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The Summoning

by Pedigree


◊ Chapter 1

Torian kept a watchful eye over the young blood elf initiate who was dusting the shelves of magical artifacts in the musty old storeroom. He had deactivated the wards protecting the various grimoires and items of power so that Kathiane could clean them. "From the looks of it, this hasn't been done in years," she muttered, coughing a bit at the clouds of dust she was disturbing.

"Quiet, girl," Torian said to her sternly. "And hurry with your task. But be careful. Do not disturb the items any more than is necessary." Torian was the head demon trainer of the warlock guild. Tall, majestic, with long dark hair and a haughty grace to his every movement. He didn't seem to like Kathiane very much, constantly reminding her that it was only because of her family's influence that he was lowering himself to teaching her at all. She had no talent for the demonology, according to him. And now, he was standing over by the door to the chamber, watching her like a hawk while she cleaned.

She thought about that for a moment. Why was she even being allowed near these items? This room was forbidden for all but the very highest ranking warlocks. She had heard rumours that someone very important was going to be visiting soon, so that was probably why the rush to clean the storage room that evidently hadn't seen a dustcloth in ages. She glanced back over her shoulder at Torian, brushing a stray lock of her short black hair out of her face. Kathiane was one of the youngest students learning at the guild, and perhaps the lowest ranking student of all in Torian's eyes. Looking her mentor over, she thought she saw traces of...nervousness? That wasn't like him. He was always self-confident, always in control. As she watched him, she got the distinct impression that he was trying to keep as far away from the items she was cleaning as possible.

"So, um. Why aren't we just using the magical brooms to do this again?" she asked him.

The nervousness in his demeanour vanished instantly at the question, replaced by stern admonishment. "Because the items in here are far too delicate to come into contact with the magic powering the brooms. Do not even consider using magic in this room, girl," he told her. He never used her name, always reminding her of her youth and inexperience by calling her 'girl'. "That would be most...unwise. Now be _quiet_, and get back to work. The sooner you are done, the sooner we can be out of here." He glanced at the shelves again cautiously.

She nodded quickly and turned back to dusting one of the grimoires. As she touched it, she felt a chill go through her, a sense of ancient power that made her think of the mana wyrms she had been draining. Only much, much more potent. Her thirst for mana rose, but it was like there was an oily taint to the book that soured the power within. Shuddering, she moved onto the next item, a carved silver rod. It occurred to her then, why she was here. She _was_ the lowest ranking student in Torian's eyes. The most expendable. He was waiting tensely by the door in case anything should go wrong in the cleaning, so that he could jump out to safety, she surmised. Items so volatile that contact with any magic spells was forbidden. This must be where they stored all the most dangerous artifacts...why, she doubted Torian even knew what half of these did, most of them were quite ancient. So they sent her in to do the job. If something terrible happened to her, no great loss. Torian would be rid of the student he disliked the most, and she expected the next most despised student would be called on and sent in. If not, then the storeroom would be cleaned to be presented to whoever this visitor to the guild was going to be.

She held the base of the silver rod in one hand, wrapping the dustcloth around it with her other hand. It had a pleasant weight to it, and as she stroked the cloth down the length of the item to clean it, she gasped as a jolt of pleasure went through her. Her knees went a bit weak, and she hurriedly set the rod back down on the shelf. Looking more closely at it, but not touching it, she could see that the rod was actually molded in the shape of a phallus, smooth and thick, about eight inches long. It even had veins etched into it to emulate a penis, though as she examined it up close, she could see that the veins were actually made out of tiny lines of carved runes. She peered at them, trying to make them out. She hadn't learned very many runes so far, but she saw that a few of them were repeated a lot in amongst the others that she couldn't decipher. "Power" and "Lust" were predominant amongst the runes. She murmured those two words as she was trying to read them, and before her eyes the silver shaft...pulsed. It actually seemed to swell and then recede, the 'veins' throbbing in response to her.

"Girl!" Torian scolded. "Hurry _up_! Quit your daydreaming!"

"Sorry, master," Kathiane said, moving on to the next grimoire. This one had an image of a succubus' face on the cover. She dusted it off, and held her breath for a moment. It was a grimoire on succubus summoning! But why was it locked away in here? Succubi were one of the more common demons to be summoned by warlocks, though Kathiane herself had not yet been taught how. She had trouble enough getting her imp to come forth when she called him, and even then he was only barely under her control. That imp had caused her no end of trouble from disobeying or deliberately misinterpreting her orders. Torian certainly didn't think her even capable of summoning a voidwalker yet, much less a succubus.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a muted explosion from elsewhere in the guild. The room shook, dust raining down from the shelves. "What the devil?" Torian said, stepping just outside the room. There was a confused babbling of voices, and the sounds of running footsteps from the hallway. "What's going on?" Torian called out. A muted reply that Kathiane couldn't quite make out, then Torian responded, "Hellfire? In the library? Oh, bloody..." he ducked his head back in. "You, touch nothing until I return," he instructed Kathiane. With that, he slammed the door closed on her, leaving her in the flickering light of the lantern by the doorway. She heard the click of the lock, and felt the mystical ward on the doorway snapping back into place, sealing her in while he went off to deal with the emergency. Hellfire, he had said. One of the other students must have had a mishap in the library, a bad one from the sounds of it.

Kathiane looked down at the grimoire in her hands, tracing her pale, elegant fingers along the picture of the succubus admiringly. She was already touching it when he told her not to touch anything else, so surely it couldn't hurt to take a little look. She cast a surrepetitious look over at the closed and warded door before opening the book carefully. She began to read, smiling happily as she got the gist of it. It _was_ a manual on how to summon a succubus! Wouldn't that just cut Torian down a notch if she were to summon a succubus before even learning how to call on a voidwalker? She didn't know of _anyone_ who had done that before.

"Hmm. It says here that in order to summon the succubus, the summoner has to be in a state of arousal, herself. That makes sense, I suppose," she mused. "Though it's kind of difficult to get in the mood in this musty" she trailed off as her eyes fell on the silver rod, remembering the feelings it had stirred in her. Giggling to herself, she picked it up, and sat down on the floor with the grimoire. "Let's see..." she murmured, holding it by the base as she did before, wrapping her other hand around the shaft and stroking upwards. This time she wasn't using the dustcloth, and the rod felt vaguely warm to the touch. "Oh!" she gasped as the same feeling of pleasure tingled into her from that one stroke. She kept rubbing the silver phallus, and the pleasure intensified, even as she felt the thing throbbing in her hands. "Oh, yes..." she began to speed up her stroking, feeling her panties beginning to get damp with her arousal.

"I can't...ooh...can't imagine why they'd lock this thing away!" she said in disbelief at how good she was feeling. Then she got a naughty thought, glancing at the closed door again. "I wonder how it would feel inside me?" She hiked up her robe and shimmied her cotton panties down out of the way. Sitting with her back against one of the shelves, knees bent with feet flat on the floor, robe hiked up around her waist, she experimentally touched the molded head to her wet pussy. As the artifact touched her, she felt a thrill of ecstasy go through her body, and couldn't help but shove the entire thing up into herself in one smooth motion. "Ahh!" she whimpered, feeling the thing swell and throb inside of her. "Ohgod!" she grabbed onto the shelf for support with one hand, arching her back as a climax washed over her. Her internal muscles spasmed around the metal dildo, squeezing it tightly and forcing her juices to squirt out around the edges of it, splattering all over her thighs, the grimoire, and the floor.

Kathiane panted heavily, the rod feeling like it was moving inside of her. She fumbled for the grimoire, pulling it up into her lap and wiping her hand across the page to try to clean up some of the mess. "That...ohh...I think...we can safely say...I'm in a state of arousal now," she said, reading on for the next step in the instructions. "State of arousal...mmm. Yes. Then...soul shard..." she dumped out her bag of soul shards onto the floor next to her with a tinkling of crystal. "Check. Then...the incantation." She squinted at what she was supposed to say. There were a few words there she didn't understand, but she figured she could sound them out. She picked up one of her soul shards, murmured the incantation in the grimoire, and smiled as the soul shard dissolved into purple smoke, that wafted out from her fingertips and over to the centre of the room, where a glowing purple circle was beginning to form on the floor. 

"It's working!" she exclaimed happily. Then she noticed more of the purple smoke drifting over to merge with the circle, and glanced down. Her happy smile faded slowly as she saw that every single one of her soul shards had dissolved too, and were all adding their power to her spell. "No...wait, that's not supposed to..." she said in confusion. Summoning a succubus was only supposed to take one soul shard, not the thirty or so this spell had just consumed.

The room was bathed in bright light as the purple circle flared with the completion of the spell. Shimmering into existence in the dead centre of it was a tall, curvy succubus. "Finally!" it purred, spreading out its leathery batlike wings and stretching its arms up high. Its voice held the relief of one long imprisoned in a cage being let out at last. Along with a foreboding sense of payback to come. It was taller than the other succubi that Kathiane had seen before, about seven feet tall, if she guessed correctly. Horns spiralled up from its forehead, through the black hair that was arranged in a multitude of small, thin braids that hung down to just past shoulder level. A gorgeous, utterly feminine face with high cheekbones and a slender nose, lush red lips and glowing blue eyes. It was broad-shouldered, strong, with large breasts and prominent pink nipples. Completely naked, its body was truly luscious, down to the slender waist and broad, curvy hips. At that point, Kathiane's mouth fell open in surprise.

Jutting out from the sultry creature's crotch was an absolutely immense cock. It was fully erect, about eighteen inches long, and as thick as her wrist. Its veiny length was so ponderously heavy that it was almost horizontal, pointed right at Kathiane where she sat on the floor in amazement. A similarly large pair of balls hung below the shaft, and the broad head of the cock was leaking precum heavily, splattering down onto the floor. Kathiane scarcely noticed the long, smooth legs that blended into hooves near the lower shin, or the long, sinuous tail with the uncharacteristically smooth tip. She absently noted that the tailtip resembled a smaller version of the bulbous cockhead that she was currently staring at. "What...? But...succubi don't...they're not supposed to..." she gestured numbly at the succubus' crotch.

"No, we're not supposed to," the succubus answered, its blue eyes fixating on Kathiane with a burning hunger. Its voice dripping with malice and lust, it added, "But then, I'm not like the others, as I'm sure you've noticed by now." With that, it walked over towards Kathiane purposefully, a sultry sway to its hips and a trail of precum being left on the floor.

Kathiane's eyes widened. "Now just a...I summoned you, you're under my control! And I order you to...mmph!" she started to say, only to be cut off when the succubus grabbed the back of her head and stuffed the drooling head of its cock into her mouth.

"Ahhh..." the succubus crooned, holding the blood elf's head tightly and pushing her hips slowly forward, filling Kathiane's mouth with throbbing cockmeat. Kathiane felt her jaw stretching wide as it could go to accomodate the massive cock, and the wet spurting of the thick pre tingled a bit as she swallowed it down. "I don't think you'll be giving any orders today. Ooh, it's been _so_ long!" the demoness crowed, thrusting its hips forward powerfully.

Kathiane made a "glllk!" sort of sound, flailing her arms ineffectually as the thick cock forced its way into her tight throat, stretching it and making it bulge out obscenely. She found her face pressed against the demoness' pelvis, her chin nestled against those immense balls and her nose rubbing next to the base of the shaft. The silver rod still lodged in her pussy shifted and moved, and she let out a muffled cry around the mouthful of dick as another climax hit her. She couldn't breathe, her airway was completely obstructed, and she could feel her juices gushing out of her again, drenching her legs.

"Yes...yes!" the succubus exclaimed, feeding off of the pleasure of its victim. Kathiane's climax seemed to spur on the succubus, who rutted its hips once, twice, deep into the bloodelf's throat before screaming with delight and unleashing an unbelievable load in a hot flood directly into Kathiane's stomach. The slender blood elf struggled and pushed against the succubus' thighs, still unable to breathe, trying to push herself back off of the immense cock so she could get some air. But the succubus was having none of it. It's tight grip on the back of Kathiane's head held her firmly in place as the demoness came in a seemingly unending series of heavy splashes of cum. Her stomach filled with it, and still the cock kept pumping out more of its demonic seed. Kathiane made a desperate sound as her throat backed up, thick spunk overflowing all the way up into her mouth and out the corners of her lips. The succubus was moaning in ecstacy, a river of white goo flowing down Kathiane's chin and all over her chest and the floor below. She panicked, trying to swallow, struggling against the demoness as her vision began to dim, desperate for some air. Finally, she felt the succubus withdrawing from her throat, using its grip on her head to shove her back off of the still quite rigid cock.

But Kathiane still couldn't breathe. She was fighting with all the cum, trying to spit it up, trying to swallow it down into her already full stomach. She was dimly aware of being pushed onto her stomach on the floor, her face pressed into a puddle of white spunk. Some of the cum was dribbling out of her nose, having gone the wrong way as she tried to deal with expelling enough of it so she could breathe again. As she was starting to lose consciousness, she felt the heavy, wet pressure of that giant cock against her tight asshole, and agony speared into her as she passed out.


◊ Chapter 2

Kathiane groaned as she awoke to a steady pumping that was rocking her body forward and back. She was lying in a puddle, completely drenched, and she ached. Her throat, pussy, ass...all felt raw and stretched. Something immense was lodged in her ass, and it was thrusting in and out vigorously. "Where...? What?" she moaned, dragging her head up out of the thick puddle to look over her shoulder.

Recollection flooded back into her at the sight of the succubus leering down at her. The next thrust was extra hard, the demoness' hips slapping against Kathiane's slender ass, those heavy balls swinging forward to smack against her sex. "Ohh!" she gasped, weakly trying to crawl away along the floor. The succubus had a firm grip on her hips though, and was much stronger than her. It kept fucking her rigorously in the ass, growling low in its throat at her attempts to escape.

Kathiane was trying to get her bearings, overwhelmed by the sensations. She realized then that she had passed out for a time...for how long? She had no idea. And that the succubus had simply continued to fuck her. The silver dildo was lying off to the side, almost submerged in the large puddle of cum that Kathiane was lying in. It felt like it had been hours that the succubus had been using her body like this, the way she was aching. All of her orifices felt thoroughly abused, and the succubus was showing no signs of slowing down. It seemed the demoness of lust had quite a lot of pent up need to take out on her after its long imprisonment.

Every thrust in her ass was making a lewd, wet, slurping sound. She felt like she had showered in cum, her body was absolutely dripping in it. She let out a sob, realizing the extent of her predicament. Trapped in a locked and warded storeroom, the sole object of attention for the lusty demoness to slake her urges on again and again. It was too much. She bit down on her lip and cried out, spasming and still trying to crawl away with a swimming sort of motion of her arms through the warm goo she was lying in. The motion of her arms faltered, an orgasm rippling through her, to her very core. Her ass clenched down tightly on the mammoth invader, drawing out a howl of delight from the succubus. It slammed roughly against her ass, digging its fingernails into her hips and pulling her tightly back against it, before it exploded with a hot gush of cum deep inside her.

There was nowhere for all the cum to go. She was already squishily full of the creature's spunk, and here it was unleashing a load of spunk every bit as copious as the first one it had choked her with. Her belly swelled a bit from the sheer amount of cum being pumped into her, and then the gooey jizz started pouring out of her ass in a warm torrent down the backs of her thighs to add more to the pool beneath her. It went on for ages, and her nose wrinkled as she realized that a good portion of the cum she was lying in had been inside her ass at one point.

She focused on that little detail for some reason, trying to push herself back up to hands and knees to get herself out of the mess. She managed to get up with an effort, cum dripping down from her nipples, her belly, her chin and her sodden hair. Her elbows trembled, a whimper escaping her as the succubus pulled out of her ass with a slorp. A small river of spunk followed, oozing out of her ass now that it was no longer plugged by the big cock. Her cheeks burned scarlet with the utter shame of her predicament, tears welling up in her eyes. "It wasn't supposed to be like this!" she whispered, just before the succubus jammed its cock home in one vicious thrust into her pussy.

Kathiane screamed out, her fingers clawing through the pool of spunk at the floor, her back arching. The succubus grabbed hold of both of her perky, B-cup breasts and squeezed. It was never going to end. This demoness was going to keep on fucking her until...what? Could an elf be fucked to death? Her mind was having difficulty following that thought to its conclusion. Of course, the fact that she was being humped by the largest cock she had ever seen was probably part of that.

The succubus purred out, "Such a tight little body, even after all of this use. I think I'll keep you." It started to ram in and out of her with abandon, its wings spreading behind itself for balance, flapping a little now and then as it tried to give itself some extra thrust. Its blue eyes gleamed with satisfaction, its muscles flexing each time it crammed its dick into her to the hilt. Kathiane's elbows gave out, and she would have collapsed face-first back into the cum if it weren't for the demoness' hands holding her torso up by the breasts. The succubus squeezed harder, using Kathiane's breasts as handholds to drag the slender blood elf forward and back along the length of its shaft.

Kathiane squinted her eyes shut, crying out with each thrust. She felt herself slowly working up to another orgasm. What was wrong with her? She shouldn't be enjoying this. Her body was betraying her, she felt so used, so ashamed...


The wards on the door winked out, and there was a faint click as it was unlocked. Torian opened the door, stepping into the room with slightly singed robes, soot on his face and a bit of smoke trailing up from his hair. He was not in a good mood, having taken several hours to get the hellfire under control and salvage as much of the library as he could. He was mildly irritated to find that he had stepped into something wet. "Alright, girl. I hope you didn't touch any...thing..." he said, stopping as the musky smell of sex and sweat washed over him. His mouth dropped open in disbelief at the sight before him. The entire room was covered in spunk. The walls were splattered with it, it was dripping down from the ceiling, the shelves looked like they had been hosed down in it. There was a thick layer of it all over the floor, some of it seeping past his feet and out into the hallway now that the door was opened. And in the middle of the room was Kathiane. At least he thought it was her, she was so drenched in sticky seed. She looked like a drenched ragdoll, limply being thrust upon the cock of the largest succubus Torian had ever seen. It was only through the soft moans coming from Kathiane that he could tell she was still conscious at all through what the succubus was doing to her, it looked like all fight had gone out of her.

The succubus looked up at Torian with a truly wicked look, just before its expression melted into utter bliss. It groaned happily, bucking its hips to drive its cock into Kathiane nice and deep. Kathiane just twitched, and cum poured out around the demoness' cock. The succubus hauled the young blood elf off of its still spewing dick, dropping her to the floor with a splat. Taking hold of its cock in both hands, it jerked itself off onto the prone Kathiane, spraying her down with a fresh load of demonspunk before Torian's eyes. Breathing a bit heavily, it looked back up at Torian and grinned, stalking slowly over towards him.

"Thank you so much for opening the door for me," it purred in a tone that promised a similar fate for Torian as it prowled towards him with a predatory grace, spreading its wings.


◊ Chapter 3

Torian panicked, gesturing and casting the first spell that came to mind, a curse of agony. Hoping that would slow the demoness down for a moment, he stepped back and tried to slam the door closed so that he could reactivate the wards and seal it back in the room. He almost had it closed when there was a heavy impact on the other side of the door, the succubus ramming into it with its shoulder to send the door flying open. Torian was slammed into the wall on the other side of the hallway, the wind knocked out of him. This succubus was all brute force and strength, not as coy and flirty with its affections as the norm. And it seemed his curse had only made the demoness angry rather than slowing her down.

"You shouldn't have done that," the succubus growled in a low tone, pressing up against Torian's body to pin him against the wall. Its enormous erection was trapped between their bodies, and Torian could feel it pulsing with need. The cock was covered in a variety of fluids, and the succubus ground its hips to rut against Torian's chest, smearing the slimy mess all over his expensive robes.

It took a few seconds for Torian to come to his senses, with the succubus all over him like that. For just a moment longer, he considered letting the succubus have its way with him. It was certainly tempting, and he could feel his own cock beginning to swell in response to the succubus' affections. The smell of its body was intoxicating, the greater height of the demoness making his face get smushed into its expansive chest. Its breasts were slick with perspiration and splattered cum, the skin so wonderfully soft and smooth. He felt the succubus taking hold of his robes by the outer thighs and pulling them upwards, and he let out a muffled moan as the silk dragged up along his erection.

But then the creature's cock throbbed, and a thick gob of warm precum hit him in the upper chest. He remembered what the succubus had done to Kathiane, and remembered the sheer size of the member it was evidently wanting to fuck him silly with. Blinking away the succubus' pheremones, he began the incantation of a banishment spell. He was the head Demon Trainer, after all, and he had dealt with impudent succubi before.

"None of that!" the succubus admonished him, recoiling and pulling its torso back from his a bit. At first, he thought it was about to run away from him, but then he saw its long, sinuous tail arch up around the demoness' side. It was slick and fleshy, and its bulbous head was oozing a thick fluid that looked just like precum. In fact, the shape of the head looked just like a smaller version of the cock that was sandwiched between their bodies. His chanting faltered as he realized its motions were not unlike that of a cobra poised to strike. The banishment spell was almost complete, he just needed a couple more seconds and the succubus would be safely disposed of.

He didn't have a couple more seconds though. As he was saying the final part of his spell, the tail lunged forward. It forced its way into his open mouth while he was trying to get the last few syllables out, and he made a frustrated sound as the magic fizzled away. A heavy spurt of precum pulsed out of the tip of the tail, coating the inside of Torian's mouth. He made a disgusted sort of grunt at that, bringing his hands up to grab onto the tail. It felt slimy to the touch, throbbing and pulsing as more precum flowed into his mouth. Refusing to swallow it down, he started to pull on the tail to try to get it out of his mouth. It was difficult to get a good grip on it though, his hands sliding down its length each time he tried to pull on it. More precum overflowed his mouth since he wouldn't swallow it, the warm goo dribbling down his chin.

Meanwhile, the succubus slipped its hands under Torian's arms, still holding the bunched up robes. It lifted him up, his back against the wall, getting him into a better position while he was busy struggling with the tail. By the time Torian noticed the demoness' massive cock easing up between his legs, the broad head pushing up between his buttocks, it was too late for him to do anything about it. His eyes went wide, and he protested with a loud 'Mmph!' while shaking his head. The succubus was not in a merciful mood, however. The pain of the curse of agony was still coursing through its body, and was still burning with unquenchable desire. It had been trapped for such a very long time, while its passions grew stronger and stronger. Its glowing blue eyes met with his green eyes, a sadistic sort of grin on its face as the succubus took in his reaction to the wet pulsing of its pre smearing hotly all over his asshole. Letting go of the robe, the demoness slid her hands underneath Torian's arms and up onto his shoulders, getting a good grip and _pulling_ down hard.

Torian screamed. His entire body weight, and the succubus' considerable strength, forced him down onto the gigantic cock. The lubrication of all the precum helped a little bit, but certainly didn't prepare him for the sudden stretching and filling. The succubus moaned happily, thrusting its hips upwards and pulling down on Torian's shoulders. It took a few more good shoves before it could stuff the whole thing up into him, even with using all its strength. The demoness simply plowed up into his ass, forcing him to take the entire thick rod without giving him any time to adjust. Torian's screams cut off as the succubus crammed its tail deeper into his mouth, punching it into his smooth throat. The tail was still oozing and spurting precum, lining the blood elf's throat with gooey warmth and making him swallow reflexively.

Kathiane groaned, lying in the pool of demonseed within the storeroom. She lifted her head, wiping some of the spunk out of her eyes to try to make out what was going on. She could hear the succubus grunting rhythymically, in time with a wet squishing sort of sound, from outside the room. The door had partially closed again, all she could see was part of the succubus from behind. The demoness was clearly having its way with a new victim, but from this angle, Kathiane couldn't see who it was. She whimpered at the sight of the tall, strong demoness' body. She hadn't had much time to take it all in after the summoning, but now, she could gaze up the long, shapely legs to the broad, curvaceous ass. As she watched, the demoness' toned legs and buttocks flexed in time with its fervent thrusting. The prehensile tail coiled around its midsection and out of view, but the part that she could see also seemed to be rippling and moving in time with the rutting. The dark bat's wings emerging from the succubus' shoulderblades were flapping for extra leverage, and Kathiane couldn't help but feel sorry for whoever was in its clutches now. Yet at the same time...she couldn't help but admire the beautiful demoness' body, its strength and majesty.

Kathiane shook her head, trying to remember the terrible ordeal the succubus had just put her through. Trying to dispel the inexplicable yearning for more of the same. She absolutely ached. She felt completely, utterly used. Her muscles were sore from struggling against the demoness, and her ass and pussy felt raw. She had never imagined being fucked so hard for so long. She tried to get to her hands and knees, but her arms and legs failed her. She only got partway up, shaking with the effort, before collapsing back into the spunk again. She couldn't let anyone else be subjected to this, not by a creature she was responsible for summoning. Even if it had a strange sort of appeal to it. So she started to crawl towards the door, dragging herself through the slime.

She was stunned when she made it to the doorway and saw it was her demon trainer that was getting fucked senseless by the succubus. Torian's robes had fallen back down, obscuring the details of what was going on. But from the way the demoness was crowing with delight and pistoning its hips and tail, there wasn't much left to the imagination. Torian's arms had fallen slackly to his sides, his throat rippling as he was forced to swallow again and again or else choke on all the jizz being pumped into him with the tail. Kathiane just watched for a few seconds, never having imagined that a demon of any sort might be able to get the better of the powerful warlock.

Finally, she came to her senses, and tried to assert some authority. She was the summoner after all. "Succubus, stop!" she said, her voice only quavering a little. When nothing happened, she spoke up louder. "I command you to stop!"

The succubus looked back over its shoulder at Kathiane, and grinned. "As you wish, mistress," it said. But then it sped up its thrusting, fucking Torian's ass and throat with a wild, fevered abandon. Torian groaned helplessly as his body was relentlessly invaded. The succubus howled happily, arching its back and ramming both cock and tail in as deep as it could muster, stretching Torian's ass and throat as both appendages swelled even larger before unleashing a massive load into him. Its wings curled up behind itself, its hips grinding heavily just before there was a liquid splattering sound. A large amount of cum rained down from under Torian's robe, decorating the demoness' lower legs and making a mess all over the floor of the hallway. Torian gurgled while his mouth overflowed as well, thick cum cascading down his chin and chest.

Kathianne couldn't understand it. The demoness had claimed to be following her orders, but then it did the opposite of what she had asked. "Succubus, obey me! Stop that!"

The demoness giggled, easing its hips from side to side, her tail curling and making Torian's throat bulge even more. The demon trainer's struggles had resumed with a frantic sort of desperation, and Kathiane realized that he was unable to breathe just like when she had passed out earlier. "Let him go!" she cried out in a panic.

The succubus pulled its hands off of Torian, but left him impaled on cock and tail, squirming more feebly now as he started to lose consciousness. "Yes, mistress," it said in a low voice. "Of course, I obey. You asked me to stop being so gentle, to stop taking so long with him, so I did..."

Kathiane blinked at that. "No I didn't...I told you to stop attacking him like that!"

"Mm. Did you? It must have been my mistake," the succubus purred. "You were kind of vague about it..." the demoness smiled as Torian went limp atop its cock, a soft pattering of cum still heard every now and then against the floor.

Exasperated, Kathiane struggled to sit up, resting her back against the doorframe. "Well...let him go! Completely. Just...take your...and, um..." she gestured meaningfully. "Stop touching him!" she finally settled on.

With a disappointed sort of pout, the succubus lifted Torian up off of its cock, more spunk raining down from under the robes. Its tail was hauled out of his mouth, strings of saliva connecting it to his lips. And then the demoness simply dropped him to the floor, his limp body making a thump that made Kathiane cringe. At least he was unconscious and wouldn't feel that.

While Kathiane's attention was on her trainer, worrying about how much the fall had hurt him, the succubus had prowled closer to her. " I want you to..." she said, looking from Torian up at the succubus who was now looming over her. She didn't get to finish the sentence though, the succubus' tail snaking out to coil completely around her throat and constricting tightly to cut off the rest of the sentence.

"I think that's quite enough orders out of your mouth," the demoness informed her. "Besides, I have so many better uses for that tongue of yours. But first, let's get you cleaned up before we continue." With that, the succubus turned and walked slowly down the corridor. The tail tugged on Kathiane's neck, forcing her to scramble to crawl along after the long-legged demoness, slipping a bit awkwardly on all the slimy spunk on the floor.


◊ Chapter 4

Kathiane gasped in a breath of air as she was pulled to the surface of the water by a strong grip on her hair. The tail was still coiled tightly around her throat, further restricting her breathing. She grabbed onto the edges of the large bathtub she was in, only to have her hands slip off of the porcelain as she was shoved back under again. Bubbles streamed to the surface of the water, her lungs burning for more air...and then she realized how silly she was being. A moment of concentration on a spell, this one not requiring any spoken words, and she was able to breathe underwater.

"There, that's better," the succubus said as it eventually hauled Kathiane back up and out of the tub completely. The young warlock fell to her hands and knees, dripping wet but entirely clean now. She could hear the sound of the water draining out of the tub behind her, in the bathroom of the inn that the succubus had hauled her to. She looked up at the demoness that she had summoned up. It was still a mess of sweat, its own cum, her juices and saliva, making its skin glisten wetly. "Now it's my turn. Start licking, 'mistress'," it said, a mocking sort of tone put to that term.

Kathiane balked at the order, until the tail constricted and forced her face downwards to press her lips against the demoness' hooves. A strangled sort of whimper escaped her, the waterbreathing spell not helping her against being physically choked like that. She had to comply. Kathiane reluctantly extended her tongue, touching the smooth hoof in the hopes that the tail would loosen up if she did as she was told.

The succubus grinned, using its tail to direct Kathiane's head, dragging the young warlock's tongue along her hoof until it was shining and clean. Only once that was done did the tail relax just enough for Kathiane to get in a breath. "Keep going," the demoness instructed her, guiding Kathiane's tongue up higher, making her lick up along its smooth shin and calf. Kathiane made a face at the salty, musky mixture of flavours...though she had to admit that the demoness had fabulous legs. Bit by bit, she cleaned all the way up to the knee, before she was shoved back down with a grunt to the other hoof. 

It was so demeaning. They were standing right next to a bathtub, which had been used to clean Kathiane herself off...yet here the demoness was making her give it a tonguebath instead of using the tub, itself. Up past the knees now, she couldn't help but let out a small moan as she lapped her way up those curvaceous thighs. She hated this, she did. She did! And yet...she could feel the warmth of her arousal leaking down her own inner thigh.

A warm splat against her back made her jump a bit, and she looked up at that monster of a cock looming above her. Thick, veiny, long...and there was a big, gooey dollop of precum dribbling from its tip to slowly ooze down onto her bare back. She paused in her cleaning, just staring up at it for a moment. It was hard to breathe again, and this time it wasn't because of being choked. The succubus swayed its hips a bit, its heavy balls and long shaft moving in time, just before it grabbed a fistful of Kathiane's hair and pulled her in close. It mashed Kathiane's face into its sweaty balls, purring happily as it ground her face in. "Lick, lick, lick..." it urged, and Kathiane tongued at its ballsac, even as the sweat was smeared all across her face.

"Ooh, yes," the demoness cooed, holding Kathiane in place by the hair and turning to face away from her. Kathiane found herself at eye level with the creature's rounded ass. "No, no please..." she pleaded softly. 

"No? Please don't stop? As you wish, mistress," the succubus said slyly, and shoved Kathiane's face forward before she could clarify what she had said. The blood elf let out a muffled "Mmmph!!" as her face was buried between those plush buttocks. The demoness reached back with both hands, getting a good double handful of Kathiane's short black hair to pull on. It leaned forward to get a better angle, pushing its ass back while pulling Kathiane's face deeper into her hot, sweaty crack. "Lick!" it demanded greedily, and Kathiane found her lips pressed against the greasy, tight pucker.

More muffled sounds of protest from the warlock, Kathiane's hands coming up to push against the backs of the succubus' thighs, trying to pull her head back. The succubus was just so strong, though. The grip on her hair twisted cruelly, making her yelp into the demoness' bottom. "Lick! Push your tongue into me, if you want another breath of air..." it insisted.

Kathiane's head swam. She couldn't do this. She couldn't lick it _there_...but she couldn't breathe. She had to...she had to do what the succubus wanted of her. And Light help her, but there was an illicit thrill in being forced to service this creature's relentless desires, no matter how degrading. She touched the wet puckered opening with the tip of her tongue, and was rewarded by a tilt of the succubus' hips, just enough to get a breath through her nose. Then her face was buried securely in the demoness' ass again. "Yes, more!" it cooed, as she started to push and explore with her tongue.

It was a tight fit, squeezing her tongue up into the dank passage. The succubus crowed in triumph, a wet spattering sound of its precum hitting the floor showing just how much it was enjoying debasing its summoner like this. The ring of muscles squeezed Kathiane's tongue, contracting and basically sucking it in deeper. Shuddering at the sensation of having her tongue pulled in like that, at the taste of the succubus' ass, Kathiane nevertheless started to thrust her tongue in and out, to the delight of the demoness. Another reward of fresh air for her enthusiasm, before being crammed back into the succubus' ass firmly.

Kathiane started to lose track of time. The demoness kept rutting its ass back against Kathiane's face, only pausing enough to give her brief gasps of air through her nose before putting her back to work. Her tongue was getting tired, her thrusts slowing, which only prompted the demoness to wrench harder at her hair and jam its ass back into her face more roughly. But she couldn't help it. Her tongue ached, both from the earlier facefucking she had received and from this latest bout of tonguefucking the demoness' ass repeatedly. She absently noted that her knees were wet, from the puddle of the demoness' precum that had been steadily growing and spreading across the tiled floor throughout.

Finally, frustrated with Kathiane's flagging performance, the succubus hauled Kathiane's face back out of its ass, whirling to face her. Its heavy cock slapped against her cheek in the process, precum splashing down the side of her neck. Kathiane's face was flushed, covered in perspiration, and a mess of her saliva down her chin. "Who told you to stop?" the succubus demanded.

"Can't...can't..." Kathiane tried to explain, panting for air. Her tongue felt numb, like a dead weight in her mouth. It was hard to form the words.

The demoness considered her for a moment. "I guess you're not as resilient as I thought," it mused. "'re of little use like this." Nodding to itself, the succubus tilted Kathiane's head back further with its grip on her hair with one hand, the other hand squeezing her jaw and forcing her mouth open. "Open wide," it murmured.

Bending down over the blood elf, the demoness moved its mouth, working up some saliva. Kathiane blinked a bit numbly, not quite comprehending what was about to happen. The succubus simply spit into her mouth.

Kathiane made a disgusted sound, starting to struggle again, until she realized that there was a pleasant tingling in her mouth. The saliva had a warmth to it that was soothing her overused tongue. Her resistance faded in wonder as the feeling began to return to her tongue. She was so wrapped up in the sensations that she didn't really notice that the demoness had been working its mouth some more, in preparation for what was next. The succubus' full lips parted just enough to let a steady stream of drool flow down into Kathiane's mouth, which was still firmly forced open.

Her eyes widening, Kathiane felt her mouth starting to fill. It was odd, feeling her pains and aches fading while at the same time being utterly embarrassed. The thing was spitting into her mouth! She didn't swallow any of it, and soon enough her mouth overflowed, trickles of saliva running down both cheeks. And still the succubus kept drooling into her mouth.

Kathiane had to breathe, and in order to breathe, she had to clear her mouth. So she swallowed with an effort, making a faint sob at what she was doing. Her throat had felt raw and sore all this time, and swallowing down the succubus' saliva brought a wave of relief to her. It felt so wonderful to have the pain flushed away, that Kathiane gasped. And in so doing, she ended up sucking in some of the demoness' spit the wrong way. She sputtered a bit out of reflex, then realized that it wasn't causing the spasm of choking and coughing that she had expected. A warmth entered into her lungs, and she realized that her water breathing spell was still in effect. Absently, she took note of the fact that the water breathing worked on other fluids than just water.

The succubus released her jaw, wiping its own lips with the back of its hand almost daintily. "That should get you back into licking form," it said with a grin. "Mmm...but while I'm at it, I should make sure you're nice and tight again everywhere." It pulled Kathiane to her feet by the hair, then simply pushed her towards the tub and released her hair. Kathiane, still gasping a bit with her new discovery of her water breathing spell, let out a yelp as she bumped into the tub and went sprawling backwards into it. The succubus took hold of her ankles and pulled, kneeling at the same time, until Kathiane was in the most undignified position of having her pelvis lifted into the air, her butt resting on the edge of the tub. Her legs had been pulled over the demoness' shoulders, and the succubus was now holding her by her thighs and looking hungrily into her crotch. Most of her weight was resting on her shoulders, neck, and head on the bottom of the tub.

The succubus clamped its mouth onto Kathiane's pussy, and shoved its tongue in deep. Kathiane cried out in surprise, her fingers scrabbling at the porcelain of the tub uselessly. The succubus' tongue had slid into her so impossibly deep. And that same warmth was seeping into her abused, stretched out passage. She could feel the healing magic of the succubus' saliva doing its work, repairing the damage and making her tighten up again, good as new. Getting her ready for the next round.

She couldn't rid herself of that last thought, that the succubus was getting her ready for a repeat performance of what it had done to her in the cramped little storage room, over and over. Its tongue was pumping in and out of her, spreading the saliva around, working it in nice and deep. She cried out, the image of being used until her body could take no more, then tonguefucked back to health, only to be used again until her body could take no more...her body bucked, her hands finding the succubus' horns and hanging on for dear life.

She was still coming down from the mindblowing orgasm when she found her face being pressed onto the porcelain, her breasts flattened against the tub. She had been flipped over, and by the time she was aware of this fact, the succubus' long, agile tongue had been stuffed up into her ass, with the by now familiar warmth of its healing saliva seeping into the walls of her rectum. She sobbed both in pleasure at feeling the depths of her ass plumbed so thoroughly, and at the knowledge that this, too, was just a precursor to what was to come. She was being prepared, and it was going to be as if she had never been fucked by the demoness in the first place. That initial stretching and pain at having the massive cock rammed into every available orifice was going to happen all over again. Kathiane wailed out in delight, gushing all over the wall of the tub with another heady orgasm.


◊ Chapter 5

Slurp, slurp, slurp...

The long tongue kept pushing in and out of Kathiane's ass. How long had it been? The succubus had long since finished healing her with its saliva, now it was just having fun with her, feeding off of the pleasure and shame it was making the blood elf feel.

It was such a dirty act. Kathiane couldn't believe it felt so good. She couldn't get away from that relentless tongue, and she wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to. Whimpering with each deep thrust of the tongue, she lost control when she felt the slick intruder curl inside of her rectum, stretching her tight passage a little. Her ass clamped down on the succubus' tongue, her fingers splaying out against the cool porcelain of the tub as the pleasure of another orgasm rippled through her.

Smugly, the succubus slowly pulled its tongue out of the still-quivering hole, a string of saliva connecting its tongue with the puckered opening for a moment before it broke to splat down across a smooth buttock. Kathiane groaned, half in relief and half in regret at the withdrawl. Her emotions were starting to get all muddled. She didn't want this. She was supposed to be the one in charge, she was the one who summoned the succubus.

Her mouth moved soundlessly a bit as she tried to speak, before she was able to speak the words. "Tell me, succubus...what is your name?" she asked, propping herself up on her elbows. Names held power, perhaps if she started calling the demoness by its name, it would start obeying her properly, the way she'd seen other succubi behaving. She looked back over her shoulder, perspiration making a few strands of her black hair cling to her face. Her eyes widened a touch as she saw the succubus had gotten back to its feet, getting into position with that giant cock to take her again.

"My name?" the succubus purred the words, its heavy cockhead pushing against the well-lubricated asshole that was winking at it enticingly. "Ooh, how rude of me," it said with a grin, grabbing hold of Kathiane's hips in both hands. Kathiane was still doubled over the edge of the bathtub, her ass up in the air with her legs dangling over the side and her upper body down in the tub. "I forgot to properly introduce myself. My name..." it said, its words lingering for a moment while its grip on the blood elf's hips tightened. Without any further warning, it rammed its hips forward with all its demonic strength.

Fully three quarters of the massive, thick cock plowed into Kathiane's ass. Her elbows collapsed with a shriek of pain, the warlock's ass forcibly stretched once more without any regard to her comfort. " Selanda," the succubus informed her, watching its summoner twist and struggle once more. " nice and tight again, mistress..." it crooned, pumping its hips forward several more times to wedge the rest of its thick dick snugly up its summoner's ass.

Kathiane was sobbing, her hands trying to find purchase on the tub's bottom with her hands to scramble away from the searing pain in her ass, even though she knew it was futile. She registered the succubus' name, but she couldn't collect her thoughts as to what she was going to do with the new information. It just hurt so much, her body wasn't meant to take something so large, to spread so much. It felt like having someone's arm shoved into her ass up to the elbow, except it was spurting out precum deep inside her. That wonderful, gooey, thick precum...

She blinked and shook her head a little, finding herself salivating at the thought of the succubus' pre. Selanda began humping vigorously into her ass, moaning and cooing as it savagely used her body. What was wrong with her? The thing was raping her in the ass, again, and she was fantasizing about the flavour and texture of the creature's cum.

And even though it hurt like hell, her sobs of pain were starting to drift into grunts of pleasure. She couldn't understand it, she shouldn't enjoy being treated like this. A casual fucktoy, for a demoness with uncontrollable and seemingly instiable lusts. The massive dick slammed into her ass again and again, the slapping sound of the large demoness' hips smacking into the much smaller blood elf's backside filling the room. It wasn't long before Selanda crowed in triumph, and Kathiane squealed with delight at the explosion of hot jizz filling her bowels.

Kathiane wondered at how one demoness could produce so much cum, her ass overflowing, the spunk oozing down into the tub. Selanda hauled its cock out of her ass, and Kathiane felt the warm shower of the tail end of the climax spattering all over her back. 

"Oh, mistress..." Selanda purred, lifting Kathiane's legs into the tub, and climbing in after her. It was very cramped, with Kathiane still lying on her stomach with her legs splayed out to the sides, and the succubus on top of her, its knees in between hers. It placed its hands on her shoulders, leaning most of its body weight down on her to pin her heavily against the bottom of the tub. Kathiane groaned at the pressure, her face scrunching up in disgust as she realized she was lying in a puddle of cum where half of it had been inside her ass.

But still...the other half hadn't been inside her ass, and she was longing for another taste of it. She tentatively stuck out her tongue, running it through some of the warm spunk, and sighed happily at the taste. Her mind whirled again. What was she doing?

Selanda giggled at Kathiane's tasting of the demoncum, even as it shoved its cock up into her welcoming ass again, a loud, wet squelching sound audible as it pushed into the cum-filled hole. "You see, you can't help but enjoy it," it murmured, slamming its cock in deep in one brutal hump. "I can tell. I can sense your arousal. The more that I use you, mistress, the more you're enjoying it. Soon you'll be absolutely craving it..." the succubus kept rutting into the blood elf's ass as it talked, Kathiane's squeals and cries only seeming to excite the creature even more. "...yearning for it. Soon, you'll be begging for me to take you again. Each time, it'll be more pleasurable to you...and as your pleasure grows...nnngh!" The succubus grunted, its explanation pausing while it rammed itself in and out of Kathiane's ass rapidly now, losing itself in the delight of raping the tight elven ass.

Selanda's batwings spread out wide, the demoness crowing out its lust as it pounded Kathiane's ass brutally. The long shaft grew even thicker, drawing out a loud groan out of Kathiane, the blood elf shuddering helplessly into another orgasm as a hot gush of cum exploded into her ass. She felt so close on the heels of the first load that was shot into her ass, this second eruption filled her almost immediately, and kept on coming. Thick spunk squirted out of her ass around the edges of the massive dick, splattering all over Selanda's balls and legs. The demoness purred in pleasure, continuing to rock heavily against Kathiane's ass, grinding its cock in deeply. 

That was when Kathiane noticed that the plug had been inserted into the drain of the bathtub. "Oh no..." she murmured, realizing that the puddle of cum that she was lying in was getting deeper by the second. The succubus' heavy balls were churning out an unbelievable amount of thick, warm goo, gushing out of the warlock's ass to line the bottom of the tub.

"Oh, yes..." Selanda cooed, still pinning Kathiane flat against the bottom of the tub as its orgasm trailed off and it pulled itself out of the slender blood elf's ass. Kathiane whimpered at the withdrawal, squirming against the bottom of the tub with the aftershocks of her own orgasm. "The more your pleasure grows, the sweeter it becomes for me!" it murmured. "Such a fine feast of pleasure, finding such a slut of an elf like yourself, mistress." She wasn't left feeling empty for long, as Selanda was just repositioning itself to cram its cock into her pussy.

Kathiane screamed anew, feeling as if she was being torn asunder by that giant cock that was roughly stuffing its way into her tight passage. Selanda grabbed a fistful of her short hair, and shoved her facefirst into the couple inches of cum that was filling the tub. Her scream turned into a spluttering gurgle, the succubus wasting no time in letting its summoner get used to such a large cock again. It simply fucked her, hard and fast, amazing Kathiane once more with how it managed to stay fully hard throughout so many orgasms. Truly a creature built for lust, a frightening, unstoppable lust when unfettered after such a long imprisonment.

Kathiane thrashed as she realized that Selanda wasn't letting her up for air. Her whole face was immersed in demoncum, the strong succubus' hand still leaning on the back of her head with a fistful of hair. The renewed struggles only seemed to make Selanda enjoy itself even more. Her mouth filled with the sticky goo, her attempts to breathe drew some of it up into her nose. Cum was splattering about as she flailed in a panic, all the while being drilled by the succubus' meaty cock.

In desperation, she tried the same spell that had saved her earlier when she was being dunked in the tubful of water. It was difficult to concentrate enough to get the spell off, but in between thrusts she was able to settle herself just long enough to fire off the water breathing spell. Selanda's cock pounded back into her a moment later, and she reflexively tried to suck in a deep breath. She got a lungful of the thick cum, and splashed about at the odd sensation of breathing in such a thick, viscous fluid. But her head cleared. The spell worked, and she found herself able to breathe again.

Just in time for more cum to be added to the rising level, as the succubus bucked and cried out, an explosion of cum deep inside of Kathiane, once more overflowing the small elf's body in a spray of warmth.

All she could do was whimper, feeling Selanda continue to fuck her silly, not even slowing down for the orgasm that time. It just continued to pump her body, again and again, filling the air with wet suctiony sounds of its cock driving in and out of such a sopping, full hole. There were no signs of it stopping any time soon, and remembering back to how long it had fucked her the first time, when it was trapped in the storeroom with her, Kathiane wondered if the creature was going to fill the entire tub by the time it finished its fun with her...


◊ Chapter 6

The succubus lounged in the bathtub, leaned back against the porcelain with its neck resting on the smooth edge. One leg was hooked over the side of the tub, its hoof slowly dripping onto the floor. Selanda let out a heavy, utterly contented sigh, closing its eyes with a smile.

The bathtub was completely filled to the brim with thick white goo. The surface of the pool was rocking, some of the cum sloshing over the edges of the tub every now and then to ooze down the sides and to the floor. Selanda was slowly pumping its hips below the surface, both hands gripping fistfuls of Kathiane's short hair.

Kathiane had been fully submerged for over an hour now. Her improvised warlock magic was allowing her to breathe the syrupy cum, a fact which Selanda had quickly realized and made ample use of. Kathiane's face was pressed against Selanda's crotch, the whole eighteen inches of thick demoncock lodged down her throat. Her lungs were completely full of cum by now, her spell keeping her going throughout.

The succubus dragged the limp blood elf's head up and down its cock at a leisurely pace, simply enjoying the sensations now. The utter urgency of its rutting had finally been sated, and now it seemed content to fuck Kathiane's face slowly and thoroughly.

The fight had gone out of Kathiane after such a long session of being pounded in every hole. She merely groaned as she was hauled along the enormous shaft, feeling the flared edges of the cockhead dragging along her smooth throat walls. The cock squished in and out, the warlock long since filled to the overflowing with cum. Her belly was full of it, her throat had completely backed up with it, each thrust forced a bit out of her nose and the corners of her mouth. Her ass and womb were both stuffed with it.

The giant cock was oozing a steady trickle of precum, keeping Kathiane absolutely filled even as it forced more out of the blood elf each time it pistoned back inside of her, hilting itself in her clinging throat.

"The simple pleasures of being free..." Selanda uttered, even though Kathiane couldn't hear a word beneath the surface of the full tub. "And such a find, a mistress who can be used for just hours and hours without smothering..." The demoness shoved itself into Kathiane a bit harder as it said that. "Ooh, yes...mmm!" it exclaimed, its fingers tightening in the warlocks hair as its passion rose again. The slow rutting began to speed up, the demoness' arms flexing as it powered Kathiane's head down into its crotch more forcefully.

"And when I've finally worn you all out...stretched out every hole until you're no long such a nice, tight little thing for me to fuck...nngh!" Selanda drove its cock home and held it there, mashing Kathiane's face into its pelvis, rubbing the elf's chin into its ponderous balls. "Then...then I'll heal you up...and it'll all begin again! Ahhh...yes...take it, mistress!" Selanda cried out, the massive cock pulsing and erupting deep in Kathiane's throat.

Kathiane flailed her arms weakly through the goo, there was simply nowhere else for the cum to go. Her belly swelled from all of the cum being forced into her, until the succubus yanked on her hair, dragging her up and off of its cock. Kathiane's head surfaced, held tightly by both of Selanda's hands. Her mouth still hung open, but none of her features could be made out, absolutely covered in demonspunk.

The demoness' cock was still cumming heavily, a jet of hot, thick goo geysering up from under the surface to splatter in Kathiane's mouth, hosing down the elf's face and splattering all over the place. The tub was overflowing on all sides now, a wave of cum flowing down to spread across the floor of the bathroom.

More of the exhausted blood elf came into view now, every inch of her body covered in jizz. She was pulled up higher, caught up in a slippery bearhug by the succubus, mashed against Selanda's chest. Kathiane was drooling out cum, spitting it up over Selanda's shoulder, her body twitching and shuddering as she tried to purge it from her mouth, throat, and lungs. Her waterbreathing spell was fading, and she was so exhausted, she wasn't sure she was going to be able to refresh it again. Selanda's cock was burrowing into her ass again, and she didn't care...she had to get her airway clear.

Selanda had started pumping into her ass vigorously again by the time she managed to cough and sputter up enough of the white sludge that she wasn't in danger of drowning any more. Her mouth moved, she was trying to speak...but the hammering of her bowels wasn't making it easy, and her mouth was still thick with cum. Spitting up a bit more, groaning at the wet, squishy thrusting, she whispered in the succubus' ear, "Selanda...Selanda, go back to whence you came, just before I summoned you. Alone." She grunted at a fierce, deep thrust into her rectum. "Now! I order it..."

Selanda let out a wail of despair. There was no twisting of words to be done this time, no clever disobeying of orders while it continued to get its way. There was a burst of purple smoke, and the succubus was suddenly gone, banished back to its prison by its summoner.

Kathiane fell forward into the space that Selanda had just been occupying, the pool of cum rushing in to fill the rest in. The fluid level in the bathtub dropped, but Kathiane still went under, no longer supported by the demoness. She struggled her way to the surface, like swimming through syrup, spitting out more of the cum that she had taken into her mouth when she went under.

She rolled over onto her back, lying her head back against the edge of the tub where Selanda had been lying, shakily wiping her eyes and face clean. Her messy chest heaved with her breathing, and she covered her face with both hands. It was truly over. She had beaten the succubus, forced it back into its prison. Her shoulders shook with her sobbing, all the intense emotions overwhelming her.

She was left with an exhausted, aching body, lying in a bathtub full of demoncum. Along with the memories of what she had been put through. The memories and...the knowledge that Selanda was now hers. Her succubus to call upon.

Her sobbing finally eased, and she sniffled, wiping her eyes again. She had won. She had finally figured out how to make Selanda obey her...

...hadn't she?