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Handle With Kara

by hollybygolly


◊ Chapter 1

Mrs. Denning droned on and on about semicolons as the seconds stretched into minutes and Kara’s eyelids began to droop. Twenty minutes to go until lunch and the tension in the room had risen to a fever pitch. There are only so many hours a day you can contain the seniors at Rosemont High, and the hours directly preceding and following lunch weren’t the most ideal. Word around school was that the teachers all knew this and planned the most boring lessons for exactly those times in order to bore every ounce of youthful exuberance out of the student body. A silly rumor, yes, but at the present it carried a bit more weight than usual.

Kara sat, head in hand, lazily rolling her pencil back and forth across her desk as her mind wandered around the room, alighting briefly on various classmates, peeking under their clothing in fits of lewd imagination. This was her favorite passtime – mentally undressing her peers, scanning their bodies with hungry, predatory eyes, feasting on the imagined delights. However, the boys were safe from her fantastic meandering. Sure they were cute at times, and they served their purposes (Kara had enjoyed more than her fair share of free movies and dinners) but they didn’t have anything that interested the bored teen.

She wasn’t a lesbian, or a bisexual for that matter. In fact, when she thought about it, she couldn’t exactly think of the right word to describe her sexuality, if there was one. She identified as female, and she had a vagina and soft bust line to prove it, and she was sexually attracted to women and women alone, but still she had trouble actually thinking of herself as a lesbian.

“AP readers see the same sorts of essays over and over, hundreds of times a day. A well placed semicolon can set your paper apart from the pack” Kara’s attention faded in and out of the lesson, just in case something interesting managed to sneak into the lecture. She sighed softly as her eyes scanned the room and she shifted her legs, feeling the thick weight of the reason she couldn’t define her sexuality resting against her thigh.

Perched atop her self-described “scrumptious pussy” was a fully formed set of male genitalia. However, that doesn’t quite do it justice. Cock wouldn’t even begin to describe it. The eight wrist-thick soft inches that were currently mashed against her thigh under her baggy shorts, complete with a set of large, hairless balls (She once compared them to very ripe limes) was another focus of her ongoing difficulties with definition. Boys talked frequently about their cocks and they never seemed to have all that much meat. She knew she was bigger soft than most of the men on Earth were hard and she always thought of herself as a grower, not a shower.

Kara cleared her throat and shifted her legs again. She liked the feeling of her extra appendage rolling from side to side between her legs. Perhaps she liked it a little too much as she felt the familiar swelling and immediately shifted her thoughts to things less erotic, like the crisis in Darfur or marching band or things that two girls might do if handed one cup. She was comfortable with her body, even proud, but even the proud know when to keep a secret a secret.


Kara Allen McAlister was an oddity and, before she was born, she would have been considered a complete impossibility. Not only had she been born with two completely functioning sets of reproductive organs, she had been born with two of the most extraordinary sets of reproductive organs the doctors who examined her had ever seen. She went in for monthly testing, collecting a considerable amount of money for her inconvenience and agreeing only to the tests she felt comfortable with. Omega Labs was more than willing to pay the person they believed would bring them a Nobel Prize so long as she agreed to remain their secret study and theirs alone.

Puberty came swiftly, and by the age of twelve most of the male researchers were intimidated by the girl. Early measurements at the time noted five inches flaccid length, ten hard with impossibly powerful and copious ejaculation. At first she was filling pints, and then quarts, and then gallons. When her volume began to plateau, she could fill a two gallon container, the last two or three weakening strands straining the surface tension. The team couldn’t decide which was more shocking, the size of her cock, the size of her cum shots, or the fact that not only was her ejaculate fertile, it was almost dangerously so. Despite the incredible volume of the thick, creamy (And, as two of the women on the team would admit if you were to get them sufficiently drunk, amazingly delicious) spunk, her sperm count was beyond reason.

And yet her femininity didn’t seem affected by the overpowering masculinity that throbbed and jerked between her legs. Her vagina was equally impressive. Despite being deeper than average, and able to stretch to fit even the largest dildos the team provided (Bought specifically for science, of course. Ann Johnson swore up and down that despite the rather “used” look of the toys, they had certainly not come from her bedside table next to the stack of magazines depicting sweaty, hairy chested firemen).

It seemed impossible that a girl so young could develop so exceptionally. By fourteen, her breasts sat atop her slender chest, a full B cup with tantalizing, heavenly nipples jutting proudly from the modest mounds – the latter details, of course, were left out of the official report despite the words flashing in each scientist’s mind. The lines of her body were subtle and feminine, jaw dropping in their perfection. A routine appointment one month almost took a turn towards disaster when, as she disrobed, the researcher observing let out an involuntary groan. He was relegated to filing reports and secretarial scut work for weeks.

Her parents handled their daughter’s strange development exceptionally well. More than anything, they were happy to hear that she was healthy in every way, if not more so than the average girl her age. They had been trying to have a child for years, and after a landfill of used pregnancy tests and several painful miscarriages the angel that they had hoped and wished for had arrived. It didn’t matter what she looked like or how she would grow. She was healthy, she was happy and she was theirs. They didn’t even opt for circumcision, laughing about the question later in life, admitting they were worried any kind of surgery, even cosmetic, might break whatever spell blessed them with a child.


Now eighteen, Kara sat in class, staring intently at the overhead projector, desperately attempting to keep her erection at bay. As the years had progressed, she continued to develop. Completely hard she had measured herself at fifteen and a half inches and so thick her fingertips were just barely separated when she wrapped her hand around the base. Even though she stood at an impressive and statuesque five feet, ten inches, the monstrous cock looked obscene as it rose from her otherwise slim, athletic frame. 

It was that enormous reason that made definitions difficult for Kara. She couldn’t imagine herself as a lesbian. To her, lesbians were women who loved women. She was something else, something separate. A third gender, maybe. It didn’t take her more than a minute on the internet to find a word for it – Futanari. Of course, she wasn’t one for using a foreign language to cover up the truth. She was a dickgirl. Was it lesbianism if a dickgirl liked normal girls? Would it be gay if she liked boys? Years ago she’d come up with “femsexual.” It wasn’t perfect, but it was all she could think of.

Tomboy was another word that haunted her. She wore baggy shorts and jeans to cover her secret and led an active life, involved in soccer and cross country. Her body was lean and toned without sacrificing the grace and elegance of the fairer sex. Still, she giggled and adopted a shy, reserved attitude at school, if only to keep the rumors of “dyke” at bay, long golden tresses done up in a playful ponytail or down, licking casually at her shoulders.

Thankfully, all of her focus on unsexy thoughts, deep breaths and visualizations exercises that’d make Tony Robbins proud had kept other things at bay and as the bell rang for lunch she stood with a relieved confidence and gathered her things. As she did, she noted Callie Mitchell doing the same. Callie, you temptress she mused to herself. Every school has a masturbatory fantasy shared by the entire male student body and some of the women. Rosemont High has Callie Mitchell.

Kara’s eyes pored over the flame haired beauty as she bent over to shovel her binder and books back into her backpack. The halter top did little to cover what modest she might have had at some point in her life. A size too small, the yellow material stretched sinfully tight across her enormous breasts, a feast for the eyes her body defied possibility in nearly as many ways as Kara’s. 

Callie was five feet, seven inches of pure sexuality. It radiated off her in blistering waves. Her breasts heaved and strained at what had to be an E cup bra at very least (when she wore one at least) and sat high on her chest, defying gravity and prominently displaying thick, perfectly formed nipples. The vast region of her chest tapered to a beautiful, picturesque waist, as if bound by an invisible corset before flaring at her hips, the round, taut bubble of her ass. She turned the tables on jeans - every pair looked spectacular clutching the perfect, fleshy orbs at the end of her long, shapely legs.

Definitions were no problem when it came to Callie. She was hot. Smoking. Droolworthy. Out of anyone’s league. And yet she stooped to the most tired of high school clichés and dated Gavin Thomas, quarterback extraordinaire, a boy whose rugged good looks were matched only by his rugged lack of intelligence. A boy who just happened to catch Kara staring at his girlfriend as he walked into the room.

“What’s the matter, McAlister? Never seen tits before? Oh right, you haven’t!” He laughed, no, guffawed and wrapped an arm around Callie, lips curled in a mocking grin as he grabbed a handful of the monstrous mounds. “See, this is what women have. Nice mosquito bites.” He amused himself yet again, laughing stupidly. If it was possible to have a nemesis outside of the comic books, Gavin was Kara’s.

Both stars of their respective sports, a kind of natural competition seemed to bleed through to everyday life, despite the fact that Kara never participated in it. Gavin took every possible chance to poke and prod and sneer. He was the reason girls developed eating disorders, and he was the hottest piece of ass on campus if you believed any of the ladies room chatter.

“Gavvy, go ahead, I gotta take care of some stuff, ok? Meetcha at Pita the Great, kay?” Gavvy. Kara hated pet names. Callie gave the grinning lunk a peck on the cheek and he lumbered off, followed soon after by Kara. She sighed heavily, twirling her key ring around a finger absently as she strode towards the parking lot. Lunch was always her favorite part of the day, assuming she could make it that long. She understood why boys acted out as much as they did; it wasn’t easy dealing with a head filled with sexual desire like a leaky boat. No matter how many gallons she emptied, it always filled again soon enough.

I am the lecher bitch and I wear the X of castigation… The Genitorturers blared through the speakers of her ratty 1992 Mazda 929 as she took the usual route. It wasn’t really necessary to drive to get where she wanted to go, but it threw everyone off her tracks. Lunchtime wasn’t her favorite because of the food or the lively conversation at the local pita joint. Lunchtime was release. She couldn’t imagine how many gallons of cum had soaked into the dirt behind the backstop of the old, long forgotten baseball field. A new one had been built years ago, leaving her destination to become an overgrown, secret garden of carnal delight.

She stepped out of her car, barely a mile from the parking lot, face beaming. All thoughts of Gavin and Callie and Mrs. Denning faded instantly as she walked the familiar route to the small clearing she had stumbled on after her first week of school. It had been a godsend, giving her ample privacy and yet freedom. There was only a sliver of visibility to a nearby cul de sac. Kara noted a deep blue Volkswagen beetle parked there, oddly familiar, though it was difficult to tell as her need for release grew, and with it her cock.

A happy, soft squeal escape her lips as she unzipped her shorts and let them pool around her ankles, her thick staff quickly throbbing and rising, standing at a sixty degree angle from her body as the foreskin slowly retracted. It didn’t take long for her to reach full mast, an iron rod pulsing gently between her legs as a warm breeze danced and kissed at the long concealed flesh. As her slender fingers wrapped around the bloated beast, she needed no more encouragement, no fantasy. The feeling of being so exposed drove her wild, a weight lifted off her shoulders.

Precum beaded at the tip, the previous period’s excitement having already stirred and primed her bestial desires. She cooed as she gathered the thick, gooey gob with a hand, slathering it along her length, the wet sounds sending delighted quivers down her spine. Slowly she picked up her pace, wanting to savor the feeling and yet seeking the inevitable climax with increasing desperation. One hand stroked with well practiced pressure, fingers gliding swiftly over the well lubricated skin, scanning back and forth along the pronounced veins, squeezing gently as it reached the thick, angry purple head of her cock. The other hand slid lower, briefly fondling and teasing her heavy balls before ducking below to trace along the tender, soaking folds of her pussy, fingers choosing to tease and avoid her swollen clit rather than indulge its urgent beckoning.

“Nngahhh!” It was a whimper more than a moan. A silly smile cracked her face as she worked, pleasure creeping along her veins. She bit her lower lips gently as she worked, both hands increasing their pace, hips swaying and bucking slightly as she worked. She could feel it mounting in her stomach, glowing softly, fading and reappearing, a gentle, tantalizing, intangible force like a thousand dim lights coalescing and becoming a bright, furious sun, collapsing further, threatening to explode, to wrack her body with joyful spasms and splatter the ground with gallons of her rich seed.

Gasp, cachink

It took a moment for the sounds to register in her mind, hidden amidst the lusty fog as it was. She blinked and froze, eyes scanning the horizon briefly before her heart stopped. Suddenly the beetle’s familiarity was so simple, so crystalline in its clarity that she couldn’t believe she didn’t remember sooner.

Callie stood, eyes wide hands locked in shock, breath caught in her throat as her keys fell to the ground at what she saw. The two girls stared at each other for short moments that expanded to eternity until snapping back like a rubber band. Callie scrambled for her keys, leaping into her car and speeding away before Kara could call out and gather her pants.

As she zipped her pants back up, cock drooping in despair, ignoring the painful throb of an orgasm denied, Kara sank to the ground with a miserable stone in the pit of her stomach. She groaned painfully, mind racing. Her secret would spread through the school like wildfire and life as she knew it would be over. As she sat crumpled on the ground resting against the rotting wood of the forgotten backstop, she shook in silent sobs.

This time, definitions were no problem. Despair.


◊ Chapter 2

She couldn’t believe it. Eighteen years without so much as a curious glance and she’d thrown it all away just to get off. In some small corner of her mind she chuckled grimly, suddenly understanding why it seemed like every celebrity cheated on his or her spouse. Still, she sat, slumped against the backstop as she was, all through lunch and through the next period. She might have spent the rest of the day on into the night in that exact position had her phone not chimed in her pocket.

The cheerful “ding” sound taken from the game Everquest heralded a reminder, an appointment with the lab today. Perfect she thought just what I need right now. She wiped her eyes, snuffling and taking a few deep, shuddering breaths. A sweet, delicate breeze played with her hair, the thin strands dancing in the sunlit afternoon. She’d always enjoyed the beauty of the area despite her reasons for visiting. Now, however, the trees, the brush, the gentle sway rocking the verdant world around her all seemed so dead, so lifeless. The knot in her throat continued to choke her as she plodded to her car, staring at the wheel for several long, silent minutes before turning the key.

The pounding beat of “Cum Junkie” followed the aging roar of the engine. Any other day she might have laughed out loud. Instead, an angry finger bolted to the stereo, punching it off with a disgusted sigh. The drive continued on in silence. Even the sound of the road faded beyond the veil of a great white noise, a static that threatened to envelope the worrying dickgirl. Eventually the soft blue glow of the Omega Labs sign crept along her windshield.

“Hello Kara! So good to see you again, heckuva day huh?” Joanne, the receptionist was her usual, exceedingly cheery self. Kara grunted, or mumbled, or both and continued on to the back, footsteps echoing loudly along the long white corridor. Examination room B crept up on her sooner than she expected and she almost passed the open door, managing a weak smile and a slight wave as she entered to the sight of Doctors M and O standing beside a soft, albeit sterile looking chair.

Doctors M and O were mysteries to Kara. They’d introduced themselves as such so long ago that she’d just accepted the short names. For awhile she even imagined they weren’t short for anything. Maybe they were just Emme and Oh. M was a bright, motherly woman with long red hair done up in tight curls, more often than not kept wrapped in a messy bun. Today’s chopsticks were green, but she had an assortment. Kara couldn’t understand the appeal of the chopsticked bun look, but scientists were never paragons of fashion.

Doctor O was a short, lean, kindly older Asian man who always smelled just a bit too heavily of cologne. It was always a different scent, but the concentration remained the same. Idiosyncrasies aside, they both provided a modicum of comfort to the girl as she closed the distance. This was safe, this was familiar.

“Hello Kara” Dr. M offered in her smooth, warm tone “You know the routine, sweety.” And she did. Without a word, she continued on to the back of the examination room, shedding her clothing and placing it in a plastic bin. She sighed softly as she stepped into the small shower stall, the spigot springing to life, warm water cascading over her athletic frame in a steady, luxuriant stream. The staff always suggested she take a shower to prevent any contaminated data, but she had her suspicions that there was a camera hidden somewhere.

There was no cheeky rubbing or touching this time, strictly a clinical shower. She stepped out and toweled off, dropping that too in the plastic bin and padding softly toward the two doctors, her thick, heavy meat swaying with her hips.

“New chair?”

“Yes, take a seat, please”

“Alright, but if this is some kinda torture thing, I’m out.” She giggled softly. She did her best not to let her concern show as she took a seat, looking expectantly up at the two labcoats grinning back at her.

“It’s been a year since the last sample, Kara, you know what that means.” Dr. O seemed nervous as he spoke.

“Wow a year already? Alright…where’s the bed though? I mean, isn’t that usually where I….?” She pantomimed jerking off, eyebrows raised. Her cock had already responded to the suggestion, the earlier frustration easing the process as it fattened and stretched, throbbing with every heartbeat, foreskin slowly beginning to retract with each growing inch.

“There have been some -ahem- concerns, Kara. Certain members of the research team were found with some, erm, footage of several years’ collections on his personal computer. We think it’d be best if things were done a little more professionally.” It was M’s turn to speak this time and a light blush rose in her cheeks as she did.

“Oh. Kay, so, what now then?” Without a word, the doctors looked at each other and shuffled behind the chair. Kara looked ahead to the two way mirror, grinning gently and waggling her fingers. She couldn’t understand why they continued to hide when she knew they were back there. Regardless, she watched as doctors M and O wheeled a small machine up from a corner of the room. Still silent, they went about fastening two arms of the odd looking machine to the chair, flanking the confused dickgirl as she continued to throb and grow.

Finally, Dr. O returned to the front, holding a pink gel tube in one hand and an unmarked squeeze bottle in the other. Kara almost burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

“A pocket pussy? Seen 'em, never really used one before though.”

“A simulated vaginal sleeve, yes”

“A pocket pussy.”

“Fine, a pocket pussy. Come on I feel a little ridiculous as is, work with me here.” Kara though she could see his lips curling slightly, as if he was holding back laughter too as he focused on the sleeve in his hands as his other hand deftly flicked open the unmarked bottle and tipped it over, pouring a thick gob of what was obviously lube into the pink passage. As he leaned over to fasten the two odd arms attached to the chair to the tube, Kara spoke up again.

“This is nice and all, and I know my buddy here is all ready to go, but this is kinda weird. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to get off. Yknow, this is really unsexy.” Dr. M put a hand on her shoulder as she helped Dr. O finish up, letting her hand linger and grab Kara’s aching member, guiding it to the edge of the tube. Dr. O disappeared briefly and returned with a long plastic cylinder with a flexible tube attached. It fit snugly around the opposite end of the sleeve.

“Don’t worry.” Was all she said before slipping a soft black strap around one of Kara’s arms, fastening it gently and keeping the dickgirl firmly fixed to the chair’s arm, her associate mimicking the act on the other side. “Just relax, sweety." 

“Hey! Come on now thi-ANGH!” her protest was cut off as a switch was flicked, the machine humming to life, the arms plunging suddenly, forcefully, enveloping Kara’s prodigious member in the soft, silken, ribbed toy. All thoughts emptied from her mind as she sat stunned for a moment, mouth agape, eyes threatening to roll back in her head. Both doctors cleared their throats and tried to act professional as the dickgirl began to squeal and buck, thrusting back against the sleeve as it strove to milk her. 

The cylinder on the other end provided a gentle pressure that made all the difference as it stroked and squeezed Kara’s pulsing cock, the pillar of flesh bombarding her senses with pleasures the likes of which she’d only imagined up until this point. It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar building, the pinpricks of sensation congregating at the base of her massive prick. Her chest heaved as she moaned and writhed in her the chair, straining against the black straps, understanding their importance. 

All at once it began. The dam burst and white and red light streaked her vision as every muscle in her body tensed, breath catching in her throat. Her cock swelled larger, the collection cylinder creaking briefly as the first salvo fired from the fat, quivering tip of her gigantic endowment. A low bestial growl started in Kara’s chest as the cum poured from her cock in one long, continuous stream, coursing through the flexible tube and filling a nearby container almost halfway, much to the amazement of all witnesses.

The growl rose higher and louder as the stream stopped for a moment and then peaked, a shrill, mind shattering howl as the full force of her orgasm hit her. She thrashed and struggled against the chair as her hips bucked, cock twitching powerfully rope after rope of thick, creamy spunk fired from the impossible organ. Viscous gouts of the stuff exploded into the container, threatening to fill it completely and still she continued.

It was mind blowing, the feeling of the sleeve gripping her cock, a thousand slick hands massaging and teasing the sensitive flesh. Her vision ebbed and flowed with each extreme pulse, sensations beyond understanding arcing through her veins like lightning. 

Both observing scientists stood on silently, watching as the dickgirl continued to moan and shriek, toned body spasming in the chair. Neither noticed that the three gallon container was no match for the volume of this orgasm, the cum backing up in the tube, filling the pink sleeve and squirting out onto Kara’s balls, thighs, the chair and the floor as three more titanic ropes of cum exploded from the shaking girl.

Two final, smaller bursts splattered out of the apparatus, coating Kara’s lower body in the pungent, rich goo. She collapsed back against the chair, panting and wheezing softly. Gobs of her cum dripped from the chair, lewd splat noises marking their connection with the floor. Dr. M regained the presence of mind to switch off the machine as Kara continued to gasp for breath, cock still hard as steel and throbbing visibly in the over full device.

Kara chuckled weakly despite herself.

“Sh..shit.” Was all she could muster, a goofy grin spreading across her face. The Callie situation could wait. She was basking in the afterglow of what must have been the world’s most powerful orgasm


◊ Chapter 3

The rest of the session continued without incident. Measurements were taken and it was discovered that she’d grown yet again and a full inch at that. Kara considered asking how long puberty usually lasts, wondering if she could get a read on whether or not her already impressive cock would get any larger but thought better of it when she realized the reason she was being test was because of her unique situation. A chill ran down her spine when she imagined a cock that refused to stop growing.

Dr. O finished most of the tests; Dr. M retreated behind a door after her cell phone rang and returned with an odd look on her face. Again, Kara decided not to ask what was wrong. She imagined watching a horse hung dickgirl filling a several gallon container of cum would put anyone ill at ease. After the tests had been run, questions asked, blood and urine samples taken and her clothes had been returned to her, Kara gathered her thoughts and headed for the door, only to be stopped by Dr. M’s gentle touch. 

“Kara, honey.”

“Yeah? What’s up?”

 “Uhm. I’m not sure how to ask, but could you…come by my house this evening around eight? Here’s my address. It’s nothing bad, I just think it’d do us both a lot of good.”

Kara turned the piece of paper she was handed over a few times, quirking a brow. She’d jerked off to too many smutty cartoons and read too many filthy stories to fall for this trick. Then again, Dr. M wasn’t that bad looking. Heck, maybe she’s got a killer bod under that coat she mused.

“Sure, I guess. Do I need to bring anything?”

“Just a smile, dear.” And with that, the motherly woman disappeared behind the staff entrance and was gone.

Kara drove home in silence, sat in her room before dinner in silence, and sat down at the table in silence. Despite the seemingly inviting offer – who wouldn’t want to lose her virginity to a cougar, after all? – the situation with Callie once again gathered storm clouds over her thoughts. It was Chipotle Pesto Pasta nice and though the sauce should have brought tears to her eyes, she chewed without flavor.

“Honey is anything wrong?”


“Kara? Sweety are you ok?”

“…oh! Oh, sorry mom. Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine! I was just thinking.”

“What about?”

“Nothing, really. Just some stuff.”

Her mother knew better than to press the issue. Equipped as she was, she was still a teenage girl and if she wasn’t going to talk about her day, there was nothing that could be done about it. The meal continued rather quietly. Respective days were discussed, a few inside jokes about family friends shared, and by the time 7:45 flashed on Kara’s phone, she’d almost forgotten about the knot in her throat. All the same, she was never one to be late, and after the way the pocket pussy had felt earlier that day, she could hardly restrain the excitement at the opportunity to feel the real thing.

Till I collapse by Eminem thumped through her car speakers – part of her pre-race mix for cross country. She had her iPod on shuffle, but was thankful for the song choice. Too many times she’d felt like puking before a big race but her usual mix of inspirational jams kept her centered. She could have laughed about the ridiculousness of listening to a “pump up” song right before something like this. She could have, at least, if there was room enough inside her for air in between the butterflies. 

She triple checked the address on the slip of paper in the dim light of her car. She knew it was the right place, but she couldn’t seem to get out and walk up to the door. A fourth time she checked before tossing the paper aside and opening her car door. Once her feet touched asphalt, she took a deep breath, smoothed her baby tee, and checked her knee-length skirt for any wrinkles or overly noticeable bulges.

What seemed like a marathon of shaky steps later, her finger pressed the doorbell, and soon thereafter heard swift footsteps on hardwood. Too late, I can’t run away now she thought as the door swung open and she was greeted by Dr. M, hair still done up in a tight bun. She was wearing a playful sea foam green sun dress and white sandals. Kara had been right.

Dr. M’s body was spectacular - Strong and slender yet womanly and full, curves placed in all the right places in generous proportions. She was gorgeous, classy, playful and mature all at once. Her spotless white flats finished off the ensemble. Out of her lab coat she looked like a woman half her age. Beyond that, she looked startlingly familiar.

“Oh good, you showed up! Come on in. Take a seat in the living room; I’ll be right with you. Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?”

Kara’s mouth had never been drier, yet all she could do was stare wide eyed and shake her head from side to side, trapped in a paralytic stupor. She slipped past her hostess and made her way to a cozy and expensively furnished living room, finding a comfortable seat in a spacious leather recliner. Again she heard footsteps on hardwood and her stomach leapt into her throat. This was it. This was happening. She was too nervous to be excited and her cock still lay flaccid and heavy against a thigh. For a moment she wondered how she was going to explain impotence. The next moment, she was wondering what on god’s green earth was going on.

A stunning redhead flounced into the room, but instead of a vivacious cougar, Kara found herself staring like a deer in headlights at Callie Mitchell. OF COURSE! Her mind screamed Dr. M! Dr. Mitchell! You stupid idiot! Abort! Look for a knife, slit your wrists, puke on her shoes, ANYTHING just get out!

“CALLIE!” Her voice cracked more than she would have liked, but the blood was coursing through her ears so loudly she could hardly hear it anyway.

“Hi” Was the soft response. The two shared a pregnant silence, staring at each other in sheer awkward stupidity. What seemed like eons passed before Kara could must the gumption to speak again, a majority of her blood rushing to her head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the head she’d been expecting a few minutes ago.

“You….I can explain!”

“Uhm, my mom sort of already did.” Another short silence followed. What does one say when the elephant in the room is an additional set of genitalia seen during masturbation?

“So….? Is…I mean, are we…cool?” Kara felt like an idiot asking the question, but she was too thunderstruck to come up with anything better.

“Well…I guess. It’s ok. I’m not going to tell anyone, my mom would kill me if I ruined her great big research project or whatever. But…what’s it like?”

Relief washed over Kara in a cold wave, dousing the fires that were staring at the tops of her ears and allowing the blood to resume its normal course through other parts of her body. She understood the gravity with which the team at Omega Labs spoke of her case, and to hear it reference had a calming effect on the dickgirl. The lab was safe and familiar, something she could always rely on. She realized how long she’d been sitting there without a word and shook her head.

“Sorry, uhm, what’s it like?”

“Yeah, you know….having a…yknow.”

“Oh…I dunno. It’s alright, I guess. I mean, I like it, I’m not ashamed of it or anything, but it’s a bit of a hassle I guess.” She couldn’t believe how openly she was discussing the monster sleeping against her thigh. Maybe adrenalin had some kind of “truth serum” effect. She made a mental note to ask the doctors next time.

“Can I see it?”


“Can I see it? I mean, I did already, I guess, but I was really far away, and you did look huge and…come on, I never thought I’d have to explain why anyone should she me their cock!” Kara laughed at her sudden eagerness. They were both teenagers after all. The ridiculousness and exuberant horniness of it all was very calming. It made her feel normal again.

“Callie, come on. What’s going to happen here? Am I supposed to show you my dick, then you ask to touch it, then you suck it, yadda yadda yadda? Look, I’m happy you’re gonna keep it a secret, but I’m not feeling a hundred percent on this, ok?”

“Oh come on! You weren’t so shy earlier!” Kara blushed crimson at her words.

“That’s it, I’m outta here”

“Kara! Kara! Come on!”

Callie’s pleas fell on deaf ears as the dickgirl bolted from the leather chair and stormed out the door, jogging to her car and speeding away. Fuck, what’s next. Big titted cop pulls me over, demands to frisk me? 

She drove in circles around town for thirty minutes before heading home. There were still mountains of issues to sort through, not to mention homework. She cursed herself under her breath as she flopped down on her bed. After everything that happened, she forgot to give her friend Lynn a call. She rolled over and stared at her ceiling until sleep overtook her. That night she dreamt she was flying through an alternate dimension on a giant blue triangle. She was naked and, for whatever reason, holding a large orange rake. When she woke up the next morning, still in her clothes, still in same spot she’d fallen asleep; she took comfort in knowing that at least everything hadn’t changed. Her dreams were still stupid.


◊ Chapter 4

The warm, soothing water of the shower washed away, amongst other things, the worry and fear that had taken up residence since yesterday afternoon. Soon after she woke, she made an "executive decision" as she referred to it and told her mom she was going to take a sick day from school.

It was unusual for her. She had always excelled in her studies, in sports, in social activities. Shying away from her responsibilities just wasn't in her nature. So her worried suggestion didn't require much, if any coercion. If she said she needed to take a day off, her mother had no reason to deny her. She understood completely. Any teenage girl has a rough day now and then; she couldn't imagine the added rigors of her daughter's unique situation.

And so Kara stood in the pleasant shower, water cascading over her toned, athletic frame, letting the strong current pelt her tanned skin as she let a long, drawn out sigh of release escape her lips. For a few short minutes, her cares and troubles evaporating, clinging to the walls and mirrors with the steam - still present, but easy to ignore, to look past. Her slender fingers caressed her body slowly, a delicate smile curling her lips as she admired herself. She knew there were women who would kill for her body, and she appreciated it all the more for it. To be ashamed of such a blessing would be insulting. 


She liked the subtle definition of her muscles, the healthiness of her thin form. She looked exactly how she wanted - strong and womanly. Her walls were littered with posters of pole vaulters and distance runners, gymnasts and ballerinas. She admired the delicate power they embodied, the way the lines of their bodies were soft yet unmistakably defined. She often joked to herself that this kind of thing was her cock's doing. It was the cock that gave her such an interest in strength and athleticism. 

There was a kernel of truth to this joke. However, it wasn't a misguided masculine drive. No, it was the sexual desire. The posters lining her walls were inspirational, of course, but the thoughts they inspired often trended towards the perverse. One in particular had spilled more buckets of cum than all others combined. It was only a glamor shot. The woman in question wasn't an actual athlete, but she was posing in a gym, workout pants pulled down low enough to just barely reveal a thin wisp of pubic hair, the vast expanse of her toned and rippling abs glistened with sweat. Her breasts were large and soft, mashed against her chest by a sculpted arm crossed over them as her gaze smoldered towards the camera. She was trim and chiseled, yet impossibly soft looking.

She couldn't count how many nights she spent stroking her massive cock, or wrapping her lips around the bloated head, desperately trying to drink as much of her generous load as possible. Night after night the poster left her gasping for breath, bathed in sweat and cum, giant cock wilting and laying heavily against her stomach and chest. She would tingle and tremble from head to toe, completely spent and satisfied. 

She'd often read about fictional dickgirls whose orgasms were split between organs and thanked her lucky stars that hers weren't. It wasn't the time she saved or the toys she didn't need, it was the intensity of her climax that made her so thankful. Both orgasms shrieked through her body and collided in one supernova of pleasure, an unstoppable eruption that seized her muscled, arched her back wildly, lifted her hips off of the bed and forced her breath to catch in her throat.

She understood why boys loved to jack off. It was easy. What took minutes with her cock might take two to three times as long with her pussy. Still, she enjoyed the occasional evening spent caressing and teasing her wet lips, circling the swollen clit. She tended to ignore her cock during these sessions, letting the massive rod jerk and slap against her stomach and chest, thick gobs of precum splattering against her skin.


Kara chuckled softly as she washed her hair. Just thinking about her nightly activities has excited her, the thick slab between her legs slowly growing, thickening, the foreskin peeling back slowly as the monster extended further down her smooth legs. This was her favorite feeling. She loved the massive weight and length of her cock before it got completely hard, when it had almost every inch of its length and thickness, but remained mostly soft, hanging down around her knees and swaying back and for the with every movement.

She focused on the remainder of her soapy duties, stepping out of the shower afterwards with a content grin, wrapping herself in her favorite pink bathrobe, deciding with a wicked grin to leave it open as she walked back to her room, enjoying the rhythmic slap of her cock against her thighs as she did. She posed in front of her full length mirror, patting the vague outline of six pack abs, chewing her lower lip lightly as her eyes traveled lower, poring over the throbbing, half hard prick. Her hand slid lower and lower, fingers playfully licking around the massive base as Ba-da-da-daaaadadadummmm

Everquest again. The theme this time, which meant it was Lynn. She grabbed her phone and flopped down on her bed, giggling quietly as her tumescent pole swung back and thudded soundly against her chest. 


The online sensation of years long past held a special place in Kara’s heart. It was a gift on her thirteenth birthday from one of the techs at the lab. Despite her positive body image, her enormous secret made her somewhat wary of real friendships. She understood and accepted herself, but she couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the same - without wanting to study her or use her for her endowment, of course.

So, on a lark, she installed the program (after spending more than a little time ogling the chesty high elf on the front cover, marveling at the raised bumps that marked her own generous endowments) and thus Kari the half elf bard was born into the virtual world. Dungeons were delved, enemies slain from rats on up to dragons.

Lynna the barbarian warrior became a regular part of her adventuring party. Good, reliable players were difficult to come by and Kara liked to keep in touch with the ones she found. With Lynna, she kept in extra close contact, sometimes chatting for hours on end about nothing in particular while their avatars hacked and slashed their ways to glory. When Kara found out that Lynna’s player lived two blocks away, she felt a rush of excitement and shame all at once.

A friend was so close all along and neither went outside often enough to run into each other. Regardless, a day or two after learning the juicy tidbit, she’d knocked on Lynna’s door, only to be greeted by Lynn herself.

Lynn was a far cry from her freckled warrior. She was shorter than Kara, maybe five foot four. Her hair was a short cropped brown tangle. Straightened out it might fall somewhere around her earlobes but was in a state of perennial bed head. She was…soft was perhaps the best word for it. Still, she wore the weight well. She was pudgy in a cute way, her thick black rimmed glasses sitting atop slightly rounded cheeks. Underneath her baggy hoodies and sweatpants hid a curvy, generous body. Her breasts were large and round even for her age and her stomach, like her thighs, carried enough weight to be cute and soft without seeming fat.

She was as shy as Kara and their first afternoon talking in real life was littered with sputters and stammers. Over time, the two relaxed and opened up and now, five years later, they were as close as could be. She was still the same slightly pudgy girl, no sporting a Double D chest at least, wearing the same baggy hoodies. True to her meticulously cultivated “meganerd” image (her word) she was a bit of a shut in. She was also prone to sickness. If there was a virus going around, she had it. And so, on another of her real sick days, she called Kara on her self-imposed one.


“You slut!”

“Fuck off, Linz, I forgot ok? Yesterday was brutal. How’re you holding up?”

“Could use an antidote”



Kara giggled. It was relaxing to talk to her friend, it kept her grounded and made her feel like a normal girl again despite the half hard evidence to the contrary currently resting against her stomach. It was that reason that made her swallow hard before she spoke.

“Hey, Linz, listen. Something’s up and I’ve gotta tell you something.”

“Oh god, this is it. You’re a dyke, right? No wait, worse, you’ve got a cock, you’re a guy. I knew it! I knew girls didn’t play video games!”

“Damnit this is serious!” She laughed in spite of herself. It was all a joke, but still her friend’s words terrified her. She still hadn’t let her one and only real friend into the biggest, thickest, longest part of her life and the mock accusations weren’t making it any easier. Still, with everything that had happened yesterday, she needed to talk to someone.

“K, what’s up?”

“Listen, I’m coming over.” She hung up without waiting for an answer of any kind, letting out a worried breath. She started to dress and tried her best to ignore the pound of her heart in her chest, like funeral bells tolling for the anxious dickgirl.

◊ Chapter 5

When Kara was younger, she almost drowned in a nearby creek. It was during the big “El Nino” weather phenomenon in the 90’s and the otherwise humble trickle had been turned into a raging torrent. Her mom gave into her childish begging to go look at the rapids the rain had deposited in the quiet suburban neighborhood and the two walked hand in hand, marveling at the beauty of a rain swept landscape.

Of course, she wasn’t about to look at something so amazing without proof to show off should anyone ask her what she did over the weekend. A little more begging and a miniature tantrum later, She was standing – back to the flood – grinning from ear to ear as her mom readied the camera. 

Before the flash could go off, a nearby tree gave in to the furious erosion and plummeted into the crashing water. The subsequent wave washed over Kara and swept her into the deadly stream, squealing and shrieking. Her mother took off in a dead sprint, dropping her camera and umbrella, bounding over rocks and fallen branches, eyes locked onto the flailing yellow dot that only moments ago had been giggling excitedly. Her feet moved of their own accord, vaulting obstacles as she trailed the raging monster.

“Kara! Kara grab onto something!” Kara could barely hear it over her own cries and the cacophony of water dragging her further away from the bright red splotch of her mother’s frenzied pursuit. She could do little more than flail and grasp, small arms and hands no match for the might of the swollen creek. Fear gripped her, icy and cold as the red smudge dwindled and dwindled. She coughed and sputtered as muddy water forced its way into her wailing mouth. Then, darkness.

Her mother was weeping and clutching her tight when she came to, a handful of strangers looking on with hands covering their mouths. An elderly couple shared a happy embrace. Later, she was told how she’d struck a rock along the side of the creek. In addition to knocking her out and opening a grisly wound in the back of her head, the jagged outcropping kept her pinned by the water, giving her mother time enough to catch up and drag her limp body onto solid ground. She heard she coughed up nearly a gallon of water, but she understood how these stories tend to grow.


Now, as she walked to Lynn’s house, she was back in that river, bobbing and flailing. The same cold fear sat in her stomach, reaching a vicious hand up to strangle and choke her. The incident at the baseball field paled in comparison to the prospect of losing the only true friend she felt she had. The thought alone jackknifed her insides and threatened to empty her breakfast all over the sidewalk.

She thought about the school sponsored seminars and assemblies she’d sat through, about the way she was supposed to love her body and not care about what anyone else thought. The first part was easy enough, there was little about her body not to love. What the fuck would Barry the Self Esteem Badger have to say about something like this?

The massive white door loomed over her for several minutes as she mustered the courage to ring the doorbell. Before the cheery tone could fade, the door swung open

“Took you long enough! Jesus, something interesting on the door?”

“You knew I was here?”

“Yep. Saw you walk up, watched ya through the peep hole” Lynn tapped said hole with an impish grin on her soft face.

“You bitch!”

“Ha! Come on” She stepped aside, inviting Kara inside as she coughed wetly “Ugh, ‘kay maybe laughing’s a bad idea.”

“You watched me standing there the entire time?”


“Why?” A light rose filled Kara’s cheeks. Lynn shrugged.

“Iunno. Seemed funny at the time. Come on, I’ve got a sweet neti pot upstairs and if you’re lucky maybe I’ll share.”

With that, the wheezing, hacking girl trudged upstairs, attempting to laugh between revolting coughs. It wasn’t exactly the dramatic entrance Kara expected, but it felt good to know her friend was at least in a good mood. In fact, the absurdity of the moment had distracted her and lifted a small fraction of the dread that rested on her shoulders like a loathsome mink.

When she got to Lynn’s room, the girl waved her in, head tipped back as she sat on her bed, aforementioned neti pot draining into her nose. Kara sat down on her usual spot atop Lynn’s desk out of habit, watching the slightly unsettling display with raised eyebrows. After the nasal carnage had subsided, Lynn blew her nose one more time, finally flopping down onto her bed with a congested groan.

“Alright, K, what’s up?”


“Well you’re here, come on, spill it.”

Watching the odd sinus cleansing ritual, Kara had almost forgotten why she’d come over altogether. Another, deeper blush tinged her cheeks as it all came flooding back. Ok, ok, like a bandaid. Real quick. Just say it. Say it! Her brain talked a big game, but when push came to shove, it didn’t step up to the plate.

“I-heh, uhhh I have..” She cleared her throat. “The thing is, I have this this this this this thing and it’s not a big deal…Well, it IS a big deal, but it’s not, it’s just weird. I guess. I mean, It’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with it. Or me. Well, it’s about me. See…well, like, you’re sick, and that’s your thing, you’re always sick, right? Well, my thing is-“ She shut her mouth and stared at the ground. Smooth. She thought.

“Jeeesus! K if you’re *cough cough* If you’re gonna ask me out onna date, just do it already” She chuckled.

“I have a penis.” Kara spat out, still staring at the ground. Tears started to burn her eyes, swiftly falling and dotting her baggy shorts.

“What? A cock? A fucking cock? You’re a guy? A fucking guy? What the fuck!? What the FUCK!? *cough *cough* this is some fucked up shit, K, this is some serious bullshit!”

“I know! I kn-“ She was practically sobbing when she looked up at her friend. She choked as she noticed the wide, goofy grin cracking Lynn’s rounded cheeks. There were no words. Her mouth moved, her eyes bulged but she couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Oh, what, the big secret comes out huh? Booga booga booga!” Lynn chuckled, coughing yet again as she slid to the edge of her bed, shrugging and holding her palms upturned. “Come on. Best friend doesn’t notice a huge cock? What is this, anime?”

Kara still sat thunderstruck. She couldn’t decide what to deal with first. How long had she known? Why didn’t she say anything? What happens now? She finally sputtered and flailed and stumbled over what might have been a question of some kind. What followed was an extensive question and answer session.

Kara talked about the lab, and her “condition” and what it was like to grow up different and Lynn looked on with childish glee, asking as many questions as possible. She was extraordinarily understanding, accepting everything she was told with either a nod or an interested “huh.” Her usual inappropriate humor stayed in check, choosing instead to listen intently, excepting the occasional sneeze or coughing fit. The two talked for almost two hours and, when all was said and done, Lynn knew about as much about her friend as she could, leaving nothing but a pregnant silence as the last question was asked.


“yeah. So. There I am, I guess.”

“Yep. Yep yep. Can I see it?”

“What? Fuck off!”

“Come on, K! We just talked about it forever I gotta see it! Hey, look, ok, I’ll sit on my hands.” She did so, eyebrows raised “Besides, I’m sick, you can’t get near me anyway, come ON! This is what friends do. They listen to stories, they keep secrets and they look at each others’ cocks. It’s in the rulebook.”

Kara sighed and nodded briefly, a small grin spreading across her lips. As much as she hated to admit her curvy friend had a point, she did. What should have been a terrible conversation had ended up being almost decent, and it wasn’t entirely like she had anything to hide any more. She knew that friends didn’t just flash body parts to other friend, but she also knew that friends don’t normally have giant cocks above their vaginas either. She slid off the desk and start to unbutton and unzip her pants. She tugged the loose garment slightly and let it fall to the ground, shimmying and sliding down the boxer briefs that were a necessity to avoid the telltale slap of thick dickmeat against a thigh amongst her daily routine.

And then she was bottomless, standing in front of her best friend, massive cock dangling obscene from her toned frame, equally oversized balls thankful to be free of their cotton prison, albeit in an odd and vaguely unsettling setting.

“Fuckin hell. I mean, I knew it was big, but fuuuuck me.”

“Sixteen inches.”

“Faww….well I gotta see that.”

“What? No, you had your show!”

“Bullshit I did! Look, watch some porn on my computer, I won’t even say anything. See? Still sitting on my hands. Come on, I’ll go the resta my life without seeing a cock that big, don’t you ruin this for me. I’m sick. Sick people get their way.”

This time, Kara didn’t want to admit that the idea of having an erection in front of someone who didn’t think about dissecting her would be a thrill. Additionally, for the second time in as many days she had been interrupted in her masturbatory duties and, since the tension had lifted, undeniably horny. Still, she sighed heavily, stepped away from her discarded clothing and walked over to Lynn’s computer.

“Look at it swing!” Lynn marveled at the very action she was describing. It truly was a sight to behold, the enormous member swaying back and forth with every step, lightly slapping against her friend’s strong thighs.

Kara could already feel the familiar tingle and throb. Lynn’s eyes and her astonishment were getting the better of her exhibitionist side. She sat down swiftly, hoping to play it off as the porn’s doing and not her own perversion. Lynn always kept a folder labeled “Power Up” on her desktop packed with whatever flavor of the month suited her kinks. It looked like this month was big black cocks in small Asian women. 

“Yeah, no” Kara closed the window quickly, launching a browser and quickly maneuvering to one of her favorite videos. It was a pinup glam video of Jana Defi posing for a Christmas shoot. She was wearing a typical red stocking cap, red elbow length gloves, a green thong and a wide smile. Kara sat back in the chair and, without thinking, removed her shirt and unhooked her bra. As the video buffered she realized that she was suddenly naked in her best friend’s room. It was easier than she could have imagined, almost natural though, of course, “natural” in her case already carried a loose definition. 

The video started and she clicked mute. It was just general techno music. It distracted her from the glory of that chest. G cups, she’d read. Real, natural G cups. As the monstrosity between her legs began to pound and rise, she marveled at the true glories of nature. A big cock was one thing, those tits were quite another. As the massive pole extended past the lip of the desk and sprouted up from between her legs, she considered swinging the chair to the side and presenting herself to Lynn, finishing this surreal show. Unfortunately, her eyes were locked on the screen and the monster pulsing in front of her wasn't about to give up that easily.

Her hand gripped the quickly stiffening base of her cock, shaking it slightly. Her massive shaft grew and grew, lured out of slumber by the fleshy orbs bouncing and jiggling onscreen. The foreskin peeled back slowly and she failed to hear an audible gasp from Lynn when it finally let the massive, bulbous head of her cock free. Her hand slowly slid up the now iron hard length. She nibbled her lower lip gently. There was something about that first trip up her own giant endowment that sent a thrill along her spine.

It felt good to be well and truly hard again for her own reasons. No tests, no unexpected erections. She reveled in the feeling of that massive tower jutting up from her hips, the warmth soothing as she sat back and let go, enjoying the heavy smack of her member against her chest. She smiled softly and craned her neck down, giving a tender kiss to the head of her enormous gift.

The video ended far too early. The only problem with free videos of Jana was their brevity – three to five minutes at a stretch. They left no time for her to properly enjoy her own body. However, before she could click the replay button, she heard the sound of Lynn’s soft, congested panting and suddenly remembered what she was doing and where she was. She swiveled the chair towards the sound, eyes big as saucers as her softly proportioned friend came into view.

Lynn was every bit as naked as Kara. Her hand buried between her thighs as she blushes and watched the throbbing dickgirl swing around to face her. The tension in the room once again hit a fever pitch. Without a word, Kara’s hand returned to her shaft and began to glide in long, firm strokes. Another powerful thrill washed over her. Her cock jerked and a gob of pre cum slithered from the fat slit of her cock down over her fingers only to be smeared along the thickly veined length. Neither girl stared the other in the eye, they were both mesmerized by the other’s body.

Kara admired her friend’s large chest. Nothing compared to Jana’s, but Lynn seemed to come close. The extra softness of her body imbued her breasts with a kind of rich fullness, a beautiful roundness of shape that was all the same undeniably natural. Her nipples were a soft brown, stiffened half an inch and bouncing softly with her lusty breaths. Kara’s eyes slid further along her friend’s body, finding a new appreciation for more generous proportions.

Normally she was attracted to the type of body she worked so hard to keep – lean and strong with subtle muscle definition. She’d even looked at pictures of the softer side of things to try to understand the attraction and still felt nothing. But now, looking at Lynn, chest heaving as she fingered herself, the voluptuous swell of her hips, the amazing plush quality of her body, it all seemed so intoxicating. Her hand worked faster as her eyes continued to roam and devour.

Lynn’s hips were wide set and wonderfully plump, leading on down to legs with thighs so milky and smooth, it was all Kara could do to keep from moaning just looking at them. She often complained about pubic hair’s disappearance from porn and, true to form, had her fingers furiously working through a dark patch of silken black curls, glistening with excited moisture. She was overweight, but beautifully so, every curve and bulge in exactly the right spots to give her a sensual, achingly sexy quality despite everything Kara had come to expect from her preferences. A musky, cloying scent filled the air as the two panted and moaned quietly, neither wanting to be too loud and somehow break the magic of the perfectly sexy moment.

Suddenly, her plump friend shivered and squealed softly, body tensing and shaking. A blush rose along the top of her chest and cheeks. Her eyes shut and her teeth sunk into her lower lip. Kara had never seen another person’s orgasm in real life before and the experience of watching her best friend shake and moan because of her was indescribable. So indescribable, that as she watched Lynn’s breasts shake and jiggle, she was almost surprised by the familiar building in her own amazing organs.

“Ngahh, fuh-sorry!” Was all she could grunt before her cock swelled further and the first, massive rope of cum erupted from the angry head, rocketing towards the ceiling and splattering loudly, raining over the two girls in hot, sticky globs. Her hand stroked and milked the massive cock it gripped as she groaned in complete bliss. This orgasm was intense and earth shattering, far beyond what she experienced with the pocket pussy, far beyond her first masturbation, far beyond anything she had imagined.

Her hips lifted from the chair as her cock continued to pump fat strands of pearlescent goo into the air. Some fell back towards her, some splattered loudly against Lynn’s large chest, some pooled on the carpet. Dozens of ropes filled the air for more than a minute as Kara’s exceptional body performed its orgasmic dance. The last few, minuscule spurts drooled over Kara’s hand as she collapsed back against the chair, skin glistening with sweat and cum, cock softening but not shrinking as it lay against her heaving chest. She glanced lazily over at Lynn, also lost in the same sexual stupor. The two remained like that for several minutes, looking at each other through the thick, rich aroma of cum.

"Now..*cough* I've had my show"