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The Life of Emily Reed

by SecretSideOfKate


◊ Chapter 1

My name is Emily Reed.

I'm a high school student in my senior year. I do fairly well in school, mostly as a matter of natural talent - I'm a bit apathetic (some would say 'lazy') and so don't always do the work I should, but I've never had trouble passing and have always been able to drift through the academic side of my school life with minimal difficulty. It's the other side of my life I have always struggled with: the social side.

The simple explanation would be to say that I'm shy. I'm hardly reclusive, but I'm not very outgoing, and I don't make new friends very easily. My personality's also pretty off-setting, I'd imagine; I'm weird, and I'm a bit of a geek, to put the classic labels on it. I've got the glasses, I wear my hair short (just down to the bottom of my neck) and without any products, and I dress sensibly and plainly. It's a matter of choice, I think. I don't really want to be anything else. After all, I'm not physically able enough to be an athlete, not independant enough to fit into counterculture, and not dumb or pretty enough to be the kind of girl that just about eighty percent of the girls in high school try to be. I've never wanted to be the same as everybody else, though I never had the desire to be so much different. It's interesting how quickly you can be thrust out of a comfortable place.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a pretty shy girl. My circle of friends is fairly closed, and consists mainly of myself and three other girls. Out of our little semi-clique, my absolute best friend is Bree Landon, who is an outcast of a different sort. She'd probably fit very well into the punk circle at our school, but I guess they won't have her; maybe they find her too rough around the edges, or maybe she's just different from them in some other way. In any case, while those kids found each other, she found us, and I'm really glad she did. I doubt I could have made it this far without Bree.

On the day my story begins, I was meeting Bree out in front of the school. Classes had just finished for the day, and I always met Bree there after school. Sometimes we'd do something interesting, but most of the time we'd just hang out - I think I loved the time I spent doing nothing with Bree even more than the time we spent engaged in some activity. On this day, an assembly had cut into our lunch period and I hadn't seen her all day. I couldn't hold back a wide smile when I saw her, which was returned in equal measure.

Looking at her always gave me very faint pangs of jealousy, and sometimes I wondered if somebody like me really deserved to be friends with somebody so beautiful. Bree wore her hair long and straight, black (its natural color) streaked with vibrant pink. She wore light makeup that accented her soft features perfectly, and always wore clothes that really made her look great without being too slutty; today she had a tight black t-shirt and faded, ripped jeans, held up by a studded leather belt (I doubted it actually had any function, since the jeans were pretty tight as well). She wore her usual assortment of colorful bracelets and jewelry, and it all came together perfectly. I often wondered if it came to her naturally, or if she had to put a lot of work into looking so good.

"Hey." She greeted me simply but warmly. I returned her 'hey' right back to her, and we decided to go and sit around her house for a while. Watch some TV or something. I was thrilled about it.

Bree's house was around a fifteen minute's walk from the school, and it was a walk that I had made many times. On the way there, we talked about what we usually talked about, which mostly revolved around our lives, and everything else under the sun where applicable. This time, Bree was talking about her boyfriend, with whom she had recently gone all the way with.

"...but he's so big, Em. I can't even get it all in me, because it hurts." I nodded, but I didn't say anything. I never knew how to react to these conversations. It sounded pretty unpleasant, though.

"Oh... sorry. Is this making you uncomfortable?" I felt myself blushing a little. From anybody else this would have sounded sarcastic, but from Bree, it was an honest question. She wasn't always aware of what she was saying, and she knew that I had never been there with a guy. I had only ever had one boyfriend, and we hadn't done much, sexually. I was always a bit nervous to, and he quickly got frustrated with my chastity and left me behind.

"No," I replied with a smile. "It's okay, you can go on."

About five minutes before we reached her house, it started to rain. It hadn't been too bad before, temperature-wise; I had been wearing a hooded sweater, and felt fine, though when the rain started I began to feel freezing cold. By the time we got in, I was shivering, and I could see Bree feeling the chill too. She had a higher resistance to cold than I did, but it was obvious she wasn't exactly warm, and so she grabbed us a really heavy blanket to warm up under while we sat on her couch and watched TV.

The clouds outside and the small amount of window space cast her basement in a gloomy light that the television did wonders to correct. We were huddled closely together in an effort to warm up more quickly, with Bree sitting upright and me leaning against her. Although at first the feeling of our wet clothes and skin pressed together had made me feel colder, I became adjusted pretty quickly. As we sat there, talking aimlessly and watching whatever mindless nonsense was on TV, Bree absently started playing with my hair, and I inhaled sharply.

This was important, because it was the moment I realized I had a huge crush on Bree.

I'm not a lesbian. I know that for sure, because I really did love my first boyfriend, and so I guess I fit into the category of 'bisexual.' But all that I had been through with Bree, all the time I had spent with her, and all the soul releasing conversations I had with her had an eventual effect on me, I guess. Plus, she was drop dead gorgeous and amazing in just about every other way I could think of.

I realized then that I had been staring at her, and when she turned to look at me back I just blushed and turned my attention to the television screen. I felt a whole mix of emotions at that point: happiness, exhileration, fear and nervousness, among other things I just couldn't trace. We sat together without saying anything for a while, until a commercial came on for some kind of cheap perfume that insisted it would make any man want you with a voracious appetite. Bree took her hand away from my hair and looked at me with an expression that I knew indicated an idea had dawned in her pretty little head.

"Hey, Em..." Her voice had a kind of sly edge to it as she spoke, and I couldn't help but smile again.


"I just had a great idea for you. Follow me."

She grabbed my hand and I gripped it tighter than I should have. I wasn't quite sure how to deal with these (apparently) new feelings towards my best friend, just yet. It was a weird situation. Bree took me upstairs to her parent's medicine cabinet, and extracted a sealed bottle of pills with information on the label I couldn't quite understand. There were a few other bottles like it in there as well.

"I know you still want a boyfriend, right? But you're too shy to go for one yourself, and another one's not just gonna fall in your lap like Shane did."

I raised an eyebrow cautiously, and spoke my next words slowly. "Yeah, and...?"

"My dad's been testing these out. I'm not... really sure how they work, but since he's been taking them he's become a lot more confident, and I know my mom's been a lot happier lately, so... well. I don't really want to think about that part, but anyway. Apparently these are supposed to like up your confidence and energy levels or something. I know they're not dangerous because my dad's been taking them and I even saw my mom taking them once. Wanna try?"

My mouth twisted a little. I knew Bree's dad was some kind of clinical researcher, and if he was taking them and approving them for his family they couldn't be harmful. Besides, I trusted Bree more than anything, and I knew everything she did for me was done in my best interests. I shrugged.

"Okay, I guess it couldn't hurt."

She thrust the pill bottle into my hand, and grinned. "Great! I think you're only supposed to take one at a time, but I don't know. It doesn't say on the bottle. Just play it slowly, I guess."

When I got home later that night, I set the pills down in my bathroom before proceeding to do all the homework I had been assigned and reading for a little while. As I was getting ready to go to bed, and I stood in the bathroom brushing my teeth, my eyes kept drifting nervously towards the pills. Would there be side effects? I was determined to try them, at any rate - I really was getting sick of the loneliness, and I decided I could use something to distract me from my newfound thoughts of Bree. I would leave that until tomorrow, however.

I crawled in underneath my covers but lay wide awake, head spinning with thoughts of the pills Bree had given me, which quickly turned to thoughts of Bree herself. I tossed and turned in bed, and eventually got up in a kind of a daze to retrieve a picture we had taken of us in the summer when we all spontaneously went swimming. It was of her and I standing with our arms around each other, soaked from the lake and wearing only the underwear we had under our clothes when the mood to swim struck us.

I lifted the bottom of my t-shirt up, ran my free hand down my stomach, and then very slowly into my panties. From how easily my hand slid around down there, it was pretty obvious to me that I was getting really hot. Bree was my best friend, but...

I stared at the picture, barely blinking as my right hand moved pretty much of its own will. Bree had been wearing a white bra, and in the picture I could see the soaking fabric clinging tightly to her large chest and stretching outwards where her nipples stood straight up in the chilling air. Her breasts were a lot bigger than mine, and they were so firm, too. I would kill to have those breasts, but I decided I would also kill to feel those breasts, to knead them in my hands, to carefully pull and pinch those nipples...

My breath accelerated, and my eyes closed as I leaned further back onto the bed. My hand was moving faster now, and with my now-free left hand I pulled my panties down to my knees and spread my legs a little to place a second hand over the first that was already moving furiously across my clit. I imagined being with Bree just as I had been earlier today, only in my fantasy she stripped down to nothing, and I did the same. I imagined her kissing me hard, and then looking at me straight in the eyes with hers - spectacularly ice blue and pretty as I've ever seen - never losing eye contact as she slowly pulled her body down, laying slightly on top of me until her head came to rest right between my legs. I licked my fingers a little to enhance the effect I imagined her tongue would have on me, and tasted my own fluids on them. I was getting close.

I imagined looking at her gorgeous face, pressed between my thighs, only visible from the nose up as her mouth was pushed tightly against my pussy, licking and prodding. My hand was a blur now, and I didn't slow down even as I came. In the final part of my fantasy, I saw Bree stand up, my juices still dripping from the corner of her mouth, and I imagined she kissed me without even wiping any off. I plunged my ring finger deeply into myself, and put it gingerly into my mouth to simulate the effect. It was something I had never really done until tonight, and I found that after I had cum and put my fingers in they drew out with a white-ish, sticky substance on them that kind of resembled cream. My cum tasted sweeter than I thought it would, and I passed out on my bed wtihout cleaning up, exhausted from that session. I had never really masturbated to somebody I liked so much before - it had been exhilerating.

The next morning I woke up satisfied but slightly confused in the moment before I realized why I was asleep on top of my covers with my panties down. I pulled them up, embarassed (though there was no reason to be) and walked groggily to the bathroom, where I saw the pills as I had left them the night before. After some further deliberation on the matter of whether or not I should take the pills, I decided to throw away my inhibitions and take a chance. I waited a few minutes, and felt no effect. Stupidly, I took another one, plus an extra half for good measure. Still feeling nothing, I stepped into the shower, breathing a slight sigh of relief to be rid of all the sweat and fluids from the night before.

As I stood there, enjoying the sensation of the hot water on my skin, I felt a very familiar tingling between my legs, and I started to turn my thoughts back to Bree. What the hell was wrong with me? I had never been this horny in the past, and I rarely if ever masturbated both at night and the morning after. Deciding that I couldn't fight fate and that it would be better to deal with these thoughts now rather than having them persist into later on in my day, I slowly reached my hand down to my now-hard clit. It felt more... erect than usual, but I paid it little mind and went about my business. It felt fantastic. At first I thought it was a consequence of the water hitting it while I played, but I soon noticed it was starting to feel like it was... growing.

After a while of playing I looked down, and had to shove my hands in front of my mouth to stifle my scream. Where my clit had been just moments before, I saw in its place a penis of fairly large size (a rough estimate and some time with a ruler later found it to be about seven and a half inches), fully erect and demanding attention. I panicked. Where did this come from? It must have been the pills, right? Will it go away? If so, how long?

My anxiety gave way to the same feelings I had been having before. The image of Bree splayed naked across my bed still lingered in my imagination, and with some guilt I considered the fact that this position would ideally be the perfect place to try my new addition. It was clear that it wasn't going away for the time being, and so I reached down for it. At first, I went a little to low, only to find my pussy still waiting and still eager as well, with no testicles in between. I awkardly pulled down my left hand to give some pleasure to the girl part of me while my right hand grasped tightly onto my new member, and I started experimentally moving my hand up and down the shaft.

I hadn't had much experience, but I had watched porn before, and I was fairly certain that was how boys did it. And it felt incredible. The combined sensations of my one hand inside my pussy and my other hand shuttling up and down my dick was mind-blowing. My fingers moved quicker, and so did my fist, making slapping sounds against my wet flesh as I went. I wondered passively if I was being noisy, and then forgot all about it in my ecstasy.

Unexpectedly, I felt a huge explosion of sensation between my legs, and I felt the walls of my pussy contract as my new cock came unexpectedly, firing cum forcefully onto my face and chin. I should have expected it - I had been squeezing it and holding it practically straight up in the air, after all, but it still took me by surprise. I carefully extended my tongue to lick up the ejaculate. It tasted sweet - almost exactly like the cum that had come out of me when I was entirely female.

This was probably going to be an interesting day.


◊ Chapter 2

The worst part was when I regained my composure.

 In the shower, I had lost myself. We'll call it temporary insanity. I only felt genuine concern for a moment before the more uninhibited side of my brain took over, and my hands had moved pretty much of their own accord. It felt fantastic - unlike any orgasm I had experienced in my life, and I would have had no problem admitting that.

After the rush, my knees buckled, and I had to extend an arm against the wall of the shower to support myself as the water rinsed off what was left of both my "boy cum" and my "girl cum." When I realized how long I had been in the shower - not just masturbating, but recovering from the powerful orgasm - it occurred to me that I still had school that day, and that I had officially pulled myself behind schedule.

"Crap," I muttered, and stepped out of the shower, looking into my bathroom mirror to get a better sense of this... thing. The feeling (but not the memory; that, I'll never forget) of my recent experience had passed, and now that I was no longer a puppet to my sex drive (for the moment, at least) I could see things rationally. My new penis was still half-erect, and it stuck out almost completely perpindicular to my body at a slightly reduced size from what it was before. I giggled a little as it twitched and stood back at attention for a moment before settling back down to semi-hardness. The silliness I felt at the sight of the penis faded quickly, as I began to worry about practicality. Even if I set aside my persistent panic about how long this thing was going to be on me, I still had a lot of questions to answer. The first I had to answer was becoming more urgent with time: how exactly do I pee? With the exception of my clit, my girl parts were completely intact, and my penis seemed to function completely normally in every other respect. I sat down on the toilet tentatively, and relaxed, cautiously ensuring my thing was pointed down, just in case. The stream came out both bits, and with some experimentation I discovered I could stop either one seperately. I filed that away mentally, and stood back up. I still had a lot of questions. For now, the biggest one was, what the hell do I wear? 

I wrapped a towel around myself and moved quickly to my room as possible to reduce the chance my younger sister would see something under the towel that shouldn't be there. I flipped through my closet, and without much enthusiasm tried on the loosest pair of jeans I owned as a test, forgoing the panties, for now. The jeans still went on fairly tight, and I came to some difficulty in trying to pull it over my penis. When I finally pulled up the zipper and pulled the button shut (not without a decent amount of pain), I looked in the mirror and was treated to the sight of a massive bulge in the front of my pants. Girl jeans weren't exactly made to allow room for cocks, and the fact that even after a mind-blowing orgasm it still wasn't settling down only made matters more difficult. I pulled off the jeans, breathing a slight sigh of relief as my penis experienced freedom once again, and took another look through my closet. I wasn't really a skirt kind of girl, but I did own a few, and even though it had been kind of cold lately, it was as they say - desperate times call for desperate measures.

I slipped on some tight cotton panties with the aim of restricting the penis a little and holding it a little tighter against my body so it would be less visible. I paid careful attention to its position, making sure it was flipped up rather than down. I didn't know if my semen was the real deal yet, and I didn't want to take any chances. I mean, what the hell would I do if I got myself pregnant? I felt it soften a little, giving a little more room in the fabric that was already pretty tight to my crotch even before I had this. I pulled a black skirt up around it, and thoughtfully put on a bright green bra and a very colorful t-shirt to help distract people from my lower body. Opting to skip breakfast (I was late enough already) I ran out the door and caught my bus just in time.

The bus ride was fairly uneventful, though I couldn't help but feel a little self conscious. I was aware of every little bump in the ride, as each time we hit one my penis shifted a little in my panties and the vibrations were starting to pull it back into arousal. The end of the ride didn't come quickly enough, and when I got off the bus I crossed the street, walked into the school, and headed down to my locker, where Bree was already waiting with an expectant smile. She stretched, and her shirt was pulled up enough that I could see her exposed stomach, perfectly formed, and just the very top of her black underwear. My heart fluttered a little at the sight.

"So? Did you take one of those pills?" She asked.

"Yes," I replied glumly. "I did."

"And how do you feel?"

I considered the question for a moment. "Like I don't have enough room." Bree seemed a little confused by my response. "Fine," I said. "I feel fine." This was the easiest way to take her attention away from my particular... dilemma. I didn't really know how to explain to her that I had suddenly become partially male this morning just yet.

"Do you feel more confident or anything?"

"A little, I guess."

"Well, it probably takes time to work." The bell rang. It was almost a relief. 

"Well, I'll see you after first period, okay? Lunch at the latest."

"As always."

I moved slowly to my first period class, which was Biology. I had never felt so self-conscious in my life, and I had to constantly check to make sure I wasn't bulging or anything. I arrived in class without any incident and sat next to Sasha: another member of my little circle of friends. Sasha was pretty, but not like Bree; Sasha's good looks were more of a cute, "girl next door" kind of traditional appearance. Her hair was a plain shoulder length, light brown (about the same color as my own) and highlighted gently with blonde. She dressed more or less the same as I did and rarely drew attention to herself, and (lucky girl) had naturally darker skin that suited her perfectly. Plus, her chest was huge - the biggest of anybody I knew. I was surprised that her t-shirt could fit over them.

"Hey, we're like twins today!" She said as I took my seat, and for a moment I was thrown off by the statement. I realized that she was referring to the fact that we were wearing the exact same skirt, and very similar t-shirts.

"Yeah," I said, with a smile that was only really half-sincere. "I guess we are."

"You must have known I was going to wear this! Psychic, right? That's the reason?"

"Must be," I said. If only she knew the real reason.

I will say honestly that I have never in my life had a class that felt so difficult as that one. I have never needed to focus so hard (sorry for the pun) on what I was doing. Keeping my mind on my notes and my work was proving nearly impossible as Sasha kept popping into my head. The way her chest stuck out so much, how she kept brushing against my arm and leg as she moved around in her desk, even the smell of her - it was all extremely distracting. It wasn't long before...

"Uunh," I groaned gently during the time we were given to work, and she turned to me with a concerned look on her face.

"You okay, Em?"

I wasn't. "I'm not," I said. I was erect again - already - and I could feel the shaft pressed hard against the tight fabric of the panties. The tip had escaped its cotton prison and was rubbing against the fabric of my skirt; it was a sensation that felt really good, but also really intense. I squirmed in my seat, trying to get into position where the head wasn't being maddeningly teased by the skirt. "I'm going to the bathroom."

On that note, I excused myself, holding my books in front of my crotch to cover my erection as I rushed to the girl's bathroom. The feeling was almost too much to bear; it kept shifting in my panties as I moved, and the head kept rubbing against my skirt. I had the small but persistent worry that I might ejaculate before I got to relative privacy. What would I do then? How could I explain a cum-covered skirt? I pushed the books a little more into myself to keep my penis from moving around so much. I pushed open the bathdroom door with no small relief, only to jump with surprise as I noticed Bree about to enter the stall nearest to the door.

"Oh, hey, Em!" I felt my cock twitch a little. It was going to be a close one. 

"Hey," I replied briefly.

"How's it going?"

"I really need to -" I hesitated, for just a moment. I wondered if Bree noticed. "I really have to pee," I lied. Bree laughed.

"Well don't let me keep you, go!"

I slammed the door of the stall at the end shut as I stepped inside and pulled down my panties. I could see a faint line of wetness along the middle of their crotch, and as I pulled up my skirt, a thin, silvery strand of precum stretched out, unwilling to let go of either the cloth or my penis. I thanked God my skirt was black, or the little spot of precum (which I soon noticed wasn't actually so little) would have been extremely noticeable. I carefully grabbed onto my cock again. It pulsed back hard against my grasp, and I released it, slid my hand over my slit and used my juices to lubricate myself as I slowly started stroking.

"So, are those pills working yet?" Bree's voice, from the stall at the other end. I felt myself spasm a little as I heard her.

"Yeah," I said, as quickly as possible."I think so." I sped up a little more, while still making sure she couldn't hear me. It was driving me crazy; I felt like pumping my fist as fast I could, but then she would have known what I was doing.

"Awesome! So have you talked to any guys yet?"

"Uh - no, not... not yet." My breath was coming a little more shortly now. I wasn't too far off.

"Well, you should get on that. You only have so many pills, y'know?"

Her voice wasn't doing anything to help keep me in control. It was so light, so sweet; just hearing it made me want to do things with Bree that I preferred not to think about. I could faintly hear her zipping up, followed by the opening of the stall door, and her turning on a tap. I was so nervous I might be caught, and in such a public place at that, but in a way, that only excited me more... and I was almost there. "You alright in there?"

"Yes," I said, panting a little now beyond my own will. I bit down on the thumb of my free hand to keep myself from moaning after a shock of feeling hit me out of nowhere. I could feel everything down there tensing, the sweet pressure building. Almost there... "Fine, thanks."

"You sure?" Bree asked. And then it happened.

It happened more or less like this. Right after she asked me, I climaxed, hard. I felt everything below my waist tighten up and release in a huge wave of pleasure that shook my body. As I came, my whole body jerked forward, and my fist slowed down just a little, and at that exact moment, Bree's head popped up over the stall door. I stared at her, eye-to-eye, in absolute horror, as I heard the faint, impossibly loud "splat" sound of my cum hitting her canvas shoes... one shot... two shots... three shots... four shots... by the fifth I lost some of my force, and despite my best efforts I couldn't stop it. Her formerly black shoes were now covered in white goo that faintly smelled like sweetened bleach, and we probably stained. I looked from them, to her, to her shoes again, and finally settled at her face, horrified beyond belief as I awaited her reaction. Her jaw was dropped, slightly. What was she going to do?

Bree stared right back at me. "Oh my God," she said, quietly. I'd never been so scared in my life.


◊ Chapter 3

I was blushing.

I could tell. I blushed a lot, and usually had no idea until somebody told me my face was turning red. But this time, I could feel it all over. My skin felt hot - real hot, and I felt my heart pounding hard in my chest. It wasn't just from the orgasm. I was extremely embarassed, terrified and ashamed, all at once. It was a horrible feeling, the actual sensation of which is well beyond words. I opened my mouth, but it felt like somebody had just sucked all the breath right out of me; it came in short gasps as I fumbled for something to say, only really able to stare at Bree in horrified silence. I dreaded what was going to come next, and a big part of me just wanted to die right there and spare myself what I was expecting.

She took a breath, and her mouth closed. It felt to me like everything around me had slowed down. Finally, she spoke.

"We'll talk about this at lunch. At my house, so it's private."

At that, her head disappeared back behind the stall door. Looking under the door, I could see her lift her right foot to get a better look at the damage I had done. With Bree gone and the shock of the moment fading, I could feel myself tearing up, and I buried my face in my hands (only to recoil shortly after realizing I still hadn't cleaned them up) and I sobbed a little. After what felt like a very long time - though I found out afterwards it was really only a few minutes - I pulled myself together, cleaned myself up, packed myself back into my panties and pulled my skirt back up, returning to class with my mind a spinning haze. I thought I couldn't focus before. At least I wasn't popping a hard-on every time I brushed against Sasha, but I almost preferred the ridiculous horniness to the anxious worry that replaced it. I couldn't believe that I found myself actually wanting Bree to have just freaked out on me in the bathroom and gotten it over with.

The remainder of first period couldn't pass fast enough, and the rest of the morning just crawled by. By the time the lunch bell rang I couldn't remember anything I was supposed to have learned in my previous classes. The legendary "moment of truth" had arrived, and it was time for me to face Bree again. I met her in the usual place, out in the front of the school, and without a word exchanged we both started to walk automatically. Neither of us said a word on the way there. She unlocked the door, lead the way down to her basement that doubled as her bedroom, and she sat on her bed, motioning for me to sit beside her. I did so, reluctantly, and looked straight down at my feet. I could feel Bree's gaze on me, but I didn't dare turn around. I couldn't look her in the eyes now. 

We sat there like that for a while. A long while. The silence and the tension were unbearable. The seconds stretched on and on, until finally Bree broke the silence.

"So..." I raised my head, just a little, and held my breath. This was what I had been waiting for. "'re actually... a boy?"

"No," I replied with some indignation. "Come on, Bree. You've seen me naked before."

"Yeah, but,"She pointed in the general area of my crotch, and I felt myself blushing again. "You didn't have that the last time I saw you bottomless."

"It's... new," I responded, not really knowing how to explain properly. "I've only had it for a little while."

"Then, how -"

"Those pills, Bree!" I got a little worked up in my self-defense, and found myself looking Bree right in the eyes. I turned my head away, quickly. I almost felt unworthy to be looking at her now. Now back in my place, I told her the whole story; how I had taken the pills home, taken too many, and winding up with a huge cock between my legs. I carefully dodged any situation where I'd have to reveal the crush I had developed on her, and I looked up at her once again, very slowly, making sure not to meet her eyes. I saw that she was smiling.

"So since that dick showed up, you've been feeling to need to jack off like, all the time?"

I squirmed a little, and Bree smiled wider. She was being so blunt on purpose. "Yeah."

"Did you ever jack off to me?"

"No!" I lied defensively, feeling myself turn even more red.

"I was kidding, Em, relax." Bree's relaxed demeanor was really taking me off guard. I wasn't expecting this - I would have never expected this. "So can I see it?"

"You already saw it," I said slowly.

"But I barely got to look at it! I want to really see it."

I paused for a while, considering Bree's request, and finally shut my eyes tightly, pulled my panties down to my knees and held up my skirt. After a little bit, I opened one eye and saw Bree staring at it so intensely, looking at it from different angles and smiling widely. "This is so cool!"

I held my breath and closed my eyes again again. From Bree staring at it, commenting on it - I had never been scrutinized so much down there before, much less from somebody I felt so strongly for. I could feel the now-familiar sensation of blood rushing down to my lower body, and I groaned just a little bit. Not again...

I felt the bed move as Bree pulled back, but I didn't dare open my eyes. "Whoa! It moved!" She sounded surprised, and I knew I was turning beet red now as I went from completely soft to hard as a rock in a very short time, Bree looking on the whole time.

"It's so big," She said, sounding kind of awestruck. "I thought my boyfriend's was big, but damn!"

I tried to curl up a little to feel a bit more secure. At once, I wanted it to be over and to not have to end. It was a bittersweet moment.

"So, can I touch it?" I physically jumped, my eyelids snapping open as I stared widely at her, caught completely off guard and simply stunned.



"Fine... just don't be too rough, okay?" I knew she was just curious, so what was the harm? It was pretty weird, after all.

She reached her right hand out very slowly, and pulled it back gingerly once before finally reaching all the way out and sliding her fingers very slowly down the shaft. I couldn't restrain a gentle moan as my cock twitched hard, and Bree giggled, pulling her hand back once more, and then reached out yet again, this time gripping onto my cock firmly and sliding her hand slowly down it again. I squirmed and moaned. 

"Sensitive, huh?" I nodded, but didn't reply. She loosened her grip, and slid her hand a little further south. "I noticed you didn't have any balls, though. So is it just like a Barbie down here or..."

Bree's hand ran over my slit, and I could tell from the way it felt that I was already dripping wet. "I guess that answers that question." She looked thoughtfully at her hand, which was now glistening with my fluids, and licked it clean. I felt my whole form twitch at the sight of her tongue soaking up my shining juices. "Mmm. It's kind of sweet. Does your cum tase the same?"

"I... don't know," I lied again, to not seem like a perv. "I've never tasted my - I haven't tasted either."

"Well, let's find out." She bent over and slid the head of it into her mouth.

"Wait!" I cried out with whatever enthusiasm I could muster. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me.

"Relax, Em," she cooed. "You're so stressed. You could use some release."

I leaned back and gave up all resistance as she put it back in. I didn't know why I fought it so hard anyway; it was so surreal, like a dream. It was so much like my fantasy from the night before (minus, of course, the inclusion of a dick) that I was for a moment unsure if I was even sitting in reality.

The inside of Bree's mouth was hot, wet, and slippery. As I watched her incredibly beautiful head bob up and down on it, she pulled her hair out of her face and looked up at me with her eyes that were so pretty I felt like I'd cum just from looking at them. The feeling of lips wrapped tightly around it, the suction gently pulling back on the tip, her tongue twisting around the shaft, the moments where it slid against her cheeks... it was incredible on its own, and then Bree slid a lone finger into my semi-forgotten but still needy pussy. It entered without any problem, and she hooked it just slightly, enhancing the sensation tremendously. I bucked, and she slowed down for a moment before returning to her former pace. It was a sensation unlike any I'd ever felt.I thought I was going to explode. In spite of myself, though I didn't want to stop looking in her eyes, my own eyes rolled back into my head and I felt my arms (which were, to this point, propping me up) give way, and I collapsed on the bed as Bree kept her rhythm, fitting almost the whole thing into her tiny mouth. I lost myself then, forgetting all about the worries and stress I had before as the pleasure built rapidly. Building, and building, until - 

I screamed out loud as I came, covering my mouth to stifle it with one hand and gripping Bree's head tightly with the other as though to ground myself and keep myself from floating away with pleasure. She coughed a little on the first shot (the vibration tickled me unbearably) and I watched in sheepish, post-orgasm pleasure as she swallowed the remainder, slowly pulling her finger out of me and pulling her lips off my cock. "It tastes pretty much the same. Delicious," she said with a grin.

I released my grasp on Bree's hair and let myself go limp, breathing heavily. My heart was pounding again, but this time, it was purely from the pleasure. She shifted from where she had been sitting beside me (bent over in what I was now realizing was probably a pretty uncomfortable position) to shuffle towards me and sit even closer, twisting her body so her upper half was on top of me, our breasts pressed together, with her face just inches from my own, and without another word, she kissed me, hard. Now in a kind of a trance, I slid my own hand into Bree's jeans as we kissed, only to pull it out and find it suddenly sticky.

"You're soaked, Bree!"

"Am I?" She replied rhetorically with that same sexy smile. "Well, we'll have to do something about that."

She turned her legs too now, twisting herself even more so that she was now straddling me, and she undid the button on her jeans. I knew I had just cum, but I would gladly - gladly take whatever Bree was going to offer me. No matter what she wanted from me, I'd give it to her.



◊ Chapter 4

My head was swimming. My heart was pounding. It was almost surreal. I’ve had crushes before, but not like this; never like this. I had expected it to just blow over eventually, maybe after a very long period of suppression. Never, even in my wildest imagination would I have actually expected to get to this point with Bree. I was so happy, I could almost have cried. I watched her as she straddled me, positioned over my stomach, and slowly pulled down her zipper, exposing her black panties with a hot pink design on the front. She pulled herself up to start removing her jeans, and then…

Then the doorbell rang.

“Shit,” she said. “I better get that.”

Bree zipped herself back up and went back up the stairs, and I spread out across her bed, sighing deeply and listening to her ascending footsteps. She was up there for a while, and I absently watched my cock go back to being soft, apparently – finally – satisfied, at least for the time being. I rolled over onto my stomach, and listened to the heavily muffled conversation above. I could make out Bree’s voice, and what sounded like a guy’s voice. Then the basement door opened, and I heard her call down the stairs, loudly enough for me to hear, 

“I was just hanging out with Em, nothing big.”

This was followed by a slow march of footsteps, and in a sudden panic I threw myself back upright, pulled my panties back on, straightened out my skirt, and tried to look casual. When they turned the corner from the stairs to go into the bedroom portion of the basement, I saw that the male voice belonged to Glen, Bree’s boyfriend.

The best way to describe Glen would be to say that he was a big, muscle-bound idiot. He was nineteen, and spent the majority of his time in gyms, so he had a tremendously muscular body that Bree insisted was really sexy, but that I just found gross. His head was shaved bald, his mouth was constantly hanging open, and he had this terrible slouch that just seemed impossible to correct. He was also two years older than Bree, already (technically) graduated from high school, but there was no doubt in my mind that Bree was much, much smarter than he was. I had always thought Bree’s attraction to him was nothing more than confusing; she deserved much better than him.

“Hi Glen,” I said passively.

“Hey.” He grunted a sort of semi-greeting at me, and sniffed at the air. “What’s that smell?”

“Bleach,” Bree responded almost instantly. I was impressed. “Just cleaning up a little.”

“Yeah, that’s what women are for.” He laughed to himself a little, and Bree sort of smiled uncomfortably. I raised an eyebrow. I couldn’t stand being in Glen’s presence for more than a minute or two at a time. Bree sat next to me on the bed again, and Glen sat on the other side of her, and I stood up quickly.

“Well, I’d better get back to school. I can’t miss gym class again.”

“Oh… okay. I’ll see you later, Em.”

Glen leaned in to sort of clumsily kiss Bree’s neck, and she looked over her shoulder at me to mouth the word ‘sorry.’ The warm, happy feeling of being with Bree that had filled me before quickly flew away and was replaced with a vague sense of depression as I saw her with Glen. I’d never understand why she liked him so much. I hurried up the stairs and out the door, finally sitting down on her stairs to cry for a minute or two. The realization had just struck me that no matter how much I liked her, or how much I wanted her, it was unrealistic to think that I could ever actually be with her. We messed around back there, sure, but that was about as far as it was likely to be, and I could never be satisfied with just that.

I pulled myself together and walked briskly back to school. It was true that I couldn’t miss another gym class. I hated gym class, especially since the school had made it mandatory for everybody to take once per semester. I only had to go every other day, but even then, I often didn’t attend, and I had been warned for my limited attendance. I obviously wasn’t the kind of girl who enjoyed it.

When I got to my locker and pulled out my gym clothes, I was at last struck with an entirely new problem that should have posed itself to me earlier. How was I going to do this class with my new addition? I briefly considered using the classic “time of the month” excuse, but I had already used that one last week when it actually was. I was in a corner… I’d have to attend.

I opened the door to the locker room and walked extremely cautiously to a stall. I didn’t usually change in the stalls, because I didn’t usually care if the other girls saw me in my underwear, but today was an obvious exception. On my way, I was stopped by Laur. Lauren Connors, who we just called Laur, was the fourth and, I guess, final member of my little group of friends. Laur had very pretty red hair, cut short (just down to her middle of her neck, roughly) with enchanting green eyes, who without a doubt had the best body of any of my friends. She was really into athletics, and definitely had the physique to show for it. She didn’t have much of a chest (it was probably about an A cup), but that was probably because she had almost no fat anywhere on her body. She was only half-changed, wearing just the tight, plain white t-shirt she wore for gym, and her panties, which were a white bikini cut. She held her shorts in her hand as she talked.

“Hey, Em! Finally decided to show up for gym?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I can’t keep skipping it.”

“Great! Today’s volleyball day, I think you’ll have fun.”

At that, I entered the stall and shut the door, and mindfully watched under it and listened until I was sure everybody else was already gone. Only after that did I change, folding my penis as best I could in the semi-tight shorts to keep it minimally visible, and came out into the gym itself. 

I didn’t usually do much in gym class, but today I was even more useless than I was on average. My gym class was exclusively female (an option I had chosen thinking it would be populated mostly by girls like myself – I was wrong in that assumption) and I just couldn’t stay focused to play. The girls on the actual volleyball team were wearing their uniforms – the extremely tight-fitting, short cut tees and shorts. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as they moved and… bounced…

I muttered something about needing to go to the bathroom and ran back to the locker room in sort of an awkward gait. I was getting pretty sick of having to constantly cover my erections, especially since I had already cum less than two hours ago. I sat down and waited there, hoping it would go down before the bell rang in a few minutes.

It did, mostly, but then the period ended, and everybody filed back into the locker room. I didn’t care much about the changing into the gym clothes – it was changing out that got to me. After every gym class I had, there was always, always those few hot girls that not only showered, but strut around the locker room naked. Those girls that could eat whatever they want and never gain a pound, who succeeded in sports and were popular with guys, and for some reason felt the need to show how great their bodies were to all of us. I hated them for that. 

Unfortunately, today there was a whole new dimension added onto that problem. I couldn’t shower with this thing, or all the other girls would see it. I hung back for a minute as they started showering, and the hard-on that I had just lost came back in seconds. I had never been this attracted to girls before, and so I chalked it up to the pills again. Hormones. That must have been it.

Laur walked up to me, drying her hair with a towel, fully naked from her shower. I had seen her naked body before, of course, but never in so much detail as I was seeing it now. Since I was sitting, and somewhat hunched over, her crotch was level with my face, her trimmed but vibrant red hair popping out at me. I thought I could faintly smell it as well (though maybe it was just my imagination) and it was driving me crazy.

“What’s up, Em? Why aren’t you showering?”

“I… can’t.” I lied, scrambling for an excuse. “I’ve got, like… a skin… thing.” Was that seriously the best I could do?

“Don’t be silly. Come on!”

The other girls were pretty much all out of the shower area now and into the locker area, which was separated by a wall and a small door, leaving a good bit of privacy in the actual showers. Laur shoved me in there, and laughed as she pulled my shorts and panties down. The laughter, naturally, stopped there.

It’s worth mentioning here that while I – like I’ve said – am not a lesbian, Laur is. She wasn’t too open about it yet, but she once openly hit on Sasha when she had a few to drink, made a move on me once when she hadn’t, and had on several other occasions made it perfectly apparent to us how she was oriented. And while naturally she was very comfortable with the female body (largely as a result of this) she was definitely quite taken aback by my unusual appendage.

“Em… what the fuck?”

I covered my face in my hands. “It’s… it’s a long story.” I didn’t particularly want to tell it to her, either, especially not with my shorts around my ankles in the girl’s locker room. I reached down to try and pull them back up, but Laur stopped my hands.

“This is your ‘skin thing’?”

“Yeah… I guess so.”

She prodded it, and it twitched.

“Laur!” I cried at her, though keeping my voice as quiet as possible so the girls outside couldn’t hear.

“It’s kind of gross.”

“I know! But I can’t do anything about it for now! You’re not… you’re not going to tell anybody else about it, are you?”

She straightened herself out and looked me dead in the eye. “No. But you’ve got to do something for me, first.”

I felt my heart rate quicken. “What are you… what do you mean?” I was scared, no doubt about it. Laur was my good friend, but she didn’t look like she usually did. She was ordinarily a really silly, upbeat person. Now she was just kind of unnerving.

She turned back to look at the doorway into the shower room, and turned on the shower nearest to us, standing under it again and pointing at her crotch. “I want you to eat me out.” She said those words with complete finality. I stared at her in disbelief.


“I want you to eat me out,” she repeated.

“But I’ve never –“

“I’ll teach you,” she interrupted. “Get down on your knees.”

I did as I was instructed, and looked up at her from the floor. She pulled back the skin above her slit and the skin stretched out, pulling back the hood from her clit, which she pointed at with her free hand.

“There’s my clit. See it? Stick your tongue out, and lick it like you’re eating ice cream. Okay?”

I shut my eyes tightly, extended my tongue and pressed it against the hard little nub, licking it in big, wet slurps that made me feel kind of ridiculous and really embarrassed. Laur put one hand on the back of my head and gently pushed me into her body.

“Yes, that’s it,” she breathed. “That’s it, right there. Try sucking on it a little.”

I did so, very gently (knowing that too much would probably hurt, having had one myself until the dick took its place), then popped it out of my mouth to an audible moan from Laur and continued licking as I had been. She tasted really sweet, a product of her very careful diet that mainly consisted of fruit, and though it still felt so wrong, the newly-discovered perverted side of me was guiltily enjoying every minute of it.

Laur’s breath became shorter and shorter, and she dotted them with moans. I couldn’t resist moving my hand down between my legs, and slowly started jacking myself off, turned on beyond belief from eating Laur’s pussy. She came very suddenly, grabbing my head with both hands tightly and shoving me into her as she bit her lip to keep herself quiet. I could feel something dripping into my mouth and pulled back to see that Laur had released some kind of creamy liquid when she came. It tasted a bit saltier than her pussy.

“It’s girl cum,” she said with a slight smile, a sleepy kind of look on her face. “How does it taste?”

I said nothing, and she looked down at me. I just now realized that I was still stroking my cock involuntarily, and her slight smile turned into a wider grin. “That got you turned on, huh, Em?”

“Well… I…”

“It’s okay, you can cum too. But we have to do it my way.” Why did we always have to do it her way?

She pushed me off my knees and onto my back, gently, but firmly, and pushed my ankles over my head and my feet onto the ground behind me. I was doubled over now with my back on the floor and my penis pointing straight at my face, Lauren holding me in that somewhat uncomfortable position with one hand. She was a lot stronger than me – I already knew that for a fact – and I was aware I probably wouldn’t be able to get out on my own. At least I was flexible, enough so that it didn’t hurt too bad. She reached over with her right hand, and started working my cock herself, and I stared up at her, now visibly frightened.

“Laur! What are you doing…?”

“Just having a bit more fun. Like I said, we have to do it my way.”

Her grip was actually a lot better than I would have expected from a lesbian, and she held it firmly without being too tight. “Laur…” was all the speech I could manage before I finally came.

There was nothing I could do to stop it with Laur in charge, and she kept it pointed firmly at my mouth, which I hadn’t been aware was still hanging open with the tip of my cock just barely poking into my lips. The position of it, and the fact that I couldn’t budge, caused the hot jets of cum to shoot into my throat, and I swallowed it instinctively (knowing that was a better alternative than choking). I came more than I expected I would, and swallowed every last drop, adjusting to the taste fairly quickly.

Laur let me go, and I rolled back up to my knees and being upright, and she kissed me hard, her tongue flitting around my mouth and mopping up what was left of my cum in there. She swallowed it promptly, grabbed her towel, and started walking out again.

“Don’t worry, Em,” she said. “Your secret is safe with me.”

I stayed kneeling there until I recovered, and then pulled my panties and shorts back up, returning back to the now-empty locker room to change quickly and get to my next class. Just one more, and the day would be over.

I hoped I could make it.


◊ Chapter 5

Last period was English.

I had that class with Sasha as well – my schedule had just worked out that way. We sat together in the back corner of the classroom, which, as always, was a prized spot, because you could slack off and not really be noticed. In a way, it was the most hidden part of the classroom, and neither of us cared much to do work. I had always done well in English without really trying, anyways, and it was more or less the same for Sasha. I focused as hard as I possibly could in class then, with Sasha bouncing back and forth between paying attention and texting on her phone (I really couldn’t help noticing that the repeated arm movements from texting caused her breasts to bounce back and forth as well) and I made it through to the ‘work’ portion of the class without too much trouble. 

We were supposed to be working on a project. Everybody else was reasonably absorbed – some in the project, but most in idle conversation. I noted Sasha’s texting slowing down suddenly beside me, and she turned to face me with an expression that showed both confusion, curiosity, and a bit of fear. I knew, instantly, that she had found out my little secret. It was getting to be far too public for my tastes.

“Em…” she said, slowly.

“Yeah?” I tried to play it cool, like I didn’t know she was talking about. Maybe I was being paranoid, overreacting or something.

“I just got a text from Laur…”

“…yeah?” I could feel myself squinting a bit and recoiling just slightly, as thought I was bracing to be hit. In a way, I was.

“She told me about, uh. Something she ‘discovered’ about you in the locker room.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster as a reply.

“So is it true?”

“Well – “ No point in hiding it now. “Yeah. It is.”

“Holy shit,” she said. “Seriously?”


“Can I see it?”

“Sasha, no!”

She paused. “Can I at least touch it?”

“No way!” My friends were all perverts. I had no idea. 

“I wasn’t really asking.”

I jumped just a little bit as I felt her hand touch my leg. She stroked it a little bit, I guess to calm me down, and then snaked it slowly up my thigh and up into my skirt.


She responded with a grin, and pushed her hand in from the right side of my panties, which was the side closest to her. She shuffled her hand around in there for a while until taking a very gentle grasp on my still-soft dick. Finally, all the orgasms were taking their toll; I had four today, after all, and it was about time I settled down a bit. But despite that fact, in Sasha’s warm, soft hand, it came back to life, and soon was fully erect in her hand. She squeezed it harder, and I could feel it pulsing back hard against her fist.

“Sasha, stop it,” I whispered. “We’re in the middle of class!”

“I know! Isn’t it exciting?” Serious perverts, apparently.

She started working it, up and down the shaft, slowly, but firmly. Occasionally, she would stop and move her hand just a little further down and stick a finger inside me, which I guiltily loved. My pussy had almost no attention today; it was my cock that had all the fun. And there was a sentence I had never expected to use.

“C’mon. You can’t have all the fun,” she said, and grabbed my right hand with her free one and guided it down into her underwear from the top of her skirt, positioning it right over her already-wet pussy. I didn’t really know what to do with it, and I was almost too scared of being caught to do anything anyways. I moved my hand awkwardly.

“Don’t tease me,” she giggled. “Just do what you like. I know you masturbate.”

I blushed even more than I was already (if that was even possible) and I couldn’t deny it if I wanted to. I considered it for a moment, and then began rubbing her clit through the hood very gently in circles with my fingers, and she urged me to go a little faster. After a while, I put one finger in, pushed it in and out of her, and pulled it out when she started to moan. No sense taking risks – I paused for a while before rubbing her clit again.

At the same time, I was getting close as Sasha picked up her pace and added an incredible twisting motion to my cock, which was lubricated from my own pussy juices that she pulled out every time she dipped her fingers in. Now the mechanics of my coming orgasm were starting to worry me.

“Sasha, we have to stop,” I said with some alarm. “I can’t come here!”

She didn’t listen, and I think she actually quickened her pace. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I lost myself in the ecstasy, just for a moment, and at the same time I slipped a finger back into Sasha, who I could feel convulsing. She was cumming too. 

I leaned back in my chair, breathing heavily and spent. We had attracted only a few glances from the people close to us, and I knew that they wouldn’t have had the perspective to see what we had been doing. And then it struck me – the reason why I thought we should have stopped earlier.

“Oh, fuck!” I cried, loudly, and a lot of people turned to look at me. I sank a little, but tried to pull my pelvic area further from view.

I came, alright, and while it wasn’t as hard as the other times I had climaxed that day, this time was a little different in that I was still technically fully clothed. I could feel my dick, still-half hard, sinking into the newly soaked environment of my panties, saturated with juices not only from my satisfied pussy but also from my exhausted cock. And I could see from where I was sitting that the formerly all-black skirt now had these shiny, slightly-white splotches on it in several places. There was really no other way to explain this (at least, no way that wouldn’t just make me look like more of a slut than I was suddenly turning out to be), so when the bell rang I consciously covered the stains with my books and shuffled out the door so the fabric wouldn’t move to much. Sasha gave me a wink as I walked out the door. Clearly, it wasn’t over with her, yet.

So that settled it. All three of my closest friends knew my secret… and all three of them wanted to take more out of it than just the secret part. I knew also that it wasn’t just Sasha who wanted more – they all had given me signals that it wasn’t finished. In a lot of ways, this panicked me. I wondered how long this would continue. It had been a hell of a day, but cumming five times a day was not necessarily something I wanted, especially in such risky situations. 

I decided to head to the walk-in clinic to see if a doctor could help me with my… unusual condition. It was clear to me now that this was probably not a temporary addition. 

As much as I loved it, it was time for it to go.


◊ Chapter 6

From the moment I left the English classroom I never took my books away from my skirt. Even sitting on the bus, where I was pretty well concealed, they stayed in my lap. When my cum dried, the appearance of the stains actually got worse – they changed from the fairly transparent, wet shiny splotches that had shown up right after I came to harder, noticeably white stains. Fortunately (I guess), the skirt had been right against the head of my cock and because I had come so many times today already, the ejaculation was relatively small and pretty contained. As long as I had something to cover me, nobody would notice the sight of it, at least. The smell (which was basically the smell of sex – I did cum in both parts, after all) had dulled a bit too, and I hoped it was only noticeable to me because I was so conscious of it. I was almost home, anyway.

I got back with pretty much no incident. As I was getting off the bus I was a bit careless and let my books slip away from me a little, and Kelly Mack made the brilliant observation that there was ‘something on my skirt.’ I ignored it. Kelly was a popular girl who I had been friends with when we were little, but had drifted away from in junior high school when she started becoming the person she is today. She bleached her hair blond, started wearing slutty clothes and excessive amounts of makeup, and transformed like magic into a bitch. We stopped being friends after a massive falling out we had over some guy I liked when we were thirteen that she ended up fucking that same year (seriously, gross). She was really nice when we were kids; I still kind of wonder what happened to her to make her the way she is.

I got off the bus and made it to my house alright. Even though the way was pretty much devoid of people, I still kept the books pressed tightly to my body until I physically made it in the door, where I breathed a sigh of relief, set my books down and ran up the stairs to my room to change. I unbuttoned my skirt and slid it off, followed by my panties, and sat down bottomless on my bed. After some thought, I picked the panties back up and looked more closely at them. They were a bikini cut, and the soft fabric was a gentle pink color – or, they had been when I started the day. They were still damp, sticky, and stained with my cum. I mindfully put them under my bed. I would have to do that load of laundry myself.

I leaned back in my bed, letting the comfort wrap around me. It felt great to relax, finally. The day had been so stressful, physically and emotionally, and now I had a brief chance to let it all go. I felt my eyes close, and did nothing to stop them. I had earned this.

I don’t know how long I slept for, but it was still light out when I got up. The sun was setting, though, and it wouldn’t be long before the light faded. I had been woken up by what I believed was the doorbell, and to be sure I lifted myself from bed, walked out my still-open bedroom door, and quickly remembering I had nothing on below my shirt and that my cock was still dangling freely, returned to my room and put on some clean underwear (this time, a pair of hip huggers, with white and green horizontal stripes) and a pair of loose pajama pants before going to answer it.

It turns out that I wasn’t just imagining things in my half-asleep state. Since my eyes were sort of pointed down, the first thing I saw on the other side of the door were a pair of massive breasts on the left and a pair of smaller ones on the right, pushed up (somewhat in vain) by what I thought was a pushup bra. I lifted my head, but I already knew who it was: Sasha and Laur. They were both grinning, and standing kind of awkwardly. I could smell it on their breath: they had both been drinking. 

"Hey Em." Sasha was the first one to speak. "How’s it going?" 

"Fine," I said carefully. "What are you guys doing here?"

Laur swallowed audibly. "I’m sorry, Em," she said. "I know I said I wouldn’t tell anybody, but, it was Sasha. You’re not mad, are you?"

"No…" I actually wasn’t, surprisingly. "No, I’m not. It’s okay, Laur."

She smiled and hugged me, and I smiled as well… but my smile was quickly overtaken by Laur’s lips pressing into mine, and her tongue forcing my mouth open. I pulled away and looked at her wide-eyed. Sasha giggled, and stepped into my house as well, closing the door behind her. "You didn’t think we just came here to apologize, did you?"

My heart was pounding in my chest. They each took one of my hands, and led me up to my own room. I followed mindlessly. They were joking, right? I saw a clock on my way. It was later than I thought, and I found out that I had been asleep for six hours.

They pushed me back on my bed, and this time, I didn’t feel like sleeping. I stared up at them, now a little afraid. I’d never really seen either of them like this. Well, that wasn’t true – Laur had this same kind of demeanor earlier today in the locker room. Then that meant…

Laur and Sasha looked at me first, then exchanged glances, and Laur was the first to pull off her shirt. I was right; it was a push up bra. Her chest was small, and the bra didn't do much for it, but it still gave it a nice shape under her shirt. Sasha followed, slipping the tight fabric over her massive mounds to reveal an even tighter bra that squeezed the top of her breasts up over the material just a little bit. It looked like she was ready to pop right out of it. Laur lay down on the bed beside me, then leaned in and kissed me again, and then pulled back and looked me right in the eyes.

"We were talking about the fun we had with you - each of us - and so we gathered up some courage and we decided to come down here and get a, uh..."

"We came back for seconds," Sasha said, helpfully. Laur unhooked her bra from the front, and Sasha saw her, undoing hers as well. As soon as she did, her breasts spilled out into freedom, appearing even bigger than when they were in her bra. I could feel my cock swelling immediately at the sight. I hadn't been too energized earlier when Sasha had given me the handjob and fingering extravaganza, but now I was rearing to go again. My nap earlier must have recharged me... this was too much. 

"You guys are kidding, right? I mean..." I didn't know what I meant, actually.

Neither of them replied. Sasha sat down on my bed on the other side of me, and Laur got up, pulled Sasha to her and kissed her hard right over top of me. I fidgeted. I wasn't sure why, but I thought that was really, really hot. They both looked at me, and Sasha smiled.

"Your turn." 

I was confused for a few seconds before I realized what she was talking about, and then I sat up a little and pulled off my t-shirt, then unsnapped my bra. I was okay with that much, at least, but I figured I should probably put a stop to this if it got too far. A little bit of playing and kissing was fine. I could deal with that. But if it went any further...

It did. Sasha kissed me, and I opened up an eye when I felt the bed move to see Laur pulling her shorts off, revealing the same white panties I had seen her wearing earlier today. When she was done, Sasha retreated and Laur took her place, sliding her tongue back into my mouth (I didn't offer much resistance) while Sasha quickly pulled away her skirt. I'm not sure what happened between last period and now, but she wasn't wearing panties any more; another fact that I found incredibly hot. She was now completely naked, and I had a perfect view of not only her huge tits but her perfectly shaved crotch. I had seen her naked before, of course, but never really looked at her naked. She had a really pretty pussy, I noticed. It was completely smooth, and her mons veneris (the fleshy area, right above the opening) stuck out fairly prominently to give her a really sexy curve just above her clit. The outer lips were fairly small, but the inner ones were bigger and I could seem them clearly from where I was. It turned me on tremendously.

Laur kicked out one leg and moved it over to straddle me as she continued to kiss me, and Sasha stood up and moved to where Laur blocked my view of what she was doing. After a little while I felt her hands on my hips, and Sasha pulled down my pajama pants in one fairly swift pull. I blushed, and my cock jumped a little bit. Laur lifted her head back for air, and went back in to continue kissing me. Without thinking, I moved my hands down to her ass and squeezed it a little.

I felt Sasha's hands push mine aside and I settled them on Laur's back, who a few seconds later pushed her face harder into mine and moaned. I opened my eyes and pulled away from her to look around her body. Her panties were around her thighs, and Sasha's face was pressed into her from behind, eating her out. Laur's hips fell so that she was now directly against me, using me to support her. My cock twitched a little again, and she grinned at me before she put her lips against mine again, now taking more frequent breaks as her breath quickened, and she started gyrating her hips. The motion of her hips caused her to push and relax against my cock over and over, and I started moaning as well.

Sasha didn't take her face out of Laur's pussy, but I felt her pull my panties down and my cock jumped up again for a moment, free once again. Laur moved her right hand down and grabbed onto my cock, working it slowly, while Sasha slid one of her fingers into my pussy, which I could now tell was really wet.

Laur gasped, and her hips started moving faster, her hand moving in the same rhythm, quickening suddenly. Sasha responded by putting a second finger into me, and I had to focus very hard on not cumming yet. Laur, apparently, was not focusing on the same thing. She moaned loudly and stopped moving, retracting her hand from my shaft and relaxing completely on top of me. A few seconds later, I felt something dripping onto my cock - Laur's cum, the same that had fallen into my mouth in the locker room. Sasha pulled a finger out of me. "Laur brought something else for you," she said slyly, and Laur nodded, apparently unable to speak just yet.

I heard Sasha rummaging with something, and then Laur gently rolled off of me and Sasha took my hand, standing me upright. I caught a look at myself in my dresser mirror, my cock standing straight up and perfectly rigid above my glistening pussy. It was a weird thought, but I was actually turning myself on right then. 

Sasha got down on her knees in front of me and looked up at me, her left hand rubbing her clit and her right hand moving upwards to show me what she was holding. It was a vibrator, plated with green metal. It was mostly cylindrical shape, but it curved upwards at the end, and from the appearance had been well-used. Sasha stopped masturbating for a few seconds to twist the bottom to the lowest setting, and it started buzzing just a little. She moved her head forward and wrapped her lips around my cock, then slid the vibrator inside me, causing my whole insides to come alive with sensation. She prodded around until she brushed against a small patch that almost made my knees buckle - it must have been my g-spot, I realized later, though I had never been able to find it myself before - and kept the vibrator there.

I saw Laur lift herself off the bed, her panties now down around her knees, and lay down on the floor, scooting up to Sasha and lifting her ass up so her face could get underneath. Sasha took her left hand out of her pussy and used it to start jacking me off again, my cock lubricated from her saliva and the juices that coated her hands from before. Sasha moaned as Laur ate her pussy, and the vibrations tickled my cock a little. I noticed that her technique actually felt a lot different than Bree's. Sasha took my dick out of her mouth every now and then to run her tongue up the shaft or twirl it around the tip. I kind of liked the teasing.

Sasha's hands and head accelerated. She was close; so was I. Her rhythm changed as she came, and she was suprisingly quiet about it. I pulled her head off my cock and felt my pussy contract hard enough to force the vibrator out, and I came in both parts at once, the cum from my cock flying onto her face and dripping down her lips and onto her tits, and the cum from my pussy exploding onto her chest and stomach. I had never experienced female ejaculation before. I kind of liked it.

I grabbed her head with my hands for support and she slumped back a little, all three of us breathing heavily. The experience had been mind blowing: I could understand now why so many guys loved the idea of a threesome so much. When I could move again, I reached for my panties (first the striped hip huggers, but after a quick feel of my still soaking wet crotch I went back to the cum-soaked ones I shed earlier) and put my pajama pants back on. Sasha and Laur got dressed after that as well, and we said our goodbyes at the door again. Both of them seemed satisfied. I wondered if maybe they were so insatiably horny because neither of them had a boyfriend (or in Laur's case, I guess, a girlfriend), and decided it was probably none of my business. I checked the time again. I had wanted to go to the doctor's, but it was too late now. I would probably have to book an appointment for this kind of thing anyhow.

Exhausted again, I went straight to bed. I didn't have the stamina for anything further.


◊ Chapter 7

I awoke to the particularly loud and annoying buzzing sound of my alarm clock, as I did most mornings, and sat up in bed with the classic yawn and stretch. This was all pretty routine for me, except for the tent under my covers. That was new. I slumped back into bed. I came six times yesterday, and the damn thing still wasn’t settling down. I rolled out of bed, stumbled a little as I took my first few steps, and threw open my curtains to let the sun in. It was mid-day; it was Saturday, and I had nothing to do, so I allowed myself to sleep in a little. Which was nice, especially considering the events of yesterday.

I sat down on the edge of my bed, looking down at the front of my pajama pants which was standing straight outwards. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it; at some point in the night my cock must have slipped out one of the leg holes in my panties, and I could feel not only the tight edge of my underwear but the soft flannel of the pajamas rubbing against the head. I carefully pulled the pants up and over my dick, which sprang back in resistance, once again at full attention. I sighed. There was no satisfying this thing.

I reached a hand down into my panties and ran my middle finger over my opening to test if I was wet as well. And I was, at that. Very. I guess it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. Many was the morning I would wake up horny, which was why that was when I did most of my masturbation. Suddenly curious, I took the index finger of the same hand and ran it over the tip of my cock, a trail of precum accompanying it. Then I licked my juices off my middle finger, followed by the precum from my index. They tasted different, unexpectedly. I thought that was really strange. 

Giving in to what I felt was the inevitable, I pulled off the panties (which had already had their share of abuse yesterday, I felt) and grasped my dick gently with my right hand. At the same time, I started running the middle finger of my left up and down my pussy. If there was anything I had learned from only a day like this, it was that there was no fighting this. I would have to masturbate or I would be horny for hours.

I tightened my grip and started pumping faster while I put a finger inside myself effortlessly, letting my mind wander. Sometimes I went through brief, unelaborated fantasies, but mostly I just brought back memories of yesterday, going through my experiences with my friends and reliving them in my mind. I came back to my time with Laur in the gym showers, and stopped for a moment, releasing my grip and taking my finger out. Yesterday, she had pushed me down and doubled me over without much effort, and by the time I came the tip of my cock was touching my lips. I wondered if it was possible to go a little further.

When I was fourteen and just really discovering how great masturbating was, I watched some porn where the guy ate the girl out. After that, I nearly threw my back out trying to lick my own clit, my curiosity burning as to what exactly that would feel like. But, at the time, I felt like I had gotten pretty close, and that was a much greater distance than there was between my mouth and my cock. Maybe…

I shuffled over to the side of my bed, which, being put in the corner of my room, also put me against the wall. I put my back against it and slid awkwardly downwards, throwing my legs up in the air (I didn’t get enough momentum in the first try, so I had to try again) and putting my feet against the wall. I started “walking” them down the wall, slowly, and I reached up with my hands to try and sort of push my ass down towards my face – the “technique” I developed for trying to lick myself when I was fourteen. That was probably impossible, I decided, but this was the closest I had come, and it seemed to be paying off. My back was a bit strained and I was in an awkward position, but when I felt like I couldn’t lower myself any further the head of my cock was pushed firmly against my lips, and I opened my mouth to let it in. To my surprise the whole head slid in; either I was more flexible than I thought, or bigger than I had measured. I smiled in spite of myself.

I experimentally lifted my head a little, and found that I could fit just a little bit more in. I flicked my tongue around it, thoroughly enjoying the sensation, and bobbed my head as much as I could, sucking hard to compensate for the little length I could fit in. I cautiously freed one hand from holding my butt in place to allow it to enter back into my pussy, my finger moving in and out in the same rhythm my head was moving. My head started to spin – maybe it was from pleasure, maybe I was just losing circulation from my weird position, but either way, it felt fantastic.

That is, until I heard the door open.

I rolled out of my hunched over pose quickly as possible, wincing only for a moment as my back protested, and stared in horror at the door to my bedroom, a thin string of saliva still connecting my lips and my cock. It was wide open alright. And standing in the doorway was my sister, Jill. 

Jill is younger than me by a little less than two years – our birthdays were apart by only a bit more than a month – making her sixteen. Her hair was naturally dirty blonde, and that’s the color she kept it. She had the same eyesight problems I did, but preferred contacts instead of glasses, which I thought was a good call. They really seemed to bring out the green in her eyes, which were now wide open, and staring directly at me – specifically, my new addition.

Her hands were over her mouth and she was making these sounds like she was scrambling for words but couldn’t find any. That as just as well, because there was nothing either of us could adequately say at the moment. Then, she turned around completely and hurried down the hall to her own room, and I heard her slam the door.

“Jill, wait!” I threw myself off the bed and chased after her, again forgetting my dick was flying freely. It was still pretty hard, to my astonishment, even though I didn’t really feel horny anymore. I wondered if guys had to deal with this sort of thing. I had to return to my bedroom to slip my pajama pants back on (forgoing the underwear this time, since I figured this was kind of an emergency and it would take too long to try and get the panties back on over my dick). At that point I hurried down the hall and knocked on Jill’s door. I got no response, so I opened it myself. There was nothing, nothing I could possibly walk in on now that would embarrass me or her more than we already had been.

She was sitting on her bed, and looking kind of shell-shocked. I sat down next to her, carefully. 


“Em, I… uh…” I noticed her voice was shaking. I put my hand on her to try and calm her down.

“About what you just saw-“

“What the hell was that?! I mean – you have a cock!” She blurted, and then snapped her hands over her mouth again.

“Yeah. It’s a long story, but it just showed up recently. And it’s not permanent… I think. Other than that, I’m still the same girl I’ve always been.” I tried to sound reassuring.

“But… how did this happen…?”

“There were these pills, experimental drugs that Bree gave me and –“

“You’re on drugs?!”

“No! They’re not illegal, her dad’s a researcher, I was just testing them!”

“Oh... well, okay, I guess.” 

There was a pause then, but strangely it didn’t feel that awkward.

“You should be more careful about doing stuff like… that.”

I smiled. “Like you’re one to talk.”

She blushed brightly but smiled a little too. I had a vague suspicion that Jill was a chronic masturbator. She’d never had a boyfriend at all and I had caught her masturbating many a time – once I caught her twice on the same day. I turned eighteen about two months ago, and when she turned sixteen the next month I actually bought her two presents. One was the one I gave her in front of my parents, and the other was a high quality vibrator, which I gave her discreetly. It was really quiet, so I never heard her using it, but I had seen her more than I wanted to. She was an addict, I guess.

I turned to look at her, and saw that she was looking somewhat uncomfortably at my lap. I realized that I was still hard, unbelievably. 

“Em, uh…”

“I’m so sorry, Jill. I can’t control it, honest.” 

She giggled, and was just about to say something when I heard my phone ringing in the other room. “We’ll talk later,” I said, and ran to pick it up.


“Hey, Em.” It was Bree.

“Oh, hey.” I said, a bit awkwardly. Talking to her these days made me nervous, especially now that I had been with both our other closest friends. Twice. I felt like I was cheating on her, though there were a million things wrong with that thought. 

“You wanna come over and hang out today? I’m really bored.”

“Yes! Uh – yeah, sure.” I said immediately, trying to roll with it and sound casual. 

“Great, when can you get here by?”

I looked down at my cock still standing straight up, and the little bit of fabric on my pants that was sticking to the wet spot on my pussy. “Um… give me a little while. I’ve got to – I need to finish what I’m doing here.” 

Bree giggled on the other end. “Are you masturbating, Em?”

My face went bright red. I was glad she couldn’t see me. “No!” I cried, although I wasn’t sure why. I was. Before I had this huge crush on Bree I probably would have told her if I was. We shared everything like that – now the thought of it embarrassed me beyond believe.

“Well, whatever. Just call me when your on your way,” she said. We said our goodbyes and hung up, and I closed the door, putting some pillows in front of it to keep it from opening easily. I wouldn’t let Jill walk in on me a second time.

My back still felt weird, so I opted not to get in the position I was before, and instead lay down in the bed and took out my laptop. I went through a routine I hadn’t gone through since before the penis showed up – I clicked through a whole maze of folders, unchecked the option to hide folders, and went into a folder I had craftily named “data,” which had a whole bunch of folders that weren’t named quite so inconspicuously. I had stuff in there to suit my every mood; a lot of straight sex, a section for guys, a bunch of hentai (a guilty pleasure) and even a bit of girl-on-girl for when I was feeling a little more adventurous. And right now, I kind of was. 

I clicked on a video which opened with a girl on a red couch being interviewed by a French-sounding camera girl. I liked the idea of the camera girl rather than the camera guy – the guys often got too intrusive, they’d make weird comments or breath heavily, or occasionally interject with an “oh, yeah” or similar. I had a few videos like that, and I hated that because I felt it really broke up the mood. This girl was talkative too, but she had a really sexy voice that I was absolutely into. I pulled off my pajama pants again, grabbed my dick hard, skipped to a good part with my free hand and then put my fingers into my pussy for the third time. The part I skipped to had the long-haired girl from the beginning going down on a really cute girl with hair about my length and eyes that reminded me of Bree’s. She was using one hand to work a fancy-looking vibrator into the girl and her other hand to touch herself. I stared at the screen and masturbated furiously, watching these two girls go at it, trying to hurry but at the same time restrain myself to time my climax with the girl on the screen’s. It was something I do often when I watch porn – I’ve always felt more satisfied if I got the timing right. I guess that’s kind of a weird trait.

She curled, and her legs snapped together over the other girl’s head and arms. She moaned hard – probably a little more than she needed to, but it really seemed legit. She came just as I didn’t think I could hold on any longer. I moaned too, just a little, as my cum exploded all over my shirt (guess I would have to wash that myself, too) and I pulled my fingers out of myself, shiny and slick with my juices. I grabbed some tissue from the box beside my bed and cleaned off everything my shirt didn’t catch, then I went to take a shower.

I was actually going to be alone with Bree again. I didn’t dare think it would go the same as last time, but I secretly hoped it would.


◊ Chapter 8

The bus ride was more or less completely uneventful, although it felt like it took a really long time. It did, in a manner of speaking – we had some delays, mostly technical, which just compounded the fact that I was already later than I had expected to be in going to see Bree. But it wasn’t just the bus’ problems that made the ride feel slow: my mind was a whirlwind, as it had been frequently in the last little while. There were just too many emotions, too many thoughts, too much confusion, and it all came at once.

I looked down at my lap. At least it was being well behaved for a change. Just yesterday the vibrations from the bus had been enough to make me fully erect. Today it didn’t seem to be having the same effect. I didn’t know if it was because I had so many orgasms since then or just because I was getting used to having it around (that was a bit of a scary thought) but I kind of liked the idea that I didn’t have to work so hard to cover it up today. I had taken what I felt was a pretty big chance today, and worn jeans. They were the loosest ones I owned that I wore on days I was feeling a little fat, but they were in reality still pretty tight. I had tucked my penis between my legs (being very mindful not to let it slip inside – I still wasn’t ready to take that chance) and locked it in with the striped white and green hip-hugger panties I’d selected yesterday. There was still a bulge there, but it was far less noticeable; some sick part of me got a cheap thrill from the idea that people could tell what I was packing down there. 

The shirt I picked was also tight. It was a plain black tank top, and I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it, so if you looked closely you could just see my nipples poking through the material. I didn’t go braless often, because I was terrified of getting older and becoming one of those ladies who never wore a bra when they were a girl and had their boobs sag because of it. Mine were pretty perky as they were, so I went for it every once in a while when I wanted the comfort, but I was very conscious not to make a habit. They weren’t all that big, either – a B cup, 32 B to be exact – so that took a bit of the edge off.

But it had taken me a while to decide what to wear, and I had sort of been pressed to finish my talk with Jill and making sure everything was cool between us, and so had missed the bus by just a few seconds the first time it came around. Between that and the other bus delays, I was running really late in getting to Bree’s house. 

When I finally arrived, I felt a bit nervous that she would be mad or upset that I was so late. I knocked on her door like I always did, which was largely just a courtesy. If her parents were home, they preferred I knocked even if they were expecting me, so that one of them could answer properly. Usually it was Bree who came to the door. Today, nobody showed up, and after I waited several minutes, I tested the door knob. The door was unlocked, so I opened it slowly and walked inside.


I received no response, so I decided to head downstairs. I didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable with walking into her house like this, and I would expect her to take the same attitude if she were at my house. After all, we had known each other for so long and spent so much time at each other’s houses it was like we shared them.

As I neared the bottom of the stairs, I heard Bree’s voice crying out. Panicking a little now, I hurried down the rest of the stairs, and whipped around the corner to the bedroom part of the basement.

“Bree? What’s –“

I could have fainted from the shock, my eyes widening and my hands snapping over my mouth. Bree was lying on her bed, completely naked, her hands between her legs. As I entered the room, I saw somebody’s face rise up from between her legs… 

…covered in cum.

The face belonged to Cammy Ross. Cammy was kind of a friend of mine, but only because she was a good friend of Bree, and it was easy to see why. Bree, who had a very scene-looking appearance, didn’t physically match up that well with the rest of us. Appearance-wise, Cammy was the more obvious friend. She had spider-bite piercings in the middle of her bottom lip (two piercings, close together) and her septum was pierced as well. She wore her hair a bit shorter than mine, and her bangs went straight across her forehead and were dyed blue, along with the tips of the rest of her hair. She wore make up that complimented her hair and coordinated her clothes really well, and she had really cute features. She was a really pretty girl, but in my opinion she couldn’t even come close to Bree.

They both looked at me in shock, Cammy appearing not to even notice what was on her face or even that she was topless, wearing only her jeans and from what I could see just peeking above the waistline, pink panties.

“Em, I…” Bree began, out of breath and obviously struggling for words. “I, uh… I forgot you were coming.”

I was a little upset by the thought, but brushed it aside. There were bigger matters at play. As Bree stood up off the bed and turned to me, I could see clearly what I already knew was there: she was sporting a cock too. It was half-hard, which I assumed was because she had just blown her load all over Cammy’s face. Apparently just realizing it was still there as I tried not to stare on it, she ran off to find a towel. I looked back at Bree, but my eyes were focusing mainly on her penis. 

“Bree! You’ve been screwing around with those pills!”

“Well… I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like for a guy, you know? And so when you took a few, and grew a dick, I thought maybe this was my chance to find out. So I took a few and I woke up like this.” 

“And this is why you wanted me to come over? So I could watch Cammy blow you?”

“No!” I actually saw her blush. Bree didn’t blush often. “No, Cammy just sort of showed up here, and when I came to the door I had just woken up, so I was only in my t-shirt and panties, and she noticed the bulge, and… well, one thing led to another, and…”

“And she ended up sucking your cock.” I interrupted, pointedly. I wasn’t sure why, but I was kind of upset about it. Maybe it was because since Bree had given me my first blowjob, I felt a bit betrayed that she didn’t go to me first to return the favor. 

Cammy returned from drying her face off, still topless. I tried my hardest to avoid staring at her boobs. It wasn’t easy. 

“Sorry,” she said. “I guess it must be a pretty big surprise, huh? I know I was pretty shocked about it.”

“Actually, Cammy…” Bree twisted her mouth a bit as she talked. I guess this wasn’t something that was entirely easily to say to somebody. “Emily’s got one too.”

Cammy’s eyes opened large and she looked at me excitedly. “No fuckin’ way! Seriously?”

Without saying anything, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my panties down just enough to let my dick flop out. Cammy’s eyes were glued to my cock, and Bree was looking right at it as well. The attention made me squirm a little, and I could feel the blood flowing into my penis. I guess I have a bit of an exhibitionist side.

Then Cammy clapped her hands together suddenly, like she’d had a great idea. “Hey! You know what would be awesome?”

I bit. “No. What?” 

“If you guys compared! I can’t tell which one is bigger just looking at them like this.”

“Great idea, Cammy.” Bree was grinning widely at me. “What do you think, Em?”

“Um…” I sighed. I was never good at dealing with peer pressure. “Yeah, okay, I guess.”

“Great! Let me get a ruler.” Bree bent over to rummage through her school bag to find one, still completely naked. I watched her in spite of myself, her ass in the air, her pussy pointed directly at me, and her cock hanging down between her legs. My semi-hard cock sprang back to life instantly, becoming fully erect within seconds while Cammy looked at me with a wry smile. I didn’t even care that Bree had a cock now – she was still sexy as hell.

Bree extracted the ruler, and Cammy took it from her hands. “I guess I’ll do the honors,” she said with a grin.

“Wait!” Bree was still smiling, looking at my fully-erect cock. “It’s not fair if you’re completely hard and I’m still half cocked.”

“So? What do you want to do?”

She pointed at her penis, her smile widening even further. “I want you to suck me off.”

“What? Cammy just finished blowing you!”

“I know,” she said. “That’s why I’m not hard as I can get right now. Plus you still owe me one.”

She had me there. Without saying another word, I got down on my knees and took a good look at her cock, holding it gently in my right hand, relishing the very slight pulsing of it. It didn’t really look like mine, which I found surprising. Mine was pretty consistently the same color as the rest of my skin, with the head being just a little darker than the rest. The thickness was about the same throughout as well, with only a slight break in the transition from the shaft to the head. Bree’s, however, had a shaft that was the same as her skin, but had a pinkish-colored head that was flared and just a bit wider than the rest. I looked up at her for just a few seconds before I shut my eyes and slipped it into my mouth. I slipped my left hand down to my pussy, dipped it in a little, and dragged it up my own cock, leaving a trail of wetness that I used to start jerking myself off.

I opened one eye, and saw Cammy squirming just a little. “Okay, you guys. Let’s not get carried away.” She said firmly.

I pulled my head away from Bree’s cock, which was now completely hard once again, and she giggled.

“Aww. Are you jealous, Cammy?” She teased. Cammy frowned.

“No! I –“ She paused for a second. “I just think maybe Emily feels a little left out. I mean, since she got here I’ve sucked you off and you made her suck you. She probably needs a bit of loving too, am I right?”

I blushed brightly but didn’t say anything. Cammy stepped over to us and helped me up onto my feet, then suddenly pushed her face onto my cock, pulling out for a moment to comment on how much she loved the taste of my juices, and putting it right back in. I began losing myself again, as I had every other time I’d been in this situation. After a while, Cammy consciously reached out a hand to grab onto Bree’s cock as well, who groaned very lightly, but began to fidget after a while. 

“This still isn’t fair!” She cried, and Cammy popped my cock out of her mouth. 

“What isn’t?” 

“I can’t stand watching you suck off Emily while I just get jerked off!”

“You’re right,” Cammy said slowly. “You’re totally right. Let’s fix that.” She stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, and began slowly pulling them down…


◊ Chapter 9

My heart was beating a mile a minute.

I turned to look at Bree, who was watching Cammy fixedly and very gently rubbing her hand up and down her cock. I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of the attention she was getting, but I tried to suppress it. I didn’t really know what was coming next, but my mind was racing and my imagination was getting a little overboard with possible situations. I was both very nervous and really excited.

Cammy finished removing her jeans, and stood in front of us in only her pink thong now. It fit her really well, and even though I thought she looked really sexy standing there with that on and nothing else, I inexplicably found myself with a burning desire to tear them right off her and see what she was hiding underneath. I suddenly found myself stroking my cock too, and Bree turned and looked at me with a grin.

“She’s hot, huh, Em?”

I shut my eyes tightly as my face turned bright red, as though I was trying to deny I was really there, but I didn’t stop touching myself. I didn’t open my eyes again until I heard Cammy speak.

“Looks like you’re pretty stiff again now, Bree.”

She looked down. Her dick was so hard it was pointed almost straight up. I found that really hot, for some reason.

“Yeah, it looks like.”

“Well then, let’s get on with the measurements!”

She lowered herself to her knees again, ruler in hand, and pushed it gently against my shaft. It was metal, and felt cold against my skin. I jumped a little as she put it against me, but I relaxed as I started to get used to it.

“Okay, from the base to the shaft is…” She put her finger on the ruler to mark it, and pulled it away. “…about eight inches! Emily’s cock is eight inches long. You’ve got kind of a big one, huh?” I shut my eyes again, and heard her and Bree giggle. She shuffled away from me, still on her knees, and pressed the ruler against Bree.

“And this one is…” She did the same thing as she had with me, and looked at the ruler closely, as though that would make the results more accurate. “Seven inches! Sorry, Bree, looks like Emily’s the winner in size.”

Bree made a silly pouty face, and I actually giggled a little. It was the first time I’d laughed since I’d gotten my dick in the first place, and she acknowledged that. “There’s that pretty smile!”

I didn’t say anything back, but that compliment really made me feel great, especially coming from her. I looked over at Cammy, who was still just covered by that pink thong – a fact that was driving me insane – and back to Bree, who had started touching herself again, and was going back and forth between looking at me and Cammy. I was, surprisingly, happy on some level that she was masturbating to me, even if it was intermittently.

“Jerking off, Bree?” Cammy asked rhetorically. “What, my blowjob wasn’t good enough for you?”

“I can’t help it,” she replied. “Em started blowing me, and you started stroking me, and I didn’t get to cum yet! You can’t just take me part of the way and leave me there!”

“You told me to suck you!” I cried defensively.

“I’m not blaming you, I’m just really horny again, that’s all.”

I guess that she must have been going through the same stage I did right after I took the pills for the first time. That insatiable sexual appetite – I knew it well, unfortunately.

“We-ell...” Cammy said slyly. “I think we can take care of that. What do you think, Emily?”

I didn’t say anything, but I managed a very shallow nod in the midst of my blushing. I looked at Cammy – specifically, Cammy’s crotch – as she slowly slipped the thong around her ankles and off her feet, leaving her completely naked. I took the entirety of her body in. She was pretty trim, and had something like what I’ve always heard called an “hourglass figure.” Her breasts were average – about the same size as mine – and her stomach curved in gently before curving back out at her thighs and her butt. Her dark pubic hair was shaped into a triangle pointing down towards her pussy, which wasn’t like any I’d ever seen before. Her outer lips were large and round, while her inner lips were almost completely invisible.

She got down on her knees again, looked into my eyes, and slid her lips over dick once again. I moaned gently, and Bree threw her hands up in the air.

“Hey! I thought you said it was my turn!”

Cammy didn’t stop sucking or even look away from me, but she put her hands flat against the ground, shuffled her knees backwards and lifted her ass into the air, waving it gently. I looked to Bree, who looked simply stunned for a second, and then finally walked over to stand behind Cammy, her cock so hard that it barely moved as she walked.

I watched Bree align herself, rub her dick once or twice up and down the opening (I could see the tip sliding into and out of my view over top of Cammy’s ass) and then, very slowly, she pushed it in. Cammy moaned into my cock and shut her eyes tightly as Bree entered her, and the vibrations from her voice made me twitch a little. Bree’s eyes were closed as well, her face a mask of extreme pleasure.

“Oh fuck…” She breathed. Cammy pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned her head around to look at Bree, who was very slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“How does it feel, Bree?”

“Oh my god, Cammy… it’s unbelievable. You feel… uhnn. Incredible.”

Bree started to accelerate, and Cammy moaned. I stood in front of her, cock in hand, thoroughly enjoying watching but forgetting for a moment that I was supposed to be getting some too.

“Don’t forget about me,” I said, quietly. I wasn’t very dominating and didn’t really know what exactly to say, but that seemed to have done the trick. Cammy put my dick back in her mouth and started moving her head in near-perfect time with Bree’s thrusts, who was going a little bit faster and a lot harder, he hips slamming into Cammy’s ass with a slapping noise every time she pushed it in.

“Take it,” Bree moaned. “Take all of it.”

Cammy changed the angle of her head slightly and pushed it entirely down the length of my shaft, and I could feel the head brushing against her throat. Her lips were pressed against the base, and she carefully extended her tongue to lap at my pussy while she deep-throated my cock. I clung tightly to her head with both hands for support. After I got my bearings and Cammy went back to her rhythm from before, I took my right hand off her head and reached it around my back to slip a finger into myself from behind. Bree watched me with half-closed eyes as I started fingering myself, and suddenly pulled out of Cammy, who pulled her lips off me again.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll be right back. Just hold on.”

She fell back-first onto her bed, then rolled over and reached for her nightstand. She opened the bottom of the two drawers, rummaged through it for a minute, and extracted what I already knew was there: Bree’s vibrator. It wasn’t a cheap one. I knew Bree masturbated more often than I did, especially when she was single, and she took her “alone time” very seriously. She had her older sister buy it for her (which was largely what inspired me to buy the one for Jill) and had made absolutely sure it was one of the best she could have bought. She did a lot of research, as I recall, and she wound up with curved blue device, which was about as long as my cock. I could see as Bree made her way back towards us that there was a little trail of wetness running down her inner thigh, and my temporarily-forgotten cock twitched.

“Keep sucking,” I whispered, and Cammy smiled at me before obliging.

Bree switched the thing on, and it was clearly audible. It wasn’t loud on the lower settings – the expensive ones never were – but she had it turned up fairly high, and I could hear it from where I was. I could sort of see it slide into her before she pushed herself back into Cammy’s pussy, who responded with a loud moan and turned her head back to Bree for a second.

“Holy shit! Your cock’s vibrating!” She said excitedly. Bree smiled but didn’t say anything, lost in the pleasure of fucking Cammy, who turned back to her business from before and continued blowing me.

Bree was pumping faster now than she had been before, and Cammy responded by sucking me faster. Wanting to keep the rhythm and intensity, I pushed another finger between my lips and fingered myself faster, breathing harder. I was getting closer.

“Her mouth’s fucking incredible, huh, Em?” Bree panted, her eyes locked on me, studying my expression. “She gives one hell of a blowjob.”

“Yeah,” I said, not entirely sure how to respond. My mind was elsewhere to begin with. “Yeah. It… it feels amazing.”

I looked down, and I could see Cammy’s fingers tensing, digging into the carpet. She was moaning – I could feel it as she sucked me, especially when she took my whole length in her mouth. That was my favorite part – it felt so great when she deep-throated me and licked my pussy at the same time that I could have passed out. I saw Bree’s hands grab Cammy’s ass tighter as she sped up, and she began moaning louder as well.

“Oh god, yes. You like that? You like that, Cammy?”

“Mmnh,” she replied, her mouth full of my cock. I had never seen this side of Bree before. She was so dominating, so controlling. It was a little scary to see her in that light, but it was pretty hot, too.

“Deep-throat it again,” I said automatically, without even really thinking about it. “And lick me like you did before.”

She did, and Bree laughed just a bit between moans. “That’s it, Em… that’s the spirit.”

I started moaning too, now, letting my inhibitions stand aside for a while as pleasure took over. I didn’t even think of how loud I was being. I was close. Really close. I could feel that familiar sensation building, that huge accumulation of pressure as both my cock and my pussy neared sweet release. I looked up at Bree, whose face was contorting in the same way I imagined mine did. She was slamming in and out of Cammy so fast now that she was barely even pulling out before thrusting in again – she was getting close too, and from the looks of it, Cammy – who was now supported only by her left hand in the front while her right toyed hard with her clit – was almost there too.

“I’m going to…” I pulled Cammy’s head back a little with my hands as I announced it. “I’m gonna cum. I’m really close.”

“Cum on her face, Em.” Bree commanded me, and I pulled my dick out of Cammy’s mouth without even thinking. “I want to see you shoot it on her face.”

I started stroking myself furiously at the same pace I was pushing my fingers into myself. My pussy came first, pulsing hard around my fingers, and I lurched forward as my cock came seconds later, shooting hot white jets of my cum onto Cammy’s face, which ran down onto her chin, down her neck and onto her boobs. I felt my knees buckle, and stumbled over to land on Bree’s bed.

Bree tensed a few seconds after that, and rocked her head back.

“Oh, fuck! I’m about to cum!” She cried. “Turn around!“

She pulled herself out of Cammy and helped her up so that she was kneeling straight up now and facing Bree, my cum still dripping down her face and breasts while her hand moved blindingly fast over her clit. Bree hammered her hand up and down her dick while her other hand continued pushing the vibrator into herself, until…

The vibrator was pushed out of her as her pussy came, sending a small stream of female ejaculate onto the floor. At the same time, I thought I could actually see her cock pulse as her cum shot out and splashed onto Cammy’s tits, hers dribbling down Cammy’s stomach and down towards her pussy. Bree fell back onto the bed with me, and we watched Cammy while she finished herself off with the vibrator that was still shining with Bree’s juices. When she came at last, she joined us lying on the bed, and both Bree and I couldn’t hold back looks of tremendous satisfaction at Cammy, who was still covered in our cum.

“That was in-fucking-credible,” Bree said after a while of silence. I nodded in agreement, and Cammy voiced her satisfaction as well. Bree had a huge smile on her face. “That was impressive, Em.”

“What was?” I asked, still a bit short of breath.

“You let go a little. You looked kind of liberated, you know?”

“Oh,” I replied. “That.” Truth was, I was aware of it too, and it was sort of disconcerting. That wasn’t really the kind of person I was – or was it?

“You’re still not even,” Cammy said. “Take a rain check, Em – you’ve got to fuck me next time.”

Bree giggled, and I blushed again. We lay there together for a while, each enjoying our mutual satisfaction. Eventually Cammy got up to clean herself off again, and returned to get dressed.

“Awesome as that was, we’ve got to get moving, Bree. We’ve got work in a few.”

“Oh shit, you’re right!” Bree jumped up, ran over to her dresser and started looking contemplative.

“Wear a skirt,” I said helpfully. “And tight panties.”

“Thanks, Em,” she chuckled. “I guess you’re the expert, huh?”

She got dressed as well, and looked to me before she left with Cammy. “You can chill here however long you want, Em. Just lock the door on your way out. We gotta get to work.”

Bree and Cammy both worked in the same girls’ clothing store, and as I understood it, it was how they met. I guessed that was probably why Cammy had shown up at Bree’s today – they probably had the same shift time and were heading down together.

After a while of lying on Bree’s bed, I stood up, got dressed again, and started out, pausing thoughtfully for a moment to pick something up off the floor before I left, and stuffed it in my pocket.

It was a pair of Bree’s panties, with two tiny wet spots; one where her pussy had been, one where her cock had been. I stepped out of her house, and headed towards the bus stop, a bit concerned. It was true – I had been pretty uninhibited during the threesome, at least compared to how I usually was. And I had even gone so far as to take a pair of Bree’s panties – a fact I wasn’t really regretting, and that disturbed me. It was so strange and perverted that I couldn’t help but feel a little upset about it.

I took out my cell phone, and dialed my doctor’s number. This thing was changing me. I had to get rid of it.


◊ Chapter 10

“Emily Reed?”

I stood up and walked over to the woman who had called my name.

“Right this way, please.”

I followed her through the very bland hallways of the doctor’s office. I had been lucky – somebody cancelled just moments before I called, and I had been able to get to see my doctor the same day.

“She’ll be right in.”

The nurse closed the door behind her, and I sat on the table, waiting just a little impatiently for the doctor. I tried to keep my mind blank as possible. Over-thinking things now wouldn’t do me any good.

The door opened a few minutes later, and my doctor, Dr. Shepherd, stepped into the room. She greeted me with the same warm smile she always did, ever since I was a kid. There was still something strangely reassuring about it.

“So, Emily, how’s it going?” She asked, just as she always did.

“It’s been better,” I replied evenly.

“It says here the nature of your appointment is… personal? What exactly is wrong?”

I actually hadn’t prepared an answer for that question. I mean, really – how do you answer that in a way that makes sense? “I, um…”

I gave her a rough outline of my story, carefully dodging my myriad sexual encounters (and, I realized, there had been many). I finished it with the best summary I could manage: “…so now, I’ve got a penis.”

Dr. Shepherd just looked stunned. “…is this a joke?”

“Believe me,” I replied in monotone. “I wouldn’t joke about this.”

“Well, I’m going to have to see it.”

I jumped off the table, pulled down my jeans and put my hands on my hips, wanting to get it over with as soon as possible. Even in routine examinations and trips to the gynecologist I felt embarrassed. In this situation, the embarrassment was incomparable. Dr. Shepherd put on a pair of rubber gloves and carefully handled it – I found the texture of the gloves extremely unpleasant against the skin there – and eventually held it in her left hand and flicked it hard with her right.

“Ow!” I cried.

“Wow, you can really feel that? How interesting…”

She asked me a few questions about it, and I responded to all of them, carefully dodging the topic of the drugs. In the end, she told me she’d need to do some tests, and so she wrote some things down on a pretty complex-looking form and sent me up to the lab on the third floor. I pulled my pants back up and did as I was told, riding the elevator up with several other people. I felt extremely uncomfortable there, like they somehow knew what I was there for. I pushed the written side of the forms more tightly against myself so they wouldn’t see. As if they’d knew what it meant, anyhow.

I had to sit in another waiting room before I could bring up my forms. They took a look at them, and a middle-aged woman led me to a small bathroom, holding two plastic cups and looking contemplative.

“This can’t be right,” she said slowly.

“It probably is.” I replied.

“It says here that you’re supposed to urinate… half in this one from your female part, and half in this one from your male part?” She looked up at me with a confused expression. I blushed.

“No, that’s… that’s right.” She handed me the cups and left without saying another word, but I doubt I’ll ever forget the expression she gave me. Confusion, disgust, judgment. Like I was a freak. I guess I probably was, at that point.

I sat on the toilet in a relatively awkward position, not entirely sure how to handle this. I held one of the cups with my left hand underneath my vagina, and the other one was held with the three bottom fingers of my right hand while I held the tip of my penis with the thumb and forefinger. I relaxed, filled each of them up about a third of the way, put the lids back on and put them in the cabinet as I was instructed. I returned to the front, and the same woman took the samples and put me back in the bathroom with yet another cup.

“And you’re… uh, you’re supposed to… ejaculate into this one. It says.” I nodded but didn’t say anything. It was clear from her tone now that she wanted to be away from me as quickly as possible, so I took the cup from her and she paused at the door. “Um. Did you want a magazine, or… something…?” I shook my head, and she left again.

Since I was, again, not entirely sure how to approach this situation, I remained standing up, pulled my jeans down to my knees again and started pulling at my dick. It was a horrible experience. It felt so clinical, so cold that I couldn’t even get erect, and I must have spent the better part of a half hour in there trying to get something. When I finally came, I was still only half-hard, and it was with no pleasure at all. It was also the least I had cum since I got this thing – something like two small shots, and the rest just dribbled out. I put the cup in the same cabinet as before, went back to the front, got some blood tests done, and finally, I was free.

* * * * *

The first thing I did when I got home was head up to my room and shut the door behind me, sitting on my bed and burying my face in my hands. I felt a whole lot of things – the hurricane of emotion that was becoming common ever since I found myself the “proud” owner of a penis. A big part of it was humiliation from my trip to the doctor, and fear of my changing personally. It was a subtle change, but I was worried it was going to get out of hand. I tried to push those thoughts away when I reached into my pocket and extracted the panties.

Without really thinking about it, I pressed them gently against my face, taking in her sweet aroma as deeply as I could. I knew it was weird, perverted and overall, not like me, but I was having trouble not just going with the flow and enjoying the situation regardless. To my surprise, while it did excite me, I didn’t feel myself getting an erection. It was a nice change of pace. It wasn’t an entirely sexual action; part of it was just wanting to smell her, and have, if only for a second, a fleeting sensation of her presence. It comforted me, and I needed some comfort.

My phone rang while I was off in my own strange little world, and I took it as an immediate relief. I didn’t want to be alone right now, really. It was just me and my thoughts, and I wasn’t a big fan of my thoughts at the moment. I picked it up.


“Hey, Em?” The voice on the other side belonged to Bree.

“Hey Bree,” I replied, my voice quieter than I thought it would be. “What’s up?”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“Kelly Mack’s having a house party tonight. You wanna go?”

I raised an eyebrow, even though she couldn’t see me. Bree hated Kelly even more than I did. She was a complete bitch to us both, but she had taken it even further with Bree – maybe because they’d never been friends, though Kelly and I had. I recall an occasion about a year ago when she’d broken into Bree’s locker after gym and took all her clothes, then stole her gym clothes when she came in to change and pushed her out of the locker room in just her panties, since Bree hadn’t worn a bra that day and only come with a sports bra for the sake of the class. She was so humiliated that she was out of school for a week and a half, and for that time she was almost suicidal. I couldn’t imagine why she wanted to go to a house party there.

“Kelly Mack…?”

“Yeah, I know. But Glen’s going, and a lot of other people I know, and, I don’t know. I don’t really have to deal with Kelly’s bullshit if I don’t want to, and it could be fun. Plus, it’ll make it easier if you come. You in?”

I sighed. “Alright, I guess,” I said. “But at the first sign of trouble, we’re leaving. Okay?”

She giggled. “Of course. I’ll get Glen to come by and pick you up later. See you tonight.”

“Yeah,” I said. “See you.”

I hung up the phone, looked at the panties in my hand and hid them under my bed, next to my heavily abused panties from yesterday and this morning. I turned on my TV and watched it mindlessly for a while, using it as white noise to try and turn off my brain for a little bit.

* * * * *

My phone rang again, and I realized I had fallen asleep again. It might have been a side effect of the pill, the semi-depression I was heading into, or the sexually exhausting period of the last day and a half – or possibly a combination of all of them – but I was so tired lately. I took a moment to get my bearings, and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I said, groggily.

“Em! We’re outside.”

I nodded, apparently not realizing that Bree couldn’t see me through the phone, and hung up, brushed myself off, and headed downstairs, outside and into Glen’s car. He took a lot of pride in that stupid car. All the money, all the time invested, and it still just made him look like a douche.

Glen didn’t say anything to me as I got in, and by now I was pretty confident that he was aware I didn’t like him one bit.

“Man, this party’s going to be sick,” he said eventually. “It’s gonna be fucking crazy.”

“Yeah,” Bree said unenthusiastically. “It’ll be great.”

It was pretty clear to me then that she was mostly only going for Glen’s sake.

“I hear Kelly throws great parties,” I said, to try and keep the car from plunging into total silence.

“Fuck yeah. And she’s so god damn hot.” Bree shot him a look at that comment, and he just shrugged. “Don’t get pissed at me, it’s not my fault she’s so hot. Maybe you should ask her for tips, or something.”

I heard Bree take a sharp breath in, and her head turned straight forward without saying anything. This was not the Bree I knew, at least, not the Bree that the world beyond Glen knew. I expected her to respond less than pleasantly, but she didn’t say a word. I shook my head quietly, but kept silent as well.

And the rest of the car ride followed in this way. Glen turned on the radio at one point, but none of us spoke until we got there. Kelly lived in the same house she had when we were friends – a great big expensive thing, reflective of how grossly rich her parents were. Cars lined the driveway and the street, and people were milling around outside while muffled music thumped within. A typical popular girl’s house party, I decided.

When we got in, Kelly was nowhere to be seen. Glen went off to mingle, and I stuck to Bree, being that she was the only one I knew here. I tried to ignore the stares I was getting. They knew I wasn’t meant here, and that was a bad enough feeling when I felt just as normal as they did. It was made much worse knowing I had a dick.

We grabbed some drinks, talked to some people we were acquainted with but not really friends with, and the night moved on in the exact way I expected. About halfway through the time we were expecting to be there, we headed into her living room to see Kelly writhing on the couch, with some guy’s arms locked around her, fumbling awkwardly around her back, apparently trying to remove her bra through her shirt.

“Looks like Mack’s getting her mack on. Big shocker,” Bree giggled. “Let’s see who it is.” We made our way around to the other side of the couch, and Bree dropped her drink to the floor.

It was Glen.

He didn’t appear to notice us at first, but Kelly shoved him off and smiled widely at Bree.

“Looks like your man here’s finally come to his senses, huh?” She laughed, then dragged her tongue across his face and grabbed his crotch. He groaned in response. “You like that, huh, boy?”

Bree opened her mouth to say something, but all I heard escape was a soft little squeaking noise. She grabbed me by the arm, and took me elsewhere in the house. Kelly called something after her, but neither of us could really hear what it was.

For a while, I just sat with Bree, saying things I hoped were comforting to her, and her responding with nothing but silence. Eventually, she stood up, told me she was going to the bathroom, and disappeared into the crowd before I could catch up to her. I felt suddenly lost, and sat back down to try and appear the least visible I could manage. Some guy I recognized but didn’t know sat down next to me and assailed me with lame, drunken pickup lines, and I brushed him off. Even if I was interested, there was no way I’d jump in bed with any guy right now.

After screwing with the drunken jackass’ head for a while, I checked the time and realized that Bree had been gone to the bathroom for over a half hour. I went looking for her, following the path to the bathroom I still had memorized from junior high, and finding it occupied by a dark-haired girl with her face in the toilet. Figuring that she might have just needed a different bathroom, I went upstairs to another one, this one taken up by a drunken couple making out clumsily. The master bedroom’s bathroom contained some guy passed out on the floor. The only other bathroom I knew of was in Kelly’s room, the door to which was closed. I turned the handle to find it locked, and some rummaging inside followed. After a while, I heard a voice on the other side of the door to her room.

“Who is it?” It was Bree’s voice. She sounded strange.

“It’s me. Emily.”

“Hang on a sec.”

I heard the door click, and it opened up so Bree could pull me inside. She closed and locked the door behind us again.

“What’s going on, Bree? What are you doing up here? Why’s the door locked?”

Bree didn’t respond. It was dark in Kelly’s room, and I had to let my eyes adjust before I could see what was happening. At first, all I felt was confusion. My eyes fell to the bed, where Kelly was passed out drunk. I turned slowly to Bree.

“Bree…? What are you going to do to her?”

“Nothing,” she said, quietly. “I’m not going to hurt her.”

“Then why –”

“Hang on. You’re just in time for a little payback. Just watch.”

Bree stepped over to the bed, and reached her hands up into Kelly’s way-too-short miniskirt, pulling down her panties to her knees: a hot pink thong, with the word “slut” printed on them in gold.

“Bree, wait a minute! Don’t…”

“I’m not going to try and fuck her, Em. I’m not that messed up. But… fuck, yes. Look at this Em. Just take a look.”

I walked over hesitantly, and looked up the unconscious Kelly’s skirt with Bree. Kelly was completely exposed and entirely hairless, her large sets of inner and outer lips glistening just slightly with a thin sheen of sweat.

“I hate her guts, but I’ve got to admit, Mack’s pretty fucking hot.” I could see the front of her skirt shifting a little bit. She reached up, shimmied out of her own panties, and grabbed hold of her half-hard dick, staring fixedly up Kelly’s skirt. She stroked it slowly until all seven inches of her stood straight.

After she was hard, she walked up towards the head of the bed and stroked herself faster. I watched, not really sure whether to stop her or not. Her breathing accelerated, and I felt myself involuntarily getting a bit stiff myself. I tried to focus on something else, anything else. It was probably best I tried to remove myself from this situation mentally, I thought.

Bree’s pace quickened, her hand making gentle slapping sounds against her skin, accompanied by the rustling of her skirt and the jangling of her belt on each stroke. Her breathing got heavier, and I could hear her whispering words like “slut” and “whore” under her breath. Her hand was moving furiously now, driven more by anger than anything else, and with a harsh groan, her hips bucked forward and coated Kelly’s face with a layer of sticky white cum. It was apparently pretty thick; it stayed where it was, hardly dripping at all.

Bree turned to me, breathless. My mouth hung open. “How’s that for revenge?” she asked me, rhetorically. She looked over at Kelly again, and then back to me one more time. “It doesn’t quite feel like enough, though. So I guess it’s your turn.”

I finally found the will to speak. “Bree, no! I’m not taking part in this, I don’t…”

But Bree wasn’t listening. She had already unzipped my jeans and was already pulling them down my legs. I tried to tell her to stop, but she just smiled at me, and grabbed onto my dick, which despite my best efforts I was unable to calm down. I tried not to visibly react to her touch, but a little drop of precum was already spreading across the front of my green and white panties.

“I think I’ll just listen to this head, Em. Sorry.”

She licked the spot of precum, and pulled the panties down just to the bottom of my zipper. My cock stood out, and I blushed horribly, staring at Kelly and praying she didn’t wake up.

Bree, however, had no such concerns. Her eyes were looking down at my crotch, and she got to work quickly but deliberately. My mind instantly flew back to the blowjob she had given me before, which was in my mind still the most incredibly pleasurable experience I’ve ever had. And I was about to relive it.

I grabbed her hair without thinking about it, pushing her gently into me. Her head was a blur; I could feel her aggression, sharply contrasting the relaxed sucking I had experienced before. The suction pulled hard at my cock, and her tongue twisted madly around my shaft and the head. Her right hand worked fast at the base of it, lubricated by her own saliva and out of time with her sucking. The difference in rhythm was driving me crazy. Her left hand lifted up to part my pussy lips with ease, and she hooked her fingers just slightly. They passed a spot inside me that burst with sensation, and I buckled; it was my g-spot again, as I’d learned with Sasha and Laur before. That seemed like forever ago.

Bree lowered her right hand and pulled her head back. Her left hand still fingered me hard, and I looked down at her, just now realizing how fast I was breathing, how fast my pulse had gotten.

“Bree… don’t stop… please…”

She smiled at me. “Wouldn’t dream of it, Em. I want to make you cum. You liked it when Cammy did this, right?”

She put the head back in her mouth, slowly adjusted her position, and slowly took all eight inches in her mouth. I could feel her tight throat wrapped around me, her tongue suppressed beneath my throbbing shaft as he slowly pushed it out of her mouth. She began lapping carefully at my pussy as she twisted her head around, bobbing it just slightly and fingering me the whole time, moaning gently.

I’m not sure, but I think I might have screamed. I grabbed the sides of Bree’s head and pulled her back until just the tip of her mouth was on me, and released, continuing holding her head for support and feeling like my orgasm wouldn’t end.

But, unfortunately, it did, eventually. I pulled out of Bree’s mouth, my cock slowly getting limper, and fell onto the floor, my head spinning. Bree smiled and cupped her hand under her chin, her mouth still closed, and crawled over still on her knees to where Kelly was still passed out.

She spit my cum on her face, which was apparently thinner than Bree’s, and it streamed down her admittedly sexy face and pooled on her pillow. Bree let out a satisfied sigh.

“Are we done now?” I asked, now with enough composure to gather my thoughts.

“No, not yet.” Bree reached over to Kelly’s nightstand and picked up her cellphone, pushing buttons for a few seconds. “Come over here a sec.”

I got up and walked over to where she was standing, still over the cum-covered Kelly. Bree grabbed hold of her cock which had returned to a half-hard state, and motioned me over.

“Put your prick on her face, like this.” She pushed her dick against Kelly’s face, and I reluctantly did the same.

“Smile, bitch.” Bree took a picture with the phone’s camera, and pushed a few more buttons.

“You’ll be real popular after everybody on your contact list gets this picture. You’re like a fucking star, now.”

She stopped to spit on Kelly, and then put her panties back on. I pulled mine up as well, and zipped up as we got out of that room as quickly as possible.

Nobody seemed to notice us leaving the room, or even leaving the party. It was getting late, and most everybody was passing out by now. Glen was lying on the couch with a bucket next to him, groaning. Bree stepped over to him, punched him hard in the testicles, and we left, deciding to try and catch a taxi home.

I didn’t say anything. I knew better. This wasn’t Bree anymore. Even when she had been angry before, she would never have done anything like this. I was unnerved and a little bit afraid. I looked over at her face in the streetlight as we waited for the cab we called, and she had a smug, satisfied grin.

I shook my head. I was just ready for tonight to be over. I offered for Bree to stay over at my house tonight, thinking it was best she didn’t go home alone, but she said I should stay with her instead, and I decided to compromise. We climbed into the taxi as it arrived, and left en route to Bree’s house.


◊ Chapter 11

The cab ride had been pretty uneventful. We were both thinking about what we’d done, though in different ways. Bree seemed strangely proud of it, but I felt a little sick to my stomach about the whole thing. It’s not like it was rape, but it felt pretty close to me, and I found it difficult to understand how Bree could have enjoyed it as much as she did. Still, neither of us said a word the whole way home.

It was pitch black outside when we arrived at Bree’s house. Her street was very poorly lit in any case, but right now it was very late and overcast, leaving very little light to see by. It wasn’t necessary to have a lot of light, since both of us knew the way very well, but it was something I’d never really gotten used to. One of these days, I figured, somebody was going to get hurt out there.

Bree opened the door on her side and stepped out onto the curb, and I paid the driver and shuffled out after her. We walked up the driveway and up to her front door, where she put her finger up to her lips to indicate we should be quiet. It figured; her parents were probably sleeping by now. She unlocked the door, and I followed her down into the basement as I had done countless times before. She flopped down on the bed and laughed out loud, breaking the silence that had been between us since we left Kelly’s house.

“Man, what a rush!”

“Yeah,” I replied without emotion. “A real rush.”

Bree sat up on her bed. “And you know what?”


“Fuck Glen.”

I couldn’t help smiling a little bit. “Yeah, fuck Glen.”

“He was a tool the whole time we were going out.”

“I know, he was a twenty-four seven asshole,” I said sincerely. “I’m surprised you stayed with that creep for so long, actually.”

Bree didn’t say anything for a while, and eventually slumped over a little on her bed.


She didn’t respond, but I could see from the dim basement light that her lip was trembling. I sat down beside her and put my arm around her, and she started sobbing softly. The volume didn’t increase at all, but somehow, subtly, the intensity did, and she turned her upper body into my shoulder. I put my other arm around her, and hugged her. I realized I was shedding a tear or two, myself. Despite how much more aggressive she had become since taking those damn pills, Bree was still the same Bree, somewhere in there. Seeing her feeling like this tore me up inside, but I guiltily felt a little relieved that she hadn’t changed completely. I held her tighter.

“It’s okay,” I said softly. “You’ll find someone better.”

We sat like that without another word exchanged until Bree fell asleep. I laid her down gently on her bed and went to the nearby linen closet to get some blankets and things for myself. I spread them on the floor, took off my jeans, and crawled into my makeshift bed. It was cold and uncomfortable, but it felt pretty amazing right then nonetheless. Bree would get over it quickly. She was over her last breakup in hours and was already looking forward to being single again. And the last guy wasn’t a complete dick, like Glen was.

I rolled over and shut my eyes. My mind was still in a whirl, but my exhaustion took over in short time, and I fell asleep quickly.
I didn’t get to sleep for too long, however. I woke up after a little while to a loud “thunk” noise, and I reached over out of habit to check the alarm clock on my nightstand which was nowhere near my current location, or even in the same building. Additionally, my phone was in the pocket of my jeans, so I had no idea what time it was, but the crushing grogginess gave me a pretty good indication that I hadn’t been asleep more than an hour or two.

My brain was still clouded with sleep, but I tried sluggishly to work out the origins of the noise that had awoken me. After some time I came to realize it was still going, though much quieter now, and somewhere behind me. I rolled over and found myself looking at Bree’s bed. I looked up.

The noise was from the headboard on her bed hitting the wall rhythmically. I propped myself up slowly, and squinted to get a better look. It was dim in the basement; no lights were on, but moonlight was coming in through a small window at the top of the wall opposite Bree’s bed. I could see her, though not clearly. She was covered now from the shoulders down – she must have woken up and gotten appropriately dressed for bed – and I could see the blankets rising and falling rapidly right above where I figured her crotch should be.

I could feel my face heating up. I was blushing, despite the darkness, and my mouth suddenly felt very dry. I licked my lips and swallowed, then tried to get a bit of a better look. I could see Bree’s face, illuminated an ethereally pale blue in the moonlight, her eyes closed, her gorgeous features locked in concentration. Over top of the banging headboard, I could hear her breath, quick and short.

As quietly as possible, I licked my free hand until it was very wet, and moved down to my own rapidly-swelling cock, which I grabbed it tightly. I was already pretty close to cumming, since here I was seeing Bree at her most intimate, giving herself pleasure. But against my desires, I stroked it very slowly. I didn’t want to get there before she did. I wanted to time it so we came at the exact same time.

Without slowing down, Bree pushed the covers further down, exposing her body. She was wearing a purple tank top now, and apparently black panties, which were pushed down just enough to give her plenty of room to jerk off. Besides those, she wasn’t wearing anything. Her left hand moved down to her girl parts, and from where I was I couldn’t see them clearly, but now that the covers were gone I could hear the faint buzzing of her vibrator. I responded by dipping a finger into my own pussy. Bree’s eyes were still closed; I wondered what she was fantasizing about.

Bree started fidgeting, arching and relaxing her back. I sped up from my slow pace to a very fast speed, still taking care to not be heard. I panicked for just a moment about cleanup, and stopped against all urges to the contrary to quietly pull off my underwear, and held it in my left hand while my right hand resumed work pumping my cock.

Bree’s breath quickened, and finally, she held it. Her back arched high one last time, and the movement of her hands slowed down. Mine quickened. Just a bit more…

I heard her moan very, very quietly, and she bent her head forward, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out as her cum flew through the air, lit up aqua by the moonlight, and landed on her tongue for the first few shots. The rest landed with decreasing force on her tank top, then onto her belly, and finally, the last of it oozed out on her hand.

The sight of Bree’s orgasm turned me on so much I felt my own coming immediately, so I grabbed my panties, balled them up and held them in front of the tip of my cock as my own cum shot out. There was more than I expected there to be, and the hip-huggers (selected early that day for the sake of them being so clean– imagine that) became little more than a cum-soaked rag. I collapsed back into my makeshift bed, on top of the wet spot generated by my pussy.

We both lay there in mutual stillness, Bree still apparently unaware that I had just joined in on her alone time, and Bree lazily mopped up her semen with some tissues from the box beside her bed. I waited for her to roll over and go back to sleep before safely depositing my panties in one leg of my jeans and returning to bed myself, now a little more bottomless than I had been before, and finally got the sleep I so sorely needed.


When I woke up, there was sunlight coming through the window that had provided moonlight last night. I blinked a few times to adjust, and looked over at Bree, who was still sleeping soundly. I smiled. It looked like she was more or less over Glen already, given her… self-enjoyment the night before, and what appeared to be a good night’s sleep.

I lifted the blankets off of myself and got up to tip-toe quietly over to my jeans. The panties in the leg were dry now, but I didn’t really want to wear them in that condition and I slid them into my back pocket and put the jeans on. The rough denim was a little irritating on the head of my penis, but I tried to ignore it.

Bree woke up right as I was doing up my belt. She stretched her arms and rubbed her eyes sleepily in the most adorable way she could have, and smiled lazily at me. “Morning, Em!”

I smiled back. “Good morning, Bree. Sleep well?”

“Yeah!” She stretched again. “I slept great. Totally over Glen.”

I knew it had happened, but I couldn’t help but be impressed with how quickly she recovered. “That’s great news,” I said. “I’m honestly thrilled for you.”

Bree sat up in her bed, her legs still covered, leaning her back against the headboard. “Shit,” she said, lifting up the blankets and looking underneath. “If there’s one thing that sucks about having a dick, it’s morning wood.”

“Just one thing?” I asked rhetorically.

“I’m serious!” she said. “I hate peeing with a hard-on.”

I burst out laughing at that, and Bree got up and walked over into her bathroom, the crotch of her thong sticking out. I could see the gray spots on her tank top where her cum had settled. I tried not to think about it. It was probably time to start getting some self-control, I thought.

I heard the toilet flush, and Bree opened the door. “I’m going to take a shower,” she said. “You might want to go home and change.”

“Yeah, but… I mean, I can stay for a little while…”

Bree shook her head. “We’re meeting Sasha and Laur at the mall in a couple hours,” she replied. “Otherwise I know you wouldn’t care. And I wouldn’t either, really.”

“Wait, we are? I had no idea.”

“Yeah, I talked to Sasha yesterday. She asked me to tell you, but I forgot until now.”

“Oh,” I said, my mood a little decreased. I was really looking forward to a day of doing nothing with Bree. “Okay, then.”

I exchanged some goodbyes with Bree, and took the bus home, trying not to think about my forthcoming trip to the mall. I wasn’t foolish enough to think that I was going to get out of this without being borderline abused by my friends. On the way, I tried concocting different reasons to not have to go, but ultimately I couldn’t bring myself to dodge spending the day with Bree, even if Laur and Sasha were there also. With the four of us, maybe we’d keep each other in check anyway. Wishful thinking, I know.
When I arrived home, the house was empty with no indication of where my family had gone. I took a shower, packed myself cautiously into a pair of blue panties, and stopped before putting on the rest of my clothing to consider the circumstances. I was alone at home, which meant this was an ideal opportunity to get some important business taken care of (no, not that kind of important business; I was taking care of that enough already).

I went into the pocket of my jeans from yesterday and extracted the striped hip-huggers, and then reached under my bed to grab the pink bikini-style underwear and t-shirt from yesterday: the three bits of glaring evidence that I had been subject to rigorous sexual activity over the last two days. And that was putting it lightly.

I threw them in the wash with some other dirty clothes, not just for the sake of washing them but to keep things from looking suspicious, and then got dressed the rest of the way. I tried a pair of tighter jeans today, despite the discomfort; I was hoping to suppress any possible erections. I threw on a white bra and a yellow graphic t-shirt, and finally, in keeping with the cold weather, put on an indigo zippered hoodie overtop of it. Not that there weren’t ulterior motives for the sweatshirt; I hoped maybe more layers of clothing would help keep my friends at bay, who for all current evidence were apparently in [i]heat.[i]

After that, I grabbed a bite to eat and headed out the door to a different bus stop, where I caught a ride to the mall. This was the local mall, the one we most frequented. It was big, but not huge; the big mall was downtown, but it was a pain to get to since we only ever did a limited amount of actual shopping in the first place.

I took my phone out to call Bree as I got off the bus, but found her already standing at the bus stop in front of the mall along with Sasha and Laur. Bree was wearing a plaid button shirt that was roughly the same color as my hoodie, and violet jeans that were way tighter than mine; you could clearly see her bulge in them. Laur was dressed plainly as she always was, with a nondescript gray tank top and tight black sweatpants that highlighted what little curves there were on her petite frame, and Sasha was wearing plain jeans, sneakers, and of course, a tight-fitting top to show the world how massive her tits were.

Bree greeted me emphatically despite having only seen me a few hours ago, and I said hello to Sasha and Laur, but couldn’t help feeling just a bit awkward around them. The awkwardness started to clear up a little as we got inside the mall and walked around for a while, and for a bit I almost forgot I had grown a penis at all.Sasha talked about her boyfriend, who she had been dating for almost two years now. Bree talked a bit about the breakup with Glen without giving too many details, especially about her little revenge scheme. Laur talked excitedly about her athletic endeavors and made a few cute little comments about girls in the mall she thought were cute, like we didn’t know what she was into. Things really seemed like they had been before. That was, until we walked into the clothing store where Bree worked.

While we poked idly around some of the clothes, Sasha leaned up next to me. “So,” she hissed. “Bree’s joined in on the fun too, huh? She said you and her double-teamed Cammy.” I choked on the drink in my hand, juice from a stand by the food court. Sasha laughed, and Laur grinned wide on the other side of her.

I felt a little betrayed that Bree had made that known to the other girls, but… I was sure she had her reasons. Besides, we were friends, right? And they already knew what I considered my biggest secret (no pun intended).

“What’s it like having one, anyway?” Laur asked. “Like what’s it feel like? Is it just like a really big clit? Or what?”

It was a genuine question, and I wasn’t really surprised. Laur was a serious tomboy, and I had always had vague suspicions that he was hiding some penis envy, and I guess this confirmed it. I wondered for a moment if this was common for lesbians, and then had to stop myself and ask just what exactly our encounter made her, orientation wise. I shrugged it off. Too much thought, for now.

“Kind of,” I said. “Only not as sensitive, except right at the very tip. And it feels different when it gets hard, because it’s actually growing a lot and not just getting kind of stiff. And using the bathroom is totally a different experience, I don’t even know how to describe it, but it feels strange.”

Laur was watching me with fascinated interest. She looked like she was about to ask me another question when Bree approached us, jangling some keys.

“Look what I’ve got!” she said with a wry grin. “Fitting room keys!”

Sasha shared Bree’s smile, and after a few seconds whispered something in Laur’s ear. She giggled, and I just raised an eyebrow and surveyed my friends. I didn’t like where this was going. Bree grabbed a few articles of clothing from the racks at random and headed towards the back of the store, gesturing for us to follow. We did, and I threw what was left of my drink out on the way. Bree opened up a fitting room, which was actually surprisingly large, ushered us all inside and locked the door behind us.

“What are we doing here?” I finally asked.

“Take a wild guess,” Sasha said, licking her lips. My eyes widened. This is what I had been afraid of.

“Now just a heads up,” Bree interrupted. “We gotta try not to be too loud, okay?”

Sasha and Laur nodded in agreement, and I was practically immobilized. While I stood there, almost froze, Sasha grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me, her enormous breasts squishing into my small chest and displacing outwards between us. While her lips were against mine, she slowly unzipped my hoodie and started pulling it down around my arms.I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed the incredibly soft feel of her chest; it instantly took me back to when she and Laur had shown up to my house. She was a good kisser, too. But still…

I opened one eye and looked over to my right. Laur had Bree pressed up against the mirrored wall, and was rapidly unbuttoning her shirt. I could see in the mirror that they were kissing aggressively, and their tongues twirled around each other and explored their mouths. What I felt is almost inexplicable, but it was somewhat akin to somebody punching me in the stomach. I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to look anymore.

Sasha got my hoodie off, and started pulling up my t-shirt. I lifted my arms up obediently, and she pulled it off, knocking my glasses off kilter for a moment, and then she followed by taking off her own shirt with incredible speed. She started unhooking my bra.

“Take mine off too,” she said quietly, and I did as I was instructed, opening my eyes again to see what I was doing. We got them off at about the same time; my boobs stayed more or less where they already were, but Sasha’s cascaded out in that bizarrely beautiful spilling motion. I felt a strain in my crotch. My cock was aching to be free again.

I cast another look at Bree. She and Laur were already topless as well, and Bree’s belt and fly were undone. Laur had one hand on the back of Bree’s head, and the other in her pants, gently rubbing the base of her cock. I felt that ill feeling again, a little more intense this time. I tried to focus on Sasha.

She had one hand in her own pants, moaning gently and masturbating very slowly, and was working on my jeans. She got them undone and pulled them down just a bit, but it was enough for my cock to spring out. She smiled wide and looked at me in the eyes. “Pretty excited already, huh?”

“She gets hard easy,” I heard Bree say off to my right, accompanied by the slight smacking sounds of Laur kissing her neck fervently. “She’s kinda like a boy that way.”

Sasha giggled, and lowered herself to her knees, taking my cock in her hand. She started stroking it at first, then went all out and threw her head onto my dick, bobbing up and down madly. I grabbed her head for stability. I could hear Bree moaning, and I allowed myself another peek. Laur was on her knees as well, giving what looked like a really good blowjob. Her tiny hands and head were twisting and pulling and turning in a complex pattern that looked just unbelievably good. Still, the sight of it gave me another one of those weird pangs. I tried to focus on my own blowjob.

I heard Bree speak again, now slightly out of breath. “Ready?” she panted. I could sense Laur shifting, and then Sasha took her mouth away. I looked down at her, not wanting her to stop.

Almost in sync, Laur and Sasha removed their own pants, and Bree started shimmying out of her tight jeans, gesturing me to do the same. I took mine down to my ankles, and we all stood there in panties except for Sasha, who had, evidently, not worn any. Laur pulled off hers first, revealing her colorful pubic hair, and then Bree, whose cock was now at full attention underneath the dark, carefully-maintained rectangle of pubic hair. Finally, I pulled mine down to my knees. We were now all completely naked.

Sasha looked at my cock. Bree stared at Laur’s pussy, and Laur eyed Bree’s dick and breasts alternately. My eyes were on Bree’s eyes. “Bend over,” she whispered. “Get on all fours.”

Laur smiled, and did exactly as she was instructed. Sasha gave my cock one last reassuring tug, and did the same, her ass towards me. She reached up with her right hand and stretched out her opening a little bit. I looked down at it. Her large mound stuck out from her body, and her large, light-colored inner lips glistened just slightly from wetness.

I looked over at Bree, who was lining herself up behind Laur. I watched as she pushed herself in, and Laur bit one of her fingers to stifle her moan. Bree started moving in and out of Laur slowly, her head tilted back and her mouth hanging open slightly. I felt like I was going to throw up. I turned back to Sasha.

“Come on,” she urged. “I’m so horny! Don’t tease me like this!”

“Yeah, Em,” Bree added breathlessly. “You don’t want to be a boy-virgin forever, do you? Use that thing for what it’s supposed to do!”

I swallowed. I could hear Laur’s and Bree’s moaning in harmony with each other. With an extremely shaky hand, I grabbed onto my own cock and started getting into position. I closed my eyes tight, and moved my hips forward just a little bit. I could feel my head pressing up against her folds, their slippery, velvety softness seeming incredibly inviting. She massaged her clit rapidly.

My hand was shaking wildly now. “Put it in,” Sasha said impatiently. “Fuck me, Em.”

The imperative hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked over the scene in wide-eyed horror, and quickly pulled up my panties and jeans. Sasha turned around.

“What? What’s wrong?”

I didn’t reply. I quickly did up my belt, hooked on my bra haphazardly and threw my shirt back on. I moved towards the door and unlocked it, casting one quick look back to Bree. She was so absorbed with fucking Laur that she didn’t care or even see that I was leaving. I felt my eyes burning; the tears were coming soon.

I pushed open the door and closed it behind me too quick for anybody to see what was inside, and walked out of the mall without even being able to think. I sat on a ledge outside the front door bordering soil for decorative plants, and lost all sense of where I was as I started crying.

I felt like I had finally hit my breaking point.


◊ Chapter 12

I went home in a daze. I don’t even really remember how I got back; none of the trip sticks out in my mind at all. One minute I was at the mall, the next, back in my house. I cried outside the mall for quite a while, though – I remember that part pretty clearly. Nobody came out to ask me if I was okay. I figured they were so wrapped up in that little orgy, that none of them really had time for me. And who could blame them, anyway?

It wasn’t until about an hour after I got home and cried a little more that my phone rang. I looked at it, and found that it was Bree who was calling me. I put the phone down and let it ring. After it stopped, I shut it off. I couldn’t handle this anymore. I had became a fucktoy, something to be used up at the whims of my friends and then put away, only to be brought up when I was needed again. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it wasn’t too far off. I wasn’t sure what to do about it yet.

There was a call on the house phone then, and since my family was still nowhere to be found, I picked it up. It was my doctor; she said I needed to come in tomorrow to talk about my test results. I thanked her, hung up, and spent the rest of the night mindlessly playing video games. There was homework to do, but I was in no frame of mind to do it. I was too busy thinking about my myriad problems and the total apparent lack of solutions.

I finally got to bed, and though I was really tired, I still slept fitfully. I had this dream where I was stuck with the penis for the rest of my life – like a montage of every stage of my life, and there I was, with a very strong feeling of the presence of my dick. It went on and on for what felt like forever, until I woke up in the middle of the night, got a drink of water, and went back to sleep.

This time, I slept a little better. Not a lot better, but a little. This time, the dream was much more simple; I dreamt that I was being angrily fucked by Bree, and in the dream I was loving every minute of it. It was dull, repetitive, and somehow never really lost its appeal.

* * * * *

When I woke up the next morning, I was unpleasantly stuck to the sheets.

“Oh, what the fuck,” I said to nobody in particular. “I have to have wet dreams, too?”

I tore the sheets off of my bed and threw them into my laundry hamper, reminding me to pull out the dirty clothes from yesterday. It was all clean, barring a small darker area on my panties from the first day with the cock. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had never had to clean cum out of anything before; I had really been worried that the telltale stains would be permanent.

My appointment with the doctor was first thing in the morning, and my mom gave me a lift. She was usually way too busy for this, and her life as an office drone took her away from us at most hours of the day. Still, she loved us all, and she was happy to take me.

She dropped me off at the clinic, we said our goodbyes, and I began the long journey through the waiting room. Finally, after an eternity, I was called in to see Dr. Shepherd.

“Emily. Good to see you. How are you?” she asked indifferently. I hated small talk with medical professionals.

“I’m as good as I can be, under the circumstances,” I said honestly. Dr. Shepherd nodded, and decided not to press it further.

“We’ve got your test results. They were quite… interesting, to say the least. Genotypically, you’re still female, so nothing genetic has changed. Your semen contains no sperm, and its makeup is, from what we could determine, relatively similar to female ejaculatory fluid, albeit with some proteins and such that are more consistent with male semen. Also, you’re producing a lot more testosterone than a girl your age should, but nothing too damaging.”
I disagreed about the damaging part, but I didn’t say anything. Dr. Shepherd waited a moment before proceeding.

“Well, luckily, we’ve got some good news,” she said. In spite of myself, I lit up a little bit. “We’ve got a fix for your little… problem.”

“Really?” I said excitedly. “That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while.”

“Yes, I imagine so,” replied Dr. Shepherd. “I was able to get in contact with a certain pharmaceutical research company.”

My eyes widened. I hadn’t even mentioned that detail; I was hoping to just glaze over it. In retrospect, I’m sure it was pretty important, but I wanted to protect Bree’s dad. Or, more accurately, I wanted to protect Bree.

“This particular… unusual side effect was noted in a number of trial patients, including one of the researcher’s wives.”

I tried really hard not to imagine Mrs. Landon with a cock.

“Next time, please tell me when you’re illegitimately using medicinal drugs, okay? It will make this a lot easier.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I just didn’t…”

“It’s fine, now.” She said. “I’m not going to ask how you got them, even though the company’s really pressing me for it. Fortunately for you, they have an antidote for it already – a way of restoring you back to a fully female condition.”

“That’s so great!” I said, more loudly than I probably should have.

“Yes. Well, I don’t have it yet, unfortunately. I have it on order from the pharmaceutical company, and it should be here in about two days.”

I groaned. It had only been a couple days as it was, but I had more than enough of this thing already.

“So I’ll set you an appointment for then, and we should be fine.”

She did, and I left. I was happy that I was getting rid of it – ecstatic, really – but not so happy that I still had to live with it for 48 more hours. I was also pretty unhappy that I now had to go to school, and face the three girls (well, two girls and one unknown, at least) I had run out on yesterday.

* * * * *

When I walked in the front doors of the school, first period was almost over already. I got there just in time to see Kelly Mack run out the door in tears while some guy standing behind her waved a photocopied picture of her face from Saturday night. I blushed brightly. Not that anybody would know from looking at it, but still, it was my cock on Kelly’s face in that picture. And Bree’s. But I guessed that she probably wouldn’t care too much if the whole school knew that was her junk.

I moved right for my second class, hoping to get there early. None of my friends were in that class, which was History, and if I got there on time I wouldn’t have to see any of them in the hall.

Or so I thought. Bree pulled me into the girl’s bathroom as I passed it, the same one I had been in when I came on her shoes a few days ago. She was standing inside with Sasha, who was standing with her arms crossed, which she always did with her arms just below her breasts so to lift them up, and a big smile on her face. Bree was also smiling, but not as wide as Sasha.

“So, Em… what happened yesterday?” she asked, as Sasha giggled beside her.

“She got nervous,” Sasha teased. “She was all stressed when she tried to put it in me.”

“No!” I tried, desperately looking to tell the truth, but ultimately failing. “I… I had somewhere I had to be.”

“Sure you did,” Sasha laughed. “You missed out, anyway. Fuck, it was good. Laur eats pussy like a champ.”

Big surprise.

“Oh man, and Bree fucked her brains out. She had the biggest cumshot on Laur’s ass, you should have seen it. And then I licked it off of her, and I made out with her. It’s got me all excited again just thinking about it.”

Not me, though. I didn’t like that thought at all.

“Guess what else, Em?” Bree said with that edge to her voice that I knew all too well. “Sasha’s got a little surprise for you.”

I stared. I think my heart skipped a beat. “Oh, no. Bree… don’t tell me you…”

“Yep!” Sasha interrupted. “I took some of those pills.”

“No!” I cried. “Why?! You knew what they did! Why would you take them?”

“Because I wanted a cock, silly! You guys can’t have all the fun.”

“I agree,” said Bree, licking her lips. “Show her, Sasha. Whip that thing out.”

“No, wait. I don’t…”

Of course, Sasha didn’t listen. She pulled us both into a stall and dropped her skirt, and she was again not wearing panties (totally not hygienic but admittedly pretty hot). My jaw dropped.

The thing between her legs was completely soft, but it was as long as Bree’s when it was hard. It was thick in the middle and marked with faint blue veins, and unlike Bree’s (but like mine) it had the appearance of an uncut penis. It bounced slightly as she moved.

“Go on, Em,” encouraged Bree. “Give that thing a suck.”

“No! Bree, I have class, and I don’t even…”

“Suck it,” she said, her voice a lot more serious now. “Get on your knees, and suck her cock until she’s hard. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.”

I was a little scared now, and still not able to say no. It was abundantly clear to me then that I am a total pussy. That was the source of all my problems to that point. But just realizing it was not nearly enough.

So, I got on my knees on the bathroom floor, and Sasha sat down on the toilet and lightly waggled her penis at me, giggling as she did so. I took it in one hand; it felt heavy compared to Bree’s and my own. I slipped it into my mouth and slowly started working my head up and down the length.

I heard Sasha moan lightly, and I felt it harden in my mouth pretty quickly. I started gagging, and had to pull my head back farther. Eventually, Sasha grabbed my head and said, “Okay, I’m hard now.”

She pulled me off of her, and I looked at it blankly. It was huge; now that it was hard, I guessed it was probably about a whole foot from base to tip. The veins stood out more prominently, and I saw that it was thicker in the middle and that the skin didn’t pull all the way back even when it was erect, giving it a covered appearance. The whole effect of looking at it perched underneath her massive tits as she sat down was overwhelming, to say the least.

“Pretty fucking impressive, huh?” she said. I nodded, but only because I felt like I had to. “We’re gonna let you make up for what you missed yesterday, okay?”

I didn’t reply. I looked over at Bree, who had hers out as well. She had her left hand rubbing it slowly and her right had two fingers dipped into her pussy, and were working it quickly.

“Bree, come over here, baby,” Sasha said. I cringed a little at the last word. “You wanna take a ride on my cock?”

“Fuck, yes,” Bree said quietly. “Yes, I really, really do.”

Sasha smiled, and gestured towards her lap. Bree turned herself around so that she was facing me, then grabbed Sasha’s massive cock and very, very slowly impaled herself on it.

The sight was both incredibly arousing and disgusting to me at the same time. I watched Bree very gradually take every inch of Sasha, an impressive feat, and then start working her way up and down it in a crescendo of movement that built up very rapidly to a heavy pace. I could hear their flesh hitting each other.

“Don’t just fucking sit there, Em,” Bree said between deliberately quiet moans. “Suck my cock while I ride Sasha.”

I positioned myself obediently over her dick and put it into my mouth without thinking about it. It moved over my lips as Bree bounced; I didn’t have to move at all, but I twisted my head to seem proactive.

“That’s right, Em. Good. Yes, fuck… that’s really good. Oh god, Sasha. Your cock is huge, I can’t get enough of it.”

I felt a lot of things there, just like I did in the dressing room, but the strangest feeling was definitely one of jealousy. Why should Sasha have a bigger cock than I did? Besides, I thought size didn’t matter. Right?

“You’re tight, Bree. Not as tight as Laur, but… it feels amazing. I’m gonna bust.”

“Good, Sasha,” Bree moaned. “Go ahead. Cum for me.”

Sasha’s breath was getting quicker. I could feel Bree’s cock throbbing in my mouth as she accelerated her pace on Sasha’s cock.

“Can I – I wanna come inside you!”

“No,” Bree said firmly. “We’re gonna cum all over Emily’s face.”

I tried to pull off her cock and speak in protest, but she forced my head back down on it before I could. I choked a little, and I felt myself tearing up a little.

“I didn’t say you could stop yet. I’m so close, Em. You can’t stop now.”
“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Sasha declared, and Bree replied that she was, too. She asked Sasha to hold out just a little longer as she rode her harder. I was close enough that I could hear the faint “squish” noise of her sliding up and down.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” cried Sasha, and in one swift movement Bree pulled my head off her cock and stepped off of Sasha’s dick. Sasha grabbed hold of her cock and stroked it quickly beside Bree, who did the same, and I was told to just keep kneeling.

Bree actually came first, and splattered my face and glasses with a good amount of cum. Sasha came a few seconds later, and it was much more dramatic; she blasted me with many high-powered bursts of cum, bouncing off of my glasses, landing all over my face, in my hair, and on my shirt.

I knelt there as Bree pulled her pants back on and Sasha hiked her skirt back up, both of them breathing heavily.

“Man, that was good,” Sasha said. “I love this thing!”

“I love it too,” Bree said with a wink. “You’re hung. I can’t get enough.”

They both left the stall, closing the door behind them without so much as a goodbye. I stayed on the floor, and cried while I went through the process of mopping their cum off of my face with toilet paper. I guess there was no solution, after all. I was trapped now.

Finally, I left the bathroom and attended History, my mind again completely elsewhere. When the class ended, I moved very slowly back into the hall, where I was stopped by Bree.

“Hey there, slut,” she said with a grin. I knew she was just trying to be joking, but I was hurt by the comment. I really did feel like a slut lately. “We’re heading to my place for lunch. Just you and me, okay?”

I really tried to hide the smile, but I couldn’t. I was starting to hate myself for that. Despite all she put me through, I couldn’t get over the thrill of being with Bree.

“Come on, let’s go. There’s some stuff I want to… talk to you about.” She grabbed my wrist and strung me along, as we went to her house.

I guess I should have been used to being strung along by that point.


◊ Chapter 13

I don’t very clearly remember most of the trip to Bree’s house. She held onto my wrist and said some things along the way, but I didn’t really hear them. Not that I was listening. I wanted to, but I was so absorbed with worry. I only listened far enough to try and find an opening to tell Bree that I was getting rid of my cock once and for all.

The opportunity didn’t come. Or maybe that’s not the right choice of words. The opportunity was probably there, but I was too scared to take it. I was terrified that if I told Bree I was going back to just being a girl, she wouldn’t want to see me anymore. True, I might have been her fuckdoll at that point, but that was so much better than nothing. At least I got to see her, and in a weird way, I was making her happy.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take myself away from that. Even though it was all fucked up, I felt like Bree was the last anchor to my sanity then. The same I was too much of a coward to ever tell her how I felt about her, I couldn’t break that fragile “friends with way too many benefits” kind of relationship we had found ourselves in.

So the first thing I clearly remember Bree saying in that trip was “Oh! Cammy’s already here.”

And she was. Cammy was standing in front of Bree’s front door, and she waved to us as we approached.

I was confused. “Bree? I thought you said it was just you and me?”

“And Cammy,” she said, as though it had been obvious all along. “I meant like no Laur and Sasha, silly. Nobody from school, except us.”

She could have just said that. Maybe then I could have resisted the temptation to come. I hung my head a little and let her drag me along until we were standing beside her.

“Hey guys,” she said, with just a slight emphasis on the second word. “Glad you could come, Em.”

“What’s going on?” I asked, though I felt I already knew the answer.

“I was thinking about what happened at the mall,” Bree replied. “And I think Sasha was right. The pressure was just too much for you then.”

That was right, but probably not in the way she was thinking. “No,” I lied. “That’s not it, I –”

“It’s okay, Em,” Cammy said. “Performance anxiety happens to all of us, right Bree?”

She looked at Bree, who grinned.

“Okay. Maybe not all of us. But the first time can be pretty nerve wracking, right? So Bree asked if I would come down here, and, um. Make you a man, I guess.”

I must have looked shocked, because Bree waved her hand in front of my face as though to regain my attention.

“I thought it would be best if we started you off on just a regular girl and moved you up to chicks with dicks, you know?” She giggled a bit. “I’ll be here too, so you don’t have to feel totally weird about it! Moral support and just a little bit of participation.”

She unlocked her door, and ushered us inside. We moved down to the basement.

Almost immediately, Cammy pushed herself into me and started kissing me, really aggressively. Her tongue swirled and pushed inside my mouth, around my lips, and licked gently at the sides of my face. Her hands groped my breasts over my shirt.

I tried to resist at first. “Relax, babe,” Cammy chirped between assaulting my face with kisses. “I’ll take really good care of you.”

“Don’t worry, Em,” Bree chimed in. She was sitting on her bed, and Cammy blocked her from my view. “Cammy’s really good at this. Plus, she has the most amazing pussy in the world!”

“It’s true,” Cammy whispered in my ear. “You’ll never want to pull out of it.”

She kept kissing me, but took her hands off my breasts. Her left hand lifted up my shirt and reached up to fondle me over my bra, while her other hand reached down between my legs to rub me over my jeans. I realized I was already hard. Damn my traitorous body.

Cammy smiled, but didn’t say anything. She just slowly worked her hand over my jeans, and slipped her hand inside my bra to roll my nipple between her fingers. It felt surprisingly good.

This went on for a while, and then eventually she released my crotch and my breast, crossed her arms over my back, and lifted up my shirt. I raised my arms obediently, and as soon as it was off, she unhooked my bra startlingly fast. I looked around her, and saw Bree sitting on the edge of her bed, grinning wide and staring fixedly at us.

Cammy grabbed my breasts again, and with one hand guided one of mine down to her own crotch. She undid her jeans, and guided my hand under them. She was not wearing panties, and I could feel the thin triangle of pubic hair and warm slit of her pussy. She was getting wet already. I started moving my hand, gently, and she moaned.

Then she moved my hand out of her jeans, pulled her off her own shirt (no bra; underwear was 0 for 2 on Cammy) and got down on her knees. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my knees with my panties in one swift motion, and drove her head down on my newly-freed cock incredibly quickly. I grabbed her head to keep myself from falling over with the sudden shock of pleasure.

I remembered the technique well. I had to hand it to her; Cammy was really good at sucking cock. She did my absolute favorite, where she took me all the way down to the base and lapped gently at my pussy. It felt amazing beyond belief, and I was just about ready to cum. My face and body tensed, and I looked over at Bree as I was seconds away from climax.

“Wait, Cammy,” she said with some urgency. Cammy , to my great dismay, pulled her head off my cock. “She’s about to cum, let her cool down a little bit.”

Cammy obliged, and stood up to kiss me again, taking a lot of care to not touch my cock. She stuck a finger in my pussy from behind, and fingered me gently. It felt good, but not nearly as good, and I had never been able to get off from just that. My near-orgasm excitement began to fade. I didn’t soften, but I knew after a while that I wasn’t even close to climax anymore.

I looked around Cammy at one point and discovered that Bree had lifted up her shirt slightly, and her cock was poking out of her own jeans. She stroked it really slowly, licking her hand now and then to make sure she had enough lubricant to keep it smooth. She grinned at me, and looked me right in the eyes as she stroked. I probably could have came from just that.

“Okay, that’s long enough,” she said. “I think she’s ready now. You ready, Em?”

I tried to respond, but I felt like something was caught in my throat. Cammy, apparently, took this as a signal that everything was ready to go.

She stripped off her jeans. I could see on the inside a little wet spot where it had been in contact with her pussy, and her patch of dark hair and glistening gap were now clearly visible to me. She grabbed me by the hand, maybe a bit too forcefully, and led me over to Bree’s bed. She laid me down, and removed my jeans and panties from around my ankles. Bree didn’t get off the bed, and just rotated to give us more room and to give herself a better view of the action. She had taken off her jeans by this point, and now had one hand vigorously fingering her pussy out of rhythm with the slow stroking of her cock. I didn’t see her blink once.

“Okay, Em, get ready,” Cammy said softly. She sucked me for a little bit again, but not the same as before. She was careful, and didn’t do anything that really set me off or made me feel like I was going to cum. Then she looked at me directly.

“Now just lie back, and relax, okay? I’m going to do all the work, so you just stay there and enjoy yourself. And don’t even worry about telling me when you’re going to cum. I’m on the pill, so feel free to cum inside me.” Of course, I knew I had no risk of getting her pregnant anyway.

My heart moved a mile a minute. I looked over at Bree, who was looking so expectant and excited that despite my every urge to not go through with this, I had one overpowering urge to please Bree that kept me from just telling Cammy to not do what she was about to do. I tried to shut my eyes, but I couldn’t. What was about to happen was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not.

Cammy grabbed my cock firmly in her right hand, and slowly lifted her butt off the bed. Still kneeling, she shuffled over and straddled herself over my cock, and using her hand to guide me into her, slowly began impaling herself on my dick.

I felt every second of it. I felt as her damp slit brushed the tip, feeling every bit as inviting as I remember Sasha’s being. I felt as she pushed down, giving the head entry inside, where it was so tight I thought I would never fit. It was wetter than the outside, and felt a bit like it did inside her mouth, but it grabbed me a lot harder. I felt as she worked herself down the shaft until she had me to the hilt, and I was completely absorbed in her warm wetness.

I tried to move, but I was lost in the sensation. I remember seeing Cammy’s face out of my half-closed eyes, smiling down at me, and Bree, who was furiously jacking off and licking her lips. After letting me acclimate to this unbelievably amazing feeling, Cammy began to move.

She lifted herself up, and I felt every inch of her pussy slide up around my cock, and slowly slip back down to take me into her warmth again. She began increasing her pace, and I found the strength to put my hands on her ass and grab it hard. Cammy moaned, and I realized that I was moaning too, and breathing very heavily.

“How does she feel, Em? Isn’t her pussy the most fucking amazing thing? I’m so jealous of you right now.”

I could only moan in response, and Bree laughed. She stood up on the bed, and walked over top of me to stand in front of Cammy. She waved her dick in front of Cammy’s face, and she took it in her mouth in response without breaking pace on me.

My eyes were closed then, but when I opened them all I could see was Bree’s pussy and Cammy’s head bobbing up and down on her cock. When I looked down, I saw Cammy’s hand reaching underneath her, and I felt two fingers slide into my pussy. I was moaning really loudly then, bordering on screaming. The pleasure had overtaken me again.

The inside of Cammy’s pussy was soaked by then, and was so soft and tight I thought I’d never be able to get out. Her soft hands pounded my own hole in perfect synch with her fucking, and getting a clear view of Bree’s pussy form beads of moisture as she got sucked off was like the icing on the cake.

“Use your hand more,” Bree said, and Cammy jacked her off in the rhythm of her sucking. My nails dug further into Cammy’s ass. I couldn’t hold on for much longer.

I shut my eyes tight, and my whole body tensed as I was assailed with more pleasure than I had ever previously felt in my life. I shook, I screamed, and I felt the strongest orgasm I had ever felt to that point. I felt my pussy convulsing around Cammy’s fingers, and the muscles in my cock contracting as I shot my entire load deep into her pussy. She pulled her head off Bree’s cock and rode me for a bit longer before she came herself, and I could feel her own vaginal muscles tightening, milking me for the last few drops of cum I still had.

She pulled off my cock and lay back on the bed, and we both breathed heavily. Bree kept jacking off as I regained the strength to move, and sat up to look at Cammy, who was gently rubbing her clit as my cum dripped in a slow-moving white waterfall out of her cunt. Bree scooped a little up in her hand and used it as lubricant to jack herself off, bringing her over the edge as she shot her own onto Cammy’s pussy, landing mostly in the triangle of pubic hair and forming an interesting pattern.

“That’s fucking beautiful,” she said, partially out of breath, looking at Cammy’s snatch as it dripped with our cum.

After a little while, she bent down and started lapping it all up. I felt a horrible contradiction between my legs as my spent cock attempted to harden again with a sight that aroused me tremendously. After it was mostly all clean, she looked at both me and Cammy with a goofy smile and her mouth open to show the two loads that just barely had enough room in there, and then closed her mouth and swallowed it all with a satisfied purr afterwards.

We lay there as we had before, all naked, all satisfied, and the shame began to set in on me again. I mentally kicked myself, over and over, for letting this happen again. And this time, I had gone even farther than I had before. I actually fucked somebody. I had tried before to draw the line there, and I had just crossed it. Cammy’s pussy really was amazing, and perhaps she was a bit of a slut in the first place, but that didn’t it feel any better.

I stood up, and started putting my clothes back on, my face expressionless.

“Leaving already, Em?” Cammy asked.

“I have to go,” I muttered.

“Are you okay, Em?” Bree asked with genuine concern. Now that she came, I guessed, she reverted a little bit back to “real Bree.”

“I have to go,” I repeated. I snapped my bra on, pulled my shirt back over my head and left her house without another word.

I didn’t go back to school that day. I called in sick and stayed home the next day, too. Isolation – that was what was best for right now. I didn’t trust myself; I was apparently only thinking with my cock, despite how horrible it made me feel. I just had to stay home in solitude until I got those pills.

* * *

The next night, on the day I hadn’t gone to school, I spent most of the day moping around the house and feeling bad about everything. Maybe isolation wasn’t the best approach after all, since it only gave me time to think about all the things I didn’t like thinking about. Say what you will about fucking, at least it takes your mind off of things. I jerked off two or three times to that end, but it didn’t really help anything, ultimately. It wasn’t the same.

Sometime during the evening, when I was alone in the house – this wasn’t unusual for me, like I’ve said before – the doorbell rang. I figured it was going to be Jill, locked out of the house after she forgot her keys for like the hundredth time. I went and answered it.

It wasn’t Jill. Bree and Sasha were staring back at me.

“Hi, Em!” Sasha said cheerily. “You alone in there?”

“Um. Yes,” I said, hesitantly. “I’m alone.”

I let them both in, and Bree had that strange catlike grin on that she had been so fond of lately.

“You didn’t show up at school today. I thought it might be because you were embarrassed from your first time with Cammy, but don’t even worry about it! Cammy said you were absolutely amazing and from what I saw, I agree. So Sasha and I thought, maybe you’re ready to try some girlcock, right?”

I put my head in my hands. “No,” I said. “No, no, no…”

Bree looked at me quizzically. I asked her to come talk to me in the other room, privately.

“Sorry, Sasha,” I said. “We’ll only be a minute.”

“Take your time!” she said, and sat down on a couch.

“What’s wrong, Em?” Bree asked as we got into the other room.

“I’m done, Bree,” I said firmly. “I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, and I’m done.”

“Done with… what?”

“I’m done being used by you guys! I’m done being some piece of trash you fuck and then ignore!”

Bree’s mouth was open, but she didn’t say anything. I could feel myself shaking. I was terrified, but I knew now more than ever it had to be said.

“I’m getting rid of the cock tomorrow, Bree. I’m getting some pills to fix it, and then I’m getting rid of it. I wish you would do the same, I…”

Bree turned around, and walked out. She didn’t say anything to me. I tried to get her to stop, to wait, but she left, just as I imagined she would when I envisioned this scenario in my head. Sasha followed her out the door, running after her, her giant tits and enormous package bouncing clearly as she moved.

“Fuck!” I yelled, to nobody in particular. “Fuck it all!”

I went to bed after that, but I didn’t sleep at all. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t said any of that. I got up the next morning to see Dr. Shepherd again, with whom I had set an appointment during my last visit. Not much happened; she gave me the pills, a set of basic instructions on using them, and let me off with a warning to “be more careful about this kind of thing next time.”

I told her she had nothing to worry about.

The pills started working within about two hours, and as I went through that day at school I could physically feel it shrinking. It was a weird sensation, kind of like somebody was pulling it back from behind. Weird, but not entirely uncomfortable. Actually, it felt pretty nice.

Near the end of the day, the sensation stopped entirely. As soon as that class got out, I ran to the bathroom, locked myself in a stall, dropped my pants and looked at my crotch.

For the first time in a while, there was no big, needy cock staring back at me. Only my cute little clit, peeking just slightly out from under my hood, was nestled at the top of my pussy. I laughed, almost hysterically; it wasn’t until later that I wondered what the other girls in the bathroom thought I was doing.

But honestly, I felt so overwhelmed with joy that the thing was gone. I only missed it a little bit, but it was far outweighed by my happiness to just be rid of it. As I was leaving the bathroom, my phone vibrated with a text message. I checked it: it was from Bree

All it said was “Come to my house. Please.”

I knew better. At least, I thought I knew better, but I was so overcome with joy and for some reason I thought that now that I didn’t have a cock, everything was going to be okay. So I did. I walked over to her house in a kind of trance, and knocked on the door. She opened it, and brought me downstairs to her room without saying anything. She sat me down on the bed, and seated herself next to me.

For a while, neither of us said anything. Then, finally, Bree spoke up.

“I… took one of the antidote pills,” she said quietly. “About an hour ago. I know it’s supposed to start working in two hours. My dick hasn’t changed yet, but… I’m thinking clearly again. I feel like I’ve been asleep, Em. The way I’ve been treating you, that thing with Kelly… Sasha, and Laur. Fuck. I feel like the biggest bitch and the filthiest whore. I’m so, so sorry.”

Tears were welling up in her eyes. Mine too, although I didn’t realize it immediately. I just pushed myself into her and threw my arms around her. We sat in silence for a little while.

“I forgive you,” I said truthfully. “I know it wasn’t really you in there. You’re not a bitch, and you’re not a whore. That was just the dick taking over.”

“How can you forgive me?” she asked, just holding back the tears. “After all that horrible shit I put you through, how can you just say everything’s alright?”

I leaned my head back from her shoulder to look her in the eyes.

“Because –” There was no going back now. “Because I’m in love with you, Bree.”

Bree’s jaw just hung open a little bit. I said a bit more, to validate to myself that I had actually said it.

“I thought it was just a little crush at first, but I realized that I love you and everything about you. I don’t care what kind of things you put me through, I just… I just want to be with you. I love you so much.”

“Emily,” she said, her voice just audible. I hadn’t heard her use my full name in ages. In my whole life, there never was and never has been a moment that felt as long as the one in between those words. It was like time stopped. “I love you too.”

The tears broke out for both of us. We were smiling like idiots, I’m sure, but it didn’t seem to matter then. “I tried to push it down, and keep it all hidden away because I thought you’d never, ever feel the same way. Even when I was dating that fuckwit Glen, I only ever wanted to be with you.”

I kissed her at that point. Deeply. It escalated fast, and soon we were kissing up and down each other’s necks and stripping each other down to toplessness, breaking our mouths apart for only seconds to admire each others’ body to the fullest. Eventually, Bree leaned her face up close to my ear.

“Emily,” she whispered. The sound sent wonderful chills through me. “I… still have this thing for about an hour.”

We both smiled. We were thinking the same thing.

She removed her own jeans, and I slowly removed mine. Despite those many times I had seen Bree naked in the past while, she looked different now. In a way, she looked kind of menacing before, almost sinister. Now, though it was still the same seven-inch cock, it looked more… comforting. I guess it was because it was part of a different person. The real Bree.

She held my hands in hers, locking her fingers between mine, and lay gently on top of me. She looked me in the eyes. I loved her eyes.

“Are you ready, Emily?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “I’m ready.”

She lined up her cock, and, very carefully, pushed slowly with the whole weight of her body into me.

I had been penetrated before, but only by toys and fingers and stuff, and had never felt a real cock in me. It felt so much better than those things ever had. As the flared head of it pushed through my opening, a flood of sensations surged through my body. Mostly pleasure; even the slight pain that came with it felt amazing. Bree’s cock was bigger than anything I had ever taken, but it didn’t matter. It glided in and out of me with ease.

“I love you,” she said amidst the slow, deliberate thrusts, beads of sweat on her forehead.

“I love you too,” I whispered, moaning gently and running my nails across Bree’s back as she worked in and out of my pussy. I could feel her muscles tensing and relaxing as the soft, firm flesh of her cock slid against my insides, awakening my whole body with the feeling.

It felt like it went on forever, and yet still seemed to have been over so quickly. She moved in and out of me, until finally, I felt the muscles in her cock shift, and saw her face tense.

“I’m going to cum,” she said. “I’m pulling out.”

“No,” I urged. “It’s okay. Just go ahead and cum.”

She opened her eyes, stopped thrusting, and looked at me. “Emily – are you sure?”

“It can’t get me pregnant,” I said, pulling her into me for another thrust. “It’s okay. Cum inside me, Bree. Please.”

Bree groaned. Her cock pulsed, and the sensation of it pushed me over the edge. I felt myself wrap and shift around her, spasming slightly and digging my nails into her soft skin as wave after wave of massive pleasure overtook me, miles beyond what I had experienced with Cammy. I felt Bree’s cum spill out deep inside of me, a warm, filling sensation. She collapsed on top of me, still inside me, and we both just lay there for a while, panting and enjoying the glow.

After a while of this, Bree pulled out and, just as she had for Cammy, licked all the goo out of me. That felt amazing too, but maybe partially because I was so wired from my recent orgasm. She kissed me with it still in her mouth, and I enjoyed the taste of her cum mixed with our saliva before we both swallowed half her load and lay there in warm silence, holding hands, naked on her bed, for several hours.

* * *

Bree and I started going out immediately after that. It became public pretty fast, thanks to Bree’s pride in the situation.

Laur was jealous of Bree and I, who both managed to get a girlfriend before she did. But since Sasha decided she wanted to keep her enormous cock and basically told Laur she would be available for fucking whenever she so desired, they both stayed pretty happy. And fucked like rabbits. Overcharged hormones, what can I say? I’m just surprised a girl as small as Laur could talk all of that, but Sasha asserted she could fit all twelve inches. Amazing.

Kelly eventually got over her embarrassment when she became progressively more popular with guys in high school. When she hit eighteen, she immediately entered a career in the porn industry. I’ve heard she’s been pretty successful.

Glen got some girl pregnant not long after Kelly’s party, and dropped out of school to try and raise it. I’ve said a lot of bad things about Glen, but I didn’t think he had that kind of responsibility in him. It was stupid of him to get in that situation in the first place, but you’ve got to at least admire the sentiment.

Jill is still a chronic masturbator, and probably always will be. She’s built up a pretty impressive collection of toys and porn, and now has a boyfriend, though she says they haven’t gone all the way. Smart girl. She’s been totally supportive of Bree and I and I love her to death.

Bree’s dad never lost his job for the little incident, but he did discover one day that his pills and the antidote pills were all gone. Mrs. Landon is probably too old for that stuff anyway. I’m sure somebody’s having a lot of fun with those, but of course Bree and I are far too innocent to, say, play with that stuff for a day before any of the side effects kick in and drop it right after.

Cammy and Bree had a falling out a little while ago, and Cammy ran around telling everybody we had cocks. Nobody believe her, of course, and she has a pretty bad reputation these days. I feel bad for her. We had some good times, if you can call them that.

Ever since she lost the cock, Bree’s been back to her usual sweet and perfect self. Not that she doesn’t have a little bit of an edge to her, but it’s not malicious anymore. It’s just cute and quirky. I love her more than just about anything in my life right now.

And me?

I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.