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Get to the Choppa!

by Pedigree


◊ Chapter 1

The mekgineer chopper rumbled like thunder as it barrelled along, a stream of exhaust spitting out the back of it to mingle with the cloud of dust that the two wheels were kicking up. Frakka was settled back into the leather seat, her big clunky boots propped on the footpegs. Her mouth was quirked into a slight grin, her two tusklike lower teeth peeking up past her lips to lend a crookedness to the expression. Her black hair streamed out behind her in the wind, the red-lensed goggles that she wore protecting her eyes from the dirt and debris.

She gunned the engine, the machine lurching forward even faster along the rough dirt track. It rattled and bounced its way between the canyon walls of the Thousand Needles, weaving in between the natural pillar formations. The shocks were being put to the test on this ride, and Frakka was loving it. The sun was high and bright, gleaming off the metal of her goggles and the plate armour bikini top that hugged and lifted her large breasts. The red and silver top matched her hefty plate gauntlets and the rugged plate boots that she wore, as well as the red and silver paintjob that her chopper sported. On her legs, Frakka went for comfort over protection, wearing a pair of tight black leather pants. Her outfit showed off the way that her orcish green skin stood out against the red and black colours nicely. She had been driving for some time through the hot, dry air in the desertlike terrain, but she enjoyed the warm weather.

As she drove along, she squinted off to the left, spotting some motion over near the sheer cliff face of the canyon. Slowing a little, she lifted a hand to her goggles and adjusted a knob to activate the magnification lenses. Her view zoomed in on the area, blurring momentarily before coming into focus. "Gnolls," Frakka muttered, seeing a group of the shaggy humanoids gathered around a slender, robed and hooded figure. "Looks like they found themselves some sport."

The gnolls were jabbing at the robed figure with spears and swords, toying with their prey. Frakka could see some rips and slashes in the robes, and got a glimpse of pale pink skin beneath. The figure seemed lithe enough to be female, and was trying ineffectually to fend off the gnolls with a staff. She had a fair-sized satchel slung diagonally across one shoulder that was getting in the way of her wild swings, though she was mostly keeping the gnolls at bay for the moment.

Frakka applied the brakes, slowing down so she could get a better look. As the chopper came to a stop though, the dust cloud caught up with her, sweeping across her field of vision and obscuring the confrontation until the cloud began to clear. Grunting impatiently, she fiddled with the settings on her goggles until she was able to see again.

One of the gnolls was collapsed on the ground by the time Frakka got a clear line of sight, his body smoldering. As she watched, another gnoll brought its sword down in a vicious two-handed chop at the robed figure. The woman in the robes brought up her staff horizontally to block the swing, her hands shoulder-width apart along the wooden shaft. Frakka could almost hear the crack as the staff broke in half, the robed woman falling onto her backside on the ground.

"Looks like that's about it for her," Frakka said to herself. Still not able to make out too much under the robes, the orc flipped a small switch on the side of her goggles, activating the x-ray capabilities. The robes faded out, revealing a pretty young slip of a blood elf woman with short hair beneath. The x-ray goggles tended to wash out any colours, but she could certainly make out the smooth skin, skimpy little panties, and bare breasts of the elven woman under the robes. Frakka whistled softly. "Now that's a shame to let the gnolls have their way with. Eh? What's this?"

She focused on the satchel that the blood elf was carrying, and the x-ray goggles showed that apart from a couple uninteresting items like a book and a rod, the bag was completely full of large jewels or maybe crystals. "Blood and thunder," she said to herself. They must have been worth a fortune! Switching the goggles back to normal vision right away, Frakka revved the engine and raced over towards the fight. It took very little time for the chopper to close the distance, the gnolls looking up to see a large orc woman barreling down on them atop an obnoxiously noisy machine. One of the gnolls had grabbed onto the satchel by this point, and was engaged in a tug of war with the blood elf over it.

Frakka hit the brakes, turning the handlebars and leaning a bit so that the rear wheel skidded out to one side, the chopper sliding sideways towards the gnolls and kicking up even more dust. The blood elf yelped, and the gnolls raised their arms protectively as if to ward off the cloud that enveloped them as the bike slid to a stop a scant few feet away from them. Frakka planted one foot on the ground to keep the chopper from falling over, reaching down to pull her silver-plated shotgun from a holster on the side of the machine. Bringing the gun up quickly, she braced the barrel on her other forearm, that hand still holding the handlebar grip.

"That doesn't belong to you," she said, as she squeezed the trigger. The shotgun blast hit the gnoll who had been trying to pull the satchel away from the bloodelf, square in the chest. He was thrown backwards to vanish from sight in the dust cloud, letting out a yelp of pain. Frakka swung her leg off of the chopper, finishing the motion by putting down the kickstand with the toe of her boot. Letting go of the handlebars, she brought her empty hand down to take hold of the handle of a wicked one-handed axe that was slung over the back of the chopper.

Grinning, the orc lifted the axe and stepped around the bike. "It belongs to me," she declared, bringing the axe down in a brutal chop at the dust-shrouded silhoutte of one of the other gnolls. It connected with a solid thunk, and she yanked the weapon free of the dead gnoll's body, letting the creature fall to the ground. "So piss off!" There was another loud boom of her shotgun, a third gnoll taking the brunt of the blast. With much yipping and complaining, the rest of the gnolls scattered and scampered away, not willing to face the warrior-orc in order to try to reclaim their prize.

When the dust settled, Frakka stood alone over the blood elf, smoke wisping up from the barrel of the shotgun she held in one hand, blood dripping from the blade of the axe in her other hand. Smiling in satisfaction, she wiped her axe clean on one of the bodies, before shoving the weapon back into its spot on the back of the chopper.

"Like I was saying," Frakka said to the elf, levelling her shotgun at her, "Hand it over."

The elf had the satchel clutched to her chest protectively by now, and was still sitting on the ground where she had watched Frakka spring into action. Glancing down at the dead gnolls, she nodded slowly and held the satchel out to the orc. "Alright...but I don't have any money in it, if that's what you're after," she said.

"Hah! No money...that's a good one. No, there's no money, it's just completely full of..." Frakka said, opening the bag and pulling out one of the crystals. "Hey. What the hell is this?" she demanded, looking closer at the purple shard. "This isn't a jewel. What is this, glass?" She tossed the crystal to the ground, reaching in and fishing out another one before discarding it as well. Scowling, she upended the satchel and dumped out the large collection of identical purple shards, along with an old book and a silver rod.

"A chunk of silver? That's it? Bloody waste of my time..." Frakka grunted, annoyed. The blood elf moved forward quickly onto her knees to grab at the book that had fallen in the dust, her hood falling back with the motion. She had short black hair, a bit tousled from the hood, and quite a pretty face. A bit pale for a blood elf, and she looked oddly concerned about the book. But Frakka felt a stirring of arousal now that she got a better look at who she had 'saved' from the gnolls. She placed the barrel of the gun under the elf's chin, making the kneeling girl look up at her.

"I think you owe me big. I saved you from those gnolls, after all," Frakka said, slowly sliding the end of the shotgun up the side of the elf's head to press it against her temple. "Why don't you show me how grateful you are, and unbuckle my belt?"

Licking her dry lips to moisten them, the elf said, "Um. Of course I'm grateful, but I really don't see how..." Her words faded off as she looked at the orc's crotch, now much more close and personal, at eye level with her down on her knees like that. Her voice failed her when she saw the black leather pants bulging considerably, a long, thick shape running down Frakka's thigh that was twitching and growing even thicker and longer before her eyes.

"I said...why don't you show me how grateful you are?" Frakka repeated, pulling back the hammer of the gun with a click, menace in her tone.

The elf swallowed, carefully setting the book aside. "Er. Yes, when you put it that way..." she mumbled, her cheeks flushing. She undid the wide belt, casting a questioning look up at the orc's face. Frakka just grunted, nudging the gun harder against the side of the elf's head. Taking the not so subtle hint, the elf continued to unbutton the pants and carefully pull down the zipper.

Pulling the hardening log of a cock out of the tight pants, the blood elf whimpered at the heavy weight of the veined, green orcmeat that she held cradled in her hands. It was quickly growing to its full fourteen inches in length, the broad tip of it a darker green colour and already starting to form a bead of precum. Freed from the pants that it had been trapped inside all day, the massive member smelled of leather and sweat and musk, and the elf couldn't help but salivate at the heady combination. Beneath the mighty shaft was a pair of testicles that were just as impressive, hanging in a hairless green sac.

Frakka grinned at the reaction, grabbing the elf's hair with her free hand. "Now open," she instructed, the elf's lips parting a little. "Wider. I'm going to get _something_ out of this, dammit." The elf obeyed, opening her mouth wider, and Frakka pulled on the fistful of hair, forcing the big, meaty cock into the warm, wet mouth. To the orc's surprise, she felt the stretched lips close about her thick member, and a wet, eager suction pulled at her.

" like that, do you?" Frakka asked, rocking her hips forward and back slowly, feeding more of her beefy cock to the blood elf. The moan of arousal from the elf made Frakka laugh gutterally. "Oh, you little slut! Alright then, let's see how much you can take!" The shotgun fell to the ground so that she could grab hold of the elf's head with both strong hands. Her arms flexing, the orc physically crammed the elf's face forward into her crotch while bucking her hips forward. The big cock plunged into the tight throat, the entire fourteen inches buried inside the sweet suction of the elf's mouth.

"Sweet Durotar..." Frakka muttered, rutting against the elf's face, her sweaty balls rubbing into girl's chin. This was unexpected. The blood elf didn't gag or choke at all. She took the entire orcish cock into her little throat without a bit of trouble. That rarely happened with Frakka's partners, considering her size and girth. And the elf was sucking and moaning avidly by now, closing her eyes and savouring the experience.

Frakka just grinned broader at the unexpected turn of events, her cock throbbing and spitting out a hefty gob of precum to paint the elf's throat. She hauled the elf's head back along her glistening shaft until her cockhead just cleared the opening of the throat, then rammed herself back in deep, pulling on the elf's head to slam the eager little thing's face into her crotch again. "Nnn...yes...take it, you pink little whore!" Frakka crowed out, repeating the motion, starting to really hump the kneeling elf's face.

The elf just seemed to be more and more turned on the harder that Frakka used her face, the pistoning thrusts making a wet slurping sound fill the air, interspersed among the needy little moans. The orc pounded away with abandon into the elf's mouth, the slender throat bulging outwards considerably in an outline of the huge cock each time she'd slam in deep and grind into the elf's face lustily. "Yes...fuck...yes...take it, elfbitch!" Frakka grunted in time with her fucking, until finally she squeezed the elf's head in both of her hands, stuffing her cock in as deep as it would go. "Ohhhh! Ohyes!" she called out, her balls churning and lifting somewhat.

The big, muscular orc went up onto her toes, leaning more of her weight down onto the elf's face. Her cock swelled and then bucked in the elf's mouth and throat, unleashing a truly immense load of thick orcish cum. Straining and grunting with ecstasy, Frakka sent wave after wave of the spunk down the elf's throat and into the belly. The elf groaned, placing her hands on her stomach as the orgasm kept going, feeling her belly begin to actually swell outwards under the pressure of all of that cum that was overfilling it.

Finally, Frakka pulled out, the flow of orcish jizz slowing, the gap between spurts of gooey cum getting longer. When she was pulling out, one of those spurts filled the elf's mouth with sticky, salty cum, giving her a full taste of what the orc had to offer. Another spurt overflowed the elf's mouth to make a mess dribble down her chin, and when the green dick popped free, droplets of saliva and cum flew up into the air.

Breathing heavily, Frakka looked down in satisfaction at the blood elf who had managed to take everything that she could dish out so easily. Well, everything in the first round, anyways. "Alright, gather your things. Been a while since my last bitch rode with me," she said, putting her cock away and zipping up her pants again. Refastening her belt, the orc scooped up her gun. "Name's Frakka," she said, mounting up her chopper and sliding the shotgun back into the holster on its side. "What's yours?"

Wiping her mouth, the elf had begun to play with the dribbles of cum with her fingers, rubbing it all around, a faraway look on her face as if remembering something else. "What? Oh. My name is Kathiane," she replied, looking at the brash orc sitting on the motorcycle.

She began to gather her things.


◊ Chapter 2

The chopper roared along the canyon, the heat rising off of the rocks ahead in hazy lines. Kathiane's arms were wrapped tightly around Frakka's midsection, the slim blood elf clinging for dear life to the broad-shouldered orc. Frakka smiled at the feeling of the elven body pressed against her, Kathiane's head ducked down below Frakka's streaming hair, cheek pressed against the orc's back.

The elf's robes were not meant for motorcycle riding. At all. The way she sat straddling the bike made the robes bunch up in front, and the wind of the chopper's speed caught in the folds and made the garment billow out behind her as they rode along. The net effect being that her bare legs were completely exposed. She was wearing a pair of sandals with laces that criss-crossed their way up her calves, and her lacy black panties were quite visible as well, showing off her pert backside. The robes had gathered up around her belly, the excess material flapping out behind her like a flag.

Frakka enjoyed hitting some of the larger bumps at speed, catching some air off of them. Kathiane clung all the tighter each time the chopper would leave the ground, and made a little squeak when it would come to a jarring landing. The orc hadn't had anyone else riding with her for a while, and having the sexy blood elf plastered against her back just felt right. Much better than riding alone. And more fun to show off when you had an audience.

Speaking of which, Frakka grinned when she spotted a suitable ridge of land coming up. She cranked the throttle, the loud machine roaring like some wild beast and leaving the road to rattle its way up the gently sloped ridge. "Hang on," was all the warning her passenger got before the chopper sailed off of the ten-foot drop. Kathiane let out a shriek, and Frakka laughed heartily as they sailed through the air.

The landing was rough, a clattering sound letting them know that the chopper had shed a few minor loose parts from the impact. Kathiane lost her grip briefly from the heavy jolt, her hands flailing before grabbing onto the orc again to keep from falling off along with those discarded parts. Frakka chuckled when she glanced down, one of the elf's hands had slipped down into the orc's crotch and gripped tightly.

The hand felt good through the thin leather, squeezing her soft cock desperately. Her body reacted quickly to the stimulation, the massive shaft filliing out and stretching the tight pants with a creak of leather. Frakka could feel a warm dribble of her precum running down her thigh, and she called back over her shoulder, "Enjoying the goods, elfy?"

There was a soft gasp from the blood elf, her hand retreating back up to Frakka's bare stomach. The orc smirked. Apparently her new passenger was somewhat conflicted about the obvious attraction to Frakka's big orcish dick. Frakka had met the type before. Just looking for the chance to stare or touch, but feeling guilty about it the whole time. She'd just have to give the elf another excuse, then.

Frakka steered the chopper deliberately at a large pothole, hitting the dip with a jarring thump. Sure enough, Kathiane's hand 'accidentally' fell down into Frakka's crotch again, getting a nice handful. The orc smiled, settling back in her seat some more and enjoying the ride. Every time Kathiane would pull her hand away from the trapped cock, Frakka would make sure she hit a big bump or divot. And that hand would return to fondling her crotch every time.


Kathiane didn't know what she was doing. Why was she here, clinging to this orc's broad back on the deathtrap of a machine that was hurtling through the thousand needles? Not that she wasn't grateful for being saved from the gnolls, but what Frakka had made her do afterwards...she could still taste the big, sweaty orcish cock and thick, gooey cum.

The flavour reminded her of an even larger cock that had been stuffed down her throat a few months earlier. Shuddering, she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the image. Trying to block out the memories of why she had fled from Silvermoon city. How the succubus she had summoned up, Selanda, had run amok. It had raped her repeatedly and even assaulted one of the warlock trainers, Torian, before Kathiane was finally able to order it to return to its own dimension. Once Torian had recovered, Kathiane had been lucky to escape Silvermoon with her life intact.

And so she had set out on her own, but she felt like she had lost her way. Silvermoon city had been her life, and the rest of the horde were so rough, so savage by comparison. The orcs in particular seemed such a contrast to everything that Kathiane had grown up accustomed to. There was a certain illicit appeal to the orcs and their way of life, a brutal honesty that was very absent in the polticial machinations of blood elf society.

And Frakka...Kathiane had been stunned to find that the orcish woman had such a big, thick, tasty cock. She had thought Selanda, her succubus, to be unique in that regard. The blood elf stroked her hand along the swollen shaft through the thin leather, closing her eyes and thinking of the feeling of it plunging down her throat roughly, the flavour of sweaty orcflesh. Her arms tightened a little around Frakka, Kathiane's tongue sneaking out of her mouth to press against the orc's shoulder lightly. The elf moaned slightly, tasting Frakka's damp skin. It wasn't as strong a taste as the musky cock by any means, but it still made Kathiane squirm, dragging her tongue along the smooth green flesh, her hand squeezing the big shaft adoringly.

Frakka's throaty chuckle made Kathiane blush and quickly pull her hand back up to the orc's toned stomach again, her tongue withdrawing hurriedly. What was wrong with her? She was supposed to be above such things. She was a blood elf, a lady. Not some common whore. And yet...the desire that Frakka stirred in her was difficult to resist. She wasn't even sure that she wanted to resist. Besides, who was to know, out here in the wilderness? And did it really matter any more, now that she could never return to Silvermoon?

She had promised herself that she would never summon Selanda again. But she still carried all the tools that she needed to perform the summoning, she couldn't bring herself to get rid of them. Her dreams were haunted by Selanda's abusive treatment, the way that the succubus completely dominated her and used her for its pleasure. Over and over again, until she couldn't take it any more, until her body was completely drenched in sticky demonspunk, and still Selanda would continue to take out her lust on the exhausted elf. Its lust. Not her lust. The succubus was an it, Kathiane reminded herself firmly. She thought of the unquenchable lust that burned in Selanda's gorgeous eyes, the lust of centuries of confinement without being able to relieve the throbbing cock that had plunged into Kathiane so deliciously...

Kathiane's hand was on Frakka's dick again, pumping it strongly through the leather pants. She moistened her lips with her tongue, and craned her neck to whisper in Frakka's ear, "Pull over."

The noise of the chopper and the wind was too loud though, Frakka half-turning her head towards Kathiane. The orc was breathing heavily, enjoying the vigorous pumping of her raging hardon. "Eh?" Frakka grunted.

"Pull over!" Kathiane repeated insistently, loud enough to be heard this time. Her panties were soaked with her arousal, and she could feel a wet squishiness under Frakka's leather pants from the amount of precum that had dribbled and spurted out of that lovely shaft throughout the journey.

The chopper braked to a halt, and Kathiane dismounted immediately. Frakka gave her a smug look, putting down the kickstand and following suit. "Damn, girl. Didn't get enough the first time?" the orc asked, only to be met by Kathiane's slender body colliding with hers in an embrace. It almost seemed like the elf was trying to tackle her to the ground, but the larger orc hardly budged and Kathiane ended up plastered against her. One hand slid down into Frakka's crotch, cupping the large balls firmly through the leather pants. The other hand went around the orc's back, pressing the two of them together. Kathiane rubbed her face along Frakka's upper chest, dragging her lips along the green skin until she reached the deep cleavage. Her tongue snaked out, delving in between those powerful breasts to taste where the sweat from the beating sun they had been riding through.

Frakka grinned at this, reaching back with both hands to undo the straps of her sculpted plate armour bra. The top fell to the ground with a clank, and the orc's hands still reaching behind her back like they were made her chest push forward even more prominently. Kathiane buried her face in between the warm, slick breasts and continued to lick and kiss avidly. The orc grunted in approval, reaching down to unbuckle her belt and free her massive log of a cock to the open air.


This elf was continuing to surprise Frakka with the sheer display of enthusiasm that had been shown ever since she had raped the little slut's face. The blood elf had gotten over the internal conflict she had been having earlier in the ride, that was for sure. The wet licking of the little pink tongue along her cleavage and heavy breasts felt refreshing to the hot and sweaty green flesh. She hissed in a breath when Kathiane's teeth found one of her nipples, biting down on it and tugging. A spurt of her precum hit the elf's belly in response, soaking into the robes.

"This is getting in the way," Frakka muttered, gathering up the elf's robes in both hands, and lifting them up and off. Kathiane raised both of her arms to accomodate the orc without complaint, shrugging off her satchel at the same time, and left wearing nothing but her black panties and strappy sandals. Soon enough, the only thing she was wearing was the sandals, after she hurriedly wriggled out of her panties as well.

Then her naked body pressed against the orc's once more, making Frakka moan at the feel of it. The orc wrapped her arms around Kathiane's back, lowering her head for a lusty kiss. Her tongue pushed into the elf's mouth, making Kathiane swoon. One pink leg slid up and around Frakka's waist, both arms wrapping around her neck. The elf's other leg pushed off of the ground, and she hopped up to wrap her other leg around the orc as well. The big green cock was trapped between the two of them, throbbing out a substantial amount of precum across their stomachs.

Frakka broke off the kiss, letting out another surprised grunt at the enthusiasm this newly found slut was showing. The little whore was flexing her legs, pulling with both arms, trying to climb higher up the orc's body to get into position above the hefty orcish cock. Only too happy to help her efforts, Frakka's hands cupped under the slender elven ass and lifted her up until the broad cockhead was nestled in between the wet folds.

"This might hurt a little," Frakka warned the elf with a grin. "Okay, maybe it'll hurt a lot," she corrected, remembering the screams of the last tight little elf she had raped. "But don't worry, no one will hear y-...unnngh!" her smug words stopped in mid-comment, as Kathiane bounced her whole body up and then down, impaling herself on the huge dick with a happy cry.

"Holy fuck..." Frakka gasped out. Kathiane was very tight and snug, but clearly wasn't in any pain. Quite the opposite, the little elf kept bouncing up and down, taking in more and more of the big cock each time she brought her body weight down. Frakka could feel the forced stretching of the blood elf's smooth pussy walls, could feel them wrapped around her organ snugly, yet Kathiane wasn't screaming from the pain of it like the orc had expected.

"More, more, more!" Kathiane was panting, lifting herself up with her arms and legs and dropping herself down with each word, trying to drive more of the shaft up into her. A bit more than half of the veiny length was buried in her by the time that Frakka began to help. The orc's hands tightened on Kathiane's hips, pulling her body down while Frakka thrusted upwards. It wasn't long before the whole thing was hilted inside of the elf's needy pussy.

Frakka grunted in approval, hands sliding up to get a good grip on the sides of Kathiane's waist to assist in the elf's bouncing. Her biceps flexed, the orc lifting while Kathiane's arms and legs tightened to raise the slender blood elf's whole body on each upwards bounce almost the entire length of the veiny cock. Then Kathiane relaxed her arms and legs while Frakka pulled down hard on her waist, her body weight plus the orc's strength bringing her crashing down to hilt the meaty shaft entirely again. Kathiane did scream then, when their pelvises collided, before dragging herself back up the slick green pole once more. But it was a happy scream rather than the expected scream of pain.

It was animalistic, Frakka's upper lip curling in a snarl as she pumped the blood elf up and down along her cock, spreading her orcish legs further apart to brace herself better for the heavy pounding. Kathiane's short hair flounced about, her perky breasts jiggling from the vigorous humping, though not as much as the orc's much larger breasts would wobble on each heavy downward plunge. Frakka was already sweaty from the oppressive heat, but was soon dripping even more with perspiration once she really got into the fucking. Kathiane was also getting worked into a good sweat, and was starting to really slide up and down the shaft, their slippery bodies rubbing together more easily the sweatier they got.

Frakka blinked the stinging sweat from her eyes, and grinned toothily as each downward pull of the elf's body was starting to make lewd squelching sounds. The mixed lubrication of precum and Kathiane's juices was making the orcish cock a sopping mess, and the tight elf felt even better the longer that Frakka fucked her.

The orc had been teased too much during the ride though, and could feel the cum churning in her balls, could feel the need rising to unload in the slutty little elf. She began humping her hips in time with dragging Kathiane down onto her cock, meeting each pull of the slender body with a forceful upward pumping of her hips to really drive in as deep as she could. Grunting loudly, needily with each and every thrust, she finally rammed Kathiane down onto her dick hard, wrapping both arms around her in a bruising bearhug.

Kathiane was pressed into Frakka's body, her face forced forward in between those hot, sweaty breasts. The blood elf unhooked her legs at that point, let them fall from Frakka's waist to dangle freely. The orc grinded her pelvis from side to side, pushing in with all of her strength in an attempt to get her raging cock even deeper inside the blood elf's body. After several seconds of this strenous grinding and humping, the orc's orgasm was unleashed.

Frakka howled bestially, a heavy spurt of warm orcish seed jetting up into Kathiane. The elf whimpered into Frakka's chest at the sensation, rubbing her face from side to side in the deep cleavage to rub her cheeks all along the orcs sweaty titflesh. After the second powerful spray of cum, the blood elf twitched and cried out, her own orgasm rocking through her abused body.

Frakka only tightened her grip on the elf, crushing the frail little thing against her statuesque form and slowly grinding her hips while more and more of her seed was deposited into the surprisingly willing recipient. The clenching of the elf's internal muscles as Kathiane came heavily only added to Frakka's pleasure. She could feel Kathiane's tongue lapping along the smooth skin of her cleavage, and barked out a delighted laugh. Grabbing a fistful of the blood elf's hair, she pulled back Kathiane's head so that she could look down into her eyes. "You like to lick, do you, little elf? Good! There will be plenty more of that for you to be doing. Go on, back at it, now," she said, roughly shoving Kathiane's face back into her bosom while the climax tailed off, thick orcish seed dribbling down her powerful thighs.

Frakka couldn't stop smiling. Quite a find, this little elf. "Yeah, plenty more where that came from. If you liked that, you're gonna like bein' my bitch," she told the elf, giving her another sweaty squeeze for good measure.