious feeling of her shaft hardening and lengthening to its full endowment, straining against the cloth of her outfit.

Another shift in weight as the fingertip slid away, and then the wash of a cool breeze set the elf to shivering as her bottoms were insistently pulled aside, revealing her spread cheeks and tight pucker. Several slick, wet noises followed, and then the Sin’dorei’s eyes flew wide as she felt that familiar sensation: the slick, swollen head of a cock being pressed to her asshole. Zaphora gave Eliana no time to consider this; with a deep groan of satisfaction, she pushed forward, sliding fully half of her meaty tool into that tight elven ass with one thrust. Eliana cried out in dismay as she was half-impaled on the Draenei’s throbbing dick, and could only gasp, nearly sobbing in pleasure and pain, as her attacker fed the rest of her considerable length into her bowels. With a fleshy slap, their two bodies came together, Zaphora’s smooth balls swinging forward to bounce against Eliana’s, the latter having slipped free of their cloth confinement in the struggle.

“Mmmnnff, you blood elves are always so tight,” Zaphora breathed, luxuriating in the feeling of Eliana’s rectum squeezing her member like an impossibly hot, soft vise. Several tentative mini-thrusts followed, and then the real beginning – the Draenei slid more than half of her member out of Eliana’s pucker, only to slam it back home with a satisfied gasp. Her own precum, slathered over her dick just before she had penetrated her elven victim, eased the passage somewhat, but Eliana could still feel tears forming at the corners of her eyes from the mixed sensations that were emanating from her bottom.

Finding her voice as Zaphora picked up the pace, beginning to assfuck her in earnest now, Eliana managed to grunt out, “Don’t you know… it’s… rude… unnnnh!… to sneak up on someone… from behind?” Trite, and the elf knew it, but she had to say something to keep this from seeming like mute acceptance. Besides, she had other plans in store for her attacker. She just needed a moment’s distraction…

“Nnrg, now don’t be that way, dear,” Zaphroa responded almost conversationally, her words punctuated by the staccato sound of ass meeting groin as the Draenei pumped her thick girlcock into the elf’s rectum again and again, her pace steadily increasing. “We both know… if the positions were reversed… you’d be doing the same to me…”

Biting her lip, Eliana smirked at that. You’ll soon see that the positions don’t even need to be reversed… Her thoughts were cut off, however, as she moaned loudly, her cock releasing a strong squirt of precum against her belly, soaking the mageweave that trapped it there and forming a growing wet spot. Her knees and elbows wobbled as she struggled to keep her footing. Zaphora had changed her angle slightly, and with a start Eliana now realized that the head of her thick, dark-skinned member was bumping against her prostate. By the Sunstriders… this… is going to be difficult…

The Draenei, for her part, laughed at Eliana’s plight as she continued her anal assault on the seemingly hapless elf, attempting to duplicate the thrust that had earned that shudder and moan, knowing what it meant. “Mmmm,” she purred, “it won’t be long now, will it? Soon, you won’t be able to help it… you’ll go screaming, sobbing over the edge… and that tight little outfit of yours will be just bursting at the seams with cum.” The mental picture of what she saw as the immediate future spurred Zaphora to new heights, and with a gasp she sped up again, her slick cock sliding nearly all the way out of Eliana’s pucker before slamming back home.

It was this distraction that the elf had been waiting for. Steadying herself, and ignoring the mind-blowing sensations emanating from her poor, abused rear, she waited until the precise moment that Zaphora was drawing back for another thrust. Using the stone she was bent over as leverage, she pushed her body backwards ass-first, and with a startled yelp and a loud, sucking pop, Zaphora came sliding out of her trembling hole and fell backwards, only just managing to stop herself from being knocked silly as she tumbled onto her back.

Swaying her hips languidly, Eliana turned and gazed down upon the stunned Draenei with a satisfied smirk. Dark-skinned and white-haired, the alien woman presented an imposing figure, all hourglass curves. The blood elf hungrily took in those pendulous breasts with their prominent, rock-hard nipples, the flat stomach, the shapely hips, and most importantly, that thick, curving she-cock that glistened with precum as it thrust proudly upwards from her two cum-filled testicles. Licking her lips, the blood elf stepped forward, running her hand across her belly, marveling at the wide circle of precum-soaked cloth that she could feel. But she had to hold out, had to make Zaphora cum first, or the test of libidos would be lost.

As the Draenei groaned and gazed up at her through half-lidded eyes, Eliana slowly squatted down, her thighs spreading lewdly, her own hairless balls dangling downward. Angling her torso, she steadied herself on the ground behind her with one hand while the other reached down and back, fingers encircling Zaphora’s leaking dick and giving it a squeeze. She didn’t stop there, however; completing her downward motion, she sat herself down on that dark meat, her lust-drenched moan joining Zaphora’s as the slippery member speared deeply into her anus.

“You…” the elf grunted through clenched teeth, squirming to and fro, clenching so that the pale-haired beauty’s pole was milked and massaged deep within her rectum, “are the one… who won’t be able… to help herself…” The corners of her mouth quirked upward in a sly smile, and with agonizing slowness, she drew herself upward, only to sit back down upon Zaphora’s cock, eliciting another shared wail of pleasure.

Not to be outdone, however, Zaphora wordlessly reached up towards the elf’s straddling form, her fingertips brushing across Eliana’s sac before sliding up beneath the fabric of her outfit. With some effort, and to the Sin’dorei’s surprise, she managed to tear the cloth enough to extract that pink, swollen elf cock. Zaphora allowed a triumphant smile to crease her face before she insistently began to pump Eliana’s freely dripping shaft.

The race was on, elf against Draenei, ass against hand. Eliana felt her stomach clenching as she impaled herself again and again on the alien’s dick, driving that engorged head deep into her bowels. The sensations from her prostate, and from the hand wrapped around her own shaft, were swiftly becoming too much for her to bear. Similarly, Zaphora was lost in her own haze of lust – Eliana was doing unspeakable things with that plump ass of hers, squeezing and milking with such careful ministrations that the Draenei could barely see straight. The reversal of fortunes, the feeling of becoming helpless before this diminutive little elf, were far more than she’d bargained (or hoped) for. Both women could feel their balls churning and their groins tightening as those familiar signs started to pulse within them, driving them closer, closer…

With a sobbing, strangled cry, Eliana threw her head back and went rigid, burying Zaphora’s throbbing member in her bottom as her own cock exploded, fountaining ropes of milky cum upward and outward, sending them arcing well past Zaphora’s head to splatter on the ground behind her. Even as she held herself down on the Draenei’s massive erection, her hips jerked forward and back as she thrust into that pumping hand, each spurt causing another cry to escape her throat.

Her eyes wide in pleasure, Zaphora mewled happily as she saw those healthy squirts of cum rocket past her. She’d held out, she’d won… and from the feelings Eliana’s tightly clenching ass was causing to shoot through her body, it wasn’t a moment too soon! With a deep throated groan of gratification, Zaphora began to shudder beneath the orgasmic elf, her own climax overtaking her. A torrent of semen erupted from her dick into the Sin’dorei’s bowels, flooding her ass with a hot, sticky load. She could feel each spasm ripple through her as she emptied the contents of her poor, overfull balls into her victim’s tight ass, and she shuddered and gasped with pleasure at the sensation.

With several final, weaker spurts that splattered across Zaphora’s face and breasts, Eliana gave an exhausted gasp and slumped atop the Draenei, her eyes dimmed and distant, her softening member draping across the smooth skin of the alien’s belly. With a smirk, Zaphora reached out and took hold of the limp elf’s hips and carefully pulled her up and off of her member, chuckling as several globs of cum escaped from her freshly fucked ass to splatter on the ground below. With surprising gentleness, she lifted herself up and turned, laying Eliana on her back on the ground beside her.

The gesture was tempered, however, with some sly, post-coital cleanup: the smirk widened as Zaphora straddled her victim and slid her own shrinking cock between the elf’s mageweave-bound breasts. Squeezing from the sides, she slid her hips forward and back several times, wiping off the leftover cum and depositing one more small, sticky pool directly between them. All Eliana could do in response was to moan softly in protest, her head lolling to the side as more of Zaphora’s sperm seeped from her ravaged anus.

Straightening, the Draenei blew Eliana a parting kiss before gathering up her top and codpiece and strolling off through the ruins, her exposed, heavy shaft swinging to and fro in front of her as a mute testament of her hard-won victory.


◊ Chapter 2:  Scarlet Seminal Soiree

The cathedral of the forbidding Scarlet Monastery, normally filled to capacity with zealous supplicants begging to be allowed to carry out their daily devotions to each other, was eerily empty and quiet. Well… mostly empty. Hiding behind thick, engraved pillars opposite each other across the richly carpeted center walkway crouched two Kal’dorei beauties, Dalia and Shalia. Young twin sisters, the two prided themselves on working in perfect harmony – inexperienced though they were, that they had met with some success already, leaving more than one sticky, satiated wayfarer behind them, had only emboldened the two night elves. Thus, they had traveled far to infiltrate this haven for xenophobic pleasure seekers, hoping to introduce them to a little elven love… whether they liked it or not!

Nor were they the only occupants; at the head of the hallway stood a large altar, a centerpiece, and atop it lay an unmoving form, draped in crimson colored cloth and indistinguishable save for the faint rises in the fabric that marked face, breasts, and feet. In front of that altar, back turned to the pair, stood a human woman, silently lost in thought and garbed in velvety red and black. Thigh-high scarlet stockings covered her legs, matching the opera gloves that encased her arms nearly to the shoulder. The almost leotard-like top that surrounded her upper body clung to her like a second skin, nearly every curve of her form visible save for her rear, draped as it was by the skirt-like trailing patch of cloth. It was, however, the shoulder-length fall of stark white hair, topped by an ornate red-and-gold chapeau, that identified this redoubtable woman – High Inquisitor Whitemane.

Peering around the thick marble column, Shalia gnawed nervously on the end of one of her silvery braids. A quick flick of her luminescent eyes told her that Dalia was keeping herself from acting hastily only by sheer force of will. Shooting her a murderous glare that she hoped would act as a further deterrent, the elf swung her gaze back forward to where Whitemane stood. The woman wasn’t moving, and seemed oblivious, but then Shalia had always been the more cautious of the two. Dalia was far more likely to leap into action, cock at the ready, a triumphant smile upon her lips, but her more cool-headed twin preferred waiting for just the right moment to strike. Nevertheless, as her eyes played over the human’s creamy thighs, she couldn’t prevent the stirrings of her own member tucked securely within her leather leggings.

Glancing over, she caught Dalia’s eyes again, and with a snap decision that split the difference between their two philosophies, she silently nodded her head towards the altar and its occupants, indicating they should both creep closer. Dalia smirked back, a smile full of lascivious promise, and nodded eagerly, in motion almost before her twin had completed the gesture. With a start, Shalia noticed the obscenely sized bulge between her sister’s thighs as she maneuvered around her pillar, and she shook her head in dismay. Always thinking with her cock…

Thus, the two elves crept stealthily forward, soft leather boots soundless on the thick stones… until Dalia made the mistake of giving in a little too much to her arousal. As she inched forward, one hand crept down to massage her throbbing bulge as a smile of anticipation played over her lips… until a wider-than-expected crack in the floor caught her foot and sent her tumbling forward onto her knees with a loud, “Ow!”

At the altar, Whitemane spun around in a swirl of pale hair, her red eyes flashing, ruby lips twisted into a malevolent sneer. “You shall pay for this treachery,” she shouted, both arms extending, palms facing the two sneaking elves on opposite sides of the hallway. A flash of bright gold illuminated the hall, and both night elves found themselves frozen in place, unable to budge even an inch.

“The light has spoken,” the Inquisitor pronounced in a haughty tone, relaxing from her ready stance, her smile now self-satisfied. Her eyes took in her two would-be assailants, noting their race with some distaste, but also their youth, their lithe forms, and their apparent eagerness. Mostly assuredly, however, the thing she noticed primarily was the state of extreme arousal in both the Kal’dorei girls – left and right, her eyes were treated to the thick, telltale outlines of rock hard shafts and swollen balls. Night elves… lesser though these creatures are, perhaps they’re the answer to my problems after all…

Letting one arm fall to her side she crooked her finger in a gesture of beckoning, her eyes smoldering as she exerted the powers that made her an Inquisitor. Reaching out to both their minds, though not without some revulsion, she quite firmly compelled the elven twins to rise to their feet and step forward, noting with some pleasure despite herself how their packages strained against the confines of their leggings as they did so. As the elves stepped haltingly up to her, she spread her arms behind her, leaning back against the altar for support, her velvet-enshrouded body fully on display for the helpless pair.

“So…” Whitemane began seductively, pursing her lips as she paused a moment, “you disgusting elves thought you could slip in here unannounced and stick those cocks of yours in me without so much as a ‘by your leave?’” Shaking her head slightly, her voice took on a mournful tone that matched her look of regret. “Tainting these very halls with your impurity… tsk tsk tsk.” As she spoke the last, her finger wagged reproachfully. Her two prisoners could only stand dumb and motionless before her, though enough control was still allowed them that they were wide-eyed in fearful anticipation.

“Still though,” she continued with a moment’s glance over her shoulder at the covered figure behind her, “as detestable as it is, your kind are known for your talents at healing, and at managing all things growing.” Whirling suddenly, she took hold of the sheet and whisked it away, discarding it. Her voice rang out loudly, rhetorically, “So, how would you like to volunteer for a little experiment of mine?” Lying stark naked on the altar was a blonde human woman, apparently unconscious. Even her unmoving state, however, could not diminish the full swell of her breasts, topped by sizeable nipples, her toned stomach, or the appealing, faintly golden cast to her skin. There was, however, one thing about her that was unimpressive: between her thighs lay a limp cock of rather unassuming size, flanked beneath by two smallish testicles.

“You see, I’ve always wondered if the rumors were true,” Whitemane continued, turning back to regard the two night elves with a speculative gaze, “that your bodies have magical properties.” A chuckle escaped her lips as she added, “Though that purported immortality of yours… quite the sham, I’d say.” Smirking, the pale Inquisitor nodded at the twins, “Well, we’re going to find out. Strip.” As she spoke, she let her mind float out to the two elves, making the verbal command binding.

With a gasp, Shalia felt the life returning to her limbs – she was moving! But… though her mind screamed at her feet to move, her body to turn, her arms to shield herself as she dove behind a pillar… her unwilling form did none of that. Instead, she quite calmly began to undo the hooks that held together the lower half of her soft leather top. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her sister doing likewise, mirroring her motions uncannily. As one, the pair slid their tops back and from their shoulders, letting them drop to the stones below, revealing near-perfectly formed breasts, their skin an almost incandescent silver where it normally lay hidden from the sun. Eyes appraising, Whitemane smiled appreciatively, glancing from one to the other and back. “Very nice, my dears. Perhaps I should reconsider my stance on your race! Perhaps…” The smile dropped away a moment later. “Continue.”

Two sets of fingers (stubbornly uncooperative to their owners’ true wishes) found laces as the sisters simultaneously stepped out of their soft soled boots, pushing them aside. After a brief pause, a final test of wills that Dalia and Shalia attempted and lost, they both bent slowly at the waist as they drew their leggings down to their ankles and stepped out of them. Straightening again, Whitemane was presented with the delectable view of identical rock-hard elven cocks, pointing outwards and slightly upwards from the twins’ rigid bodies, twitching with extreme arousal. each already glistened with smeared precum from their long entrapment, and as she watched began oozing another clear drop. Their balls hung heavy below, milky white and bloated with promise.

Her red eyes wide and glinting with unabashed appreciation at the twin shafts that were presented before her, Whitemane pressed the gloved fingers of one hand to her lips to stifle a gasp of pleasure. Putrid lesser race or not, these two elves were blessedly well hung, and unbelievably turned on! Despite her long-standing misgivings, the Inquisitor could feel her body temperature rising rapidly, and the first twinges and trickles from between her thighs that signaled that her pussy was steaming up. Shaking her head, the inflamed woman took a deep breath, trying to force herself to relax a little. Stay true, Sally… she thought, her mind recalling her long-ago teachings: Never profane thyself with the seed of a nonhuman, lest ye fall to unceasing depravity. Then again, with these two Amazonian beauties standing before her, throbbing and ready to go, she felt like there were worse things than unceasing dep… NO! Mind on the task at hand…

Clearing her throat, Whitemane’s eyes focused again upon the two elves, and with a small start she saw their feet beginning to shuffle almost imperceptibly backwards. In her moment of internal conflict, her control over the two had lapsed somewhat. With a sneer, her mind focused and clamped down hard, and with startled gasps the elves went rigid and motionless again, their thick members quivering from their bodies’ sudden snap to attention. “None of that now, dears,” she said in a deceptively placating tone.

“Now then,” she began anew, tapping her fingers against her lips as she regarded the two clinically, “how to go about this… ah!” Her eyes half-lidded, the Inquisitor exerted the other, more direct power of her office, invading the mind of first Dalia, and then Shalia in turn, searching for… “Well, well, well,” she drawled, her tone gone teasing, “it seems that despite your penchant for assaulting helpless women and having your way with them simultaneously… you’ve never actually played with each other.” Whitemane’s face lit up in unconcealed glee, and resisting the urge to bounce in girlish excitement, she swung her look rapidly between the two. “We can’t have that! Come here!”

Obeying soundlessly, their eyes still widened in mute protest, the pair slowly shuffled up to stand directly before their controller. Keeping her gaze fixed upon their faces, only so she wouldn’t be presented with an eyeful of their slick, shining, veiny… ahem! … Whitemane licked her lips and rubbed her hands together gleefully. “Let’s abolish that little taboo of yours straightaway,” she said with a giggle, overcome with mirth and giddiness at how this chance encounter had turned out. “Besides,” she added, “you’ll be helping me out at the same time. What could be better?” Clapping her hands dismissively, she blurted out the words that would changes these two elves’ lives forever: “Now, jerk each other off.”

Shalia would’ve swallowed reflexively in mounting horror at what she was being told to do… were she even able to. As it was, she felt her left arm almost mechanically rising, her hand unclasping as it reached over, crossing behind Dalia’s right arm as it swung towards her. Simultaneously, she felt the unforgettable sensation of a warm, soft hand wrapping itself around her up thrust cock and giving it a squeeze as her own hand enveloped her sister’s slick tool and squeezed back in answering. Slowly, imperceptibly, she could feel Whitemane’s control lapse slightly… perhaps it was conscious, the Inquisitor hoping to see their reactions… perhaps it was unconscious, brought on by their tormentor’s obvious arousal as she allowed herself an uninterrupted view of the twins grasping each others’ members.

Regardless, the slackening compulsion to remain still and silent allowed her the opportunity to let out a long, deep, shuddering moan, answered in turn by her twin sister standing beside her as both helplessly succumbed to the feeling of another’s fingers intimately wrapped around their dicks. Well beyond normal arousal at this, the shared feelings reverberated across the unseen, unexplained link that all twins share, driving both deeper into the throes of passion. Add to that the forcefully shattered taboo of twins becoming sexually involved with each other, and one needed no explanation for what followed: without any further motion, both twins shivered as their cocks squirted out identical dollops of precum to splatter wetly at their feet.

Whitemane’s eyes took this in, and her body responded. Beneath the covering fabric that draped her lower body and the thin patch of cloth that clung tightly to her pussy, she could feel a fresh trickle of juices, the fabric there sodden at the sight. This was too easy! “Not even five seconds,” she said with a wicked grin, “and already you two are aching to cum.” Sidestepping carefully to avoid the spreading puddle on the floor between them, the human slid out of the way and leaned forward against the head of the altar, her tightly bound breasts quivering as they hung below her shaking form, nipples stiff and showing prominently. Resisting the urge to jam her hand between her thighs and stuff several fingers into her rapidly slickening pussy, she licked her lips and nodded at the pair, who were standing motionless, “Well? Get on with it!”

Dalia and Shalia both succumbed to further shaking moans as their hands began to pump up and down each others thick, veiny shafts, pale arms brushing together. Despite being identical, as the sisters masturbated each other, their moans, pants, and shaking became irregular. Both could feel the control over their bodies weaken further, allowing them more freedom of movement, but despite their previous misgivings they took advantage in unexpected ways. Dalia, showing her more wanton nature, slowly let her left arm trail behind her, fingers seeking her rounded ass cheeks and worming intently between them. Shalia, her braids swaying to and fro as she turned her head this way and that, seemed torn between inaction and cupping those soft, luscious balls that shook and shuddered below her cock, her right hand creeping ever closer along her thigh.

Both twins, however, shared several aspects: leaking precum like twin faucets, both girls’ cocks quickly became coated with glistening wetness, and as one their hands began to speed up, their hips moving almost imperceptibly forward and back as the last vestiges of their shame evaporated. For both, humiliation had turned to illicit thrill, stigma to acceptance, revulsion to incestuous delight. So it was that, even as Shalia pumped her fist up and down her twin’s pulsing member, she could feel Dalia timing her miniature thrusts to meet her, while at the same time realizing her hips were sending her own shaft sliding slickly through Dalia’s encircled fingers even as her sister stroked her. The final straw for both, however, was self-pleasure. With a cry of unmitigated lust, Dalia, free arm twisted behind herself, speared her middle finger deep into her own asshole, impaling herself on that probing digit. The cry pushed Shalia into motion, and with a throaty groan, her free hand slid forward to cup those two pale, engorged testicles and massage them insistently.

Squeezing her thighs together in an effort to steady herself, Whitemane could only watch in unbelieving pleasure as these twin elven beauties swiftly brought each other off. Hands a blur, squeezing, stroking, pumping, they both cried out in unison as their orgasms slammed into them full force. Remembering at the very last moment, the Inquisitor exerted just enough of her control to adjust their aim, and watched with glee as their cocks erupted, shooting forth globs of thick, creamy cum in arcing spurts. Thus, the unmoving, blonde-haired woman on the altar was the lucky recipient of twin fountains of hot, sticky elf semen – Shalia’s coating her breasts and abdomen, leaving rivulets running in all directions, while Dalia’s splashed against her thighs, pooling between them and quickly drowning her own limp cock and balls in a gooey puddle of cum. Holding rigidly still, Dalia pumped that finger in and out of her ass as she spurted, while Shalia gently squeezed her own balls, both sisters milking each other for as much of their thick loads as they could manage.

As echoing sounds of wet, fleshy slapping and throaty moans faded from the hall, silence descended for several moments. Then, in a burst of uncommon excitement, Whitemane’s face lit up like a Winter Veil tree as her eyes took in the sodden mess that was her silent, prone companion. “Wonderful,” she exclaimed, clasping her hands together in front of her, “far beyond my expectations.” She turned a knowing grin on the two twins, who remained motionless… but, tellingly, hands still wrapped around each other’s cocks, which remained unerringly hard even as they dripped the last remains of their messy orgasms. “Now then…” their captor continued, hands now held out before her, palms up, her eyes closed in concentration. Golden light surrounded and suffused her scantily clad form as a low hum of power built slowly upon itself, resounding in the cavernous hall. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and her voice rang out.

“Arise, my champion!”

Like a moving halo, the light that surrounded Whitemane slowly moved forward and down, suffusing the prone woman. A long moment passed as the glow faded, and then slowly, imperceptibly, a twitch… movement… then, as all three women watched, from the sodden pool of sperm between her thighs, the woman’s cock rose, hardening and straightening, thrusting upwards. But more than that, it grew, for her limp size could not possibly have accommodated this new monster that jutted upward from between her thighs. At the same time, her balls swelled and expanded, growing visibly larger as well, displacing the puddle of cum and sending it spilling down her legs.

Then, a gasping breath, and the woman’s eyes opened, staring upwards unbelieving. In one motion, she was rising, warm trickles of cum running down her body as first she was sitting, then sliding, and then finally standing at the opposite end of the altar from Whitemane, one hand pressed to her shoulder length blonde hair in unsteady dismay. “Wh-… what in… the Light’s n-name… is going on,” she uttered slowly, eyes carefully taking in first the twin elves, who returned her disbelieving gaze with one of their own, and then Whitemane’s face, which was positively radiant.

”Oh, my Renee, you’ve returned to me,” the Inquisitor blurted out, all semblance of her commanding tone lost. The two faced each other for a long moment, the newly awakened and identified Commander Mograine of the Scarlet Monastery (the recognition of whom left the silent elf twins incredulous and more than a little afraid) glancing downward to take in her newly hardened and lengthened shaft and then back up at Whitemane in a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

“You… you did this,” Mograine questioned, her hands cupped astride her outthrust member to indicate it.

Whitemane nodded wordlessly, clearly beside herself with joy, and then took things a clear length further. Moving forward, she clambered up atop the altar and crawled catlike across it, her ass swaying to and fro as she hungrily descended upon Mograine’s massive dick. The vaunted Inquisitor didn’t hesitate or ask permission, she simply descended upon that thick shaft and, with a loud, hungry slurp, engulfed the swollen head between her lips and began to suckle.

”Nnrgh!” Mograine grunted in surprise, her breasts rising and quivering as she was surprised by Whitemane’s voracious hunger. Her hands quickly found support on the Inquisitor’s head, knocking her chapeau aside to fall forgotten upon the stones next to the altar. Quickly, though, support turned to urgent need, her fingers lacing through those snowy white locks as she grasped Whitemane’s head and began to move her hips, her lust rising as she pushed that huge cock deeper into her lover’s mouth. For her part, Whitemane couldn’t have asked for better; she simply widened her mouth and gulped down more of Mograine’s meaty tool.

Wavering for several moments, as though rising suddenly from a deep sleep, Dalia and Shalia leaned against each other for support, hands now firmly grasping each others’ cocks as though holding on to the one familiar thing during this strange turn of events. It was clear to both of them that the compulsion that had been set upon them had faded with Whitemane’s attention rooted firmly elsewhere. For a time, they were content to simply gasp in relief at having control over their own bodies again.

Gradually, though, they both became entranced by the sight of their former captor swallowing more and more of Mograine’s cock, and with her focused solely on that, the two elves glanced at each other… and then at Whitemane’s swaying ass as they both came to the same delicious conclusion.

Unhanding each other, the two elves stepped over behind Whitemane’s oblivious form and with quick and practiced movements, flipped up her back piece and swiftly undid the clasps that kept her outfit secured snugly to her crotch, leaving the Inquisitor’s dripping cunt and tight asshole open to them. Seemingly oblivious, Whitemane had wrapped one hand around the base of Mograine’s cock and was beginning to pump slowly as she bobbed up and down on as much of it as she could take, saliva and precum running from the corners of her mouth and dripping from her chin.

Grinning, Dalia turned and slid onto the altar on her back, leveraging herself up and carefully between Whitemane’s thighs as Shalia drew them further apart to accommodate her, her own cock bouncing wetly against her stomach as she scooted beneath the woman’s kneeling form. Drawing up parallel to her, the elf was presented with the lovely view of Mograine’s cock pistoning in and out of Whitemane’s mouth, and with a happy smile she leaned her head back and extended her tongue, swabbing it across the Commander’s enlarged testicles.

After carefully judging her options, as she always did, Shalia rejected the idea of clambering up after her sister. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around Dalia’s up thrust cock, simultaneously pushing downward on the small of Whitemane’s back, guiding carefully. With a satisfied sigh from the former and a wet, muffled moan from the latter, Dalia’s elven shaft slid almost effortlessly into Whitemane’s juicy cunt as they two came together.

Wrapping her hand around her own cock and beginning to pump with delighted satisfaction, Shalia leaned down and crammed her face between Whitemane’s pale white ass cheeks, dragging her tongue up the Inquisitor’s crack and across her pucker before slowly worming it inside, spearing it into her ass as she worked her hand on her own throbbing cock.

Suitably arranged and left with no other option, nor caring for one, the four women quite understandably lost it. Her cock and testicles both being very insistently pleased, Mograine tightened her grasp on Whitemane’s head and began to pump her thick, dripping tool in and out of that warm, wet maw. Dalia wrapped her arms around her captor-turned-captive and began to thrust in earnest, ass bumping against the hard stone of the altar as she slammed every inch of her veiny cock into Whitemane’s sopping cunt. Shalia speared her tongue as far into Whitemane’s rectum as she could, squirming it around and curling it, licking the woman’s ass for all she was worth as her hand pumped her throbbing dick with abandon, squeezing and milking.

Whitemane, naturally, was nearly out of her mind with pleasure. She could feel Mograine’s swollen cockhead jamming into her throat as she fought for breath with each bob, her lover’s newly copious precum running freely from her lips to splatter against Dalia’s breasts. She shuddered with blissful lust at the feeling of that same elf’s tool drilling into her pussy, her juices coating its length and running across her balls. And Shalia’s tongue up her ass… it felt like no other feeling she’d ever had, her rear clamping down on that invader as she sobbed around the cock buried between her lips.

It was no surprise then that Whitemane began the parade of orgasms. Arching her back even as she continued to slam herself down on Dalia’s cock, her body shook almost spasmodically as she came explosively, a thin, clear spurt of her juices splattering against the elf’s belly. The force of her orgasm was so much that Shalia’s tongue was literally driven out of her ass, so the older sibling contented herself instead with taking one of her sister’s sizeable balls into her mouth and sucking on it, surprising herself with her own depravity.

As she came, Whitemane forced as much of Mograine’s cock into her mouth as she could, burying the head in her throat and swallowing hard. The tight, velvety wetness drove the Commander straight over the edge with her, unleashing a torrent of gooey semen straight down Whitemane’s throat and into her belly, her spurts seemingly endless as she threw her head back and cried out loudly to the rafters, slim fingers grasping the Inquisitor’s hair tightly as she shuddered in the throes of her own intense climax.

The feeling of Whitemane’s cunt clamping down on her cock, to say nothing of the hot squirt of liquid against her stomach, sent Dalia into her own orgasm, her dick flooding Whitemane’s pussy with her creamy load as her ass rose off of the altar to keep herself buried inside the thrashing woman. Thick rivulets of her cum spilled from the Inquisitor’s hole and ran down to Shalia’s waiting tongue, who slurped up the sticky ejaculate gratefully as she lost control too, her body quaking and her hand pumping fast as she came, spilling her seed into a messy white puddle on the floor below.

As the four women slowly came down from those passionate heights, the sound of labored, satisfied breathing could be heard throughout the room. Shalia slid to the floor, kneeling in her own pool of cum. Likewise, Mograine’s cock slid from between Whitemane’s lips as she staggered backward and then sat herself down on the floor, glassy-eyed and dumbfounded. Whitemane simply collapsed atop Dalia, completely spent, cum seeping from her mouth and pussy.

Carefully sliding from beneath the nearly unconscious Inquisitor, Dalia slid to the floor and scooted over to where her twin knelt, leaning her head against her sibling’s, a tired grin creasing her face. “Well,” she half-whispered between labored breaths, “I think we came out on top, right?”

Nodding wordlessly, Shalia simply grinned in return, her eyes wandering aimlessly as she recovered. After a moment, they fell upon Whitemane’s ornate chapeau, hastily discarded earlier and now lying several feet away, forgotten. “Mmhmm,” she purred in agreement, sliding over just enough to snag it and place it atop her silvery head, “and to the winner goes the spoils.”


◊ Chapter 3: The Forsaken Blight and You

Northrend. They all said everything was tougher up here, but Lynella wondered now if perhaps the nebulous they had simply meant colder. As she glanced back over her shoulder after exiting the strange, dragon-headed lift she had just ridden up on, a chilled gust of wind hit her full in the face, sending her flaming red hair back from her pale features and bringing tears to the corners of her eyes. “Damnit,” she exclaimed aloud, turning away lest her fair skin begin to windburn, “what ever possessed me to come to this awful place?”

As she glanced back again, however, she could see the arcing electricity that sparked atop one of the strangely designed Forsaken buildings below in Vengeance Landing. This sight reminded the blood elf of the Forsaken’s presence in this foreboding land and, in turn, her own. Shifting in her hawkstrider’s saddle, she let her gaze fall downward to the strangely-shaped, fragile-looking spray dispenser hanging by a loop from the pommel. Expert on the arcane though she was, she couldn’t resist branching out to alchemical study on this particular occasion.

“Blight,” she said aloud, her face screwed up in restless thought. What kind of name is that? You’d think the stuff was dangerous… With a slow smile, her nipples already beginning to harden visibly through the top of her golden-trimmed robes, Lynella had to admit that the stuff WAS dangerous after a fashion. Shifting again, she set her gaze forward across the hilly, tree-dotted landscape of the so-called Howling Fjord. In the distance was Utgarde Keep, rising from the fjord itself like a defiant fist. Closer were other settlements of these strange, half-giant vrykul. But more importantly, in the distance one could see the faint wisps of smoke rising from the Alliance settlement of Valgarde, even though the town itself was hidden well below the cliff’s high walls. Rubbing her hands together almost gleefully, she muttered to herself, “Now to find a nice, pliable dwarf or night elf…”

Taking up the reins of her hawkstrider, she thumped her heels lightly into its flanks and urged the beast forward into a trot. As she rode, her mind meandered. The Royal Apothecaries that were stationed here (she’d be damned if she could remember their names) had assured her that Blight would put anyone exposed into a volatile, uncontrolled state… one that could be taken advantage of quite easily. Her smile grew wider as she imagined a tall, lithe Kaldorei girl, tied to a tree and out of her mind with pleasure while Lynella methodically enjoyed every inch of her. The daydream was enough to awaken the blood elf’s slender cock, the smooth shaft bulging tightly inside of her panties. I hope it’s not long before I f…

With a loud snorting noise that sounded like a cross between a moose and a pig, and a flash of sudden movement, an unfamiliar creature burst out of the underbrush directly into her hawkstrider’s path only a few yards away. Eyes wide in dismay, Lynella yanked the reins back reflexively; with a yelp of protest, the hawkstrider came to a sudden halt, the elf squeezing her thighs tightly around her mount’s flanks to keep herself from hurtling forward. Panting, more out of surprise than exertion, she watched as the strange creature that they had nearly collided with, a shoveltusk, gaped at her in surprise for a moment before scurrying across the road and away.

Shaking her head, Lynella muttered under her breath about animal stupidity when she noticed an odd, sickly-sweet scent in the air, strong enough to leave her curiously lightheaded. When she bowed her head to clear it, however, her eyes fell upon the source of the scent… the Blight sprayer that had been hanging from her saddle, now smashed open by her body’s momentum in the sudden stop. Like ice water, fear washed over her… inadvertently, she’d just dosed herself with the wretched stuff.

The effects were almost immediate. Her face flushed and grew hot and her breath short. Her vision became fuzzy and her hands began to tremble. More alarmingly, however, she could feel beneath her robes and inside her panties her cock becoming almost instantly hard, both her shaft and rapidly-swelling balls straining against the fabric. With the last bit of rapid reaction left to her, she hooked the loop attached to the remains of the Blight sprayer with one finger and, with a single motion, lifted it off of the pommel of her saddle and flung it away.

After that, however, she could do little besides tremble, pant, and stare ahead with glassy eyes. It felt as though a thousand tiny fingers were playing across her skin, everywhere at once – neck, stomach, the bottoms of her feet, her thighs, her nipples, her ass, and most importantly, her cock. On that throbbing organ, the sensations seemed to change from one moment to the next. Despite its cloth confinement, she felt as though a hand was grasping her length and squeezing it, caressing it, pumping it. Her testicles felt as though they were being fondled, kissed, tongued, sucked. She could feel ghostly touches on her anus, feathery-light but insistent, like a teasing promise coming mere moments before they slipped inside.

It wasn’t long before her hunched form stiffened and then convulsed as her cock erupted inside her panties, pulsing as it spurted out thick globs of cum into the tightly confined space. Eyes wide, Lynella grunted under her breath as she held on tightly to her now thoroughly confused hawkstrider, feeling the hot, gooey liquid enveloping her shaft and trickling down to her balls. Almost overwhelmed with the urge to touch herself as it happened, she resisted only through sheer force of will, hoping that the feeling would pass.

It didn’t.

No sooner had her first orgasm abated than she begin to quickly peak towards a second one, her member twitching and throbbing as it completely ignored her weak mental protests to cease. The first load that she had shot into her panties only made the sensations more pronounced, the cum shifting and flowing as her lower body moved of its own accord, grinding against the unyielding saddle below her. Eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back, she came again, more squirts of warm semen ejecting from her cock to further add to her rapidly swelling panties. She could feel the fabric already beginning to strain and dampen from her output, and while trickles escaped from the seams to run down her thighs, most of it was held fast by the tight undergarment.

“F-fuck,” she spat out in astonishment, her nostrils still filled with the heady scent of the inadvertently released Blight. She had to get back to Vengeance Landing, if for no other reason than to find someplace private to spirit herself away to ‘til the overwhelming effects of this substance passed. Thus, even as she began to crest towards her third messy orgasm, she signaled her hawkstrider with her heels and a weak shake of the reins still held in her grasp, and with far more effort than normally required, turned the beast around and sent it back towards the cliffside elevator at a canter.

Naturally, the gentle rocking of her mount’s movement only caused further stimulation; under the circumstances it was hardly necessary, considering her previous two orgasms had happened without any outside assistance. Nevertheless, as her half-lidded eyes took in the approaching elevator with something less than normal clarity, her shaft was rubbing against the saddle through her panties and robes, and with an almost frustrated cry of lust she came again, her output undiminished as she felt more of her thick seed add to that ever-increasing reservoir of cum. Even in her hyper-orgasmic state, she fretted about how she’d escape notice upon returning.

Thus, she arrived half-conscious in Vengeance Landing, guided almost entirely by her loyal hawkstrider’s sense of direction, as well as her primitive sense of her owner’s distress. Pulling in amongst the creepy, oddly constructed buildings, Lynella was barely aware of anything beyond her own unstoppable pleasure. Not so much dismounting as sliding out of the saddle, she leaned heavily against her mount for several moments as her cum-filled panties sloshed beneath her robes, threatening to spill down her thighs. To the blood elf, it felt as though her cock and testicles were suspended in the most inviting warmth imaginable, unseen fingers and tongues dragging along it again and again… and with her head bowed, she spasmed once more as it erupted, spilling still more hot seed into the churning cauldron that had formed beneath her robes.

The thought of being safely back in town, however, had finally begun to becalm her frazzled nerves and raging lust, and she panted for several moments as she glanced around with renewed clarity. Several steps to Lynella’s right was the settlement’s inn, and behind the door of her room blessed relief awaited, where she could quietly, privately attend to what was… catching her breath and steeling herself, she narrowly prevented descent into another thundering climax at the thought of being alone with this kind of “affliction.”

Of course, it was at this precise moment that Lynella’s luck, such as it was, completely ran out. From the building ahead of her, the same that she herself had emerged from not an hour earlier with the sample of Blight to test, came the two Forsaken women whose help she’d solicited. Quickly catching sight of the elf as she slumped against her hawkstrider, they hurried over, silver-and-black robes flowing around their slim forms.

“Oh,” exclaimed the fairer of the two, her masked cowl concealing most of her expression save for her eyes, which were widened in surprise, “why Miss Lynella… you’ve returned so soon.” Attempting to catch her breath, the Sin’dorei struggled to remember their names. It hadn’t seemed important at the time… then again, it wasn’t especially important now.

“Y-yes,” she stammered, glancing back and forth between the two and giving them a weak smile, “I’m all f-finished now. I thought I’d… come back for s-some rest.” Something, anything to extract herself from these two.

Having stopped before her, the other one, her flesh carrying a faint greenish cast, clasped her hands behind her back and leaned forward as if examining her. Her tone carried the sly smile hidden behind her own cowl, “Finished, hm? From the looks of it, you’ve had quite the adventure.”

Nodding emphatically, the first Forsaken agreed, “She does, doesn’t she? What do you think, Anastasia?” She tapped a pale finger against her mask in the vicinity of where her lips would be, “I’m not sure it’s a good idea to rest quite yet, though.” Clearing her throat, she continued, “After all, we need detailed impressions of your experience. We wouldn’t want you to forget anything while you rest.”

“Wonderfully put, Kitera,” Anastasia responded, her eyes seeming to see right through Lynella’s robes as she slumped against her saddle and stared back glassy-eyed. “Something tells me we’ll lose quite a bit of… data if we wait.”

Panic flashed through Lynella’s mind. As she shifted against her mount to keep her balance steady, she could feel the accumulated cum inside her panties sloshing to and fro again, threatening to spill over. She had to get out of this! Breathless, she responded, “Oh no… believe me, as s-soon as I’ve had a chaaaaa… chance to get a bit of… nnrgh, relaxation, I’ll… I’ll…” Try as she might, her body simply would not comply with her. Perversely, it was the illicit thrill of her built-up depravity being discovered that sent her over the edge into another orgasm. Holding on to the pommel of her saddle for dear life, her stomach sucked in and out as she came again, her volume undiminished as more of her elven sperm squirted out. Even as she shook and moaned, she felt her fear increase… that warm, tickling sensation told her that her panties had finally given way, that her cum was beginning to pour down her thighs.

This seemingly unprovoked reaction was not lost on the Apothecaries. Giving each other a look that carried wordless agreement, they stepped around behind the embattled blood elf, slipping beneath her arms and supporting her on their shoulders. “Come,” Anastasia said ironically, eliciting a giggle from Kitera, “let’s get you into our lab where we can figure out just what’s gone wrong with you.” Lynella was powerless to resist, her energy sapped by her unchecked arousal.

As the Sin’dorei was dragged limply away from her hawkstrider towards the aforementioned laboratory, her passage marked by a thin stream of milky-white cum left on the ground behind her, the last thing she heard was Kitera’s voice, almost girlish with excitement, “Amongst other things!”


The first thing occurred to Lynella as she began to claw her way back into consciousness was that she couldn’t have been out for more than a few minutes. Taking stock of her limbs and the sensations on them, the first thing that she noticed without even opening her eyes was that she was lying down on some sort of examination table. The elf could feel the cool metal against the bare skin of her shoulders and thighs, which meant that her robe had been removed. Yet… she could still feel that warm, viscous reservoir of cum inside her panties, which meant that they’d been left on. Of the rest of her surroundings, there was silence, save for the soft mechanical whirring of gadgets and instruments.

The next thing that occurred to her was that there was some sort of tube between her lips. Too tired to even think straight, she dimly resolved that it must be some sort of feeding apparatus. In her weakness, she supposed that the Apothecaries were at least content to help her restore her energy. Cautiously suckling on the tube, she was rewarded with a warm substance flowing into her mouth, sweet and salty at the same time. Some sort of all-purpose vitamin mush? She was too exhausted to even consider it, and besides, denial is a powerful force. Her world narrowed to that tube for a long moment, suckling and swallowing, repeating, drinking down whatever strange nourishment the Forsaken had chosen to feed her with.

Then, the sound of a door opening and closing, footfalls, and at once she could feel the presence of someone else in the room. This was confirmed in the next moment by a familiar, amused voice. “Ah, good, she’s awake,” Kitera said clinically from somewhere off to her left.

“Mhm, she is,” replied Anastasia, on her right, “and it looks like she’s enjoying cleaning up after herself.”

Cleaning up…? What… Suddenly, through the haze of exhaustion, Lynella realized just what it was she was feeding on, her eyes popping open in horror. Directly in front of them, a clear tube filled with cum ran from her lips upward and down her torso. As she lifted her head, she realized that the other end was tucked beneath the waistband of her panties, directly into the gooey mess of semen inside. Despite the inflated nature of the garment, she could see outline of the head of her throbbing erection jutting upward against the fabric, undiminished .

“Mmmph!” she protested, and attempting to spit the tube out, only to realize that it was affixed to her face by a gag that wrapped around behind her head, unyielding but not uncomfortable. Mutely, she lowered her head back to the examination table and glanced back and forth between her newly-made captors as they returned her gazes with interest in their glowing amber eyes and, on Kitera’s part, undisguised glee as well.

Stepping over, Anastasia patted one gloved hand on Lynella’s stomach, sending a shiver down her spine. “We were hoping you’d find a good test subject for us,” she said by way of explanation, fingertips tracing patterns along her sensitive belly, “but since you managed to waste the entire sample on yourself for whatever reason… you’ll do instead.”

Lynella moaned weakly in protest as she felt Kitera’s hand lightly squeezing her member through her panties, the displacement sending a healthy squirt of cum into her mouth from the “feeding” tube against her will. Left with no other option but to swallow, she gulped down her own warm seed as Kitera winked at her, “Don’t worry, dear. It’s all in the name of scientific discovery!”

“We don’t have all day, though,” Anastasia added, crossing her arms and giving her subject a pointed look, “so if you’d be so kind as to finish up?” Without waiting for a reaction, she continued, “I’m sure you realize that if you refuse we’ll just have to do it for you. Obstinacy has no place in the field of research.”

With a pathetic whine, Lynella shut her eyes, her elven ears twitching as she gave in and began to suckle again, her own cum flowing into her mouth like a warm river. Sucking, swallowing, she tried to ignore thoughts about what it was or where it had come from, and yet… feeling the thick, salty flavor flow across her tongue, she couldn’t help but enjoy it somewhat. Despite the fact that it was her own… or maybe because of it… she found that she enjoyed it more than she was willing to admit. As the moments passed, her sucking grew more pronounced and more urgent, until the wet slurping noises that her mouth made against the tube were audible to the two Apothecaries, who looked at each other in slight surprise.

Finally, though, there was no more to drink, her panties having been emptied so that they clung wetly to her erect cock, which twitched from the sensation and threatened to begin the process over again.

“Wonderful,” Kitera said with a congratulatory clapping of her hands before stepping over and fiddling with clasps that lay against Lynella’s cheeks. Swiftly, the gag was loosened and the tube slipped from her mouth, and she panted softly for several moments as she caught her breath. Believing that the sorry excuse for an examination was over, Lynella tensed her arms and legs and began to rise… only to realize with a yelp that she was shackled hand and foot to the table.

Noting their patient’s surprise, Anastasia, who was busy marking something cryptically on a clipboard, commented without looking up, “For your own safety, and for our assurance that we’ll be able to finish our tests.” Finally glancing up, she favored the blood elf with eyes that glowed brightly with amusement, “I’m sure you can agree that a half-finished experiment is useless at proving anything.”

Head craned up so she could examine her bound form, noting that nothing else seemed amiss, she was surprised as Kitera returned to her field of vision with a small scalpel. Before she could even react to it, the Forsaken was swiftly slicing through the sodden material of her panties at her hips, left then right, and after a moment to teasingly caress her shaft through the sticky material, pulled the ruined mess away. Finally freed from its constraints, her member jutted upward proudly, still smooth and hard, though coated entirely in the leavings of her previous adventures, more fluid leaking from the tip.

“The Blight,” Anastasia began, consulting her clipboard, which apparently held some manner of notes, “was developed to combat the forces of the Lich Queen.” Looking up, she favored Lynella with an intent gaze, “I’m sure, if you think about it, you’d realize that, unchecked, her armies would spread across the face of Azeroth, fucking everything in sight and turning all to her side. Before long, we’d all be in service to her.” Her voice was strident as it rose in volume, “I’ll not be a slave to that again, not ever!”

Kitera looked over at her colleague with concern, hands held out to mollify her, “Now now, Ana… I know how you feel, but now’s not the time.” Turning her gaze back down to Lynella, who was by now thoroughly confused, she added, “We’ve got more important things to deal with right now.”

“… yes, you’re right,” Anastasia responded, seeming to come back to her senses as she set her clipboard aside. “Regardless of its intent the Blight is important, and we must test its effects to assure they’re as potent and effective as possible.” Her voice took on that smirking, amused tone again, “From the looks of it we’re not far off our final goal.”

Finally able to find her voice, the blood elf’s jade eyes smoldered with growing anger at her captivity as she spoke out against the two Apothecaries, “Damnit, I did not agree to this kind of treatment!” Struggling against the straps binding her extremities, her bare breasts and cock jiggled to and fro, her voice rising in volume, “Let me OUT of here!”

“You know, Ana,” Kitera murmured, studying their struggling subject, “it seems as though the Blight is wearing off.” Her voice carrying a hint of disappointment, she added, “Potent though it is, we need to find a way to make it longer lasting.”

“A topic for another time, Kit,” the other Forsaken responded, turning to open a cabinet and withdraw a vial of liquid, glowing faintly green. “As it stands, this is only a minor inconvenience.” Gathering up a neatly folded bit of cloth, she held it over Lynella’s nose and mouth while she unstoppered the vial with her other hand before pouring it onto the cloth. Turning her head away, she addressed the opposite wall, “Now be a dear and breathe that in for me, would you?”

Given the choice between that and suffocation, Lynella did as asked, inhaling deeply of that same sickly-sweet scent she was now familiar with. Scarcely ten seconds had passed and she was relaxed and supine again, eyes staring unfocused at the ceiling. Notably, her cock, which had begun to soften ever so slightly, had sprung back to full readiness and was already leaking clear precum freely again, adding to the sloppy mess between her thighs.

“Excellent,” Anastasia exclaimed, removing the cloth. Holding both it and the empty vial at arms’ length with her head still turned away, she carried them over to a disposal chute and quickly thrust them inside. “Now…” she continued, returning to stand at Lynella’s head, her eyes the only clue to her intentions, “since we already know that the Blight works, albeit more briefly than we’d like, I hope you’ll assist us in settling a b… conducting an experiment that we’ve had on the back burner for some time.”

Eyes widening in excitement, Kitera gazed across Lynella’s unresisting form with hopeful surprise. “Oh, Ana, you mean…”

Anastasia’s shroud did little to conceal her wry grin, “Oh yes, my dear colleague. If you’d be so kind as to fetch the necessary tools for the job…”

Nearly exultant with glee, Kitera spun and fell to her knees, wrenching open a cabinet near the floor and fishing around inside for several moments. When she climbed back to her feet and turned, Lynella was able to groggily make out a short, oddly curved apparatus of some sort and what appeared to be a… yardstick?

“Good work, Kit,” Anastasia complimented, and then turned her attention back to Lynella. “Now, to see if our subject is ready for the experiment…” Reaching down, the Apothecary’s fingertips encircled the blood elf’s right nipple, squeezed, and tugged. With a throaty moan and a rutting of her hips, a squirt of precum gushed from Lynella’s cock, splattering down onto the examination table between her thighs. Her shaft twitched almost uncontrollably in the aftermath as the elf fought to catch her breath.

“Perfect,” Kitera exclaimed breathily at the sight of the spontaneous output, and quickly she circled down to the end of the table, putting herself between Lynella’s spread thighs. Setting the yardstick aside for a moment, her gaze was unblinking as she lifted that strange instrument she held and brought it upward. The Sin’dorei lay back, not knowing what to expect and beyond the physical capacity to do anything about it.

At first, Kitera brushed the oblong device along her cock, even that tiny bit of stimulation causing her to throw her head back and moan out in alarm and unrestrained lust. The smooth surface of the instrument ran up one side of her shaft and then down the other, the tip of it rubbing against her cockhead for several moments. It was all she could do not to cum on the spot. Then, briefly, it was gone.

Suddenly, she could feel pressure at her rectum, an insistent pushing as Kitera attempted to slide the tip of the thing inside her. Whimpering weakly, Lynella put up a token struggle that amounted to not much beyond slowing the Forsaken’s progress momentarily. Undeterred, and with a look of intense concentration, Kitera twisted the device and pushed it right up her ass. Her body stiffening and her back arching, Lynella opened her mouth in a silent O as she felt the thing slide deeply into her anal passage, muscles squeezing back reflexively as it violated her rear.

“Let’s give her a moment to get used to that,” Anastasia told her colleague, glancing between Lynella’s body and her clipboard as she jotted down notes. The blood elf, for her part, could only tense and relax almost uncontrollably as she fought against the dildo lodged inside her petite ass, trying with every ounce of will left to her to keep from being a pawn for these two Forsaken to do with as they pleased. She was interrupted, however, by Anastasia’s voice, the woman setting her clipboard aside and folding her arms, “All right, proceed.”

With a start, Lynella felt four slim fingers and a thumb wrap themselves around her semen-drenched cock, the hand surprisingly cool against her hot skin. It remained there for a long moment, and then began to stroke up and down, the passage made slick and easy by all that built-up sperm slathered along her length. Unable to help herself, Lynella tensed her thighs and pushed upwards ever-so-slightly with her hips, thrusting into Kitera’s hand. Despite the Blight’s… explosive characteristics, this handjob felt more like a calm invitation than an urgent command. Before long, she could feel the contents of her balls churning and the muscles tightening in her abdomen, but relaxed as she was, she simply laid back and let it happen.

Thus, she was entirely unprepared when Kitera’s other hand took hold of the apparatus shoved up her ass and wriggled it slightly so. Before she could register what was happening, the soft tip of the thing nudged her prostate.

“NNRGH!” she cried out, straining hard against her bonds as a single thick shot of cum erupted from her cock and arced almost majestically up and over Kitera’s kneeling form and onto the floor behind her. Her body was entirely wracked sensations that went far beyond simple orgasm and into ecstasy. Had she been unbound, she would’ve simply curled into a ball, shuddered, and likely wept. As it was, her head flopped from side to side as further spurts of cum, substantially weaker than the first, squirted out to splatter against her thighs and Kitera’s fingers.

Looking over at where the first spurt had landed with anything but clinical detatchment, Anastasia’s eyes were wide as she noted the distance, her face blushing red beneath the shroud that covered it. “Three feet?!” she exclaimed, estimating, before her eyes swept back to flutter between Kitera and Lynella’s panting, shuddering form. “Let’s see how much farther you can go, Kit…”

Lynella could only dimly make out what was going on through her semi-conscious haze, but she certainly noticed when Kitera’s hand resumed its pumping, faster and more insistent this time. The dildo in her ass was still for the moment, but she was already beginning to see what was going on here, and she tried to remain calm, anticipating the next movement.

With a twisting motion, Kitera sent the instrument plunging back into Lynella’s rear, the tip grinding against the soft lump of her prostate, up and down. This time, the blood elf bucked so hard that Kitera had to quickly extract her hand and slide back. Thus, this second powerful shot of cum instead arced the opposite direction of the first, flying up and beyond Lynella’s head to splatter wetly on the floor halfway across the room. Further spurts landed on her face, her breasts, and all over the upper half of the examination table. One glob went straight into her mouth, and the elf swallowed it hungrily without a second though in between raucous, lustful moans.

Eyes wide in astonishment, the two apothecaries stared at each other, trying wordlessly to figure out what to do. As they glanced back at Lynella, they watched her go even further out of control, the dildo in her ass apparently lodged in place, her bucking and shaking causing it to continually stimulate that most sensitive of spots. Drool ran from the corner of her mouth as spurts of cum began to literally fly everywhere. The sticky white fluid rained down upon the various instruments and apparatuses on the surrounding shelves, formed small puddles here and there on the tile floor, and most distressingly, began to splatter down upon the two Forsaken.

Gaping open, Anastasia muttered to herself, “When an experiment fails, one must identify the source of error and determine if it is reproducible or subject to random factors…” Another spurt of Lynella’s cum hit her right between the eyes, dripping quickly down inside her mask unnoticed as she watched, mesmerized.

Kitera, on the other hand, got a hold of herself much more quickly and lunged at Anastasia, grabbing her hand and yanking her back. The two scrambled away as the constant flow of cum continued; Lynella’s upper body was already dripping with the stuff, her face a white mask of semen, and she showed no signs of stopping… or caring. She simply slid about in the gooey stuff, the upper end of the dildo still protruding from her ass and wriggling about.

Watching from a safe distance, the two Forsaken looked at each other, at the splattered wetness and runny white trickles that now adorned their official robes, and then back at their out-of-control subject. After a long moment of silence, Kitera finally ventured a brief statement, “Well… that certainly was a bit more than we bargained for…” The reply from Anastasia came in a voice that bordered on hysterical.

“I don’t know about you, but I love my job!”


◊ Chapter 3.5: Apply Heat and Stir

Being that she was strapped down to an examination table, some strange manner of testing apparatus shoved up her rear, and caught in the throes of a seemingly continuous orgasm, it was no surprise that Lynella wasn’t quite what one would call aware or conscious. There were occasional sensations – the cool metal of the table on her shoulders and ass, the bubbling and hissing of various concoctions brewing on the side counters, the tickling of droplets of cum as they rained down upon her smooth, alabaster skin and dribbled away just as quickly.

For the blood elf, minutes turned into hours, days, weeks… the passage of time is a strange thing when you’re hopped up on Forsaken super-roofies, tied down, and geysering several quarts of thick, white semen into the air. At the moment, Lynella’s mind was concerned with much more important things, such as how much better it would feel if her cock were IN something right now, or how all of her spunk was going to waste. Considering the taste she’d had earlier, something wholly outside her previous experience, she considered her own cum to be her new favorite beverage, some small corner of her mind resolving to sample it as often as possible in the future.

That would have to wait, however; for as long as it had maintained a hyper-orgasmic state, Lynella’s body finally gave out, and with a rushing sigh and a final squirt, she collapsed back to the table. The last sensation she felt before she blacked out entirely was the chill of the table below her, magnified by the small puddle of her own sperm she sank back into.

That chill persisted even into unconsciousness as she experienced something not unlike dreaming; although there were no images to her musings, she felt as though she were adrift in a sea of cold water, or all alone in a snowfield. Then, by degrees, the elf felt her body slowly begin to… not quite warm up, but equalize. She sensed that she was being carefully handled, kept safe, and slowly brought back to consciousness. There were strange feelings of pressure too, but she paid these no mind… at first.

Lynella’s eyes fluttered open as she returned to the land of the… unliving, at present. As she began to take stock of her situation, the first thing she became aware of was a pale, fleshy shaft crammed between her lips and sliding in and out with slow, careful strokes. A second burst of clarity identified the sensation of a similar, albeit larger cock pumping into her rear as she trembled on her hands and knees. As both of these things became apparent, in a rush her body hit her with all of the pent up lust resultant of these two things. With a throaty, muffled moan, her lips clamped down on the cock buried in her mouth and her ass clenched on its companion.

“Oooohhh… by Sylvanas,” moaned Anastasia, her bony hands gripping the blood elf’s hips tighter as she felt her ass constrict around her member, milking a squirt of precum out into that tight passage, “I think… our subject is awake!”

“Right… nnrgh… right you are, Ana,” mumbled Kitera, her own fingers laced through Lynella’s burnished red hair as she paused for a long moment, reveling in the feelings of her swollen head brushing against the back of the elf’s throat.

Both Forsaken had shed their robes and every other stitch of clothing in favor of the depravity they now engaged in. Kitera was slender and milky white, the skin stretched thin over her joints and her narrow hips, completing an hourglass figure that would’ve been nigh perfect in life. Her innocent-seeming face was framed by hair gone a deep green, no doubt from exposure to the chemicals she and her colleague worked with on a daily basis. Just now, though, that face was the very picture of bliss – glowing yellow eyes squeezed shut, full grayish-white lips half-open, head tilted back as her pallid cock slid further and further into Lynella’s mouth, the elf’s lips coming very close to meeting the base.

Anastasia, by contrast, was as full-figured as one could expect a Forsaken to be. Her own skin was tinged a faint green from her time spent developing the Blight (arguing towards frequent “testing” of the stuff herself), and despite her condition of unlife, she appeared, relatively speaking, healthy and virile. Her large breasts, previously concealed beneath the robes, swayed as she split Lynella’s ass with her cock, thicker and longer than Kitera’s. Her shapely thighs quivered each time her hips connected with the blood elf’s rear, two sets of balls bumping and rubbing together as she paused between thrusts to grind against her.

For Lynella’s part, she was almost a bystander to her own violation. Still gripped by the Blight, she responded instinctively, her tongue lashing against the cool underside of Kitera’s cock, sucking down the precum that trickled out. Compared to the heat of her oversexed body, the difference in temperature from what she was used to was very much welcome, and she greedily swallowed every drop and suckled hard for more. At the same time, her knees, weak though they were, pushed her body back against Anastasia’s thrusts, their two forms meeting with soft, fleshy thuds, hungry moans escaping around the shaft between her lips as she felt the living dead girl’s cock spear deeply into her bowels.

Lynella’s own cock, swinging heavily between her thighs, was still slathered and coated in her own cum, more clear pre dripping down to the mess that was already on the exam table below her. Tired as her body was, she sank lower and lower until the head was dragged through the sloppy puddle, her nipples hard points as they brushed against the cold steel. She could feel that immense pressure building up in her once again as she was carelessly used by her two would-be saviors, now silent in a determined effort to enjoy the warm holes fate had provided them with.

From the rapid gasps behind her and the increased pace of Anastasia’s thrusts, Lynella knew the Forsaken was close, and her suspicions were shortly confirmed. With a long, grunting moan, the apothecary dragged her claw-like nails down her subject’s back as she came, leaving angry red marks. Lynella could feel a flood of cool, gooey wetness fill her ass, the thick cum squirting deep inside her almost invigorating as she shivered. Anastasia’s hands clamped down tightly on her ass, kneading and groping as she ground her hips into the blood elf, allowing her squeezing anal passage to milk every last drop from her thick member.

Kitera, on the other hand, was taking her time, almost moving at a stately pace. Lynella, as suffused with raw lust as she was, privately wished the girl would go faster. She was desperate now to swallow more cum, especially if it was as cool and thick and gooey as Anastasia’s felt like in her ass. Kitera, however, seemed oblivious; were one to view her from the neck up, they might think she was simply out for a relaxing stroll.

It was without warning, then, that Kitera suddenly gasped and pulled back, her slender cock popping wetly from Lynella’s mouth. Her pale erection hung there as if frozen for a moment, only to twitch as it shot a thick rope of cum out, splattering across the bridge of Lynella’s nose before oozing downward. Another twitch, and her cheek was similarly decorated in white goo. Overcoming her surprise, the Sin’dorei adjusted slightly despite Kitera’s grasping hands and was rewarded as the next spurt landed right on her tongue. Several more managed to go mostly in her mouth, some of the thick fluid coating her lips as she swallowed, running down and off of her chin. Kitera was mewling like a happy kitten as she blew her load on Lynella’s face, head thrown back in ecstasy.

After a long moment, as Anastasia recovered, extracted herself, and backed away satiated, Lynella slumped down to the table, her cock squashed beneath her in a pool of her own cum and throbbing. She barely resisted the urge to simply hump into the puddle of her own filth and add to the mess, her rational side imposing itself for a moment to tell her that the Blight’s control had to end sometime. Hovering on the brink of climax, she shuddered and whimpered as she lay there, trickles of chilly semen running from her lips and asshole.

“Well!” Anastasia exclaimed, stepping to one side to gather up her robes, cowl, and underclothes where they had been hastily discarded on the floor. Crumpling the garments up and stuffing them beneath one arm, she nodded with satisfaction, a rictus grin creasing her features. “I consider our clinical trials a rousing success, don’t you Kit?”

Releasing her fingers from Lynella’s hair only reluctantly, the elf’s head slowly lowering to the exam table, the other apothecary looked a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. “Um,” she managed, before shaking her head to clear it and blinking, “… I guess?”

“Excellent!” Ana replied, striding around the table, her semi-hard cock bouncing against her thigh as she walked. Passing Kitera, she used her free hand to give her colleague a healthy slap on the ass, eliciting a surprised “Oh!” before striding over to the laboratory’s only door, cracking it, and stepping out of sight.

“Erm,” Kitera began, seemingly almost as clueless as Lynella, “you should… rest here a bit… until you’ve recovered!” She began to gather up her own clothing, carefully folding it and draping it over one arm as she watched the blood elf lay there, panting. “If you need to um… you know, get off again… feel free!” She nodded toward the ceiling, where a coiled hose could be seen in the dim light, “Don’t worry about cleanup, it’s a breeze!” Seemingly embarrassed at the proceedings, she collected the rest of her wardrobe in silence and swiftly made her exit, shutting the door behind her with a barely audible *click*.

Several minutes passed while Lynella lay there with only the ambient noise of bubbling beakers and hissing apparatuses to keep her company. Her own breathing was still labored as she struggled to get herself under control. She could feel her throbbing member squashed beneath her, immersed in the puddle of mingled cum that she lay in, and the urge to wriggle her hips to bring herself off was nearly overwhelming. White-knuckled, she gripped the edge of the table and squeezed her eyes closed, concentrating.

Consumed by this struggle, the blood elf did not hear the bubbling coming from one particular vat growing progressively louder, nor see it as it began to shake back and forth slightly, and she certainly took no notice when a thin, slimy tendril of putrescent green goo emerged from within and slithered down the side, seemingly searching for something. Feeling along the edge of the counter that the vat hung above for a moment, it continued downwards until the tip touched the floor, wriggling back and forth.

Seemingly satisfied with finding a flat surface, the vat almost seemed to heave to the side, and with a great rush the entirety of its contents poured out to the ground with a wet splash. Contrary to most liquids, however, this goo did not expand into a puddle, but rather seemed to coalesce and form into a murky green blob. An observer would also note, however, that the thing was not completely green; here and there, there were swirls of milky white like ripples of vanilla in a lime pudding.

Despite her semi-conscious state, the wet slapping noise of this blob hitting the floor roused even Lynella’s attention. Slowly raising her head she glanced about, not immediately seeing anything amiss until her eyes alighted upon the vat from whence the thing had come, still swaying to and fro from its hasty departure. Staring blankly at it, she was blissfully unaware as the thing slithered across the floor below her towards a glob of cum that she’d flung some distance during her earlier uncontrolled state. As it reached the small pool it simply slid right over it. With a slight shake, the cum was drawn into its form, spreading and elongating into a ripple of its own, and the blob quivered in some strange, inhuman delight as it consumed Lynella’s spent seed.

The distraction had provided Lynella with a few moments to collect herself, and she began to cautiously test her arms and legs. Being immobile for so long, she felt stiff and a bit sore, to say nothing of being completely coated in her own cum. A blush tinged her face as she contemplated how she’d been poked, prodded, and used earlier, but she resolved to clean up and move on. The Sin’dorei wasn’t especially fond of dwelling on negative turns of events.

Her attitude changed drastically, however, when before her eyes rose a tendril of green goo, emerging from below the table’s edge. Folding, the tip of it extended downward to the surface of the metal, dragging lazily through the pool of cum that Lynella still sat in as if testing it. A white swirl of the stuff was drawn into the tendril as it sampled, and then it seemed to shiver in pleasure. In a flash, the tendril disappeared, and then with a great wet sloshing noise, the entire slime literally flung itself up into the air to land upon the table’s surface right in front of the startled and speechless blood elf.

“What in the name of…!” she exclaimed, sliding backwards in surprise, unable to comprehend what this thing was or where it had come from. The blob, meanwhile, had scooted forward to sit directly atop that gooey puddle of cum, and with a loud slurping, began to draw it in, whorls and eddies of the stuff appearing in its form as it consumed the one thing that it was hungry for.

Slowly, understanding dawning, Lynella’s gaze went from the slime down to her own body, still slathered in her own seed. Thinking quickly, she realized that after the thing was done cleaning up her mess that she’d probably be its next target, especially if it desired to drink from the source! With sluggish movements, she carefully slid down off of the examination table and stood on unsteady legs, trickles of cum running down her thighs as the change in gravity caused her ass to leak. Being as quiet as she could, she glanced around, looking for some evidence of her clothing and belongings.

At that point, her luck seemed to run out. Having speedily covered and consumed all of the pooled seed on the metal surface, another tendril popped up and twirled about, seeming like it was looking for something. After a moment, it pointed at Lynella, who gazed back at it with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, horror written across her face. The tendril pulled back in and the thing gathered itself to prepare to leap at her…

“Oh, almost forgot,” came a muffled voice, and then the lab’s door opened. Anastasia sauntered back in, a grin on her face; still naked, her semi-hard shaft swayed before her like a divining rod, “since the Blight won’t wear off foooor…” Her voice trailed off as her yellow eyes went wide at the sight of the green-white slime sitting before her, perched atop her exam table.

The thing relaxed minutely as it paused, the tendril returning from its murky depths to assess this newcomer. In whatever passed for its primitive mind, it considered the two women. The majority of the semen it had already ingested quite obviously came from the pink-skinned one, and had quite an interesting flavor and texture, but there had been traces of another kind… cooler, thicker, and oddly pleasant tasting. Having already observed some of the stuff leaking from Lynella’s cock, it naturally concluded that such things were the source of its newfound nourishment, and as it observed Anastasia it took note of a similar appendage hanging between her thighs as well. Interesting…

Anastasia looked at Lynella with an expression that was equal parts shock and indignation. “What in Sylvanas’ name have you done?” she demanded, pointing a long, bony finger at the slime, “you’ve ruined one of my most prized experiments!”

“I… didn’t do… anything,” Lynella spat out weakly, one hand gripping the counter next to her for support, her body still on the weak side. After all she’d gone through, the last thing she was going to put up with was being interrogated by this harpy of an apothecary while she tried to recover her wits.

“Oh, sure,” Anastasia growled, her hands balling into fists, “someone else snuck in here while I was gone and dumped out my best Blight sample, and you’ve no idea who, right?” She started to stomp towards Lynella, muttering about throwing her out, naked or not.

She never got there. With a sound not unlike a gush of water, the slime literally hurled itself at the nude Forsaken, splattering across her torso, knocking the wind out of her and pushing her sideways into the counter. Beakers went clattering aside as she attempted to maintain her balance. “Of all the… what in…” she stammered, trying to come to grips with the fact that her own experiment had come to life and… attacked her?

“Hey,” Anastasia called to Lynella, her eyes pleading now, “help… get this thing… off… off… oooooooo…” Her body jerked almost spasmodically as the translucent slime rearranged itself and engulfed her cock, the green and white ripples inside seeming to spin in a whirlpool around the pale green shaft. In a heartbeat the Forsaken’s attitude changed entirely, her mouth half-open, stomach sucking in and out as she experienced the most all-consuming blowjob she was ever likely to get. Bonelessly, she lost her grip on the counter and slowly slid to the floor.

Lynella was similarly consumed by morbid curiosity, disbelieving as she watched these events unfold. Her eyes were riveted upon the whirl of goo that surrounded Anastasia’s cock, the Forsaken’s hips beginning to move almost of their own accord as she humped into the slime with increasing frequency. The thing seemed to shift and pulse and rearrange itself constantly; having wrapped itself completely around her body, it clung to her as it attempted to extract more of the new, different cum it had had a small sampling of.

Anastasia was in no condition to deprive it; shuddering and leaning her head back against the cabinets behind her, fingers splayed on the floor, she gave out a quavering cry as her cock erupted into the slime, spurts of her cum exiting into its depths almost in slow motion, to be carried away by the eddies of the flow that surrounded her member. As she came, the slime seemed to slosh around her, turning itself so that a new section, much more green than white, was graced with the gift of the apothecary’s semen.

Fate chose that moment to have Kitera come bursting into the room; unlike Anastasia, she had dressed herself in the robes of her profession again, although she’d not donned her cowl, which meant that her slack-jawed expression at the state of things in the room was quite visible. She glanced between Lynella, who remained slumped against the counter in a similar state of disbelief, and her colleague, who was presently splayed on the floor and copulating with one of their experiments.

“Um…” Kitera began, searching for what exactly one would say in such a situation. She was silenced for several moments as Anastasia came again, burying her fingers in the viscous goo as she spurted several more long strands of cum into its insides, the thing making wet squelching noises as it fed upon her. Showing no signs of stopping, the animated Blight slime seemed to shed the whirling motions around the girl’s cock in favor of a strange sort of up and down motion, almost like pumping. The change had quite the positive effect, as Anastasia gave a throaty growl and slid further into her slouch, her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.

“You… should probably go,” Kitera managed, her limpid yellow eyes turning to regard Lynella with something between sympathy and urgency. Nodding to the cabinets the blood elf was next to, she continued, “your clothes and belongings are in there. Please, take them and go.” Coming to her senses, Lynella didn’t have to be told twice; despite her messy, naked state, she crouched down and gathered up her robes, her traveling pack, and her jewelry and made a wide circuit around the exam table, her eyes wary as she watched the slime feed upon Anastasia.

As she was about to scurry out the door, Kitera’s voice brought her up short. “I hope you realize that this wasn’t precisely what we had in mind for the Blight…” Lynella turned and favored the disheartened Forsaken with a quizzical gaze.

“I suppose not…” she began, then with a smirk, “but you might ask her how much she loves her job now.”


◊ Chapter 4:  Booty Call

Booty Bay. A place where opportunity doesn't simply knock, it kicks the door down. Fortunes can be made and lost here in the blink of an eye, and one must guard one's virtue nearly as diligently as one's coin purse. Those unwise to the ways of the world would do best to stay clear of such a place, lest they find themselves on the wrong side of the Steamwheedle Cartel's lust for money, power, and... well, lust.

Naira Mistrunner had learned these things too late, and it made her scowl to think of how naive she'd been when she'd first arrived at this notorious den of thieves. That (questionably) blissful ignorance was the reason she now found herself leaning against the scarred wooden bartop of the Salty Sailor Inn, dressed in the kind of outfit that would have earned her incredulous looks back in her homelands of Mulgore. The tauren grumbled as she considered her clothing: her sizeable breasts were barely contained by a white, low-cut shirt that tied off, leaving her midriff bare. Such a top was patently designed to draw the eye to her darkly-furred bosom. Though currently hidden by the bar, her lower body was similarly underdressed, clad in a pair of form-fitting crimson leggings that showed her thick, veiny cock and sizeable testicles in stark relief through the clinging fabric. Her long, tufted tail swished back and forth behind her in irritation as she made a half-hearted show of wiping down the bartop with the rag clutched in her three-fingered hand.

Another packed house, she thought glumly, her eyes scanning over the crowded bar. The level of noise in the place was already up to a dull roar, and she could feel the beginnings of a headache as she considered all the work she was in for tonight. The first time she'd come to the Salty Sailor, it was with wide eyes and a hopeful smile; she'd arrived in Booty Bay only hours before then, hoping to ply her trade as a tailor of fine garments, her large fingers far more dexterous than they might appear at first glance. A few interactions with the wrong folks however, and an evening of gaming whose stakes were unclear to her at the time, and now here she was, working off her debt in an unexpected and altogether unasked for way.

Naira was startled out of her sullen musing by a hearty smack on her ass, and her tail flicked in irritation as she leveled a murderous glare back and down at the Salty Sailor's diminutive proprietor, Nixxa Fillamug.

"Hey," the sharp-tongued goblin shouted up at her, shaking a fist that was no more threatening than anything else the three-foot-tall barmistress did, "I'm not paying you to drive the customers away with a long face."

"You're not paying me at all," Naira responded with a scowl, her breasts jiggling slightly beneath her tight top as she leaned against the bar and stretched her aching back.

Nixxa smirked, and shrugged nonchalantly. "Details," she responded dismissively, and then cocked a thumb at the nearby patrons. "Table six ordered a Naira's Finest and a Half-and-Half and you've had plenty of time to refill."

Sighing in resignation, Naira slid one hand beneath the counter to retrieve two stone mugs. Pushing herself away from the bar she took a moment to adjust her top, the better to show off her generous cleavage, and plastered a strained smile on her face. Thus prepared she sauntered out amongst the patrons, putting that trademark sway in her hips, letting her tail occasionally brush against the arm of a customer as she passed, her hooves striking a staccato beat on the plank flooring. Several sets of eyes turned to watch her as she passed, admiring her assets and her scant dress. Fake smile aside Naira had to grudgingly admit that she got a rather perverse thrill out of the attention.

Threading her way through the crowd, she arrived at table six in moments, currently occupied by a pair of orcish women, both dressed in the tight and rugged leather of adventurers. "The 'Finest?'" she questioned, looking between the pair. The one one her left nodded and returned her inquisitive gaze with an expectant smile. The other leaned back and crossed her arms beneath her ample beasts, eyeing Naira's package with an appreciative smile.

"We heard the hype," the second one said with a chuckle, "so we had to see for ourselves."

Naira remembered Nixxa's admonishment and resisted the urge to sigh in resignation. The smile she returned was bright and with a touch of promise to it. Setting the empty mugs down on the table in front of her, she shook her head, flinging her lengthy black braids over her shoulders, and then reached up to undo the small knot in her shirt. Putting a bit of showmanship into the role as she was expected to do, she shook her upper body slightly as the cloth parted, the movement of her breasts slowly shrugging the fabric aside until they were bare. Covered in the same soft, black fur as the rest of her body and topped by fat, dark pink nipples, she (somewhat less than) proudly displayed her meal tickets, bending forward so both of her customers could an eyeful.

Even as they gawked and cooed appreciatively, Naira was already moving to the next step of the act. Cupping her assets and lifting them, each nipple got a fingertip, circling and prodding and teasing, until they hardened into inch-long nubs. Then, to the orcs' delight, she began to milk herself into the mugs, squirts of the warm, creamy fluid slowly but surely filling each one as she moaned lightly, squeezing and massaging her tits. The moans, while embellished somewhat, weren't entirely an act; she couldn't have gone through with this if it wasn't relatively pleasing. The tauren could already feel her shaft twitching inside her leggings, straining against the fabric like an animal begging to be let off its leash. Before long she had filled the mugs halfway with her milk, at which point she ignored one of them in favor of topping off the other, squirts from both nipples splashing into the cup. A few went wide of the mark, running down the sides or splattering on the table, but Naira paid them no mind.

Finally she topped off the second mug and released her breasts with a thankful sigh, straightening up. The orc with the full mug nodded her thanks and, wide-eyed, grasped it with both hands, bringing it to her mouth and taking a long sip. She sighed in pleasure at the taste, as Naira knew she would, and squirmed in her seat.

"Ohhh, that's lovely," she purred, licking her lips and leering up at Naira. "You've got a real knack for this, hun."

Sadly, the other mug still needed topping off. Reaching down to her leggings, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and wriggled her hips, putting on a bit of a show for the two women as she had each time before. She pulled outward and downward, several sticky strands of built-up precum connecting cloth and shaft, glistening even in the dim light of the bar. With a sigh, she tucked the waistband beneath her swollen balls, lifting her whole package up as though presenting it to the two elated customers.

"Half-and-half, mm?" she questioned the orc whose mug was only half full, and then without waiting for an answer reached down and wrapped her fingers around her cock. Her hooves dragged against the wooden flooring as she spread her thighs slightly and began to pump. The orc, her dark eyes wide with anticipation, licked her lips and leaned forward a bit, but she would have been warned by the waitress already not to take any liberties. Ever since that incident with the over-enthusiastic gnomish girl who kept muttering something about "wheezin' the juice" as she tried to cling onto Naira and wrap her lips around her leaking cockhead, there was a strict hands-off policy for customers.

Leaning forward, she planted one hand on the table, fingers splayed as she fought to keep herself upright, her other hand sliding up and down her slick, precum-soaked length. This was the part that was always the most trouble, keeping control of herself during this particular display. She bit her lip as she tried to keep the head of her cock aimed directly at the half-full mug of milk. One of the first times she'd done this, she'd lost control of herself and splattered the customer instead. The blood elf had certainly been appreciative, but she'd spent an extra hour after closing time wiping down the walls and table. Careful now... steady...

In moments, her control was rewarded. With a soft gasp, a thick spurt of cum shot out from her cock straight into the half-full mug. Several more followed as she bowed her head and shuddered, her whole focus on keeping her aim true as she jerked herself off into the cup for the benefit of a paying customer. Each squirt of hot goo was strong enough to keep the contents inside sloshing, and in a few short seconds it was full. Releasing the hold on her shaft, she used her fingers to gather up the remainder of her cum still beading at the tip and carefully licked them clean before several sets of widened eyes. Such displays always attracted the attention of most in the bar, and a little showiness ensured repeat customers.

"Enjoy," she murmured, nudging the mug towards the orc, who seemed only too happy to seize it and take a long sip, a moan of pleasure escaping as the thick mixture of cum and breast milk slid down her throat.

As she slid her leggings back into place and tied her shirt back off, Naira felt that same wave of shame that always washed over her after performing. She hung her head slightly in resignation and turned to head back to the bar, when out of the corner of her eye she spied a new arrival to the bar.

The draenei had all the signs of someone who did not belong there for any reason. Her glowing blue eyes were wide with wonder at the sounds and smells and sights of such a notorious drinkery as the Salty Sailor, and she wrung her hands nervously at waist level as she searched for a place to sit. She was dressed in the simple, slightly revealing cream-colored robes, trimmed in violet and copper, that marked her as an Anchorite of her people, and her short, pale hair framed her soft-featured face. However, none of that held Naira's attention half so long as what she noticed next.

Her breasts were positively enormous, and Naira clearly wasn't the only one in the place that noticed. Each time she turned to glance this way and that, trying to find a table that wasn't otherwise occupied by a leering customer, they jiggled noticeably, and Naira could tell that her robes had been modified just to hold them properly; a standard-issue robe would have burst at the seams in minutes. The priestess seemed completely unconscious of them, however. One would expect someone with assets like that to either flaunt them or be visibly embarrassed by them, but she paid them no more mind than she did any other part of her body.

Naira took all of this in within a few moments, her mind working quickly. She called loudly over in the direction of the bar, "Nixxa, break!" She didn't wait for the grumbled response; it was normal for her to take a little time to collect herself after serving a customer as she just had, and her pint-sized boss usually didn't question those breaks in the interest of keeping her prized beverage dispenser happy.

Quickly making her way over to the bewildered draenei, Naira stepped into her field of view and put on her most winning smile. "Hello, miss... welcome to the Salty Sailor! Can I point you towards a table?"

"Oh," the Anchorite exclaimed, her eyes wide, "I... well, yes, that would be lovely, thank you." The priestess had that quality of innocence that was cute and endearing. She appeared more than a little overwhelmed by the rowdy nature of the bar, jumping a little bit each time a customer shouted particularly loudly or slammed their mug down on a table. Her relief was palpable as Naira made her offer. "Lead the way, my dear."

Laying a hand gently at the small of her back and noting the endearing way her tail seemed to flick to and fro nervously, Naira carefully led her through the boisterous evening crowd and to the stairs rising to the second floor. Two pairs of hooves clopped on the boards as they ascended, one noisily and one hesitantly, and within moments the draenei was seated at one of the more private tables upstairs. The noise drifting up from below was less obtrusive, making it far easier to hear oneself think.

Naira gave a small bow, conscious of her scant dress in front of someone so clearly not used to such things, but the Anchorite seemed unperturbed by her revealing outfit. "Can I get you anything to drink, Miss...?" The tauren skipped her usual rundown of the menu. She had a feeling this one wasn't quite prepared to hear the tavern's entire bill of fare just yet.

"Water will be sufficient, thank you," the draenei replied with a smile of thanks and then inclined her head, "and I am Kaahla." Her voice was oddly lilting, and she seemed incapable of speaking much above the level of a whisper.

Naira managed to tear her eyes away from the priestess' bountiful chest and quickly made her way back downstairs to fill the order. Nixxa took little notice as the tauren added a pinch of quickly-dissolving powder to the mug she poured; after all, Naira had been known to use the stuff before. Back upstairs, Kaahla looked grateful as Naira slid into the seat across from her and pushed the mug over, taking a sip and smiling in thanks.

"So... what brings you to Booty Bay, Kaahla?" She rested her chin on one palm as she studied the draenei.

Kaahla blinked several times, as if surprised at the question. "Oh! Well, I suppose you might call me a missionary," she responded, then took a long drink of the water and sighed in relief. She set the mug down and continued, "I bring the blessings of the holy Light of the naaru, with the hopes that others might see the wonderful things that it can bring into their lives."

"Huh," Naira grunted. A holy type. Not especially likely to approve of the kinds of activities that took place at this particular inn, and yet... "Does that include feeding the hungry, that sort of thing?"

A warm smile spread across Kaahla's face, even as her cheeks and upper chest began to redden little by little. "Oh, why yes, of course. I... oh..." The draenei held one slender hand up to her forehead, her eyes unfocusing slightly. "Oh my, I feel rather... is it often this warm in here?"

Only through sheer willpower did Naira prevent her lips from turning up in a slow smile. "Usually, yeah." She couldn't, however, keep her tail from swishing back and forth behind her. "I bet you've had quite a journey. Maybe you'd like to lay down and rest a bit?"

"Ohhhh... yes, that would be wonderful," Kaahla murmured, resting one hand on the table as she tried to rise. She shuddered a bit as she came upright, her breasts positively quivering as she attempted to maintain her balance.

Naira rose as well and came around the table to put an arm around the draenei's shoulders, helping to steady her. Carefully, she directed the priestess towards one of the nearby unoccupied guest rooms, guiding Kaahla's stumbling steps. Slipping inside, the barmaid shut the door behind her and carefully sat her charge on the bed.

"Thank you, dear," the draenei murmured, her eyes wide in relief as she fanned her face, "I'm not quite sure what's come over me." She gave Naira a weak smile, one that the tauren returned, trying her very hardest to keep the mischievous twinkle out of her eyes. What the Anchorite did next, however, replaced that smile with a look of stunned surprise.

Reaching up behind her back with trembling hands, Kaahla carefully undid several buttons of her robes and then leaned forward, shrugging out of the top portion and letting it fall aside. To Naira's surprise, the draenei wore no support, but as the garment fell away to bare her massive breasts, she could see the signs of a sewn-in bra. Her attention was only captured by that for a moment, as her eyes returned to those milky white orbs and their dark gray nipples, which even now were hardening into pointed little nubs.

"Ohh, that is much... much better..." Kaahla sighed without a trace of self-consciousness, slowly laying back until she was prone on the bed, legs dangling off the edge. She reached up to gently massage the undersides of her breasts in relief as she lay there, and then her arms flopped down onto the bedcovers, her head slowly rolling to the side as she slipped off into dreamland.

"Well..." Naira breathed, rather surprised. Dream dust wasn't supposed to encourage such brazen behavior, but then, draenei didn't typically sport knockers that huge; Naira was no expert on physiology, so she simply assumed it affected draenei differently than the other races. They crash landed here on that weird sex ship of theirs anyhow... for all I know, they do backflips during orgasm and cum in rainbow colors. Rubbing her hands together almost gleefully, the tauren set aside such concerns and moved on to her real goal: a taste test!

Climbing slowly onto the bed, being careful to disturb her "guest" as little as possible, Naira reached over with one faintly trembling hand to run her fingertips gently across the alabaster surface of Kaahla's right breast. So soft... She let her fingers slowly trail up to her nipple, circling it for a moment before pinching it gently. Kaahla moaned softly and shifted a bit on the bed but didn't wake. At the same time, she could feel a faint dampness on her fingertips, and as she pulled them away, a drop of milky fluid leaked from the nipple and traced a slow path down the side of her breast. Naira watched it go, eyes wide with anticipation.

In a flash, she had leaned down and wrapped her lips around the same nipple, tongue flicking gently against it as she suckled. Almost immediately her enthusiasm was rewarded: a stream of warm, creamy milk splashed against her tongue, stronger than she'd expected, and she lapped it up and swallowed eagerly. The taste was nearly indescribable! She'd tasted her own milk before and found it quite good, and the customers certainly always came back for more, but this was... it was sweet, it was thick, and it was... delicious!

More than that, she was getting incredibly turned on, her cock beginning to throb noticeably between her thighs, straining against her leggings. Even as she tongued and sucked on that free-flowing nipple she began to move her hips, the bed creaking ominously. She hadn't really noticed her own arousal yet, though; her mind was swimming with the realization that she might not have to bear the entire burden of production for this awful tavern. Perhaps she might even be able to pay her debt off sooner, if she could only find a way to convince this strange priestess to help...

Naira was so caught up in the twin occupations of sucking down as much of Kaahla's breast milk as she could swallow and planning out the course of her seemingly much brighter future that she took no notice of the disturbance of the bottom half of the draenei's robes. A lump began to form, small at first but slowly rising upwards as the tauren continued to suckle. Kaahla shifted slightly on the bed and murmured despite her unconscious state, but Naira was too far gone; she would have been bouncing up and down gleefully if she could do so while still keeping her lips fastened around the priestess' leaking nipple. Meanwhile, that lump continued to swell, twitching like a thing alive. Suddenly, Naira was shocked out of her reverie.

"Ohhh my," Kaahla breathed, her eyes flicking open and groggily focusing on the tauren. Naira froze, the draenei's nipple still firmly caught between her lips. "Whaaat... what are you... doing?"

In an instant, Naira was sitting on her haunches on the other side of the bed, head bowed in profound embarrassment. "I'm sorry," she murmured to the bedsheets, flushing with shame, "I... they looked so..." She struggled to find the words to explain her wickedness; as much as anything, she was upset that the dream dust had not lasted longer! "You were... leaking, and... well..." Even if she hadn't confessed, the droplets of milk that still clung to the soft fur around her muzzle would have marked her as guilty.

Kaahla blinked, then looked down at the weak squirts of milk that were still escaping her nipple. Naira waited for the outburst, but what came next left her speechless.

"Oh, is that all?" The draenei smiled, using a fingertip to prod her own nipple. Some of the sweet cream splattered on her finger, and she brought it up to her mouth, licking it clean with a tongue that appeared quite dexterous. "By all means, continue! It feels quite good."

As Naira gaped at her, Kaahla propped herself up onto her elbows and nodded knowingly at the very noticeable outline of the tauren's cock against her leggings. "It obviously has you worked up as well." Her smile contained no trace of shyness. "Would you like a nice handjob while you drink? I don't mind helping."

Naira managed to close her mouth but nevertheless looked mortified. Even so, one hand slipped into her lap to absently rub at the bulge her shaft was making while her mind wrapped itself around the unexpected offer. She felt as though her head was stuffed full of cotton and her tongue had grown too thick for her mouth. "Wha... you don't... I..."

As she considered, her eyes took in Kaahla's reclining form - the soft, pillowy breasts, the smooth skin of pure white, and the expression on her face of inviting warmth. Kaahla shook her head, but her answer proved her oblivious to the source of the confusion. "You need to cum, don't you?" The draenei spared a glance for the tent forming in her own robes. "That's certainly what happens when I do." Her tone was matter-of-fact, as though she was completely unconscious of what she was offering. "Perhaps your kind is different, but for the draenei, an orgasm is quite nice."

"Well... yes, but..." Naira stammered, trying to find a way to explain her hesitance, "you're... a priestess." She swallowed hard and added, "You're sworn to the... naaru, right?"

"Oh, I see," Kaahla said, her expression suddenly understanding, "you are sure my beliefs preclude such things, are you not?" She laughed merrily and shook her head, the small tendrils that fell from behind her ears flitting to and fro with the movement. "The needs of one's body should not be denied. Such things only lead to negative feelings." The draenei smiled, her teeth pearly white and slightly pointed. "One prostrated by such distractions cannot properly honor the naaru! Now..." As she continued, she lifted her breasts as if presenting them to the tauren, "...would you like to finish?"

Naira's time spent performing for the customers of the Salty Sailor had erased most of her self-consciousness about sexuality, and as she eyed those ivory prizes being offered to her, the last of it vanished. "Well, um... sure!" Crawling across the bed, she arranged herself on her hands and knees perpendicular to Kaahla's body. Though she moved with some hesitance still, she nevertheless leaned down and carefully took the proffered nipple back between her lips.

Almost immediately, a squirt of warm milk greeted her tongue, accompanied by what could only be termed as a squeal of joy from Kaahla. Encouraged, Naira flicked the nub with her tongue and applied a bit of suction, and was rewarded with a steady stream of the creamy fluid pouring into her mouth. Her eyes were intent on the draenei's hand as she fondled her other breast, her long fingernails teasing and prodding her other nipple as she gently squeezed the smooth orb.

Naira was just beginning to wonder where Kaahla's other hand had wandered off to when she felt fingertips trace along the length of her cock through her leggings. Despite the earlier offer, she was so surprised she nearly lost her hold on the priestess' nipple, but in a moment she redoubled her effort, sucking harder. The cycle of encouragement continued as Kaahla's fingers dipped beneath the waist of her leggings and moved side to side, worming them over Naira's substantial hips and down far enough so that her thick, gently curved shaft and softly furred balls could hang free. In moments, the draenei had gathered precum on her fingertips from the drops forming at the head and carefully spread it along her length as Naira shuddered in pleasure. She still wasn't quite convinced by Kaahla's apparent unconcerned attitude over the wickedness of their actions, but as she felt the draenei's hand wrap firmly around her cock and begin to pump, she resolved to stop worrying about it entirely.

Tauren and draenei continued on like this for several minutes, Naira's tail lashing at the air as she began to meet Kaahla's pumping hand with thrusts of her hips, and Kaahla in turn writhing about gently on the bed and arching her back at the feel of Naira's nursing. The priestess' eyes had slid closed for a time as she quite vigorously jerked Naira off, but after a while they cracked open again, and then blinked. "Oh," she exclaimed softly, not slowing her movements, but she nodded vaguely in the tauren's direction, "you're leaking, dear." Naira's lips left that prized, milk-squirting nub for a moment as she gave Kaahla a blank look, until she felt the wetness of her shirt around her own nipples.

"Ah..." the barmaid began, embarrassed anew. Kaahla simply smiled widely, "May I have a taste? I've never had a tauren before."

It was a credit to Naira's powers of acceptance that she had her shirt untied and shrugged off before she quite realized what she was doing. Leaning back down, she slowly scooted herself clockwise until her own sizeable breasts hung down above Kaahla's face. The draenei's hand only slowed in pumping her shaft until she was in place and then returned to its former speed, droplets of precum splashing against her arm with each squeeze.

As Naira slid into position, her breasts hanging udder-like and brushing against Kaahla's face, she was again presented with the sight of the draenei's robe tented quite noticeably. Ten minutes ago she would've averted her eyes, ignoring that gently twitching telltale lump. Five minutes ago she would've found her mouth dry as she politely asked before doing anything about it. Now... she simply balanced herself on her knees and reached down with both hands, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of the skirt and tugging it downward. As Kaahla's cock came free, every bit as alabaster white as the rest of her save for a soft pink blush near the head, it swung forward and gently slapped against the smooth skin of her belly, leaving a shiny splat of precum and eliciting a surprised "Oh!" from the Anchorite. Absent any objection, however, Naira practically seized it, the size of her hand nearly engulfing the entire thing, and began to pump just as Kaahla was pumping hers.

"Oh thank you," Kaahla breathed in relief, her tongue extending to tease at Naira's nipples in turn as they hung over her face, "I have needed a good cum since this morning." Her hooves dragged against the bedcovers as she worked her skirt down her legs the rest of the way and kicked it off, leaving herself completely nude, and with a happy murmur of content she seized one of those fat, brown nubs she'd been tonguing between her lips, treating Naira to the intense suction she lacked when she filled her customers' orders. Determined now not to leave her newfound friend wanting, the tauren lowered her head again, this time taking Kaahla's other nipple into her mouth. A few tugs and flicks with her tongue, and she was rewarded anew, creamy milk splashing onto her tongue even as Kaahla cried out in delight, her own mouth filling with the warm fluid.

The two spent settled quite comfortably into a rhythm despite the odd positioning, sucking greedily on each other's nipples and urgently pumping each other's cocks. By now, Naira was quite convinced that Kaahla meant what she said about not denying the needs of the body; her hand was sure and practiced as it slid along her precum-soaked length, squeezing and milking forth more of the slick fluid with each motion. The subdued sounds of wet flesh sliding against flesh, of eager suckling and swallowing, of muffled moans and the creak of the bed, filled the room as the two nursed upon each other hungrily. Even as she was overcome with pleasure, Naira could detect no sense of competition in their act; Kaahla simply wanted to give and receive pleasure, and even if the draenei were the first to lose control, Naira was sure she would not rest until she'd returned the favor.

As it happened, Kaahla was even more altruistic than Naira expected. She felt the familiar tightening in her loins, the swift rushing of sensations, and she urgently humped Kaahla's hand as her orgasm began to thunder through her body. Releasing the priestess' nipple as milk poured from it unchecked, she arched her back and cried out as her cock erupted, spewing thick ropes of cum against the bedsheets. Before she even realized what was happening, Kaahla had squirmed further up beneath her, causing her to lose her grip on the draenei's cock. Whatever disappointment she might have felt at that loss was quickly erased as she felt the Anchorite take her still-spurting cockhead into her mouth and give a long, hard suck. The overwhelming pleasure and surprise caused her knees to give way, and it was only by sheer luck that she managed to tumble sideways onto the bed. Kaahla, to her credit, never missed a beat, swallowing the tauren's spunk just as eagerly as she'd swallowed her milk.

Naira's eyes rolled back in her head, and she would have gone right on enjoying the surprise blowjob she was being given if not for Kaahla's slick cockhead poking her right in the snout. Purely instinctively, she simply parted her lips and slurped up the draenei's precum-soaked shaft, its much smaller size able to fit completely inside her mouth with ease. Even as she continued to fill Kaahla's mouth with her thick, gooey sperm, she bobbed in return on her member as much as she was able.

As her first orgasm quickly crested and merged into a second one, Kaahla gasped urgently around Naira's meat, one hand finding the tauren's horn and grasping, holding on for dear life. Naira moaned happily as the Anchorite's thick member erupted, coating the inside of her mouth with just as salty and sticky a treat as she'd been giving Kaahla. She slurped loudly and swallowed as more cum shot out of the draenei's dick to replace it. Dimly, as she drank down Kaahla's goo, she marveled at the exquisite taste of her cum and milk combined, and a small part of her was jealous at how good it was compared to her own.

As Naira gradually began to calm down, she became aware of the fact that Kaahla had not yet stopped sucking. In fact, she seemed quite content to continue blowing the tauren as though her previous two orgasms hadn't happened at all. The barmaid was about to let Kaahla's cock slide from her lips to contentedly call for a stop when she felt the familiar twitching and tightening inside her abdomen that signaled a third orgasm building to overtake her. Rolling her eyes in surprise and delight, she redoubled her efforts, gulping down the last mouthful of the draenei's sperm even as she began to drag her lips along her length again.

As she shuddered her way into climax again, a thought flitted across the expanses of her mind. She's... perfect...


Naira grumbled softly under her breath as she found herself again leaning against the bartop, chin resting in her palm as she sullenly dragged the rag clutched in her other hand across the surface. She was really only succeeding in pushing the few crumbs and drops of liquid around rather than cleaning them up, but she paid them no mind. Instead, she grunted as her eyes flitted from one crowded table to the next.

The Salty Sailor was full to the rafters tonight, the noise louder than usual, and while this contributed to the dull, throbbing ache in the tauren's skull it wasn't the cause. As she heard a shrill cry of delight sound out from the far corner of the tavern and her eyes moved to identify its source, she was reminded of the real reason.

Kaahla... The draenei was dressed in quite a similar outfit to Naira's usual garb: a tight black shirt that left her midriff bare in addition to highlighting the deep, shadowy plunge between her enormous breasts, and a pair of red leggings that hugged every curve of her hips and shapely thighs while leaving her thin tail free to swish elegantly behind her. Though the angle was off, Naira could see enough of Kaahla to know that those leggings were undone in the front, and the frantic movements of her arm told the tauren that the Sailor's newfound top employee was about to gift another satisfied customer with a warm, sticky Half-and-Half. The human girl whose mug was just barely visible beyond the curve of Kaahla's hip wore an expression of rapt excitement, a hand in her own lap as she watched the draenei jack herself off.

Closing her eyes, Naira slumped lower as a cheer went up, nearly drowning out the gasping cry of relief that emerged from Kaahla's throat. It had been no work at all to talk Kaahla into staying on and helping her out. The Anchorite was only too happy to join the staff of the Salty Sailor, reasoning that this was as good a method of any as feeding the hungry. Naira had been elated at first, but...

She's the main attraction! The tauren, by all rights, should have been pleased at this outcome; anymore, she was only called upon to fill orders when Kaahla was already busy with other customers... and yet, Naira felt dejected. She'd been relegated to second string and, by the Earthmother, it was frustrating. She'd enjoyed the attention, the excitement, even though she hadn't realized it, and...

"Oh, that was a good one," Kaahla cried as she clopped up to the bar, intruding on the tauren's preoccupation. The draenei looked as though she was positively glowing, and Naira watched morosely as she carefully licked her fingers clean, lapping up the few remaining drops of her own cum. Oblivious to the barmaid's malcontent, she inquired in a bubbly voice, "Table four, Goat's Milk, yes?"

"Yeah, something like that..." Naira muttered, reaching beneath the bar to grab another mug and slide it across to Kaahla.

The draenei blinked as she noticed her friend's attitude for the first time, and frowned slightly, peering at her. "Something wrong, dear?" She reached over to lay her hand atop Naira's, leveling her most winning smile at the tauren. "If you like, I can give you a nice suck before my next customer, hmm?"

Naira's ears perked up at that, and though she scowled for a moment, she sighed and nodded. Happy that she'd solved the problem, Kaahla snatched the mug off the bar and practically pranced away, her breasts shaking like two huge puddings. Meanwhile, Naira could only sigh in resignation. I guess it could be worse...